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Brightwood College - Beltsville Reviews

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Its a great school and they make sure you understand and not left behind
They are VERY cooperative. I was able to do what I had and get all of the information I needed. They helped me fill out as many applications as possible to get the education I needed for the right price, in the right amount of time. Although T couldn't take out any loans, the FA helped so much that it was too good to be true.
I am very glad that I decided to attend TESST College - Beltsville because it gave me a chance to actually live my life by going to school, still being able to work and still have time to rest. Although they didn't accept all of my scholarships I was able to get through financial Aid very smoothly. I haven't attended classes just yet but the times are very flexible and that's the best start.
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Great computer excess,fast internet speed ,reliable printers all you need to show with is a note book and pen for any additional information you may need.
The resources are great library on campus and your able to read snd or print unlimited information you may need.
They have a unique medical assistant program,that schedule is different from other institutions.
Computer Lab – They have a computer lap that is perfect. If i can not get something printed out while i am at work i know i can get it at school
Managing School – I pefer the traditional classroom than online right now. Since I rather have someone teaching me that I have to learn and study on my own
Shuttle to and from School. They have a shuttle that pick students up from the train station and drop them back after school. This helps me out a lot since I do not have a car.
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