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Brightwood Career Institute - Pittsburgh Reviews

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Great instructors, truly knowledgeable in their fields. The thing I'd like to see changed is the parking. Not everyone is able to do public transport. Parking is expensive for students already struggling.
In the middle of the city.
you cant even sign into the wifi, the password and name changes like everyday.
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Ive learned alot but not worth tuition
They messed up my credits because they fired teachers that we needed.
Teachers have had on the job experience.
Classes are set for my major.
I've heard transferring credits was nearly impossible.
My teachers work around whats best for me.
Some people just dont care./
I'm working towards a paralegal degree. The classes I am going to be taking seem to be very interesting. I will have to take 35 Credits of electives but hoping those classes will be toward my political science. I am looking foward to the workload, but hoping I can juggle all of it
Not There Yet – I have not gotten to this point yet as I returned immediately after gaining my Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies back to pursue my Bachelors in Criminal Justice and after obtaining my Bachelors, I plan on pursuing my Masters in Criminal Justice.
I am a typical student at my school and our classes usually consist of 25 students, some more and some less. Each class is made up of different nationalities from many different areas, even outside of the United States. None of the diversity you mention has ever been a problem, online classes are very accepting of any and all ethnic, religious, sexual, etc. differences.
Online Classes – I really enjoy the convenience of online classes and being able to do my schoolwork when I feel at my best. That may be sometimes in the daytime and other times in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. I have had some wonderful professors who are trained and usually working in the filed they are teaching, so they are able to use actual life experiences to help the students understand. Interaction with other students on the discussion board allows different perspectives and opinions to be discussed.
Inner-City College – You can tell this school is based in the city. There is a lot of ethnic diversity.
Be Resourceful and Turn Paperwork on-Time – I got help thru Pell Grant and Stafford loans. There is not many opportunites for scholarships when you attend online. I know that my degree is well worth the money. The only thing that I wish that I had known that scholarships are hard to obtain at an online university.
The reason I chose Kaplan ICM is because they undeerstand that you have a life outside of schhol. They help you with extra credit and to keep your grages to par
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Tutoring Program – My school has a tutoring program that allows you to meet up with someone study and be taught. Teachers will go around and ask everyone if you had an A or B will you sign up to be a tutor. The tutors that follow the requirements like punctuality and professionalism get a party thrown for them and a certificate for achieving the goal as a tutor.its cool.
Best School – everything is great. computer labs are always great and we are allowed to use them anytime we want and allowed to print as much as we want.
Best School – all the professors are very nice and plus very experienced. they are very much willing to give us time outside the class if we have any problems. this is the best thing about my school that professors are very cooperative.
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