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The online experience at BYU has not met my expectations. I actually grew up near BYU-I, a sister school with a very developed online program. It became so developed, in fact, that it was severed from BYU-I to become its own school entirely (BYU Pathway Worldwide)! Needless to say I had high expectations. I didn´t come here expecting to be online though, so I wasn´t too worried. BYU has been obligated to adapt to the COVID curve, and in doing so has greatly improved the online experience, but it has certainly been a challenge!
It's been way better than I could have ever expected an online college experience to be! I have actually really enjoyed my classes through Zoom, and my assignments online. It's definitely a different and new challenge to be facing, but it provides everyone a chance to grow in ways they didn't know they were capable of. Online learning has been an experience that has required flexibility and patience, but it has given us the chance to still feel the college experience at a lower level.
The very first thing that I loved the most about BYU, was the beautiful campus! It is such a beautiful environment everywhere you go, and so peaceful, providing a lot of study places and opportunities. Every one here is motivated and focused with their studies giving great opportunity to be in a professional and influential environment. There are so many opportunities and resources everywhere you go! The professors, staff, and administration are all so encouraging and supportive. Going to BYU provides you with a safe, comfortable place to study what you love at an advanced level. It's a positive and great environment to learn and grow!
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I took online classes with brigham young university for a while and didn't love it that much, but in person classes are much better.
I really like the campus. I've been to it a lot of times and spent weeks there at campus and it's really nice. This college has been recommended to me by a lot of peers and family who have received their degrees here and I'm looking forward to continuing my education there.
I like how BYU offers a lot of online classes so I can make my schedule more flexible. I'm not really an online learner, but it was all doable. Easier than in-person classes depending on what course you are taking.
I've loved my experience here so far. I like how challenging yet fulfilling the academics are here. There are lots of opportunities to network and gain good skills. Beautiful campus.
My online experience has been great. I enjoy having the opportunity to experience class while lessening COVID-19 risks. I moved off-campus to my parents' house and being able to still attend class while living more remotely has been a great blessing. The teachers try hard to facilitate the experience, and while we do have technical problems some days (my Chemistry teacher sometimes has difficulties figuring out audio), overall it's really nice to be able to communicate with other students during class about what the professors are teaching. I think if this were an option in the future, I would definitely like it.
I like that everyone there strives to do their best in classes and give the best experiences for everyone else. However, I wish there was a more accepting culture for LGBTQ people such as I. While at BYU, I've had transgender and gay friends be denied housing and be treated with derision because of their queer identity. I want to be a force for change in helping the school and the students become more accepting of queer individuals.
BYU is a great school. Excellent professors and a very friendly and open environment. It is school very focused on helping individuals apply all learning to broader application and purpose.
I am currently taking all 15 credits online. It's different but teachers have adjusted very well and it doesn't impede education whatsoever.
I have loved attending Brigham Young University. The classes are rigorous and challenging and the unique rules of the BYU campus have made it easier to focus on school. I have also been impressed with divisions of the school such as the Ballard Center and Marriott School of Business. Having them on campus has provided students with unique opportunities to participate in groups and classes that wouldn't normally be provided by the school.
The college has done a great job of transitioning to online learning. I was enrolled in classes for winter and during both the spring and summer terms, so I had the chance to see the transition. Most classes were able to make the switch quickly. The biggest holdup has been getting older professors used to the new technology.
I don't think it's a bad school, but trying to work part time and go here is impossible. If you're trying to pay for your own school and get good grades... Think again. Grades or pay rent take your pick. The teachers all assign work like their class is the only one you take and it's annoying as heck. Sorry I wasn't a valedictorian and want to have friends. I stay at the library for 8 hours and still have 2 hours of homework left to do when I get home. I can't learn when I'm too stressed out to even breathe. The tuition is nice though.
Online is only rated higher because there is slightly more freedom to go your own pace. And before covid class I took the teacher was really helpful in reaching out and helping where needed.
Teachers work hard to make the online learning experience beneficial. Most of the online classes I've taken have been fantastic and engaging. It's also nice to have the added flexibility provided by some instructors.
Brigham Young University has provided me with not only a fantastic education, but has been a place where I've been able to network and form a group of friends that will be a benefit throughout my life and career. The tuition is minimal compared to the quality of education. Truly the "Best Value: college I know of!
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Classes online are more difficult, but teachers and ta's are always there to answer questions and help out.
Most classes have been online, but substance is still great and there is so much to learn. There are also still ways to meet others and have fun.
Overall the education I have received at BYU has been exceptional. Professors as a general rule have been very kind and very passionate about the topics they teach. Any issues I have with BYU have less to do with the university and more to do with the culture. I would like to see a cultural shift towards greater diversity and greater empathy among the students and faculty but I do feel that I got a quality education for a very fair price.
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