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Brigham Young University - Hawaii Reviews

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This is an amazing university. There is so much robleanr from professors who really care about individual students and from the generally kind and very culturally diverse student population. Right now the school is working on many campus improvements which is very needed I think. It would be great If some more degree or class options were made avaliable
Such an amazing school, with great diversity. There are so many opportunities for grow, meet new people, and make unforgettable memories. Plus you're in the most beautiful place in the world, so who can complain about that?
Brigham Young University - Hawaii is a school that is very very diverse. There are several students from Asia, the Pacific, the U.S and everywhere. In this school, you feel like you belong with everyone else. No one is above the other. Everyone is treated equally. It may be owned by the Church however students are free to act in their own ways but they must uphold the standards of the school. Most of the students feel protected in this school. The professors are really helpful and their teaching strategies are excellent. Other from academics, there are beaches around or near the campus. It is a good place to visit when after all the stress from school happen. I am grateful that I am here to invest in my education so that one day I can be able to help someone else succeed or reach out and help others who need me.
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I have loved my experience at BYU Hawaii. I am from the mainland and adjusting to life on the islands was difficult at first. I grew to love the school and its teachers. I love the cultural diversity and the small classes that allow for a more personal leaning experience.
Brigham Young University- Hawaii is a great school to study. There are over 70 different nationalities studying in this campus. This school promote diversity and equality. All of the professors are friendly. They have a big emphasis on balancing spiritual and secular learning.
I loved the great amount of diversity in the students at Brigham Young University-Hawaii as it really helped to open my eyes to the different cultures and ways of life outside fo North America. I really enjoyed getting to meet individuals with such unique background and unique personalties. This helped to shape my worldview and gain perspective as an individual.
I love Brigham Young University-Hawai'i. The campus is beautiful, small class sizes make it easy to develop a rapport with your professors, and the ethnic diversity is special. My sole complaint is that it is difficult at times to receive assistance for anything pertaining to the school. You will often find yourself on a wild goose chase for answers to questions that should be easily available. In order to get answers and, quite honestly, to get things done in general, I would recommend doing it in person.
The best part about BYU-Hawaii are the opportunities for intercultural interactions. There are people from 75 different countries represented, and a student can learn quite about about themselves and others through this. Classes are also small, which means that a student can have a relationship with their teacher. All of my teachers knew my name and my goals. This was incredibly important for getting letters of recommendation.
I love Brigham Young University Hawaii mainly for the diverse culture on campus and having people from multiple countries and background being able to sit at the same table and have a conversation while having dinner. I love that the school encourages positive standards for the students which keeps them safe and makes the environment a comfortable one to learn and grow/.
This university has helped me feel like I am not just a number. It is so easy to get lost in the crowd of a large school, but here, the classes are the perfect in allowing you to feel connected with the teacher but also to learn from your classmates. The environment at BYU Hawaii is very peaceful which I find important, with all the stresses that come from being a college student. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience to live in paradise while gaining an education, and I would strongly suggest attending.
The diversity of the school is wonderful! It rains a good amount, but it stays nice and warm. Everyone is so friendly, and because of the small student body, students have the opportunity to really get know fellow students and their professors very well.
Brigham Young University - Hawaii is a very culturally diverse school. There are so many different people from around the world who attend this school. I love the people and the city. One thing I'd like to change about this school is having a more organized school system that won't set things off to the side for too long.
Brigham Young University Hawaii is a wonderful environment to study for people who want a unique campus environment with a lot of diversity. Located on Oahu, the relatively small university of Brigham Young University Hawaii offers a relatively limited amount of majors. While the majors are limited, the classes are smaller and the teachers are able to help students and focus on their needs. By doing so, the professors are able to help the students have a better drive to learn.
While there is a variety of food in Hawaii, the cafeteria on campus is small and very limited as far as food and open hours. Being a college student, it would be very convenient to be able to eat at the school cafeteria after nine o'clock. Even with the limitations that the school has, attending BYUH is a unique experience in college schooling. It gives students the opportunity to participate in and enjoy many new things.
I love BYUH! Class sizes are small which allows for a lot of opportunities to do cool things in your major. The faculty are so willing to help and work with you. It also does not hurt that the school is located on Oahu! There are so many things to do at the beach, in the mountains, or in town. I've been swimming with dolphins more than I can count! And this school offers no shortage of awesome people to do things with! The student body is made up if kids from all over the world but most predominantly from Asia and the Pacific. As a church school it is pretty incredible to see the different perspectives that your peers have on different topics and discussions have always been welcome in the classes I have taken. It is really a unique place to go to school and I absolutely love it!
Brigham Young University Hawaii is an incredible university. The atmosphere is very welcoming and there is a rich amount of diversity among the students and staff who attend. The location is in a small community that is safe and beautiful! I love that the university is small because students have the opportunity to develop more of a personal relationship with teachers. The motto of the university is “Enter to learn, and go forth to serve.” I am reminded of this often and it is the foundation of my motivation.
BYUH has the best culture mixed and terrific interactive with all the people from all over the world. And considerate professors got your back.
My experience here at BYUH is indescribable and I have never being in such a safe environment before like being on this campus. The diversity is one biggest great thing about it where everyone loves and share their culture with each others. Academically is very high and all that I dreamed for is in this university. If I want my children to go to the university I would love to send them to Brigham Young University Hawaii because I know it's a better yet a safer place for them where I don't need to worry about them.
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Byu Hawaii is a dream come true.
I love! It is a safe, honest, happy university that really cares about your success. It also has a large number of foreign students, which makes it special and I can call it from my home.
Coming here was not easy, nor fast, that's why I take advantage every day and I appreciate this opportunity to be here.
This is my first semester, and because of being the first, recently arrived in Hawaii and several expenses, I am applying for this scholarship that would help me to settle down and sleep peacefully.
ByuHawaii offers several scholarships, but it is after the first semester.
I will be very grateful to be lucky to win it.
Thank you for the opportunity!
I know that education is important and of great value.
I really enjoy the hands in experience. The price of this college is cheaper than any I been to. I have experienced teachers who are willing to help with the progression of the students. The teachers are willing to be open minded when A student is struggling with turning assignments in late, I just needed to let them know ahead of time. Most of the students I know are goal driven and know what they want out of life.
I loved attending this school, however I realize that it is absolutely not the school for everyone. I loved how diverse it was, with students, staff and faculty represented from all over the world. I believe that this aspect of the school makes it a unique learning environment, where I was able to further my education, continue learning about my religion, and learn about diverse cultures and ways of thinking.
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