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Haven't been to the campus, but when applying for the process and help I have received has been outstanding.
I loved my experience at BYU-I. I had no problem following the honor code that I agreed to in going there. I had solid, wonderful roommates. Most importantly, I was surrounded by people with good values. I cannot tell you how many times people opened the doors for me and how many times my roommates have helped me.
Another thing about BYU-I is that because they were practical in their costs and did everything they could to lower the financial burdens on their students, I graduated with my bachelor's without ever going into debt or taking on student loans. I didn't even have to work while I was going to school because my summer jobs provided me with enough to last the school year.
Brigham Young University-Idaho is a great four year institution due its academic focused atmosphere and the programs that put students in contact with potential employers. BYU-I biggest strength is that every student is given the option to complete an internship in the field of your choice. Many times, the organizations or companies have a long history of bringing interns on board from the university so it requires little effort on the students part for the valuable experience that they will get out of such an internship.
Academics come first at BYU-I, it is a learning focused institution. The professors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields, and help struggling students get back on their feet. I have enjoyed my time at BYU-I and the atmosphere that exists here.
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I love BYU-I! The teachers are really invested in their students and their lessons. The campus has many opportunities to help you in your education. There are also so many social opportunities.
BYU-Idaho is the best school! It has a smaller campus which means fewer people which is very nice because the classes are smaller. I love the atmosphere on campus as well as in the town surrounding the campus. Everyone here is so nice and you can really talk to anyone and become best friends with them very quickly!
One of the most important characteristics of Brigham Young University-Idaho is that, as a student, you know the university is run by ordinary people who want to get to know you. In all of my classes, I met with my teachers for one-on-one help. Unexpectedly, my academic efforts made it possible for me to find out that my science teacher was a Harry Potter fan. I was also able to see other professors on a more personal level as they sacrificed time for me. All of them got to know me on a first name basis and wrote me letters of recommendation for future scholarships!

If I could change one thing, it would be the school's enforcement of minor rules. I believe that students should be invited to live the principles for which the rules stand, not the specifics.

Overall, I am very pleased with BYU-Idaho's quality of education, feel happy there, and will continue to attend until I receive my bachelor's degree.
I love the environment on campus. Filled with nice people and great professors. The classes are small, which makes the college experience unique. Tuition is cheap and there are so many resources that you have access to for free. This school does a great job of providing the most it can to its students at the lowest price possible.
This university is a wonderful private school for members of the Church of Jesus Christ. The standards are held high for personal integrity and for academics. The professors teach towards your profession and not just for a grade. The campus and student gives plenty extracurricular activities to distract the students from all the school work stress. Since this university is pretty old, the dorms are either a little ran down or overly expensive due to renovations. I wish there would be more athletics to help unite the students and maybe would bring a little more diversity into the school.
Solid school, it has a big school feeling, in a small town setting. Not always the best school for opening your mind to new ideas, but solid education available at a good price.
Easy to travel around. Teachers are great. Classes are a good size. Lots of opportunities to make friends. Very cheap school but still get a fantastic education
My experience at Brigham Young University has been a positive experience overall. The professors I have been able to have truly cared for my success and motivated me to become a better student. I am satisfied with the experiences I have been able to have here at this university.
BYU Idaho has been a wonderful experience after being out school so long. Being a mother of two kids and working full time, BYU Idaho has been very flexible with online classes.
Doing online courses has given me the ability to take classes that are affordable. While the classes are not self paced you are given some freedom to how quickly you can do the class work.
The online pathways connect program is a great introduction to this four year university. Brigham Young University has always been a hard school to attend and stay in, however, the Brigham Young University Pathway Connect Online program has been such a positive experience that I would recommend it to anyone looking to either transfer into a four year university or just starting college for the first time, wither you are a member of the church or not.
The school held to the values and beliefs of its foundation.
It is in a small town, with lots of outdoor activities surrounding it. Making friends is a very important part if you want to have fun. You need to find people who what to do and where to go, that will help out incredibly when you want to go out and explore.
I love BYU-Idaho!!! It was exactly where I needed to go for college. Seriously such an excellent experience. It has such an incredible spirit. Everyone is so friendly.
BYU-I is a fantastic place to go to school, with many opportunities and chances to grow and learn from many skilled and knowledgable professors on the gorgeous campus. There is always stuff happening on campus, so the opportunity to have a student social life is incredible! I absolutely love this university.
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I love it here. I love the small classes, the excellent professors, the overall unity of purpose, and the environment of service and dedicated learning.
I have enjoyed studying at BYU-Idaho, I have had extremely knowledgeable and professional teachers. It is worth the money I have spend and feel it has made me more confident in myself and my abilities as a student.
I love how nice everbody is, and how the environment makes me feel. It’s a small city that can be very rural, and I’ve never really had that small-town feel before. But mostly it’s the people that make BYUI so great. It’s so easy to make friends, and people are so interactive and such kind people always looking to serve others. It’s a place where I can feel comfortable for sure. It is also a place where my religious beliefs are upheld, supported, and considered crucial to life, and it’s great to be able to have such easy access to all aspects of church. However, I think a few of the rules can be updated—specifically the one that says no shorts are allowed.
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