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BYU not only enriches students with a high quality education but enriches spiritually as well. The honor code that is in place encourages students to behave responsibly, courteously, and honestly. The campus is beautifully maintained. The school provides ample resources for students to succeed and excel in their studies.
I've only completed one semester at BYU but it was my favorite semester I've ever had at any school. The teachers are great, the curriculum is difficult and rewarding, and the social atmosphere is hard to beat. The only complaint I have is that it's not an easy school! Classes are almost always difficult, but you end up learning a lot more that way.
I liked the classroom setting a lot, the professors are warm and inviting and TAś are always super helpful and caring. BYU also has a very good peer group were all of the students are driven and intelligent, great place for learning.
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BYU is an amazing school, the teachers are helpful, the coursework is rigorous, and the education is outstanding.
Attending this university has changed my life. The professors have inspired me, given me new perspectives, and challenged me. It is truly amazing to attend a university where religion is incorporated in the lessons. We are taught as to go and serve the world as we attend BYU and as we leave BYU. This is an amazing university where students get a great education for an affordable price, strengthen their relationship with God, and leave better prepared to serve others.
I absolutely love BYU. It's definitely been a reality check for me, because it is challenging, but that way I know I'm getting the education that I want. Classes are tough but the professors really care about the students and want them to succeed. There is a specific culture that accompanies the school, which is not for everyone.
My experience at Brigham Young University has been incredible. I recommend this school because it gives a quality education at an affordable price and is an enjoyable place to attend.

It has many majors. It has some of the best business majors in the country. The finance, accounting, and marketing programs are top ranked. There's also a wide array of languages; everything from Spanish to Arabic. This is because many students choose to go on church missions all over the world. They bring back a lot of knowledge, experience, and diversity to campus. BYU also offers many other topnotch programs, such as engineering, teaching, law, etc.

The students at BYU are incredible. They're striving to be the very best they can be, both academically and morally. There's also many fun and worthwhile activities that go on. Sporting events, fun parties, service opportunities, a fun town, hikes nearby, etc.

You need to apply. You won't regret it.
I love being at BYU! It can be hard to keep things in perspective though. It's easy to get caught up in academics. Make sure to try and have some fun.
I love the atmosphere and the people. You won't be able to find a better group of young people that want to make good choices and better their lives. I have been positively influenced in so many different ways because of my time at BYU Provo. I would recommend it to anyone and I have so many great memories.
I have loved my experience here at BYU. It is an amazing university full of caring people. There are many things to do in the city and on campus. It's a great overall environment.
Brigham Young University is a school like no other. When you walk on the campus for the first time, your dreams open up to you. BYU is a school of dreams becoming a reality. Even though the academics may be hard, every class you take is helping you achieve your full potential. Every person I've met has uplifted and inspired me. I would recommend BYU to everyone!
BYU is a great school for any student! It is challenging and competitive, but it makes for an environment that fosters learning and growth to the student who earnestly works towards their degree. Low tuition for high quality education makes for a great value school!
I like that BYU is a fanstastic school at a fantastic price. Because it is a private school, it is able to keep costs down and resources up. I would like to see BYU a bit more understanding to individual circumstances, but thats hard when there are so many students
BYU has a great atmosphere with lots of great people. I always feel safe and happy while I'm there. Professors are very good and I feel like I'm getting a very good education, especially for the relatively low cost of tuition.
I love BYU! Great classes, great professors. I wouldn't want to go to college anywhere else. The campus is beautiful and most people are really friendly. They have great opportunities for internships and learning experiences.
I love BYU! It is an amazing place to get an education because you are surrounded by the best of the best. There are amazing professors in all of the colleges that genuinely care about your success. The students are also very driven-- everyone wants to become the best they can be so there is a lot of competition. This is a good thing because you will push yourself and learn so much so you can be prepared to lead when you get into your career. Lastly, I love BYU because there are opportunities all over to serve! It keeps everyone thinking about other people and makes BYU a positive, uplifting university!
It's a beautiful campus with extremely kind people and very intelligent teachers. I've been happy here.
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I was not too excited to go to this school just because it is totally different from other colleges. To be honest, I enjoyed it very much. The environment is uplifting and clean, there are many activities to do on and off campus that range anywhere from going to the movies to hiking in the mountains. The education is very good, with interactive and fun professors.
Brigham Young Universtiy has been vital to my success as a student. The courses are challenging, but resources are provided to help you succeed. The campus is beautiful, especially at the end of March through April while the flowers are in bloom. The students care about their education and they are all here to succeed. Service is a key part of BYU; there is always opprotunities to serve and volunteer.
I really like BYU. It provides a super high quality education at a very affordable price. I have consistently been surrounded by very talented students and professors who lift me up. The honor code is pretty strict, but not impossible to live by if you are committed. We don't have the greatest sports teams, but every once in a while one of our teams comes through. Provo is a great location for college students because you a very close to the mountains and a reasonable distance from Salt Lake.
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