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I love Brigham Young University! The school is located in Provo, Utah where there are a lot of Mormons and is a private school so the standards of the LDS faith and the honor code holds true here. This school is not your average school! We do not drink alcohol and it is super safe out at night. There are still a ton of things to do such as hiking and camping. Many activities happen everywhere. This school is relatively cheap compared to other school and has a great quality education and there are many resources and help one can receive and to succeed.
Rough times to be had for transfer students. The school focuses on Academics, which is fine if your focus is academics. I just wish there were more avenues to explore different fields, and participate in extra curricular activities.
BYU has very high moral and academic standards. Their point is that all truth is important and is connected. The cost of attending this very well-respected private university is excellent in terms of relative affordability. I'm so happy to be a part of BYU.
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BYU is a great school with a great environment to learn and succeed. If you get to know your professors on a personal level it is very beneficial. The class sizes can tend to be WAY too big which can make getting to know the instructors very difficult. There are always opportunities to serve, create new pathways to success and enjoy life. Overall BYU is a great school!
I am loving BYU so far. Great Graduate MBA program that allows for networking and growth. The professors are awesome and have great experience. I particularly love the campus and environment here at BYU. The students have great values and the weather is great (except for winter). I also despise BYU's parking structure, but what College doesn't have a terrible parking structure these days right?
I love BYU! Not only is it a great school academically, but it's such an awesome school for socialization and personal growth. It is in a beautiful location surrounded by hiking, biking, and repelling. I love it.
Professors are so devoted to their field of study and always more than willing to help students succeed. Campus has a peaceful feeling which allow students to accomplish a lot of good.
My first year at Brigham Young University was a wonderful experience. While the entry level classes are overly difficult, the professors do a lot to make sure you are able to succeed. The purpose of these classes is to stretch you and prepare your for the rest of college. They do want you to learn and grow, and learning in a Spiritual atmosphere is very helpful. There's plenty of things to do on campus (though I didn't take much advantage of them. I spent most of my time in the library, which is amazing, to say the least!)
Initially I wasn't interested in coming to BYU but I applied, got in, & decided to attend. It has been the best decision I have made so far in my life.
So far Brigham Young University has been amazing. It is so amazing to live in a place and socialize with so many people who have high standards and values. The education, spiritual, and social aspects of BYU encourages you to become a better person.
BYU is a great school with great standards. It's safe, academically rigorous, and well worth the price. There are plenty of great resources available to succeed in any class taken and the professors can be very engaging. There are also plenty of opportunities for undergraduates to begin assisting in long-term research groups, which is a huge benefit. Very satisfied.
I love BYU, people are always so willing to help and the teachers really care about the students not only learning the material but being able to apply it in their lives. The campus is beautiful and offers many resources to the students.
I have dreamed about going to BYU my whole life and coming here, it is most of what I imagined. The classes, although rigorous, help me become a better student and created better study habits. BYU also has a great program for my major and will help me get a job in my field of study after I graduate.
I am still currently a student. Although I haven't spent much time here I am still amazed about how every single member of the faculty I have met exists to help me accomplish my goals.
Brigham Young has an extremely diverse range of majors, knowledgeable professors, an inviting campus, friendly students, and plenty of activities to keep you busy. If I could critique anything about this school, it's that it can be difficult for the average people to accomplish anything. The smaller majors require absolute success before you even apply (many of them recommend already having an internship in your field before applying) because there just aren't enough resources to expand the programs. A lot of people are either forced to take another major if they are set on this school, or they transfer. I wish that BYU could allow for above-average students to have a chance at all their majors. One other thing I dislike is the high amount of general education classes we are required to complete (and with intense effort.) But if you are looking for a school with a great price, an excellent quality of education, and a wonderful campus, this is the school for you.
I love being a student here at BYU. Every time I walk on campus I feel like I can do anything. That the world is truly at my feet. I love the caring atmosphere that surrounds the campus and found in all the classes. I know I am receiving quality education while actually enjoying myself.
BYU is a great university that offers the full experience. The faculty is great and there so much to do and be a part of. However, it is very competitive and for me quite intimidating.
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This is my 5th university to attend. Brigham Young University is the safest, most spiritual, most uplifting university I have ever been part of. I love being a student here.
This is the most beautiful campus. They take such care to make it look prestigious. The professors are great. Most are LDS but they also have some that arent. They have devotionals every Tuesday and usually that is directed toward LDS members but they have also had amazing scholars, diplomats, artists, and people from all walks of successful life. The pricing for apartments is very reasonable. For activities, there is an app called the Lunch Box App which tells you where all the free food on and around campus is. There athletics compete with some big guns, recently their women's soccer and men's and women's volleyball have done amazing. We have gone to a ball room recital which left us with major goosebumps. If you're looking for a night life then you're in the wrong place. BYU has been ranked the driest school for MANY years.
Brigham Young University is an amazing religious university. The university is full of amazing professors who teach because they love their jobs. BYU offers an amazing education at an affordable price. There is a great atmosphere on campus and great opportunities to get involved in service, clubs, etc.
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