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Brigham Young University - Idaho Reviews

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I really love BYU-Idaho because it is so clean, spiritually and physically! The campus is beautiful, there are so many fun clubs, and the professors are the best! I would highly recommend BYU-Idaho to anyone who wants to follow their dreams!
This is a great school. Smaller class sizes and teachers who really care about your success. If you stay on top of things you will do well here.
I love the environment! The people and teachers are so nice and helpful. I would like it to be a bit bigger though. It feels like high school in that some of the classes aren't lectured classes and we do activities that we would do in high school.
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It's a nice college town, but there isn't much to do. The professors are nice and so are the residents. It's a Christian school so most of the parties are modest and conservative. The dorms are small so I highly recommend living off-campus because the apartments are bigger and cheaper!
I love the atmosphere that surrounds BYU Idaho. It feels safe and happy and encourages us all to learn and grow individually. I love the focus on Christ and His role to us. I love the teachers and the people. I love the peace.
I love the postive Friendly atmosphere and the prompt response with any questions I've had. Love this school and the helpful Professers. Love everything about this school. Definitely a school that I would recommend to others looking for a school that promotes a good stable educational environment.
First school I’ve attended where the teachers genuinely care about each student and helps them in anyway to succeed.
Absolutely Amazing. I am so happy here. There are great people here. They are so nice and friendly. There is so much fun to be had here as well. My apartment has so many great people that I hardly leave during weekends
I love that I can live in Utah and take classes online through their online degree program it was also really easy for me to sign up for my classesI love doing my classes online because it's easier for me than actually being at the campus you to get in their online degree program you must do pathways worldwide first and you get a cheaper rate It's amazing everyone should definitely do it and to sign up for pathways go to BYU or something like that I don't remember exactly that web address but it's amazing everyone should do it
I absolutely adore the school. It has become a sacred space for me. I love the supportive atmosphere that fills the classrooms. It is a bonus that many of the class sizes are under 150 people so there is a lot of room to know your professors.
There is so much to do here and most student activities are even free. My ward is the best and I love going to a school where people share my standards.
I love going to school here. The professors are so student focused and there are so many free resources available to all students. The area is great and the people in the community are supportive of the college students.
BYU-Idaho has a unique learning environment that places the achievement of it's students above the college's status. It consists of selfless professors and administrators. The outlook and approach that is given to learning and overall growth cannot be found anywhere else. If you are looking for a friendly and peaceful environment to grow and gain your degree, this school is for you!
Most teachers are very personable and accommodating in helping each student. While there are some strict rules, the campus is gorgeous and clean. I took advantage of the free tutoring, which helped me achieve my desired grades in my most challenging classes. There are always activities going on to keep the students involved.
It’s great here!! It’s very cold but so far there’s great activities and the building are beautiful. The students are nice and I love the devotional. The housing at Nauvoo is very nice also.
It's a christian dominated university. Great teachers, and a surging population of students. Quality education.
I was so scared about going at first because I thought it was going to be extremely difficult going from high school to college but I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to go back! There are so many fun activities and other things that you are able to do. There’s no way you can hate it
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BYUI is a good place to be if you are looking for an environment that can make you feel connected to your studies and religion, BYUI is the place to be also the professors are very helpful they are always ready to help you achieve your goals as a student. Sports are great here not very competitive but interesting to join.
The atmosphere is conducive to learning. Instructors spend time with their students individually. Courses are rigorous, however, they are designed for you to pass.
Overall the school has a great environment. The professors are great, all the ones that I have had genuinely care about their students well being. The one thing I would like to see changed it the honor code. Some of the rules are ridiculous and out dated. Like not being able to wear shorts.
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