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I love that fact that my faith can be a part of my education at BYU. All of my professors are extremely knowledgeable and I have had wonderful opportunities there.
I love the culture!! It is a family tradition to attend and I am happy I am able to carry on that tradition.
I have loved every part of BYU so far. The atmosphere, the teachers, the campus, etc. I can't wait to get into their engineering program!
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Great school! The campus is great and overall is just a great environment to be in. One drawback is the school is very competitive and as a result, most generals and program prerequisite classes are difficult. Beside that, super good!
Brigham Young University in Provo offers amazing quality of education for a very reasonable cost. There is a variety of activities and opportunities for the student population as well as the community.
I love this college. The people here are amazing. The professors put a lot of work into their classes and I have learned a ton in my time here. Plus Provo is an awesome place to live!
I love the overall feel of the University. It is big enough to feel like a college, but not too big that I feel lost. The library is excellent and has aided me tremendously in my studies. The student body is wholesome and welcoming. I would love if there was more parking around campus and an easier website to navigate.
I love the environment and the professors. It's such a unique university because you learn in a place that is centered around The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Brigham Young University is a wonderful school. I came to study here from Russia two months ago. As for an international student, it was crucial for me to feel welcome here right at the beginning. The first weeks were seriously challenging, and I thought of going home because I missed my family and I could not speak English as well as I expected. However, the people who surrounded me made me stay here. When I was afraid or sad there was always someone out there who showed up at the right moment and made me smile. Caring professors inspired me to continue and not to give up when everything seemed overwhelming. The best thing about BYU is the atmosphere and the people. You will never feel alone. You will never be forgotten. You will always be supported.
Because of the inspiration you receive from others, you have a desire to study as hard as you can and inspire other students to do the same.
BYU has an amazing and clean atmosphere. I've only been here for a couple months but it has changed my life completely. The connections one makes with fellow students will last a lifetime and the insight given by professors changes how one thinks of the world and makes one realize that there is more to life than just getting a good job with a good paycheck. The learning goes far beyond the secular.
Brigham Young University has a great culture, there is something for everyone. The school work is challenging, yet rewarding. There are many friendly people and there are a lot of things to do in Provo. You get out of BYU what you put into BYU.
It is a safe place, there are a lot of places across campus to relax or do homework, the libary has a lot of information, and the food court is pretty good
Brigham Young University has challenged me academically. BYU has top rated majors and many companies specially pick BYU students to come and work for them. BYU offers hands-on experiences in the Life Sciences department that really help students learn just what it will be like in the real world. This hands-on experience has helped me learn and grow and be able to meet challenges that are placed before me. This school really does strive to put the best students into future careers. The one thing that has been a negative experience for me these last few years is the chemistry department. Because BYU strives to separate the hard working students from the students who don't try, chemistry classes are very difficult.
I feel like I have received a very high quality education at a very affordable price. I do feel as if there could be more diversity as well as some changes to the honor code.
My experience at Brigham Young University has been pretty good. The teachers are all very friendly, and they care about their work. As always, there are good teachers and bad teachers, but if you put your mind to it, you can do anything and you will improve greatly.
My sister attended BYU during the 2016-2017 school year. BYU Has the most gorgeous campus. Right against the provo Utah mountains the campus is always gorgeous through each season of the year. BYU has an amazing variety for courses to take that make it a proper fit for any major. The athletics is very entertaining and has very successful teams and players within their respected sports. BYU also has a pretty strict honor code that keeps the campus, and its students safe and out of and trouble. BYU overall is an amazing school with one of the lowest tuition in Utah is a very good candidate for college students everywhere.
I love the faculty, especially in the school of nursing. I learn so much from them and they really care about their students. I also love the atmosphere at BYU. There is an honor code that holds us to a higher level of integrity. There are always great activities going on around campus that uplifting and educational.
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I have really loved the learning atmosphere at Brigham Young University. I feel like the opportunities to learn critically are very available here. I wish more diversity of opinion was shown here though as well as more opportunities to converse with one another.
The atmosphere at this university is really on its own level! It's diversity is also amazing; over 120 languages are spoken on campus, while about half of that number are taught here. This school is truly a model example.
Brigham Young University contains such a beautiful environment for anyone who attends it. If I could change something I would definitely suggest to make the university more diverse.
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