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Brightwood College - Charlotte Reviews

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Enjoyed my experience with the exception of the extremely LOUD AND NOISEY front desk staff. You can hear them laughing and carrying on DURING class. Not professional or condusive to a learning environment.
N/A we do not have online courses
The tutition was a lot more than I realized. I almost did not enroll because of the tutition.
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We do not have wireless, we do have accessiblities to printers
We do have a libriary that is accessible to the students
It worked out in my case.
You have to really apply yourself
The school will help you with passing your Certification
A lot of younger students
It is clean and neat nothing fancy
Will assist with Job placement fo life.
It dont take a year to get done with school at Kaplan College.
The different types of programs that's associated with the school are Health Care Sciences, Criminal Justice, are just a few. The registration process was pretty simple very quick and the administrative staff is so friendly.
With the medical administrative bachelors degree program, I think that the work is hands on and very easy to follow, I especially love how every week that the students and instructors have a webinar to help understand lessons that's presented for that week. I also like that you can see on your profile the funding that is being used for your account.
When I was dealing with a death in a family, it really had taken a toll on my personal life. The university understood my situation and gave me extra time to get my homework done or any assignments that I was behind on.
there are great course choices, wide variety. Professors are great at getting back to you with questions. The registration process is easy. you can self register also. the workload is great, very easy to work with professors if you need extra time for an assignment
Variety of races and minorties. all excepted without any discrimination. younger college students but also have a lot of non traditional students on line. older students such as adults who are going to school after a long break in their education.
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network reliability is good, they have 24 hr tech support. very few times is the system down for maintance and when it is it is usually in the middle of the night to try to eliminate inconvience
Tons of available courses, easy to get into the class you want and when you want it. You can even self register. Professors are awesome at getting back with you if you have questions. Peer to peer was good also, especially through the discussion boards.
Prepare for Debt – The class credit is 371.00 per credit gonna cost 36,000 just for the assosciate degree

This is true, but they have good people to help with loans and other financial aide questions.
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