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I love this university. It has such a unique, inviting, and comfortable environment. It has helped me developed into someone that I could have never done on my own. The professors are amazing and will be facilitators in changing your life for good. The academics are rigorous, but are so worth it. Honestly, there is not much I would change about it. It has so many opportunities to study, grow, and experience a world-class education.
A lot of activities. The weather is nice in the summer towards fall. You get to pray in some of your classes. You get to meet lots of nice people.
Brigham Young University has been a great fit from me. I received my associates degree at Utah Valley University and then transferred to Brigham Young University. I have loved being here. The professors care about their students and take time in their office to help students. The campus it well kept and their courses excellent. Would recommend this school to friends and family.
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Brigham Young University has the motto "Enter to learn, go forth to serve". We are here to get an education but to use our education to help the world. BYU has a great environment with strong moral standards for the students. The professors care for their students and truly desire the very best for them.
I have learned so much at BYU not only in the classroom, but through other opportunities provided to get involved in the community and throughout the world. There are so many clubs, programs, internships, and professors who are willing to help. Because of my BYU experience, I feel that I have not only learned the material within my major, but I have learned real-world application and feel prepared to work in my field.
BYU is an excellent school with intelligent students and costs very little money. I appreciate that students here have high moral standards and a high level of honesty. I just feel good being on campus.
Brigham Young University is a private school with a low cost and great academics. BYU offers so many different majors, minors, internships, study abroad programs, clubs, and activities. The school is focused on gaining more knowledge in an environment of safety, peace, and service.
An incredible experience and an amazing campus that allows you to grow as a person in all facets of your life.
It's my freshman year, and everything about college has been amazing! There is a culture here on campus that welcomes even the freshest of the freshman! I'm making tons of new friends, and really stretching my brain in ways I never imagined! Campus is beautiful, and walking everywhere gives me plenty of exercise. The professors all really care about what they're teaching, and how they're teaching it: they want us to learn! It's been amazing so far, and I can't wait to see where it goes!
Really cool and safe place to go to school. The campus is beautiful with mountain views everywhere. This university is very affordable and a great place to get an education.
Brigham Young University is an excellent place to attend if you are looking for a high level education combined with an excellent religious environment. The professors care about their students and want to help you succeed.
Is a good university with lots of opportunities of growth. International travel with study abroads and internships are great here. There is a great atmosphere, though the academics is tough.
Not a very diverse campus. My Korean roommate argues that there is an unintentional racism against her and others that aren’t white Mormons. The kids are very nice though. Professors are very good and the campus is gorgeous and there’s lots of places close by to go to. Lots of options for activities but classwork is rigorous. Lots of social life but not party-Esq.
I really like the standards require of those attending here. It allows me to be able to focus more on the things I need to do instead having to worry about many other issues that are commonly found across college campuses.
BYU is a great school with a very positive and enriching learning environment. I am here on my third semester and so far have loved every single one of my professors, and feel they are well qualified to teach. The campus offers many programs to help transition from high school into college and they make sure you can feel involved and like you belong as part of the student body. Can get a little overcrowded as there are a lot of students and not a ton of space, and most majors are also very competitive to get in to. But over all great school.
Brigham Young University embodies quality. It is a high quality education, with high quality teachers and peers. I couldn't love a university more. It has given me the tools, resources and vision to become the person I want to be while helping others along the way.
They are very aware of New Students and have lots of programs to help them accustom to University life. They also have a plethora of clubs to choose from so there is bound to be a group that you can take part in. People, administration and faculty, are always willing to help students when they need it and there are lots of resources available to help people figure out what they're doing.
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I LOVE BYU! There is a wonderful spirit here of excellent learning and achieving. The people are clean cut and always happy to help out a fellow student. The classes are tough, but the professors are good. If you love sports, this is also the school to come to; we do it all!
I love BYU! Not only does it offer the opportunity to study from a religious- strengthening perspective, but the courses are academically rigorous. The internships and study abroad options are endless, and this school really hold to its motto: "the world is our campus."
I wish there was more diversity at the school, but I understand that there's not a very diverse applicant pool.
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