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Brightwood Career Institute - Harrisburg Reviews

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The ease of access to online homework or workload is great.
My instructors are great!! The workload isnt too bad, class registration was a breeze, and im enjoying my time here
I am completely satisfied that i picked Kaplan for my continued education. so far there arent any favorite experiences, i enjoy my overall time spent here. I feel this school is unique because my class consists of 9 students all day which allows for more one on one time with the instructor if needed. Yes i would come back to Kaplan.
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I have not began classes as of yet. However, I have interacted with a few staff members and I believe I am going to enjoy this college and my professor. He seems to make the classroom atmosphere enjoyable and not boring! I believe I will get my moneys worth here at Kaplan career institute,harrisburg,Pa. The tuition coordinator was very helpful and made everything understanding,where to apply for financial aid and scholarships...cant wait to begin!!
they encourage you to do learning service projects for the homeless abused and less fortunate
i think we should have more access to computers for those who dont have access to it
No techincal issues, they keep up with the latest technology.
I wanted to go to this school because I been here in 2007 and the teachers that were here were great and very helpful.
It went very good, but it's complicated trying to transfer from another school. Most of it is on my end, but overall great process.
My school consists of middle-class students who work full-time jobs and have families. We have a diverse population. Nobody is discriminated on in any way.
Printing on campus does not cost anything, which is nice. You are always able to connect to the network. The internet speed is excellent. Sometimes the computers in the labs freeze up and you have to restart the computer but it's not all the time. The computer labs have a quiet, relaxing environment and comfy chairs.
The campus has a clean, comfortable, and quiet library and resource room.
My school has a small campus and not a whole lot of students but it makes up for it academically. The academic programs are wonderful. You receive more one on one time with the instructors. Classroom sizes are on the small side which works wonders for students who need that extra time with the instructor. I like how every class is only 4 weeks. It makes college go by so fast. Everybody is friendly and willing to help.
Everything Is up to Power – All labs and computers are up to date and the latest in technology.
The financial aid process at Kaplan is stright forward and they are always looking for ways to assist you and meet your needs.
All Walks of Life – I noticed and upon talking with other students, their was a real feel of comradely and they came from all walks of life.
Best School for Me – The Kaplan employees were an exciting group of people to work with in regards to deciding upon attending Kaplan. They saw me through the process from beginning to end with no problems popping up and surprising me.
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Professor at Kaplan – My professor of CNT is excellent. Before i came to my very first class, i was indeed full of fear. Fear of failure and not knowing what i was doing. Being a person of Hearing disability i doubted i'd be able to keep up with my fellow students. By the end of the first class, i knew in my heart i made the right decision in my course selection, for my Professor was very clear spoken and made sure no one was left with questions about anything. He made each one of us feel very comfortable about asking questions if we were not sure about a particular topic.
For the Same Reason – From the moment we wake up, until the time we finally sleep all students are here at Kaplan for the same reason: To further our education in a career we choose to pursue. Here at Kaplan there are students of all ages and ethnicity. Students come from big houses, some come from run down communities, but once we walk in the doors of Kaplan, we become one. We become a team, all working hard thru ought our daily chaos in life, all working towards a common goal... SUCCESS.
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