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Small school, so you get to know the professors. Better for one on one help, less struggling in college. More communication between professor and student
My experience here has been nothing but amazing and spectacular. Although I'm not Mormon, everybody here is so friendly and open-minded. Not only that, the environment here is very conducive for learning. The school population is made up of diverse backgrounds with people from all over the world, especially from the Polynesian islands and Asia. With that, I have learned so much about other different cultures. The school also provides a safe living environment since alcohol, drugs and smoking is strictly prohibited here along with gender-allocated dormitories which prevents any sexual misconducts from happening here. Crime rate is low in the area. There are also a few beaches around the area which are all within walking distance and this provides leisure time and convenience for getting away from stress for a while.
Besides the fact that it is located in paradise, BYUH is a college that is dedicated to giving their students the best possible experience. I love how diverse this school is. The opportunities and experiences are endless and I wouldn't change my experiences here for the world.
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I love the diversity here on campus. People come from all over the world to study here and the programs and student involvement encourage growth and secular excellence.
So good! Teachers are very personable and willing to help. Good on campus resources for academic help. Good atmosphere, close to the beach, nice people.
It has been a great experience applying for and getting excepted to byu Hawaii. It's an awesome campus with a dedicated staff and student body. Great town.
BYU is a great and welcoming school. It is so cool to see such a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds all on one campus.
I loved going to BYU-Hawaii. I miss it terribly and would go back in an instance. The location made it amazing. The faculty was great, although the staff wasn't the best. The diversity was incredible and the opportunities are amazing as well. I love all the different opportunities they give you as a student there, both to learn from different cultures and to grow as a person.
BYUH is a great school! The classes are smaller and the diversity among the students is amazing! I love being here!
Great student body, healthy atmosphere and helpful classes and teachers. Community also is a good place to live, though it would be nice to have some more school sports opportunities.
BYU Hawaii is a wonderful university full of culture, experience, and amazing faculty. It is truly a unique college experience that will expand your horizons and make you feel like part of something bigger than yourself.
The fact that you get to live in Hawaii is a great reason to go to this school. Beaches are within short driving distance, and it's a great way to rewind after classes and papers. The area is pretty dead at night, so don't expect night life. The town is very safe but campus is really tiny. Walking around campus you will see students from everywhere around the world and it's a bonus. Academics are okay, not great but definitely not bad. If you're going into Graphic Design, don't pick this school because their program is honestly terrible.
This University allows for you to recieve an excellent education as well as meet students from tons of places throughout the world. They have cultural activities to help you adjust to the different cultures you meet and help you adjust to college life.
BYU-Hawaii is a very unique experience. There is no other college in the world that has an amusement park next to it, or has students representing over 70 different countries in the world. The most amazing thing to do here is to learn and live other people's cultures with them, especially with the Polynesian Cultural Center so close by. The neighborhood is extremely friendly, people are very tight knit, and the overall community is unlike any other place in the world. I love learning at BYU-H. However, the reason I rate it 3 stars is because of location and the low quality of the housing and the cafeteria, as well as the old campus. If the facilities could keep up, this school would be so much more enjoyable. It is also in the country side of Hawaii, so to get to any town, it takes at least 40 minutes by car.
BYU-H is the coolest school ever. My apartment is 5 minutes walk from the beach, no joke. The school has a very laid back vibe, and the people are all seem really friendly. It's extremely affordable as well. I would definitely recommend it.
Brigham Young University Hawaii is a great place to study. I love everything about it! I love it because it provides the students everything they needed.They are not concern only for the student's academics but they are also concern for their spiritual learning. They care about you and they want you to succeed in life. They will build your character to become the best person you can ever be. They want you to become better providers to your family as well leaders in your country as you step out of their University.The professors are great too and they will help you in anyway they can. They know the students name pretty well. Also, it is a very diverse school with lots of international students. Most of the population is international students. It gives the students the opportunity to associate with different cultures, learn experiences from them and meet students from all over the world.
I love attending BYUH! The only thing I would change is the food. Not very good, but I just eat at home. It's a beautiful campus full of diversity and has an excellent business program. It's also incredibly safe.
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Brigham Young University-Hawaii is a great school to study at. It has a great diversity of students from all around the world for you to learn from. There is a great vibe from the school: it is relaxed but it is still school. The only problems that I notice is that the school never gets anything done on time such as scholarship information, class information, etc. There is not enough housing to accommodate the amount of students they accept and there is a feeling that they like the foreign students better than the mainland America students. They think that we have the money to come to school even if we don't. They don't wnat to help with funding from my point of view.
If you are really committed to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, then you'll probably have a good time. If not, I strongly advise against it. The honor code will crush you if you don't agree with it: mandatory church attendance, strict dress code, no boys allowed in the girls' dorms and vice versa, absolutely no alcohol or even coffee, the list goes on. Besides the lifestyle changes you'll have to make, it's not even a great school academically.
I love Brigham Young University Hawaii. The culture and diversity this school brings is very unique and no other place in the world is similar. Brigham Young Hawaii is full of individuals wanting to learn and experience cultural differences and be able to participate and interact with others. Though the school is dominantly LDS there are other cultures and religions here at the university that everyone is open to. One thing that I have loved is going to a University with as many people that share the same beliefs as I do. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and I have enjoyed attending this university and will be sad to leave when my time comes.
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