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Brigham young university has always been a goal of mine. It is a beautiful school with very incredible people striving for success. I used to visit the school when I was younger, and I remember waking around campus and falling in love with it’s beauty. BYU is a fantastic school with incredible people and amazing programs and opportunities.
The atmosphere is incredible because it is clean, friendly, and focused on providing a top-notch education in a spiritually engaging atmosphere while also providing for fun, clean, safe, and memorable social events.
Brigham Young University is unlike any other university. There are values that help students to be successful and make smart decisions while still having fun at college. There are many activities that you can participate in that are happening all of the time. If you are looking for a university that is low tuition Brigham Young university is for you. The college experience that you are looking for including activities, education, and wholesome experiences this is the college for you.
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Big campus, but it feels like a small campus, People are very friendly and willing to help with anything you may need.
BYU is an incredibly challenging but rewarding School. As a Mormon, having my faith taught in every class and having special classes that delve deep into religion, it’s invaluable. I love the student body and the motto. If class sizes were smaller, it would be a bonus, but the university is exceptional!
Brigham Young is the perfect university for serious students with a heart for serving others. The campus is absolutely beautiful, and everyone is very helpful. The teachers are excited to teach and there are so many opportunities to learn! Also, the food around campus is AMAZING.
Going to school at BYU has been a wonderful choice for a college. Students and faculty have all agreed to live the same high standards to promote and create a healthy, safe, fun educational environment. The quality of the classes is high for a low tuition and board cost.
BYU has been a great experience. The Professors are great and all necessary resources are easily accessible.
BYU Provo has a great campus and extensive library, with very helpful staff for all kinds of student issues and questions, including employment, degree/career planning, and even a counseling center! The main issue I had was finding the classes I needed available in the evening while I was working a day job. Otherwise, it's a great place!
Brigham Young University or also referees to BYU has been a influential in my progression in my higher education.

All of my classes push me harder than I desire at times but at the end of ever semester I appreciate the experience and knowledge I received from that class.

The student environment is highly respectable. The unity and school pride makes campus life exciting and gives campus a homey feeling.

The price for BYU's tuition isn't very high, it being one of my cheapest options, for a well accredited education it is a steal of a deal.

Brigham young may not be for everyone, but as for myself I couldn't ask for anything more!
The atmosphere that's found here is hard to find anywhere else. Most everyone here is friendly and want to help you succeed. Dorms and off-campus housing choices are comfortable and appealing. The food found in the Cannon Center can be improved though. There are clubs for just about anything you could imagine here. Life outside of class is beyond enjoyable. The friends I've made in my short time here are incredible. BYU is an awesome college that will help you get to where you want to be, and have fun along the way.
BYU is very academically prestigious and you can tell from the classes and professors. The level of education you are receiving for the price is unmatched anywhere.
A wonderful education and a very low cost! Business school is very high caliber as well. Always opportunities to get more help in difficult classes, and professors are highly accessible.
I absolutely love attending Brigham Young University! Growing up in a religious background, it really does provide the best of both worlds; I am able to get a really good education in an environment where most of the students have the same values that I do. The tuition is super affordable and the surrounding area is great for college students.
Brigham Young University is a place where dreams come true. Wait, we come to learn and go forth to serve I think is what it is. Regardless, it is amazing academically, beautifully landscaped, rich with preparation for future careers and hosts the most smiley people in the country... except for Disneyland. No, not a "party school" unless study groups with Root Beer is right up your alley. It is a place to gain a higher education like none other in the nation.
I love the atmosphere that is associated with BYU. Everyone is invested in helping you to succeed and achieve your goals. BYU is an amazing place to be a student, the atmosphere can be competitive but that is only due to how seriously education is taken by the faculty and the students.
Brigham Young University is a very safe, very nice place to be. The students are all nice and the professors are all very good at teaching and making you feel accepted. It would be nice to see a little bit less restriction on the dress policy, namely the hair and beard, but overall it is a very good university and one that will give you a great education while allowing you to have fun and be safe.
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There was a lot I loved about BYU my first year there, but once I became disabled, my opportunities became very limited. BYU is behind in offering online classes and often made my college journey harder than it needed to be.
I love the environment! The teachers are SO willing to work with you to accomplish what you want! Social life is never dull!
BYU is great. I have never made closer friends than those that I meet here. I wouldn't trade my last few years here for anything! The classes are intellectually challenging but most professors are on your side. It's easy to become involved in what every area you would like and there's never a dull weekend!
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