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Brightwood College - Chula Vista Reviews

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I been goin to brightwood college and I love it I have a great teacher MS.magana love the MA class truly recomended.
The class is middle size. There are a lot of courses offered to students at my school.
There are I a lot of job opportunities offered for graduate students.
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You have to show up in class the staff like punctuation and responsibility.
I have learned a lot from this school academically and life experience.
The atmosphere of the class is boring for me but the course itself is very interesting and activating.
The online courses I have taken are bad for the quality and they are not user-friendly technology at all.
Students at my school are hardworking they spend most of the time on reading textbooks and practices.
The process to get scholarships is very complicated.
There a lot of career centers and alumni network at my school to help their students get a job after their graduation.
There are several type of studies associated with geography offered here in my campus like the Gps and RS programs, Physical geography program, also the professors here are competent and specialized in the courses.
My major is geography, I find it interesting to study because not only studying in class but also getting outside campus for the field trips.
The student center services are not good for me because the officers there somewhat ignore me.
Every single thing that I have done in this College was great. I have learned a lot from the courses and the teachers. because of this College, I will continue my education in Criminal Justice.
Tuition is a bit high for people like me. I need a lot more help in order to pay for my tuition.
The College had an LRC which is the Learning Resource Center. This place had everything we needed. Every question we had, was answered there.
The career development office is currently helping me find a job while I continue my education. I helped create the first Criminal Justice Fraternity Chapter and became one of its first Officers. I was the Vice- President of the American Criminal Justice Association-Kappa Sigma Chapter.
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It was very convenient, the College was only 7 miles away from where I live. Everything was great and learned a lot.
Classes were challenging but rewarding. Everything that we did in class will help us in our future careers. The teachers shared their past experiences and told us what to do and what not to do.
The field of criminal justice is very exciting. I have learned how to conduct investigations and follow through leads and take fingerprints. I have also created post orders and a comprehensive security plan.
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