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Brighton Center's Center for Employment Training Reviews

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my school is a non-profit organization. every one is willing to lend a hand and voice and opinion or technique to make the job easier.
tuition is pretty pricey for just a one year school but it is nothing based on the income I can receive out in the field. they are very helpful and resourceful on financial aid scholarships.
well you cant change between night and day classes too much but each class is set up to either have a day or night job. and this is my first school so I don't have any credits to transfer
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there is plenty of computers to use and there is always one available. the speed isn't to die for but is not to extremely painful. there is printing available but never used it yet.
the textbook and work load are well balanced. its at your own pace kind of school. it was easy to sign up and fast. they have other tools to help define your experience in your trade.
the school is only 20% textbook workload. the books are highly informative. the facilities are in good shape. and internship is based on your own doing
there's no tension between the students but they have their groups of friends that they like to hang out with
the staff is kind and always willing to help. the teachers have extensive training in their field and show you many tricks along the way. the class is mostly hands on witch I enjoy.
CET could expand a little more. And could give the instructor enough space to walk and capture the class and pull them into the topic. I really don't see any other major issues.
All instrutors are very well educated. And just hearing what and how they got to experience makes it more interesting. To become a MAA you will need to demonstrate that you will always have the best inmind for patients. Must all ways show professional behavior. Represent your self and your job as a positive role model,and display respect and be honest .
The student body at CET, are all very hard working students. Many students take the time to show each other and explain to each other the way they percieved and processed the information. The students all are different some are just silent while others are very well outspoken.
Finances For the CET program I can say is good. But I feel that school should be able to supply students a living account. To increase the loan just to meet everyday life situations well only be good for the moment. With all loans, I understand that repayment is required, but I just can't understand why students can't recieve just a little living cost and transportation.
Studying at CET has really opened my eyes and has made me more alert with the medical feild. I started about a week ago and can honestly say that I am not feel over taken by the work, there is enough time given to complete all work. My class is a very productive system, evey body talks and compare their percieving process on the information that we are studying. The CET seems to be the best fit for me.
I haven't begun yet, however the people I have spoken to so far have been beyond pleasant and seem to really enjoy their jobs and helping people. I am a 34 year old mother of two looking to further my education.
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