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BYU is a great school with a very positive and enriching learning environment. I am here on my third semester and so far have loved every single one of my professors, and feel they are well qualified to teach. The campus offers many programs to help transition from high school into college and they make sure you can feel involved and like you belong as part of the student body. Can get a little overcrowded as there are a lot of students and not a ton of space, and most majors are also very competitive to get in to. But over all great school.
Brigham Young University embodies quality. It is a high quality education, with high quality teachers and peers. I couldn't love a university more. It has given me the tools, resources and vision to become the person I want to be while helping others along the way.
They are very aware of New Students and have lots of programs to help them accustom to University life. They also have a plethora of clubs to choose from so there is bound to be a group that you can take part in. People, administration and faculty, are always willing to help students when they need it and there are lots of resources available to help people figure out what they're doing.
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I LOVE BYU! There is a wonderful spirit here of excellent learning and achieving. The people are clean cut and always happy to help out a fellow student. The classes are tough, but the professors are good. If you love sports, this is also the school to come to; we do it all!
I love BYU! Not only does it offer the opportunity to study from a religious- strengthening perspective, but the courses are academically rigorous. The internships and study abroad options are endless, and this school really hold to its motto: "the world is our campus."
I wish there was more diversity at the school, but I understand that there's not a very diverse applicant pool.
I love BYU and especially love the culture here. Everyone has similar goals and standards, so it is great to be here.
I love being a student here! The resources are excellent. The professor are amazing. The only thing I would change is perhaps the lack of cultural and ethnic diversity.
Not mormon but love the school! I love the football here and the housing is great and clean! No drugs and drinking here is something I love! Cougar pride for life!
I love the atmosphere and the learning environment. I would like to see more of a social aspect and more diversity on campus though
It is very competitive and very impersonal. Professors have quotas to meet of grades to give, so they will often try to fail students or grade non objectively. If you're used to being the best at everything, this is not the place for you. If you're alright with being middle of the pack and you can do alright without a lot of one on one help, you'll do fine here.
My favorite thing about attending BYU is the atmosphere. When I started, I was worried about being stressed and overwhelmed and etc., but it really has been an enjoyable experience. There are a lot of support systems and resources for students, and the overall campus environment is comfortable and conducive to studying and learning. There is competition, but I have found it to be manageable. The drawbacks I've encountered are that some of the online functions (registration, class notifications/networks) are still a work in process, and that there always seems to be some part of campus under construction.
The campus itself is beautiful and the university houses several gardens, statues, and works of art. The library is underground and contains 5 stories filled with anything from giant models of the earth to art galleries, as well as anything you'd ever need in the search for knowledge. The staff tends to be very charismatic and welcoming towards students. The students are friendly and helpful for whenever you get lost.The school offers an enormous amount of majors as well as over 100 study abroad programs.
Everyone at BYU walks around with smiles on their faces. You can't help but feel welcomed as you enter campus. This friendly vibe makes it easy to have a positive attitude about school.
It's great. The atmosphere and culture there are amazing. And no matter what your story in life is, there always seems to be a place for you.
I believe that the caliber of students and level of competition at BYU Provo is equal to if not greater than any ivy league school. There is an atmosphere that is extremely focused on promoting education and a great environment without the danger and distractions faced at many other universities. BYU's dedication to fostering intelligence, high moral conduct, and overall character development in its students, I believe, is unparalleled.
I really enjoy the atmosphere here at BYU. There is a special spirit here that is very conducive to learning. The professors are very knowledgeable on their subjects, and are dedicated to helping you succeed. Lots of wholesome activities and great students.
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I like BYU because you can get a wonderful education for an affordable price. The professors are passionate about the subjects and care about the student's learning. The campus is beautiful and they are constantly updating the older buildings. It's a diverse school and there are always fun things to do on campus.
What I love most about BYU is the atmosphere. I love how I can feel the spirit when we are in class, at work, even just walking around campus. Classes are challenging but possible, and everyone is so nice. There are problems, yeah, but it's a wonderful place to go to school. And there are so many student activities!
I love the atmosphere on campus and you always feel safe. There isn't a ton of loud parties or anything like drinking and drugs going on, so it is a good enviornment!!
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