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Brigham Young University - Idaho Reviews

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I took some online classes and some remote classes because of Covid-19. Both were excellent and the professors were always quick to help.
The professors genuinely care about your success. Everyone is kind, and the campus is relatively small.
Great School! Lots of opportunities to get involved. No professional sports, but many intermurrals for a variety of sports! Lots of organizations, clubs, and service opportunities. Very safe feeling on campus (A.K.A spirit of Ricks).
The down side is that it's in a very small town in the middle of nowhere and it gets so cold! But I loved my time there and I loved the people I got to meet and associate with, and i came to call it my home.
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When the face to face classes went remote due to the Covid-19 pandemic the teachers became pretty chill.
As for the classes that were always online, there usually were a lot of assignments to keep up with.
There were lots of free tutoring opportunities to reach the online students, which was nice!
I started attending BYUI during the Covid-19 pandemic. the university did an excellent job of keeping students and staff safe while allowing the education process continue. The cost of attending this university is very low compared to almost any other university.
All of the classes that I have taken so far have been either all online or hybrid classes. A few professors did not know how to use the online tools that had access to, but most of them did know how to use them. the teachers that did not had TA's that were able to help them.
I am having a wonderful online experience with BYU-I. The instructors are intelligent, and they are also very patient when they explain things to us.
There are many things that makes Brigham Young University-Idaho(BYU-I) the best school. One of them is their honor code. BYU-I honor code is in line with the law taught by Jesus Christ as contained in the holy scriptures. That allows the students to maintain a high standard of living. Such learning center provides an enabling environment for effective learning experience.

Unlike many others schools where you encounter distractions such as cultism and negative peer groups that are into drugging and other social vices, BYU-Idaho does not condone such conducts. There you're most likely to be surrounded by people of like mind. People that think no evil one to another.
The teachers at BYUI are so amazing and always willing to help. They really care for their students and want them to succeed! The campus feels super safe and is well taken care of!
Some of the test and quizzes we took where online. It was nice I could take them from home. I never had a problem with them. I felt it was better to take them somewhere I was more comfortable with.
BYU-I is a good school. The town of Rexburg is pretty small. I enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the many surrounding areas to explore. The winters are really rough.
Online classes varied. I think the teachers that had already taught online did a much better job than the teachers that transitioned just for covid. Online is not my favorite format for learning.
Online school itself is very challenging. At BYU-I, the teachers do as good a job as you can do with online schooling. The Canvas program that they use is very efficient at reminding you of assignments. For me, online learning is always tough, but BYU-I makes it bearable.
I love this school. They have a unique teaching model that allows students to learn well enough to teach each other. There is an honor code that students must follow that keeps the school safe, the students honest, and makes the experience exceptional.
Although Covid-19 has made most everybody's lives more difficult, I have somewhat enjoyed the nature of online classes. The only issue is that some professors are given too much range to slack off, thus making classes harder for students.
Brigham Young University as a whole is like bananas on sale at the supermarket. The tuition is very low, much like the cost of the over-ripe fruit, and they are just trying to get rid of it so they can make some amount of money on it. In the end, the low tuition costs is virtually the only reason I continue to attend this school. As private institutions go, they are very unrelenting in their mediocrity
It was a really easy process to get admitted and sign up for classes. The professors are very understanding for when things happen in your personal life.
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The material presented was really easy to understand and if I had trouble with any of it the professors had no problem with going over something again or helping me 1 on 1.
I will first start off by saying that the price to go here is unmatched! It is around $2000 a semester for church members. The teachers really seem to care and the university is structured well to allow you to get help for your education including meeting with teachers, TA's, and tutors. There isn't much to do in Rexburg, but the school is great.
Most people don't really like doing online, and I fall under that category, but the university makes it as easy and good as possible which is nice.
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