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I love the atmosphere there as the teachers really do care and want you to learn and succeed in life. I also enjoyed how clean and professional the students are. I would probably encourage greater emphasis on developing what's accessible to students and also more better options for housing.
I love this school. The people are all so friendly and the courses are wonderful. My only complaint is that there are few things to do socially.
I love the online program and their willingness to help in anyway every time I have called or chatted in for help. The Staff and teachers at BYU Idaho are very professional and kind.
Review Brigham Young University - Idaho
BYU-I is a college that will help you succeed and give you many opportunities to learn and grow. I experienced while attending their a spirit of learning. The teachers are involved in the students lives and provide hands on work in the class room as well as great emphasis on group projects. The goal for many teachers there is to have their students learn what they will be having to do in the future work place. There are also many student clubs and activities on campus. Their online classes are also great. I think that some online classes are a waste (in general) but at BYU-I, they make you work and earn your degree, whatever it may be.
There are no athletics, but there are many intramural sports that students may participate in.
Brigham Young University - Idaho is a great university that really does care about the students. The classes are set up to be small for this very reason. I know my teachers and my teachers know me. I have created great relationships with my teachers and we learn together.
BYU-Idaho is a wonderful institution for students. There are many student-run activities for students to gain experience. The entire university is geared to allow students to learn as much as they desire.
Great invironement. Summer here is so much fun and the teachers really want to help build you as a person and help you reach your potential. Great place to make long lasting friends.
BYU-Idaho is a very student-friendly, wholesome environment that encourages it's students to do their best. However, their credits dont transfer to or from the college very well, which makes it way too hard for transfer students to catch up. Besides that point, they are an extremely good school who teaches extremely important methods!
Brigham Young University Idaho is an amazing school! High quality education for such an affordable price!
I absolutely love it here! BYU Idaho is an amazing school. Classes are smaller here than in most other colleges, so the experience is much more personal. Most of the professors are fantastic! They remember your name and care about getting to know you as a student and as a person. The school has an amazing feeling about it; it's very spiritual. There are a lot of resources for students to use and there are lots of fun activities, so you can really get involved. BYU Idaho has inexpensive tuition, so it's very affordable. I would highly recommend attending here. Everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is wonderful.
Brigham Young University - Idaho had a lot of great opportunities with plenty of great professors to support you. Everyone that went to the college was respectful and would help each other learn.
BYU-Idaho has been a very great place to attend college. It's located in Rexburg, Idaho and is an overall awesome place to be. It's in a location that is very safe and there are loads of recreational activities you can do in very close by locations. The people that go to this university are generally very friendly and have some fairly high moral standards. I am a sophomore right now and my freshman year of college went very well. I was able to make a lot of friends and had some great teachers that knew the subjects that they were teaching quite well. There aren't too many parties that go on, but they do have many activities that you can participate in on campus. Overall, it is a great school.
Brigham Young University-Idaho is a great college for new students. Academics at this university are challenging but interesting. The social scene is lacking, with very few things to do on campus or around town. The sports offered are manly recreational and most places close early. Overall the academics are great, but the local area and party scene are almost non-existent.
It is a great place to get an education. The amount of time spent there was not wasted. Although Rexburg, Idaho is kind of out in the middle of nowhere, it made a great place to make great friends and get the best kind of college education.
Flexibility of the on line program fit my needs. It was very affordable and the teachers were very professional and knowledgeable.
This is a campus that is uplifting. There is very little bad behavior. We get our education while being invited to grow by those around us.
BYUI is a fantastic school for the most part. The campus is relatively small with beautiful gardens and the Spirit is strong wherever you go. The people in the college and in the whole town are kind and polite. The teachers here all bring something unique and valuable to the classroom. The only part I didn't enjoy was dating. For some people dating at BYUI is great, for others it can add a lot of pressure and tension to my college experience.
Review Brigham Young University - Idaho
I love BYU-I. This school is very safe and has great professors who are there to help you as the student. The honor code is strictly upheld and you can feel safe there. There are plenty of on-campus activities to do with friends or your dates. I would like to see there be more housing built near the school because of the recent growth of students.
The professors and teacher are amazing. Tutoring is free and the professor said make time to meet with you. The facilities are top notch.
I really like how the professors are interested in your success. The classes they teach are their first priority. It is also really low tuition. They only have intermural sports, so it competitve sports is your thing its not for you. They keep the campus really beautiful and it really is stunning to walk around. There really arent a lot of parties, there is an honor code that students need to live by. There is a lot of fun if you are an adventure type of person and dont mind driving a little bit, i.e. sanddunes, hikes, ski resort, yellowstone, rock climbing and rivers/lakes. They have a big selection of food in the crossroads which all are pretty good. It is super safe to live here and they are always making new dorms or apartments so its pretty likely you can find one you like. They always have activites going on campus so its easy to get involved. They try to get diversity and there are students that are from around the world but not as much as would be expected.
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