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Brigham Young University - Idaho Reviews

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I love the atmosphere it is welcoming and fun and relaxing to be their on campus. I do wish though that they had more on campus housing because most is off campus.
Teachers care about the students and the students themselves are very friendly. Which makes it very easy to make a friend there. I also like the fact they have a lot of paid internships for my major. In addition, the school has a very good reputation with those who would be my future employer. they only downside is that their finical aid center is kind of incompetent, and it seems like no one in that office is on the same page. Which I hope they will fix soon
I like is that almost everyone is in the same boat. Everyone has an opportunity to shine and it feels like you are apart of a community.
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I love BYUI. I think if anyone can love this environment through which they know that they are not just learning but are learning from people who actually sincerely care about their well being and growth in all aspects. The programs are good and does teach the necessary information needed for such a field. I always feel good about my choice coming here.
It is a great school where the professors really do care about you. The people there are friendly and will to help. There are many fun classes to take and tutoring is free.
Brigham Young University - Idaho is an amazing school with an amazing environment. The best part about the school is that it focuses on the spiritual aspect of things to help us excel in the academic aspect. I would recommend this school to anyone.
I love how personal my education feels at this school! It's a lot different from others in that the classes are smaller, which means for greater opportunity for the professors to tailor their courses to the needs of the students.
Professors care about you. Environment is amazing. There is everything you need right there around campus. It is really easy to make friends. It's not a crazy riotous party school but you can still have a really good time and not get into trouble. It is an amazing school overall.
Brigham Young University-Idaho has actually gone beyond my expectations in terms of academics, housing and activities that are offered. The professors are usually very nice and helpful and pass along helpful information. There are many opportunities to build your spirituality if that is a concern and finding housing that is clean, relatively affordable and close to campus is not a hassle. With that being said, there are still many issues that need to be addressed. For one, the friendly and simple environment at this school does not prepare one for the real fast paced and competitive world. This school has great intentions and opportunities, but it does not provide the networking or appropriate mindset for successful individuals. Also, if you look forward to going to games and parties with friends on the weekends, this school is not for you.
Best college ever! If your debating between BYU-Provo or here, come to Idaho! The teachers are super willing to help out and give students every opportunity to succeed. The campus is awesome. Granted it's on a hill so be prepared to get a work out. Love this place, the environment is great.
I like how safe of a community it is. The people are friendly and the teachers are willing to work with the students to help them succeed.
I like the environment of BYU-I. It seems like everyone is very friendly. It has a gorgeous campus filled with flowers, gardens, and beautiful landscaping. The school offers free tutoring. You just have to sign up for one on one or group. They have a math tutoring lab that'll help you with your math homework if you need it. They also have a writing center that will proofread your paper and give you some feedback on it. That's all free and no cost to you. The rules up on campus help to create a safe environment. Most of the professors are really there to help you succeed they only want the best for you.Everything about the campus is to ensure a safe environment open to cultural diversity. They have free english tutoring for foreign students.
I LOVE BYU-Idaho, it's such a good environment and I love love love the people there. Everyone is so kind and helpful
I love how its simple to go, it's a good environment and there is an attitude of openness and learning. The professors are great and there is a lot of different opinions, allowing it to be easy to ask questions and learn for yourself. It is actually encouraged to ask questions, because that is the best way to learn. They do a lot of job fairs and activities to encourage a wholesome environment, and the code of honor is awesome.
My oldest brother went to BYU I for over a year and they are an education focused school, all the professors are there to teach and they offer affordable education and academic assistance to help you succeed
I loooooove BYU-I it is one of the best schools ever! The campus is beautiful, the other students are very friendly and everyone's standards are high. I do wish that there where more team sports. There are countless inter murals and clubs but no established competitive sports.
Great! I love BYUI and would recommend it to anyone! It is a well rounded environment that is welcoming to everyone. They have great academic opportunities, well organized faculty, and very fun social events. Brigham Young University Idaho is an amazing place to be.
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The armosphere is great, there are such great and kind people here at this school. The tuition is much cheaper than your average school and the classes are smaller so teachers can meet with you one on one when needed. I had a class this semester that only had about 15 of us!! Normally they are a bit bigger than that, but really a great school! I love it!
BYU-Idaho is an excellent environment to learn in. The instructors and staff there genuinely care about the well-being and success of their students. It is a positive and social campus and very safe.
I love that BYUI has a safe learning environment where the classes are small enough that the professors know each student by name and how they learn. It’s a beautiful campus with hardworking and serious students.
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