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I love BYU! The campus is beautiful, and the people are so friendly. I love the BYU honor code as I am assured that everyone is striving to live by good standards. If you're looking for a party school, though, you may want to consider other options. The professors are encouraging and helpful. The only thing that I don't love is the large class size, but that is merely personal preference!
I loved my teachers and the campus was beautiful and well kept. The only problems I had were roommates/apartment problems.
It's a very nice school, good environment. If I would like to see anything change, it would be more diversity.
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Brigham Young University is a unique university. It offers the students a strong and competitive education while also strengthening the spirituality of all who attend.
The quality of education is incredibly high at this school. The only drawback of this school is the lack of variety socially.
BYU really is a great school to attend for the price. It doesn't have a lot of religious diversity, but for some that is a positive.
I like the campus - it's small and clean. And everybody here is really friendly and has high moral standards. It's also pretty cheap. Scholarships are kinda hard to get though.
Best experiences here. I have learned so much! The professors really know their stuff, and I love how they tie things in to religion. And they really care about you. If you take the time to work with them, they are happy to help.
BYU is an incredible school for many reasons. There is a high expectation set for all students and faculty. The students and faculty rise to the expectation. It is not an easy school, a lot is required of the students, but it pushes them to do their best and truly excel. I only complaint that I have about the school is that it can be very narrow minded on certain topics that do not coincide with their religious views.
Brigham Young University is a school where learning flourishes. There is an atmosphere of positivity and work that would get any student excited to go to class each day. It's values that it enforces creates an atmosphere where students succeed in learning whatever their interest or major is. Academically the teachers are amazing and also go above and beyond what a normal teacher would do.
I love the level of learning here! In my experience, the professors are helpful and resourceful. I feel that I have received a great education that enables me to think critically.
You will get an excellent education at BYU. There is a strict standard code there. No partying allowed. The professors are very good and I love going to school there. The campus is always updated, new building going in all the time. The new Engineering building should be up and running in 2019. There is a lot to do in Provo and on campus. Lots of good food and lots to get involved in whether you like football, basketball or volleyball. The dorms are clean and very well taken care of. There is a lot of food choices. The only thing i think can be done better is the weight lifting gym, not very big at all. I hope this helps you decide to go to BYU!
I love Brigham Young University. It's a great environment, both for learning and overall living. The professors are are very knowledgable about their subjects, and there are many course options. The standards set by the school create a safe and healthy campus.
BYU has challenged me to be the best that I can be in every aspect of my life. I have appreciated their willingness to voice their expectations of me, as they have helped me to put forth all of my effort towards an education and future career. The spiritual environment that is experienced on the campus has also benefited me. I have come to know and love my Lord and Savior, and I know his plan for me. BYU has been great to me, and I can't wait to see what is in store for me over the next few years.
If you're looking for a college to give you the fun, party-hard 4-years that's advertised in movies, you're not going to find it here. But what you will find is the most intelligent professors, kindest student body, helpful resources, and all at an affordable price. BYU wasn't my first choice for college, but I can't imagine being anywhere else. BYU is everything I could have ever hoped for.
I loved the atmosphere created by the religious affiliation of the university. I was amazed at all the resources available for students, activities and clubs to become involved in, and the amazing classes offered to students covering many backgrounds. Although BYU is an incredible institution, it is not perfect for everyone. There are so many students, one can often feel that their opinion does not matter or that their voice is not heard. It is easy to
The university itself and academics are excellent. All courses are challenging and professors provide great insight through both personal and professional experiences to assist in student learning. Application is important and many professors go beyond teaching facts to instill subjects into students minds.
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I've attended BYU for one year, and I love it! There are always activities going on, on and off campus. The professors work to make themselves available to their students, even when they have large class sizes. Really good school to continue your education at!
BYU does a great job of providing an academically rigorous, yet spiritually enlightening atmosphere. With the Honor code in place, it provides an environment of high moral living, and the students are dedicated to succeeding.
Brigham Young University has a very safe environment. I trust the people that I come in contact with. The teachers are phenomenal. I love how much effort my teachers have put into helping me to succeed. I owe a lot of my success to my teachers, but also to my advisers. I have met with several advisers this semester--career adviser, English department adviser, and internship adviser--and each one of them have left me feeling excited, capable, and knowledgeable. I am amazed at how much help I have received from so many people.

I feel taken care of here. Not only because of the people, but the quality of life. BYU is affordable, there are so many activities to be involved in, and the food available on campus is quality food. Because I have been here, I have a bright hope for my future. I am not afraid of what may come, because I feel prepared to handle any difficulties. BYU has taught me how to use my resources and how to make things happen.
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