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So far it has been enjoyable. The classes can be a bit much, as in the professor will go into way more detail than is necessary. Perhaps if they divided some more difficult classes, like accounting, it would be better.
There is nothing like the experience of going to school at Brigham Young University! The Athletic games are a blast! School is very competitive, so academically it is challenging but worth it! Wish the kid get the school involved in their dances more!
I loved being at BYU. The academic environment is great. The people there are also good people. There are tons of fun opportunities provided by the University. I was able to take a range of classes that I was interested in. The library and other facilites made available to the students are absolutely incredible.
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Brigham Young University is an amazing university. The professors are incredible and kind, very willing to help students individually, and include the gospel into their teaching. There are always fun things to do on and around campus and the people are wonderful.
I really enjoy attending Brigham Young University. I love being able to be around people of my own faith and standards. I think the environment is excellent.
I LOVE BYU!!! The academic rigor is great and the price is right! WAY cheaper than most colleges, but still a high value education. It's a good environment. You have so many opportunities to grow in different ways- spiritually, emotionally, academically, socially, mentally, etc.
Brigham Young University is a top notch university, in almost every area. The academics are challenging and stimulating, with some of the top schools in the nation - business, law, social sciences, etc. The professors are incredibly capable, thought-provoking, helpful and easy to work with. You get a quality education at this university. In addition, campus is beautiful and always well groomed; there is plenty of social life - athletics, clubs, and constant activities. There are so many opportunities to be involved, to get hands-on experience or internship opportunities, etc. There is a high return on investment - most companies feel they can trust BYU graduates and are wanting and willing to hire them. It is relatively cheap compared to other universities, and yet not lacking anything other universities offer - indeed, I would say it even exceeds that which other universities can offer. It has high moral standards; you can enjoy a quality education and a quality time here.
The people and faculty are great! Professors really care about your education and the environment is safe and very fun.
Brigham Young University is an amazing school. It's a school where you will feel pushed to do better, pushed to be more out there. It really gives the students many opportunities and has many connections. It prepares its students very well for the future.
I love the environment of BYU. It's a happy place. I appreciate studying at a school where people share my values.
It is an amaxing environment spiritually, physically, academically, socially. There is always something uplofting to do and you always hsve an opportunity to learn and grow.
The courses that I've taken have all stretched me and I feel are helping to prepare me for my career when I leave. In addition, the environment on campus is very open. I also like the idea and practice of taking religion courses regularly to build good moral character.

Even though it is spiritual and morally building, that isn't to say it's not a fun college to go to. Sports, dances, local parties and socialization allow for a very fun social environment that doesn't detract from the other aspects of the school.
I really enjoy all the people I get to meet. There is always something going and there is something for everyone. Most of the classes are awesome. Teachers are easy to work with.
I think that there should be more classes on self protection. There have been an increase in sexual assault. To reduce and prevent such things from happening, self protection classes should be offered.
This place is really open not only to the students but to families. Growing up my family and I would visit the campus all the time and there were always other families. They keep campus really nice and clean. The education and living quality are really good and the tuition is incredibly affordable. There is always some sort of activity to get involved in with a ton of diversity in the types of people you will meet.
If you're looking for a competitive yet friendly environment you will find it at BYU. With some of the leading schools in the nation BYU provides top of the line education for a relatively cheap cost. Just be willing to live and stay true to set standards.
I love BYU! It does more for its students than simply giving them degrees. It is also a very spiritually enriching environment, which I think makes it easier to learn. It provides a very healthy social atmosphere with plenty of activities every week; sports events are the best! We are known for our Cougar Spirit, and our teams definitely have a huge home court advantage when they play here in Utah! Go Cougars!!
Brigham Young University is a really amazing place. The professors here are beyond helpful, students very friendly, and the religious atmosphere is very conducive for school.
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BYU has been the perfect school for me! The campus is safe, the students and staff super friendly, and the social life is abundant. There is always something to do for those looking. The campus is academically stimulating with one of the largest and user friendly libraries I have ever used.
BYU is an amazing college. There is no other institution that can compete with the on campus feel and high level of academics. The extra curricular organizations, student life and faculty at BYU is unbeatable. I love going to school here and I am escited to see where my future takes me because of this great institution.
I love Brigham Young University! Not only is it a great environment but it is the best price for college that I have ever seen! If you are willing to work hard, they also offer half scholarships and full scholarships based off of your GPA. Something that I would change is the stress that you have to live up to expectations. BYU has really really high expectations and it can get very overwhelming trying to live up to it and do well in classes. I know that they are supposed to push you but at times I feel like they could give us a bit of slack. Other than that I absolutely love it here!
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