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I love BYU, it's awesome here and one of my favorite places to be. I have been here for about two months now and I do not want to leave. It is a really special place to be. I would highly recommend attending BYU to anyone, it has such a beautiful campus and a fantastic environment to learn and meet new people.
i love it here! lots of opportunities and resources available for use! lots of activities and benefits for students!
I did my undergrad at BYU and received a great education and return on investment. Plus campus is beautiful!
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I will say it's been a good, but competitive experience. It has been very stressful, but I am aware that it all pays off. I am excited to have doors open through the university into the workplace, because there is such a good network to come out of BYU.
I love the environment at BYU! I feel very comfortable here and have fun with nice people in my classes.
Brigham Young was the perfect choice for me! The quality of academics is competitive to those of prestige universities. The professors and staff are helpful and want to see you succeed! Also, for the education you are receiving no other university out there can beat the price. The campus is beautiful, and in an area with many post-graduate opportunities. You'll never feel homesick either, because the social life is huge there! I highly recommend this school to anyone!
I love the environment here. Everyone is so nice! I like that there are standards that people follow and all the resources that are available.
It offers challenging courses yet a fairly manageable workload. It is a helpful environment with the majority of professors that want you to succeed.
I felt like BYU was a great place to study. Cost is extremely affordable, and the academics are challenging. I'm in grad school right now, and I feel like BYU helped me prepare well.

To me, there seemed to be an extremely competitive culture among the students, which has it's pro's and con's. They're taking major strides to increase diversity on campus, and have made some good improvements to the honor code in response to student feedback.

BYU isn't the place to go if you're looking for a "party scene," but there's plenty of social activities - so you shouldn't have much trouble meeting people. The people are great as well. If your unfamiliar with the Church of Jesus Christ, expect to take some time to get used to the religious culture and lingo used there, since most students (not all though) are members of that church. There's tons to do around the area, from hikes to food to specialty stores and shops. Salt Lake is a short drive/train ride away as well.
I have loved attending BYU. Best decision. Great academics, awesome extracurriculars, an atmosphere that is beginning to change for the better.
It's a very fun school with a positive environment and lots of positivity. Very safe and secure and everyone is very kind.
Brigham Young University has been an amazing experience so far. The workload is large, and the material is challenging, but it is very fulfilling to master a difficult subject and increase your understanding of certain topics. My most difficult yet favorite class was Chem 285 which helped me learn about how metabolic processes worked and why it was important. I worked very hard in that class, and my efforts paid off the knowledge I gained and the grade I earned.
I'm an international student. I'm a BYU student, I'm learning English. I started this summer.
It was my first drop to real world. Far from my family and my comfort zone.
Yet, BYU staff was so amazing that I fell like home. Even though it was more difficult than I expected ; I receive support from everyone on campus.
They help me to find apartment, and they encourage me to discover my classmates culture's. It is an amazing experience.
I really enjoy school and learning, and BYU provides a good system for that. The campus is beautiful and all four seasons are exciting to see. I would like to see BYU become more diverse, 86% of the school is white. I feel that it lacks diversity in not only race but ways of thinking and ideas.
Brigham Young is a great University that is offers many exceptional classes while maintaining an incredibly low tuition cost. I have no complaints regarding the academics but the social atmosphere is a little quirky. Even though its a large univerisity there is very little diveristy of thought.
Great School! I love it but my first choice for a major but they sadly don't have Agriculture Education.
I really like the Campus in Provo. It's far from a party school, but it has a great atmosphere where you can really focus on school and learn a lot. Great professors willing to help out as well. The demographic of people is very much the same, but is very welcoming and friendly to all that come. Great athletics and academics, both are very competitive. Also right next to UVU so there are many college students all over the place.
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I love this school! Unbelievable return on investment. You can't find an education this good for a price this cheap anywhere else! The professors are great and truly love the gospel. Even professors who are not members of the Church follow the honor code and share the same standards as the students. Great school!!
Over the years I have had many experiences on campus, every time I go I am welcomed by friendly students and staff. It's a very safe and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you belong.
At Brigham Young University, I have been able to grow both academically and spiritually. Here anyone can gain a top-notch education from knowledgeable professors, talented teaching assistants, and caring faculty.
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