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The teacher I have for HVAC is exceptional and very knowledgeable. His style of teaching gets me involved and hands on with the equipment. He gives us scenarios on what might happen if this happens. Overall great teacher.
Pretty far so good, some unique aspects is to always provide customer service to the patient in the medical front office. And us as medical assistant we must always put the patient well being above everything with honesty and integrity Always have a smile with a good attitude because thats the first thing the patient sees.
So far so good its a great school, love the training they have and the hands on Medical assistant. The professors are very kind and they teach professionalism. They are always on the lookout for us because they want us to learn. They don't leave us empty handed.
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The career services department is very helpful and knowledgeable. They help you build your resume, job seeking skills, and making connections. As well as punctual about helping you find a good site for externship and finding a job in the future. Also, they will help you find a job even long after graduating and very nice. Quality is an very important aspect and I believe my college succeeds that quite well.
There's ambassadors who basically help the student with any questions they have and other issues. They helped fix my laptop twice . They are usually creative with ideas , helpful, and very friendly. Most students get along despite having differences. However doesn't mean everyone likes each other, just means we can get along. I like how we have event for like holidays and activities. Prizes and raffles as well for the students, which is fun. Also we had an easter egg hunt this year for easter which was something new and fun. Everyone was excited including the instructors.
I think the education I'm getting is somewhat worth my money. Well, it's because I'm only getting education to be a medical assistant yet going to pay 10,000-20,000 in loans so I don't quite know yet. My experience with the financial aid office has been so far quite lovely they are very helpful, nice, and smart. My advice for anyone going to college is to apply for fafsa( financial aid) right away, always ask questions, apply for scholarships, and never sign something without reading it.
The only hassle I've had so far is finding a good site to be at for my externship and get my 25 hours for each week. My school's online schedule and at class schedule is very flexible . The environment is great, good space, and reliable instructors. I hope my credits will transfer once I graduate and go to a different college in the future. I believe the curriculum is very fair and easy to follow because how will my instructors teach us and go through it with us .
It was a great experience I have learned so much from my instructors and fellow peers. The classes were always fun, interesting,and done timely. What makes my college unique is their honesty, how close we are like a family, what we provide for our fellow students, and the environment . I'd choose my school again just because the positive attitude has for one another. To me the people in my class is like my family. Kaplan is an exceptional college that I'd recommend to anyone looking to further advance their knowledge, skills, and career.
My instructors are great, very helpful, kind, fun, and always eager to answer any questions I have. The variety of courses they offer is for medical assistant, medical office specialists, and mpm. Class style is good pace, my teacher talks bit fast but I can understand her. Class size is excellent and fair amount of students. It's a great environment and we have plenty of computers to help us with our class assignments. Overall great experience for me.
The online courses were fair in amount of turning in and the subjects. It was fun because for each unit would have like videos and little mini quizzes you could choose to do if you wanted to. Interacting with my fellow classmates was fun and I made lot friends because I'm a very friendly person. My instructors are the best . They help us with any assignments, if need bit extra time, and registration process was fairly easy and fun. We had project in our last module reproductive system and me and my partner choose to do the female reproductive system.
In our college we have our own career services. What they do is help you with your portfolio, help you build your resume, build connections, and prepare for your future interviews, As well as they help find you an externship site that you can get hired at while doing internship. Furthermore, they help you find a job after graduating and always welcome you to return no matter the length of time you have graduated. They are very helpful, kind, and knowledgable in the work field that awaits you after graduating .
I am going for medical assistant, because back in high school I was studying the medical field for years. For me, It's easy because I always do my work on time, am on time to class, and I have fun with every module learning. The externship is a unique experience where you shadow the medical assistants in the clinic you're doing your hours. You learn more about triaging, how to chart medical charts, how to prepare injections, how to do injections, and how to do other various tests.
I love it. The instructors and kaplan staff are very helpful, nice, and knowledgeable. The hours at my college is very reasonable and they help work around your schedule. The curriculum is neither easy nor hard it's the perfect amount. Next, the class registration is fairly easy and fun. The programs my college offers is MA,MP,MOS,HVAC-R. and computer support technician. The amount of time it takes to complete each program depends on your program. I'd recommend Kaplan to anybody looking to pursue their education in a career they will love.
I love it. The instructors are very helpful, friendly, and are very knowledgeable. The school is very friendly, clean, and good space. It also has reasonable hours for everyone.
there is no extracurricular activities offered at this school or campus that I am aware of it would have made it a lot easier to get through if they had such thing.
overall I had a great experience the system was very user friendly and easy to manage assignments and lectures.
the computers run great the internet was very fast, and never did I have any problems with Internet shutting down.
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the library was small but offered all the resources and books needed to succeed in the classes offered. AS for the computers they were limited in the amount that they had, but works rather fast
the expenses of the school where other great but we're covered by financial aid and student loan offered by the school.
from my understanding none of my credits earned will be transferable to another college.the instructors at the school were very great at it not been for them I wouldn't have made it through
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