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Brightwood College - Bakersfield Reviews

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My experience has been great,you learn a lot of things and the teachers are very helpful.The campus is very nice and neat,it's also is an average size but has rooms to help us practice and preparing us to be great medical assistance.The financial people in this school are very nice as well and help you with your financial aid as well in answering any questions we may have on money.Brightwood college also provides us snacks to buy when having lunch as well allowing student to store food in the refrigerator for lunch time.The school also provides us safety in different ways such as having security in our school and equipments that help everyone be safe when practicing to do injections.
There nothing to it but to do it
The overall experience went smothly and I had no problems.
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The students are all very kind and more caring then most.
It is costly but worth it on so many different levels
I love the online courses. they have made it convienant.
I'm not sure what the qulaifications are but I plan on attending the law program through the same school.
I attend the online program and the resources at kaplan are awesome.
I haven't been to any other schools.
no online courses that I am aware of.
I am not sure who the student body is.
I haven't had to transfer credits as I am a first time college student.
the entire process I have gone through thus far has been very smooth. They try to make it very easy for you.
The workload is great but it's worth it in the end. They have lots of internship/job opportunities available for a student to utilize in the end process.
Financial aid staff are very friendly and caring and answer all your questions.
The staff is very caring and ready to help you in every way possible.
There are computers for each student in each classroom. They are in great working condition.
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The library is available from 8 am till 10p. This is very nice in order to allow those who work an opportunity to utilize the library.
There are many things I enjoy about my College. One I am very grateful Kaplan offers night classes therefore they don't interfere with my work schedule. Second I love the small classes and student body because it creates a closer bond with its staff, faculty, teachers, and students. This also helps ration supplies, time, and space within the students. Thirdly I am extremely glad that Kaplan college offers a 9 month program in which we learn hands-on training, financial aid, and an externship placed in a chosen or preferred medical clinic and eventually graduating and earning an associate's degree. This helps those of us who are looking for a fast and reliable way to start our futures and open opportunities for ourselves. .
I honestly feel I couldn't have made a better choice in enrolling at Kaplan College. Unlike other colleges I carefully over viewed to starting my future Kaplan stood out immediately. It had a much more comfortable and friendly environment and open staff, it offered a more secure and fast way to getting the degree I wanted, and it was at a very convenient location. I enjoy attending my school as it makes my day better only seeing my teachers, staff, faculty, and students happy to see me making the right choice to study with them and pursuing a great rewarding career. Everyday I learn something new with many hands-on training assignments and procedure practices. Also with the helping hands of my friendly staff I can be assured that if I have any situation that may interfere with my studies they'll be there for me to push me through. I am very pleased with my college selection and I would definitely look forward to continue attending here until my day of graduation.
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