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I haven't used our resource center because I have a computer at home plus our campus off an online library.
I can take day or night classes to fit my schedule. I chose days but many students are night classes.
I just started and have received communication from most of the departments in the school and have a mentor.
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Everyone at school wears scrubs so we start out on an even playing field. They are outgoing and friendly. The students that have been there longer are quick to help the newer students. The school is divirsified in all areas.
I feel it was it was appropriate. I am a late in life college student and it was easy they helped with financial aid and make me feel at home.
I am so happy to be back in school. Kaplan has allowed for me to obtain my dreams and begin building new ones.
Kaplan college is different because actual people who have worked in the field they are teaching are the professors. The campus is great and always clean. Career services helps you with your resume and job search even before you have graduated. The classrooms allow for the students to get hands on training. The students also get the opportunity to learn great communication skills with the way the classes are structured.
The school offers a computer lab on campus and with the hours that it's open there really isn't a need for each student to have their own personal laptop.
The school offers a library and computer lab that are both open until well past 10pm every day.
The staff was friendly and very helpful. The staff made sure to be very upfront with tuition and fees. The only issue I had was that I am a single mother of 4. If I had went to a junior college or 4 yr university my school would probably have been free. At Kaplan I am left with loans I have to pay back. The up side is that I am not required to pay anything until 6 months after graduation and the school helps with job placement.
Our professors have actually all worked in the field they are teaching. They are able to cater the curriculum more to what is really important in our field of choice and also let us know what to expect. It's more than just a teacher its someone who has actually lived it first-hand.
I love how the classes are structured. We have classes in person and online. The classes are very hands-on and fast-paced.
The students are wonderful we all get together and study. WE ARE ONE BIG FAMILY!
At kaplan the career center is there to help you find a job. they help find you a job if you need one during school and are there to help you find a job in your field after you graduate.
So far my experience has been wonderful. the instructors are great. they work with you to make sure you understand everything. i would recommend this school to everyone i know
i think college tuitions are just out right expensive i am having to pay a little over $9000.00 out of pocket from loans i applied for which i'm hoping in the end that this career choice will pay off. the financial aid office helped with the fafsa and loans and they give you paperwork of websites were you can apply for other scholarships to help lower the financial loans.
i just started this week on may 13 so far its ok i have a long way to go but i have talked to other students and students that attended and they were very happy with the college. i'm just beginning and am pretty excited with what they have to offer. i am studying to be a dental hygenist
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I used to be a little shy talking with top managers of places where I would look for a job,but now with help of our friendly staff that little of shy flew away. I'm not afraid of what to say,how to say it and how to answer to any specific question they might ask. Now I feel more comfortable talking with talking with my supervisors ,managers, or with any other high rank person.
Gets You in the Door – The financial aid gets most of everything out of the way. Kaplan will set up a payment plan if there is any amount left unsolved. They give you the opportunity to let find rescouces of payment before setting up the time for it.
People There to Help Me – There are dozens of people at Kaplan to serve as a resource helper. They help us find work in the area. They help us find financial aid.
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