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This is the most beautiful campus. They take such care to make it look prestigious. The professors are great. Most are LDS but they also have some that arent. They have devotionals every Tuesday and usually that is directed toward LDS members but they have also had amazing scholars, diplomats, artists, and people from all walks of successful life. The pricing for apartments is very reasonable. For activities, there is an app called the Lunch Box App which tells you where all the free food on and around campus is. There athletics compete with some big guns, recently their women's soccer and men's and women's volleyball have done amazing. We have gone to a ball room recital which left us with major goosebumps. If you're looking for a night life then you're in the wrong place. BYU has been ranked the driest school for MANY years.
Brigham Young University is an amazing religious university. The university is full of amazing professors who teach because they love their jobs. BYU offers an amazing education at an affordable price. There is a great atmosphere on campus and great opportunities to get involved in service, clubs, etc.
An amazing education for an amazing price. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Clean. Easy to get involved.
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Brigham Young University is an outstanding college to attend. The professors are knowledgeable and drive their students to succeed by hard work and competition in classes. Because BYU is a religious university, alcohol and smoking are prohibited on campus and by students. Students live by an Honor Code, which explain the importance of honesty in testing and classes, as well as curfew in dormitories and apartments. The campus itself is in the beautiful city of Provo on a hill with large mountains right next to it. Provo is a booming city with unique businesses and restaurants that are unique to its location. BYU is also renowned for its sports, especially in volleyball, basketball, and football, as athletes are recruited from all around the world to compete for these teams. Although students who attend this university do not drink or smoke, activities and parties (without alcohol or drugs) are constantly happening in the city that create a fun and unique environment.
I have loved the professors the most! Almost all have been free with their time and help, and I feel that they care for the student not the class.
BYU is a fantastic school with incredible professors and a great active-learning environment. Everyone that goes to school there wants to learn and do their best. It is very competitive, but the students and teachers are always nice and willing to help if you ask. I've loved the last couple of years I've gone to school here, and although it has been extremely challenging, I wouldn't want to go to college anywhere else!
I have a love/ hate relationship here. There are many things about the school that I absolutely love: great professors, beautiful campus, numerous resources for students. However there are aspects I do not like too: courses made overly challenging, lack of parking and housing, and double standards.
BYU is an incredible school with so much to offer! The campus is beautiful and the students are so energetic and spirited. The competitive nature of the academics encourages excellence and students thrive there!
After attending BYU for years back in 1983 I've now connected with BYU Independent study through the Bachelor of General Studies program. Excited to start learning again and finish what I started years ago. So grateful for this new age way of learning and getting an education.
I love going to this school. It is amazing to be able to meet people that identify with my standards both academically and spiritually. The competition here is fierce, and often overwhelming, but it is worth it for all of the opportunities you can get while attending this school.
Brigham Young University is a wonderful place to go to school. The campus is gorgeous and the classes are so enriching and worthwhile. Everyone there is so friendly, it has a completely different feel from any other school, which is truly amazing.
There is a special feeling at BYU--it feels like home. The campus is beautiful and has the feel of a small college with the opportunities of a major university. BYU has exceptional academic undergraduate and graduate programs within a Christian environment. At the beginning of many classes, a prayer is offered, and subjects are taught with insights and values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be spiritually inspiring insofar as the subject matter permits. BYU students are upstanding citizens who care about their education and each other. They eschew distractions other college campuses have such as smoking, alcohol, illicit drugs, and sexual activity. Students can always be seen lending a hand to serve others. BYU's Four Aims of an Education are Spiritually Strengthening, Intellectually Enlarging, Character Building, and Leading to Lifelong Learning and Service. After attending BYU, you leave better than you were when you arrived with a quality education that will last you for eternity.
It's pretty great. I love it, but it cant be exhausting with the limited viewpoints on world and domestic affairs. The people can be close minded and inconsiderate. But the professors and staff is amazing.
High pressure environment. There are times where it feels like they only teach you to pass a class, and they are not as invested in actually educating you. That is not because of the professors, but because of the way the system works.
BYU not only enriches students with a high quality education but enriches spiritually as well. The honor code that is in place encourages students to behave responsibly, courteously, and honestly. The campus is beautifully maintained. The school provides ample resources for students to succeed and excel in their studies.
I've only completed one semester at BYU but it was my favorite semester I've ever had at any school. The teachers are great, the curriculum is difficult and rewarding, and the social atmosphere is hard to beat. The only complaint I have is that it's not an easy school! Classes are almost always difficult, but you end up learning a lot more that way.
I liked the classroom setting a lot, the professors are warm and inviting and TAś are always super helpful and caring. BYU also has a very good peer group were all of the students are driven and intelligent, great place for learning.
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BYU is an amazing school, the teachers are helpful, the coursework is rigorous, and the education is outstanding.
Attending this university has changed my life. The professors have inspired me, given me new perspectives, and challenged me. It is truly amazing to attend a university where religion is incorporated in the lessons. We are taught as to go and serve the world as we attend BYU and as we leave BYU. This is an amazing university where students get a great education for an affordable price, strengthen their relationship with God, and leave better prepared to serve others.
I absolutely love BYU. It's definitely been a reality check for me, because it is challenging, but that way I know I'm getting the education that I want. Classes are tough but the professors really care about the students and want them to succeed. There is a specific culture that accompanies the school, which is not for everyone.
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