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I am a music major here at BYU-Idaho and love it! The teachers are super helpful and focused on helping you succeed. The only problem I have is that the university has gotten rid of many languages necessary for singers and the school is in a rural area. This means that there aren't as many opportunities and you also have to a lot outside of school in order to match what other schools give. But for the price, it's a fantastic place to be.
I love the environment at BYUI. The teachers are always willing to help if you reach out for it and the students are always willing to point you to class. Making friends on campus is the easiest thing. Classes don't typically run long or get cancelled and starting and ending class with prayers helps bring a calmness to the classroom.
Excellent technical and theoretical experience. Lots of opportunities to learn from the professors and to work for the school. Free tutors and opportunities to work as a tutor. Could be better if more credits were available for students to use before graduating.
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It is a very good safe environment. Everyone there is very kind and helpful when you need help with a class of something. The food there is good, you have a lot of options. The housing is nice and homely to love in. There are a lot of fun parties and activities to go to, to help you stay busy and active.
The professors have all been great and willing to help the students succeed. The environment is safe and friendly. I know I will come away from this school with a great future.
People here are super nice. The instructors here always put students in priority. I love the library here because there are a lot of resources. The courses are interesting, and the circumstance here is good.
I love it there! The campus is nice and pretty small so it's easy to get around. It's decently diverse but everyone is pretty nice. The only downside to the school is how cold it is and sometimes the dress code but it isn't always fully enforced.
I really liked the fact that Brigham Young University-Idaho is very student minded. The entire staff is focused on making sure that everyone is getting a great education for a relatively cheap price as well as encouraging wholesome social lives. I would highly recommend this university.
If you want a great place to gain an education, create friendships, and explore the beauty around campus, BYU-Idaho is the place to be. It's beautiful campus grabs your attention, and then everything else works together to make you stay.
Brigham Young University- Idaho is an amazing organization. They focus on the the student and teacher relationship. At Brigham Young university professors have open office hours where I have been able to seek counsel and support in school to further my learning. I have become close to my professors in a way unlike any other institution does it. BYU-Idaho creates a safe and professional student culture. Also BYU-Idaho aims to keep costs low and serve as many students as possible through the use of a 3 semester calendar year and a vast online program.
BYU-I overall is a really great school! There are many excellent teachers, tuition is cheap, and a lot of nice people in general! Probably the only downside is the coldness of Rexburg.
BYUI has a lot of pros to it, but the one that stands out the most is it effective while inexpensive education. Tuition for a member of the LDS church, which subsidies the school, is under $3000. A non-member can go for only slightly more money. Comparatively, this is way cheaper than most other colleges and you still get a great education to boot.

The campus is nice, professors are smart and helpful and the city of Rexburg itself is a decent size that has a lot of places to eat and things to do for its small size. It's close to a larger city that has everything that Rexburg doesn't.
Brigham Young University - Idaho is an amazing university. The professors are great and take the time to know you and help you. Activities are awesome. Overall feel of school is incredible.
BYU-Idaho has such a positive feeling on the campus! Everyone is very supportive in helping you find and achieve your own goals and plans for your future! The school helps prepare you to love and serve yourself and others, to improve the world. :)
Brigham Young Unversity - Idaho is truly the best college out there. The professors are so caring and will work with you, if you ask for help. The students are honest and fun! Rexburg is a small town, so at times it can be difficult to find things to do in your free time. But, it is only about an hour and a half from Yellowstone and lots of other beautiful spots!
I Have had an amazing experience so far. The teachers and staff are great. There are tons of resources for students to access and respect everyone shares for each other is astounding. School culture centered around higher learning makes learning so much more enjoyable! It’s also super inexpensive.
BYU is a really nice campus, it's cold in the winter, but the environment is nice. The code of conduct is conservative but it makes the students safe and definitely rids the drug and alcohol problem most colleges are known for. The academics are diverse, inclusive, and very easy to work in your schedule
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It is a very friendly environment, however there is no competition. It would be exciting to be in a more demanding college where you actually learn more.
Overall my experience at Brigham Young Univeristy-Idaho hasn't been too bad, i have really enjoyed meeting so many people I probably would have never met before. I am almost graduated and I feel that I have worked really hard to obtain my degree and the education is good. I would say that if you find the right group of people to hangout with and you have a good attitude the school isn't too bad and you can really enjoy your time there. If you chose to focus on the negative then you are going to have a hard time especially since Rexburg is in the middle of nowhere.
Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho is a wonderful college because of it upholds the beliefs and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS Church), as it is one of the Church's many universities. The culture of BYU-Idaho is very friendly and exerts a great amount of help for incoming or transferring students. The campus is smaller than other college campuses but nonetheless easy to navigate. There are clubs to join and activities to participate in year-round. The staff is exceptional in keeping the Spirit in the classroom and making everyone feel welcome. BYU-Idaho offers a multitude of classes to choose from for every desired major with minor classes and cluster classes, also. The apartments on or off campus are close and easy to access the rest of Rexburg for food, clothing, groceries, and plenty of college fun.
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