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I love the school here. It is so fun and the student body is so caring. Campus is amazing and everything is nearby.
Brigham Young University- Idaho was my first experience at college and it was a very amazing one. I formed close relationships with the professors, my roommates, and classmates. One of the reasons why I love being on campus is because of the spirit I feel there. I remember my first few steps on the school campus...a student saw that I was lost and he was so kind to show me where to go. Even though I didn't know any of the students yet, I felt a special closeness and unity to them already. I love that I feel comfortable at BYU-I and it gives me many opportunities to learn. I can't wait to return there in the spring!
I love BYU-Idaho. Everyone here is wonderful. We have good teachers and friendly students. I love how it is a school based on helping everyone to succeed. There are a lot of different resources and people to talk to when they're needed.
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I am an incoming Freshman at BYU-I and I am very impressed with them because 2 years ago when I graduated High School I had the opportunity to study abroad for 2 years. I had already been accepted to BYU-I and they held my place in the school as I lived in Brazil for 2 years. They are very friendly and accommodating. They try hard to not just encourage their students to become better people, but to facilitate them in that too.
The school offers affordable tuition and has a beautiful campus. They could better it by housing new programs for the students.
Brigham Young University is a good school. The professors and are good and the care about their students.
I love it here at BYU - Idaho because they have been more than willing to help me out with my learning challenges and provide me with fair accommodation. The school focuses on sending students out into the world prepared for real life. Professors here are teaching focused instead of on research. My professors are usually willing to go the extra mile to really help me learn. They have even adapted some of their lessons for me to make sure I have a fair chance through school. I have personal relationships with all of my professors, even ones for courses online. They respect me and make me feel like I can do anything!
I personally enjoy going to BYU-Idaho. They have small class sizes, the teachers are able to work more with you and help you succeed. I also love the outdoors, the school is located by many outdoors places.
Starting next semester I'm going to be a freshmen at BYUI, I'm very excited to be apart of this great experience. I choose the school because of it's healthy environment where I'm able to surround myself with people with the same faith as me academically they have very good professors who care a lot about the students.The major change i would like from BYUI is to have athletics teams who can compete in division1 or 2.
The teachers are great and free tutoring is a huge help. Students are encouraged to ask questions as well as help others learn as well.
I love the atmosphere and the spirit that surrounds BYU-I. Most people are friendly, the teachers do their best to help you and there's always something to do or an activity happening on the weekends. The only thing I wish could change is the fact that sports are not very big here.
I absolutely love how the Gospel is incorporated into every class! That may sound intimidating at first, but it has helped me learn so much more and stay so much more motivated in my classes.
This University is more than just a college, it turns into your home. You never want to leave because everybody is so nice.
I love Brigham Young University Idaho! There is a sweet spirit there. It is a close knit community and a small campus which makes it easy to get around.
I am completely in love with BYUI! I am not a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints so coming to a religious school that I know nothing about was initially scary, but I quickly fell in love with the school. There is always a positive spirit all over the school and everyone here wants to be here and wants anyone one who's new to feel at home. There are many ways to get involved here with various clubs you could join and many intramural sport teams you can play in. Here at BYUI I feel safe and I feel at peace. There's no other school I'd rather attend.
This college is awesome! There are many activities to be involved in. The education you can get here is just as good as any IVY league school. Class sizes are smaller so teachers get to know their students better. Overall a wonderful and inexpensive way to get a college education! You'll love it!
There are many great things about Brigham Young University- Idaho. Because it is a private school, religion is one of the main factors that helps to drive the school and it's standards. With strict guidelines on how the students should behave and what is expected of them, there is a great and welcoming environment to anyone who comes onto the campus. The professors are amazing and dedicate all of their resources with trying to help the students succeed. The resources that are available are fantastic- there are several free opportunities to get tutored in virtually any class so that you can personally reach your academic goals. I would only wish to see the acceptance rate be slightly more competitive. When you are a University that allows almost everyone who applies, it becomes over-crowded.
This is a great school to go to. People are friendly, and your professors truly care about you. I have felt like I am home since I started school here. It is a religious school, but I think that is partially why I like it so much.
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I love the people and how easy going they are here in Idaho. The professors here are very professional and nice. The town is a great place to live in also.
This has been my first semester and I was a bit scared of coming to college because it had been a while since I had been at Schoo. But I have had a great experience with my classes and teacher. My classmates are very friendly, I have been able together involved in many activities. Even though the tone is small , I still find things to do and it's very peaceful.
I'm from Ukraine and being in Brigham Young University is a special experience. The level of education is so much higher, communicating with professors amazing, technologies are great. I couldn't even imagine that education can be that much great!!!! I love it!
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