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Brightwood College - Baltimore Reviews

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They have the best programs that are focused on you.
The class schedules really help when you are balancing work, school, and family.
The online courses are so helpful and convenient for students who also work.
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The career services help you with job placement even after graduation.
Students are focused on completing their program and getting started into their career.
It's the best school for hands on training!
The school helps you become familiar with real world experiences.
Tesst College of Technology has the best advisors, they will help you choose the right career for you and get you enrolled as soon as possible!
The teacher are very hands on and ready to help.
They are a truly willing to help
They are a good school to attend.
There is this lady who is in charge of helping you find careers, but she won't find you, you have to find her. & thats the easy part, you have to then stay on her case and bug her like crazy to get her to even get you any opportunities. Don't expect nothing amazing either, you'll most likely get an basic entry level position as a support tech somewhere.
The computer labs are okay, they are your usual HP desktops running the dead Windows XP. No Wi-Fi though.
Campus resources at Tesst college?? Don't make me laugh. We have computers, internet, and printers. I guess thats as good as our resources go. You won't find nothing at TESST that you can't find at home.
There is no rescheduling classes or any other perks that normally come with college. Its like grade school all over again. You enroll and are assigned 3 classes on a 8a.m - 1p.m schedule that never changes. You have to live around your school schedule. Transferring credits is a nightmare! TESST uses a different accreditation system and many places only accept very few to no credits from TESST.
The school is ridiculously small. Its literally three hallways stacked upon each other. There are no facilities to visit or admire. Just a small library, other than that there is nothing else to stick around the school for. The school is smaller than a middle school.
I think this school is very unorganized and could use a major overhaul. They are very quick and organized about getting you in and taking your money. But once your enrolled, everything goes down hill. Multiple schedule changes occurred within weeks of each other, teacher turnovers were happening back to back, and days when literally nothing is taught happen far to often.
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I think this school is over priced! The quality of education you get versus what you paid for isn't equal at all. Its an sub par school, and it would be no issue if they charged half of what they currently charge for the technology courses. You definitely don't get a $32,000 education which is what you will be paying if you join CNT.
My school's student body ethnicity is majority African american. The nursing programs are predominately female and the other programs are extremely small and mostly male.
I really like the collage. I take evening classes so i can work in the daytime. Because the course is short there is a lot of information to learn in very little time.
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