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I do an internship there and it has good classes and a great student community. It has a good campus and great programs.
I love how it's a spiritual environment for those looking for it. I love that people are so friendly and willing to help, the professors are understanding as long as you are working hard. There's lots of activities to do and places to eat, and the surrounding city has a lot to offer.
It is going great so far
I love the cheap price for such an advanced education. The faculty are amazing. The professors definitely know what they are teaching. The religious environment supports safety and mutual respect for everyone. I love the return for my tuition cost. As for diversity, the majority of the students are Caucasian however, the minorities do not feel very left out. Overall, it is very good school to prepare yourself into your careers.
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Safe campus and diligent students. I love the library and all the resources available there. The tuition is fantastic. Nice affordable housing can be difficult to find, but that is a problem I can see with most college towns.
I love this college! While the party life isn't like most colleges, it provides many clean and fun opportunities and social events. It is worth every penny! I love living on campus - it is very beautiful and the food is great!
I love being at BYU! Its a safe environment with professors that know what they are talking about and actually care about your education.
Brigham Young is a tier one university that engages undergraduates in research and is one of the more affordable private universities.
Great school, but being gay here is very hard. Other than that, I have no issues. This school is great and very inexpensive.
Not only is it one of the top schools in the country, but the campus is beautiful, the city is great, the professors are super awesome and take time to get to know you, the people for the most part are good folks, there is almost no alcohol parties, and the school is open to new thoughts, both conservative and liberal. Also when a liberal or conservative speaker comes to campus there are never riots.
BYU is very academically challenging and focused on learning. Once you get into your major or program, the teachers want you to succeed and are willing to help you. The main downside is that the work load is intense and the classes are demanding.
I enjoy the large campus with many different activities being offered. The campus though needs more parking structures nearby that allow for the students to park close to campus. There are definitely issues with parking and being able to make it to class on time from the areas that the students must park.
Strong LDS community, excellent professors, competitive educational opportunities. Student life is very clean, "stone cold sober for 20 years." School is a fun welcoming environment.
BYU is a very challenging, competitive school. It has quality professors that show a passion for their subject. Good luck finding parking, like at most universities, and the food court is out of date and lacks seating. Tuition rates are excellent, and housing around campus is fairly affordable. Obviously almost 0 diversity and party scene because of the overwhelming LDS population, and the honor code. I'd say the biggest drawback is the weather, but I hate winter and Utah has long, snowy winters, so it depends on the person.
I love Brigham Young University not only for their amazing education that they give, but also for the environment. There is a great peace and calm that is always there and they do not just teach the information, but how to really get along and apply all that you learn.
Well i have gone here for two semesters and will be returning there in the Fall semester of 2018. It is a great campus with high standards and values. My professors were all very helpful too me and had times in which they were able to assist me, and as far as student life goes it has been great to meet and associate with so many people.
There is a lot of diversity and still a clean and wholesome atmosphere with values that I treasure as well as impeccable professors and quality education.
I love BYU. It's got a great business program, and the professors so far have all been amazing. I feel very safe on campus, and I can make a new friend everywhere I go.
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I love being at BYU! The students and faculty here are dedicated to what they do and what the university is all about: entering to learn and going forth to serve. I have always wanted to attend Brigham Young University since I was little. I would visit the campus every time I came to Utah, and each time I fell a little more in love with it. There are always things going on on campus, from sporting events to stage productions to club meetings. There are multiple opportunities for people to find their niche and where they truly belong on campus. I would not trade my experience here for anything.
This school is very competitive but it offers a great education for all who are willing to put in the effort.
Excellent academics. The courses require a lot of work, but there is plenty of help to get you through. BYU is really good at helping you streamline your courses or take it slowly but while doing it in the most efficient way.
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