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A lot of mainland kids think that BYU-Hawaii is a party school a.k.a easy going when it comes to academics, but it is actually difficult to get an A or even B if you slack off.
BYU-Hawaii is a diverse university with students coming from all parts of the world. Professors are highly qualified and knowledgeable in their expertise.
I only had one online class. It was a good experience. It did feel like there was a little bit of a disconnect between me and the professor. It wasn't always clear with what was expected of me.
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I loved the location of BYU Hawaii. It is so beautiful and uplifting. I loved the size of the school and classes. It made it easier to have one on one time with professors and really step up my academic game. The one thing I would change is to bring back sports. That was one social aspect I missed was the opportunity to go experience a college-level game.
Brigham Young University - Hawaii has a beautiful campus which is surrounded by beaches and a kind community. However, the campus is located 45 minutes from the closest major town, and without a car there is not much to do. The education and teachers are average. Most professors are very kind and helpful.
I did not take online courses during this semester. However, I assume the courses are average and are equivalent to in-person classes.
BYU - Hawaii is a great place to study and meet a lot of students from all over the world. The campus is also close to the places where we can meditate or hang out with friends like the Polynesian Cultural Center, the beaches, hikes, and many more. As soon as you arrive on the campus you will feel the "Aloha" the love or their welcome to you. In the campus everyone is "Ohana" family and there is only small chance of being homesick because you will meet your new Ohana here. The only thing that I want to add or change is BYU Hawaii should have more possible courses and I wish it offers graduate programs too.
Online programs in Brigham Young University - Hawaii is a great opportunity too as they give you flexible hours on doing your homework or meeting up with the professors too online.
It has great value. The tuition is insanely subsidized, and you get to study in Hawaii. They have a merit scholarship program where if you get decent grades, you automatically get part or all of your tuition waived, depending on how high your cumulative GPA is: (3.650 - 3.749 = 1/4 Tuition scholarship, 3.750 - 3.849 = 1/2 Tuition scholarship, 3.850 - 3.949 = 3/4 Tuition scholarship, 3.950 - 4.0 Full Tuition scholarship). Also, the school isn't that academically competitive.

Basically, if you get good grades and work part-time, you can graduate debt-free.

That being said, make sure that they have your major because the school is small, so they don't have every program. If they don't have your major, you could always go there to get your general ed requirements done, and then you could transfer to another school. A lot of my classmates did that, but I ended up graduating from BYUH.

I'm definitely glad I went there.

It's a religious school, so alcohol/drugs aren't allowed.
I love the culture and the spirit of aloha. BYU Hawaii offers a welcoming and richly diverse environment filled with beautiful scenery and beautiful people. The small class sizes are conducive to one on one learning with educated and caring professors. The student activities are frequent and enjoyable. I am so excited to attend and embark on the adventure of a life time.
It is a good campus with small class sizes and great professors. I do wish credits were more transferable to other colleges though and vice versa.
I would not have had the chance to pursue an education without the fear of debt if it wasn't for Brigham Young University Hawaii. There are so many kind people who have a desire to help you. The chance to be here and take part in the opportunities they offer is great.
I like the Iwork program about the school to help international students have a better education. I had the privilege to work a PCC which is right next door and to experience the different cultures of the islands was just amazing. Byuh is such a diverse university that makes one's boundaries to be stretched. I learned to understand others from different backgrounds. The school is amazing, it is remoted but since the school only has 2500 students, the interactions with the teachers are more personalized. Sammler than usual campus, it provides a good education in a learning and happy environment.
I am an international student I have been here for 1 year 7 months. I love this school. It is safe spiritually and the education system is really good. Perfect place to finish what you started.
I love that I feel included in every aspect of this college. The staff treats me with the utmost respect and are considerate of many things. The environment of this college is very welcoming and friendly. The diversity is astonishing on this campus.
It is great school for those who are used to close community type of environment. It is a small school, underrated accounting and entrepreneurship academic program.
Extremely diverse. Helps open people up to different foods and cultures which is hard to measure. Overall, great school.
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Great school with a super diverse campus, academics are a little sub-par. The class sizes are smaller so if you want one on one time with a professor thats definently avalible to you. A lot of the students are international which is cool because you can make friends from all over the world, but it also means that most of the course work is adapted for EIL students so if you're a native speaker it may feel a little slow.
BYU Hawaii is a great small school with a good student to professor ratio. It would be great to see better food in the cafeteria, similar to BYU Provos Cougareats, but overall, BYUH is awesome and I would definitely recommend to people who are willing to follow the honor code and other requirements.
The family feeling at Brigham Young University- Hawaii is unparalleled. I feel connected and loved. I feel at home even though I am thousands of miles away from my home.
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