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Fantastic location, wonderful people, and strong learning environment. I thoroughly enjoyed all 4 years there.
Brigham Young University is a highly selective, reputable school in Provo, Utah. It is affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Members of any religious group are welcome, but an honor code must be followed by all students including what can be worn, curfews, and certain standards of morality.
I love it here. There is a huge emphasis on not just knowing the material vut meaningful ways to apply it. There are few distractions, and everyone will be very friendly. Most are looking to get married.
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I have had a great experience at BYU. The classes are challenging and the professors are engaging. The price is significantly lower than most universities, especially one as competitive as BYU. The average ACT score is about 30, so it has a very high quality student body.
The thing that I have enjoyed most about my time here at BYU is my interactions with my professors. I have found that class size rarely keeps them from being present and interacting with students, giving plenty of opportunities to learn and do research. The only thing I might change is having more activities for the student body to participate in.
the faculties at BYU all have the determination to create a safe and happy study environment for the students
I love the atmosphere here! It is a safe environment meant to nurture students and pave the path for success!
BYU has great professors, rigorous academic programs, and wonderful access to undergraduate research opportunities. It also has a wide variety of clubs and organizations you can be involved in. The language program at BYU offers many great programs and courses, from Hindi to Welsh. The people are often very kind, and there are many opportunities for on-campus jobs. The college is very affordable, even if housing can be in short supply.
I love being a student at BYU. It is a great opportunity to learn and prepare for life in an environment where most people share your same values.
Wonderful campus. The programs available are varied and intense, high quality and rigorous. Faculty very helpful and welcoming. Prestigious school.
I love the environment. I love campus, everything is so beautiful and nice. To date I haven't met a professor I hated.
There are several qualities that I appreciate about Brigham Young University. The first one that instantly attracted me was the unique environment that it offers. The student body is very friendly, welcoming, and warm. The educators care deeply about the individual, love their job, and are more interested in helping the students achieve success than creating a name for themselves.
BYU's location in Orem, Utah is ideal because it has easy access to free transportation, shopping and entertainment, and beautiful mountains.
I love BYU because of the enormous amount of pride that its students have for their university. My parents and grandparents attended there and they still watch every game. The impact that BYU has left on its students continues throughout the life of the individual and goes on to impact their posterity.
BYU has and always will be my dream school and I am thrilled to be attending it this year.
I love BYU and am so glad I chose to attend! Everyone is incredibly friendly and kind, and the education is outstanding. Although it's certainly different than other schools in terms of religion, rules, and diversity, it's easy to get used to it and love it.
It is a great environment here. I feel safe and cared for. Classes can be difficult, but very worth it. There are so many things to learn here. There are opportunities to learn and grow academically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
BYU is the place to be for anyone who wants to have a safe, enriching college experience. Some think that being in the Provo "bubble" can be boring or no fun, but in my opinion there is nowhere I would rather be. I don't have to worry nearly as much about my safety (physical or spiritual), and there are lots of things to do on campus or in the city to have a great time. There are so many great clubs, service opportunities, activities, sports, and more to be involved in or to even just observe. Brigham Young University provides a top of the line education for their students, and has similar rigor and difficulty as Ivy league colleges. 10/10 would recommend coming here.
It's a great experience at BYU. If you're looking for a dedicated and friendly student body and faculty, this is the place. An additional upside is the clean living and moral standards everyone shares on campus. Because of this, there is a lot of honesty and trust between students and faculty.
It has a good environment and the people there are all willing to help you get the most out of your experience and become the best person tha you can become.
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Brigham Young University is a place that I fell that I have grown not only academically but in different aspects of my life. It has helped me to see and view the life of a college student as not impossible. I have developed great relationships with people that I will never forget. My current experience takes me to different places in my life that I know I will look back on for the rest of my life. A change that I would like to see hopefully throughout the years is more diversity. When we bring people from different cultures we learn of their very own walks of life that give us a whole new perspective.
BYU is an open, friendly, wonderful place. The people and professors all want to see you succeed and there are many opportunities to do great things, research, get internships and go on study abroads.
Brigham Young University is not a perfect place. There are as many critics as loyal "true blue" fans. I had my ups and downs, the pushy course work and high expectations combined with a sometimes difficult culture was hard to work with, but something I would not trade for the world was the learning environment. I knew that the professors cared about me and my learning, about the goals I had more than the grades I received. I always felt that the University did care about me, that it was trying, despite imperfections, to give me the best education I could receive.
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