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I love my time here at BYUH! My only complaint is administration is slow and unresponsive. Housing is also a big issue
I love the atmosphere of the BYUH campus and the smallness of the classes. I feel like we have a very unique campus that is very diverse, it is always a blast talking to people from other cultures. The thing I would change is that some of the buildings/equipment needs to be updated and advance as more technology advances.
Great people and very kind. Some school buildings are really old and run down. Some school administrative workers are not prompt with answering questions and resolving issues.
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My older sister goes to BYU-Hawaii and she really enjoys it. I hope as a senior in high school that I will be able to continue my education through BYU. I have had a good experience with BYU. It seems like a very enjoyable and relaxing campus to be on.
It is small in terms of space, but it is very diverse and a very loving environment between all the students from all over the world with great Professors, leaders and a great and loving community (La'ie). A place that has no place for racism etc but, very focused on the building up of each student in becoming great leaders in both spiritually and nationally.
I love it here. Its in Hawaii, so that's an obvious bonus. One thing that's really unique is the international student program. At least half the students are international, representing over 100 countries, so you get to learn about a lot of different cultures. This knowledge and experience isn't something you could pay to take a class for elsewhere. It's cheap for Hawaii, since it is a private university and doesn't have out-of-state tuition (about $5,000/semester ). It's a small school, which I like, but it means there aren't as many class sections so scheduling can be hard and often only one teacher teaches each class. The biggest downside to me, is that although it's close to the North Shore, which is great for having fun, it's a bit isolated. There aren't a ton of restaurants or stores.
very nice university. such a nice diverse feel. people from everywhere come and share their background. really stunning.
I recently was accepted into this university and start my first year this fall. Upon enrolling I found that I had many questions about the process. I also found myself having to make many phone calls and emails for those questions. Every staff member that I came in contact with was more than helpful and polite.
BYU-Hawaii is a very diverse school to be in. Most of the students are from all around the world. I feel that students who graduate from here are more likely to be hire around the world because of the diversity of the school. Also, most of the students work at the Polynesia Cultural Center which is an advantage for HTM students
Aloha!!! I'm a return missionary. I love new education. " ENTER TO LEARN GO FORTH TO SERVE " that is my dream. I had been learn for 2 years BYUH distance class. It gave light to my life. I've never been to Hawaii before. But I feel and know that BYU Hawaii campus, class, Laie Hawaii Temple, Polynesian cultural center and Worlds largest Tide pool etc...That's amazing peace and holy place.
In my life One of my biggest goal was to study in BYU Hawaii. I sincerely want to learn to go there.
This is the most amazing school. Every professor has been wonderful and there is a spirit on this campus unlike anywhere I have been. I have met students from all over the world. Because the student body is not large, students are able to make friends easily. Night life is nonexistent but who needs it when we have so many cool things to do during the day. Also the beach is a 5 minute walk which is a plus. There are no sports whatsoever, Seasider Sport intramurals are terrible and unorganized. P.S housing is completely unaccommodating. BUT In all I love it here:)
The student diversity was refreshing. There are many different cultures in one place. The programs are also good. Campus not too big and its easy to make friends.
This is a wonderful school. The diversity and opportunity to experience many different cultures is just one of the many great things about this school. Hawaii is also such a wonderful place to live.
BYU-Hawaii gave me the most unique and well-rounded education I could ask for. With an intimate student body coming from over 70 countries, the one on one learning I was able to get, and highly trained faculty, it allowed me to cater my education and degree to exactly what I wanted and needed for the career that I want to pursue. I thoroughly enjoyed my learning there and felt challenged to do better and be better in every way.
This is totally my dream school. I even like the Honor Code since it makes campus extremely safe. Though I do wish they'd change certain provisions in it. Very beautiful location and I like my teachers. Getting a part-time job is easy. LOW TUITION
Brigham Young University-Hawaii is an amazing college. Students at BYUH represent over 70 countries from around the world, making BYUH one of the most diverse campuses in America. It's a very unique experience to go to school with students from such different backgrounds. I get to learn about cultures and countries I knew nothing about before coming to college. Aside from the students, BYUH is a great place for learning. The class sizes are small, which gives students the opportunity to make connections and interact more with each other and teachers. Teachers are truly interested in helping students succeed. I have been able to form close relationships with my teachers. I talk with them often on how to better prepare for my future and they are able to help me figure out the best path to meet my goals.
I love BYU Hawaii. There is such a wonderful spirit here. Everyone is happy and says hello as you pass by. Some days it might be rainy but a lot of the time its sunny. the staff is great and the food isn't bad. It's so diverse and you get to meet people from all different parts of the world. You meet people you would have never met before
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I absolutely love the spiritual and academic environment here. Most of the people are here because they want to be here. Most of the teachers here have real life experience in the fields they teach, and they have done high level or prestigious work in their fields.
It's a very world wide diverse University where people from all over the world can meet and mingle together to learn and grow together. With so many diverse backgrounds it's very interesting to see different views on similar subjects and to be able to understand global English.
Something that I'd like to see changed is an increase in technical majors.
The small class size and diverse student body is great, along with an amazing location. The classes and programs could use a bit of cleaning up and adding on though.
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