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Brigham Young University - Idaho Reviews

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I have attended BYU-Idaho for almost two years and have loved my experiences there. There is a great spirit about BYU-Idaho. The people are great and the professors are even better.
When I am on the campus, it makes me feel really welcome. They have amazing people there and it's just an overall good place to be.
Byui is a great school. The Professors are amazing as well as all the students here. It has a great environment for learning and making friends!
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it been interesting and lively at BYUI with the way the teaching as been very effective and also the social activity on campus plus the gospel teaching it as been so amazing and i would love to continue learning here
they say that the spirit of ricks still lives on campus (no its not a ghost). walking on campus, you feel at peace, you feel the holy ghost speaking to you. the campus is quiet but there is so much going on. you are able to dive deep into your classes and truly feel like you belong. the best part is that before each class we pray. it might seem strange but it allows for the spirit to be with the professor while he is teaching you.
Brigham Young Universtity - Idaho is a great school where they combine Academics with religion flawlessly. If you are someone who wants to feel the spirit while obtaining a great education BYU-I is the school for you.
This school is amazing! Great atmosphere for learning and so many fun student activities. It is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and they have high moral values and standards and you can truly feel that take effect you're there. The students are so friendly and the classes are small and very hands-on plus the professors truly desire for their students to achieve their educational goals.
I have enjoyed my classes. The professors are all wonderful. Some classes focus a little too much on being spiritual. For example, I had a history class that focused more on the role of agency in history rather than history. Most classes are friendly and don't have lots of pressure. There's so many free resources.
All classes are spiritually uplifting. Professors care about their students. They are easy to work with and happy to help.
I have loved my time here at Brigham Young University-Idaho. The professors do not do any research here and so all of their focus and time is on the students and their progress. The area is wonderful with lots of amazing outdoor activities surrounding the campus. The city is named the safest college city in America and it lives up to that.
I met my husband there so I can't complain too much. There was a very wholesome vibe the whole time I was there; the students and faculty were all very welcoming and helpful.
I love Brigham Young University- Idaho! There is so much diversity and excitement! The professors are amazing and truly want their students to succeed!
I loved attending BYUI. The most important factor to me in choosing a school was affordability and this place offers a great opportunity to get an education and stay out of debt.
The education here is fantastic! The professors genuinely care for each of their students, and they really know their stuff. Be careful with adjuncts, though... they are iffy. The school culture is a bit intense, but I still have met some of the closest friends I have ever had. The activities are also fabulous, and very diverse!
I had a great experience going to school here! I met so many people that had the same beliefs as I did and the classroom atmospheres were very spiritual, as well. Some of the teachers were not that great, but other were excellent!
The atmosphere at BYUI is what I like the most. Everyone is so nice and the professors are very helpful.
I am in the process of finishing my last two semester here and it has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. Along with the information associated with my course of study I have also developed a love for learning in general. BYU-I has helped me to develop the skills and motivation needed to be successful in the workplace and to be a lifelong learner.
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I love it here! The entire faculty are dedicated to helping the individual student. Class sizes are small and the teachers care. When I walked into my first class, the teacher already knew all of our names.
This university is a great place to live because of the affordable costs, as well as the close relationships you can make here. Learning can be difficult in bigger universities for big classes but here you have more of a one on one experience. The religious standards are also very helpful in keeping goals.
Beautiful campus and great educational system. I have loved all of the friendly people I have met there and I love that the temple overlooks the campus.
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