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The school is great. There are so many opportunities for growth at this school. The school really focuses on giving you the best education at the cheapest price. The teachers are focused on teaching you best, to make sure that you have a successful career when you graduate.
The community. It's very nice to be around people that respect you and have similar beliefs to you, and even if you aren't religious, they still respect you.
I would like to see more classes available during the summer so I can stock up on more credits in a shorter time.
I think the Spirit of Rexburg isn't as strong as it used to be. I loved my dorms. They were affordable. I loved my roommates and the activities. There are so many activities and opportunities. There is good tutoring as well.
Review Brigham Young University - Idaho
I just finished my freshmen year at BYU-I. and it was amazing experience! I was nervous starting college, but the professors are amazing and really take the time to make sure all their students get the help they need. They also offer free tutoring to anyone who needs help allowing their students to be successful! All the students have high moral standards creating a great atmosphere so learn. It is also extremely cheap tuition for the everything you get out of it! I would definitely recommend this university to anyone who is looking for a the tool and help you to succeed at a high college level.
Great school! So much to get involved and participate in. Professors are very personable. There are tutors available to help you with homework and your classes which is at no cost to you! Not to mention the community is very welcoming. Definitely recommend attending school here!
BYU Idaho is a very nice school with conservative standards. One of my favorite things is that they hold every single one of their students to an honor code, which they are expected to follow and embrace during their time enrolled at BYU which really helps to make college a fun, safe enviroment where learning can happen and where students can prepare to begin their professional careers.
The campus is beautiful! I love the gardens and green house space where students can study. The classes are amazing and the teachers are super supportive.
I love this campus and everyone on it. The teachers try to make a personal connection with you and show that they care about your education. I love the education I get at a really good price. I feel really safe around campus and Rexburg. I would love to see it more diverse but it is still an amazing campus.
The professors are amazing and super understanding. Semesters are only 14 weeks long so you cover all of the class in a shorter amount of time but then have a bigger break between school. There are great options to take class online or on campus.
I spent a week at the BYU-Idaho campus for an entire week during the summer as a part of the camp. It's is very clean and sets high standards for a college campus. The dorms are beyond fitting. It is basically an apartment with a full kitchen that allows for healthier eating habits when cooking for oneself other than eating out all the time. The staff and people you encounter and interact with are very friendly and more than willing to help you find your way around or simply strike up a conversation with.
Being a new freshman at Brigham Young University- Idaho is not something to worry about. The people are nice, the housing is well kept, and the academics are well taught. When I walk down the street I can always count on someone to smile as I walk by or give me directions if I can not find my way. The campus is well kept and all the facility is kind and respectful. The standards of the school are well regarded and respected by both facility and the students. Do to the smaller class sizes, all the professors are willing to talk one on one with any student about any problem and will find a solution no matter how big or small the problem is. Overall, for any students who is new to college, a transfer student, or international student, Brigham Young University- Idaho is the school to attend.
I loved going to school here! The teachers were amazing and willing to help with great information for the classes. It wasn't just read a book take a test. And the community for the school and the town are all very connected and kind.
I love it! Everyone I have met is awesome and kind! The professors are caring, helpful, and kind! I feel accepted here more than I was in high school!
I loved my time on campus at BYU-Idaho! Teachers know you by name and strive to help you achieve the most from each class! There have been many changes since I was on campus, but it still has a special feeling on campus! I am currently enrolled online and am so excited for the opportunity to finish my degree even though I can't attend classes on campus!
I love the religious atmosphere of BYU-I online, and am confident it is the same on campus. The school spirit effectively meshes academics with religion in that students are told to pray for help in understanding the concepts of each class, and we as students can freely express our beliefs in God and how He helps us with our schoolwork. Academically, a wide variety of classes and degrees are offered. Because of the online and on campus capabilities, students from all over the world attend BYU-I to learn from each other and share opinions about school and religion.
I love BYU-I! It has amazing programs! It is very student focused college. I have been able to get to know my professor personally and feel that they will do whatever they can to help me succeed. That atmosphere is great. It is a religious university which I love! I love the gospel atmosphere and the chance we have to pray before each class and activity that happens.
I have only applied and I got in. I like the helpfulness that it provides and the cheap tuition that it offers. It seems to be a very good place to go to school and to learn. I think it's very good the college isn't out to get money but more to provide an education for the students so that we are better citizens and human beings!
Review Brigham Young University - Idaho
I love Brigham Young. This University gave me the chance no other University did to further my education.
Experience is very good. I'm currently enrolled and looking forward to lots of school, and having lots of fun on campus. I would like to see changes in certain policies.
It has a great environment. The teachers care about there students and are able to do so because the class sizes are smaller then other universities.
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