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It's a beautiful campus with extremely kind people and very intelligent teachers. I've been happy here.
I was not too excited to go to this school just because it is totally different from other colleges. To be honest, I enjoyed it very much. The environment is uplifting and clean, there are many activities to do on and off campus that range anywhere from going to the movies to hiking in the mountains. The education is very good, with interactive and fun professors.
Brigham Young Universtiy has been vital to my success as a student. The courses are challenging, but resources are provided to help you succeed. The campus is beautiful, especially at the end of March through April while the flowers are in bloom. The students care about their education and they are all here to succeed. Service is a key part of BYU; there is always opprotunities to serve and volunteer.
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I really like BYU. It provides a super high quality education at a very affordable price. I have consistently been surrounded by very talented students and professors who lift me up. The honor code is pretty strict, but not impossible to live by if you are committed. We don't have the greatest sports teams, but every once in a while one of our teams comes through. Provo is a great location for college students because you a very close to the mountains and a reasonable distance from Salt Lake.
I just took classes at the BYU Salt Lake Center this year. It has small classes and awesome teachers that are willing to help. I loved it in that aspect. There isn't much of a social aspect to it, but if you are looking just for BYU credit it is great.
The education and institution itself is great, but the culture of the school is less than idea. With the intense pressure to get married coupled with an aversion to dating from so many recurring, horrible experiences, it creates an environment where what is deeply desired also has so many horrific roadblocks in the way. Let's all just lighten up and make dating fun, the way it's supposed to be. But as far as the institution itself goes, it was a great learning environment.
I love that BYU is a place where I can live and talk about my religious beliefs and enjoy a very quality education at the same time. I feel at home at BYU. I love being involved the the student service association and participating in activities on campus. I would like to see more school pride than we have right now though.
Brigham Young University is the perfect place to engage in learning. The professors are well qualified, show a genuine interest in students lives, and liven the material. The students definitely enter to learn, go forth to serve, not enter to learn go forth to earn. The University's purpose is not only to prepare an individual for a career, but also for life.
I love BYU! The professors are great and truly care to help their students learn. It is a great school with a fun environment!
BYU is a great university and offers a great education for a very low price. If you are looking for a fairly friendly, quiet (I mean no drinking or partying) then BYU is a great place for you. They do have some restrictions, like no beards, that can take some time to get used to. The School of Communications is great and I enjoyed my time working with the faculty there.
Brigham Young University has opened up all the doors I needed to get my start in what I want my career to be in. Everyone here are smart and you will learn a lot from the classes. Great school to be apart of!
I love visiting Brigham Young University. There campus is big, clean, private, and professional. They offer so many clubs, extra-curricular activities, programs, etc. I am fascinated with the way BYU excels in all there programs and strives to perform to the best of their abilities. BYU does not even compare to other local Universities. They stand out significantly due to athletics, academics, community, and campus.
BYU is great with very challenging classes that get you in to the nation's best programs. It is a great place to be if you want to challenge yourself.
Brigham Young University has its educational system and moral values. I have always appreciated learning and sharing, which is aligned with BYU's philosophy of developing the intellectual ability, faith, and generosity.

BYU's balanced curriculum provides me with all the necessary professional and personal skills needed for accomplishing my goals. BYU emphasizes developing knowledge of science, mathematics, history, liberal arts, and communication, and thus, students successfully develop into what they aim to be. They are encouraging students to have an understanding of all those fields of education.

In addition to BYU's academics, I am also inspired by the teachings of the Book of Mormon. I can acquire a better understanding of diligence, consideration, learning, and the spirit of tolerance at BYU.
BYU is not for everyone. If you are looking for a place to party while getting education on the side, it's definitely not the place for you. As for academics though, the school is fantastic. There are few programs outside of BYU that can compare to the quality of learning that is given. If you apply yourself, the professors are happy to work with you that you not only know the information but that you UNDERSTAND it.

The tuition is a little steep for non-LDS students, but if you are LDS then you are getting your education for a steal. Being a church school, they are definitely supportive in getting you a degree while also providing a safe area to live.
Wonderful place to attend school and also gain a spiritual experience as well. However, not a very diverse school but very nice and clean campus.
I like the environment. It is very friendly and clean. However, there is definitely a certain culture here that can be very strange to those not used to it.
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So far it has been enjoyable. The classes can be a bit much, as in the professor will go into way more detail than is necessary. Perhaps if they divided some more difficult classes, like accounting, it would be better.
There is nothing like the experience of going to school at Brigham Young University! The Athletic games are a blast! School is very competitive, so academically it is challenging but worth it! Wish the kid get the school involved in their dances more!
I loved being at BYU. The academic environment is great. The people there are also good people. There are tons of fun opportunities provided by the University. I was able to take a range of classes that I was interested in. The library and other facilites made available to the students are absolutely incredible.
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