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I thought Brigham Young University was an excellent school to go to! The teachers were super helpful, the material they taught really helped me to learn and grow, and the campus was great.
BYU is a great school with very low tuition prices which is amazing. There are so many resources available to help you succeed and the campus is very nice and not to far spread out. Party scene and diversity suffer because of social and cultural norms in the area.
Brigham Young University is an amazing school with top notch programs and professors that help students from many diverse backgrounds become professionals in any chosen field.
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The campus of BYU is amazing. Their facilities are top notch and really give you access to the full spectrum of resources for a college student. The students are beyond friendly and it is very easy to get involved. The teachers and professors stand out in their fields and put forth a lot of effort to be good at their topics and classes.
Brigham Young University it is an incredible place to be. I am marvel by the resources found at campus, by how safe it is and the level of our professors.
BYU is great. It's lacking in diversity due to the niche population of students it draws from, but I can usually look past that because of the great education I am receiving.
I love going to school here. They have my major, which is hard to come by, and I will be able to graduate quickly. I wish there were more online options for classes, but overall, it's pretty good!
Brigham Young University is a good option for its considerably low tuition price. It can be somewhat rigorous and competitive but it is a good return on investment.
BYU is a great school because I am constantly being pushed to become better. I am always learning and I feel that when I graduate, I will be a valuable member of society. Everything that I have learned and am currently learning can be applied to my future. BYU campus is also very well maintained and is a great environment for not only learning, but social opportunities as well. I have encountered many great people that attend BYU and share the same enthusiasm as I do towards BYU.
Great school with great professors and excellent academics. the environment is competitive at the same time that is is cooperative. Students are friendly and you can feel at home here.
What more can I say than 5 stars. The university is nearly perfect in every way. From academics to things like athletics, everyone seems to be relaxed and enjoy their time here studying. Go Cougs!
Oppressive administrators. Biased professors. Sheep students. Agenda curriculum. Don’t come here to open your mind.
I love attending Brigham Young University. The faculty members are inspiring, and I think I've only ever had great teachers. Students at BYU are so amazing as well. So many of them are so talented, hard-working, and involved.
A great community of students that aim high. Competitive classes motivate further achievement. There is a strong sense of community on campus and in the surrounding housing. 10/10
BYU has a good feeling around campus. It just feels right to be there. Great academics, great sports, plenty of resources, overall 5 stars.
BYU truly excels in giving an excellent undergrad experience. Provo is a very safe place and is definitely a college town. The teachers truly care about people personally and administration is easy to talk to.
Its an excellent university with rigorous courses. It is also a very spiritual environment. That being said if you are not a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saint you might not have the best time here.
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I love this school! I graduated a year ago, and I miss it a lot more than I thought I would. If you are an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then you will love Provo and BYU. There is a ton of fun things to do, whether you like to be inside or out. The professors are amazing, not only in their teaching, but in being very personable if you reach out to them. I went to another school before coming here, and I noticed the quality in curriculum and teaching is vastly different here. For the price, this is the lowest rate you'll find this type of quality go for and it was worth every penny.
This school is so incredibly wonderful, I can not imagine going anywhere else. I love the safe environment it creates for us to learn while comfortably living our religious standards. It is also full of incredible faculty who take the time to get to know their students and really care about helping them each individually succeed. They offer a very large variety of majors, have great extracurricular activities and events, and are both intellectually and spiritually enlightening.
I love BYU! They have an incredible atmosphere, and the students work so hard. There are fun activities, and everybody plays sports so if that's your thing, great! The students are extremely smart, and helpful as well. It's easy to find people to help you better understand class material. Everybody dates, so it has a great social scene. Wonderful university!
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