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I love where Byu-I is located. The area has such a peaceful and family-oriented community. I love how the teachers are willing to help you when you have questions. I like that everyone around you are pretty friendly. You can make a friend just about anywhere you go on campus. I wish that we could wear shorts and flipflops on campus, but since it's part of the honor code it probably will never change.
University is extremely student academics focused and helping people realize their potential, no matter where life takes them.
I love it here more than anywhere else. It is a great place to gain knowledge and grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The love and spirit I feel here are amazing. And it is the safest college campus I have ever been on. But my favorite thing about BYUI is that the teachers truly care about you and your success as an individual. It is something I have never seen anywhere else.
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BYU-Idaho is the best. The people are great, campus is beautiful and well taken care of, and the academics are really good. I would recommend BYU-Idaho to anyone
This university is excellent at meeting their students needs. From free tutoring to plenty of ways to take care of your physical and mental needs on campus, you can feel assured that the university really cares about it's students. They always have an activity going on or a society meeting up so there's plenty things to do to occupy your time and to connect with others. The one things that I'd like to see better would be better communication between the college and it's students. Many students get bored with their free time because they don't know that activities are going on. Overall, the vast majority of people I've met so far are solid folks and the staff and teachers here are outstanding in their desire to help students learn.
I love how everyone is so friendly at BYU-I. I have met some awesome professors and they do their best to get to know each one of their students. The university offers a great selection of classes, and the tuition is very inexpensive. I would like for the school to keep increasing the number of majors they have.
BYU Idaho is an amazing university. It is a school based on ensuring your future success while doing so in a safe environment. Student life is awesome. The housing is great, the food is good, and there are tons of activities to do.
It is a great environment for more calmer folk. There are a ton of outdoor activities to do so spring is great. BYU-I is a pretty great place, however the lack of student associations was a little disappointing.
Brigham Young University- Idaho is located in the little town of Rexburg, surrounded by rolling hills and farm fields. You can really feel at home here in a way few schools can make you feel at home. The campus is beautiful and the people are friendly. There's a quaint apple orchard right outside! The welcoming vibe doesn't end when you leave the campus, though. Even in my online classes, I can feel the warmth of professors and classmates that care about me. Being at BYUI is like being part of a family. Each class contains information that you can take with you as you build a career and, someday, a family of your own.
So far I have enjoyed my time here at BYUI. It has smaller classes which I love. The professors are very good at helping you understand the material. One thing that I would change is the no shorts on campus rule. I understand they are trying keep a professional atmosphere but in the spring and summer i would like to wear shorts.
I have loved being in Rexburg. it is very social, and the professors work well with you. Classes are typically smaller as well so teacher to student ratio is a huge benefit.
I love being at BYUI! It offers great programs with a great atmosphere! It has a rather small campus, but it has great amenities. Anyone can feel like they belong at this school.
There are a few things that I love about BYU-Idaho. First, you have teachers who care and want you to succeed. I have had the most amazing teachers who let me come into their office and get as much help as I need. Another thing that I love about BYU-Idaho is the atmosphere. You can get to know anyone with a friendly hello. People are kind and always willing to help. Attending this university has helped me grow into who I am now. The last thing that I love about BYU-Idaho is the town itself. It's a small town, but there are so many activities to do outdoors whenever you have a break from studying. The Snake River is beautiful and a hike up the nearby mountain is sure to give you a spectacular view.
Small town feel with a great atmosphere. Class sizes are mall and you can get to know professors and get one on one help from them. They provide many services for free, including tutors and is a great value for a university.
The cost is low for the quality of education, and there's not much diversity because of the location but we do have a good number of international students and many of the attending students have been on missions, which gives them cultural experience. The only athletics are intramural sports and whatever else you decide to do in your free time. There is no on-campus housing; there are apartments in the surrounding area that usually range from about 1000-1500 a semester. As for entertainment, there are a lot of outdoor things to do, and there are a couple small movie theatres as well as a trampoline park, a laser tag place, bowling, and a few other things. There isn't much "partying" in the traditional college sense because alcohol is against the honor code.
I love attending school at BYU-Idaho! It is such a great environment and everyone there has such a great spirit! The professors really care about their students. And the music program is great!
I love BYU. Everyone is very helpful and nice. I feel at home at BYU. I met students from all over the world. Teachers and staff have been great! I highly recommend this school for a quality education.
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I really enjoyed BYUI. I had a great semester. If you want to meet good friends and have good clean fun, this is your place.
I love Brigham Young University - Idaho because of it's location in Easter Idaho and it's conservative atmosphere and it's a great place for an inexpensive education.
Great place! Loved it, small town, but great people! If you know people you can have fun and meet new people! Not a ton of stuff to do, but you can make it a fun place.
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