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BYUH has the best culture mixed and terrific interactive with all the people from all over the world. And considerate professors got your back.
My experience here at BYUH is indescribable and I have never being in such a safe environment before like being on this campus. The diversity is one biggest great thing about it where everyone loves and share their culture with each others. Academically is very high and all that I dreamed for is in this university. If I want my children to go to the university I would love to send them to Brigham Young University Hawaii because I know it's a better yet a safer place for them where I don't need to worry about them.
Byu Hawaii is a dream come true.
I love! It is a safe, honest, happy university that really cares about your success. It also has a large number of foreign students, which makes it special and I can call it from my home.
Coming here was not easy, nor fast, that's why I take advantage every day and I appreciate this opportunity to be here.
This is my first semester, and because of being the first, recently arrived in Hawaii and several expenses, I am applying for this scholarship that would help me to settle down and sleep peacefully.
ByuHawaii offers several scholarships, but it is after the first semester.
I will be very grateful to be lucky to win it.
Thank you for the opportunity!
I know that education is important and of great value.
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I really enjoy the hands in experience. The price of this college is cheaper than any I been to. I have experienced teachers who are willing to help with the progression of the students. The teachers are willing to be open minded when A student is struggling with turning assignments in late, I just needed to let them know ahead of time. Most of the students I know are goal driven and know what they want out of life.
I loved attending this school, however I realize that it is absolutely not the school for everyone. I loved how diverse it was, with students, staff and faculty represented from all over the world. I believe that this aspect of the school makes it a unique learning environment, where I was able to further my education, continue learning about my religion, and learn about diverse cultures and ways of thinking.
Such a beautiful school. I like that it is small and the professor to student ratio is good. However this isn’t really a school for math or science degrees. I do t think it will prepare you for further education if you are in a stem major. Otherwise the programs are great and the school is amazing .
Everyone there is very nice and friendly and of course the campus and the area around the campus is absolutely breathtaking. Also parents of students who have previously went there have said that they loved it and would go back if they could.
Great multicultural student body with many opportunities to learn about different cultures. There is a shortage of staff and so there are not very many class or teacher options, but the teachers are very caring for the students. The location is perfect and housing can be okay if you live off campus.
Great faculty and student life. The professors really care about your education and want you to succeed. The university provides many activities for the students as well as encourages student participation in campus wide activities and events.
I have loved being at student at BYUH. It is a small campus but the area and the student body have a lot to offer. Strong LDS culture and values.
Byu Hawai'i campus is one of the most, if not the most diverse college's in the world. Students from all over the world, dozens of countries it's not hard to fall in love with BYUH. The campus is small but the education you receive and life in Hawai'i is something that you will talk about for the rest of your life. Truly an unforgettable experience.
BYU-Hawaii offers a small student to faculty ratio that leads to a higher learning than at other universities. The Peacebuilding program is one of a kind and should be a reason to attend.
I love it here. I love my classmates and the professors. This school is so diverse and I have the opportunity to become more familiar with different cultures. Because this school has a very small student body, I have had so many experiences I wouldn't have at a large university. I have worked as a tutor for math as well as physics, participated in intramurals, and stay active in my church.
BYU-Hawaii is is set on a beautiful campus tucked away from the crowds that plague much of Oahu. Located on the North Shore, it hugs the sea and nearby mountains, with many beaches and waterfalls within walking distance.

As for academics, class sizes are generally small and professors work hard to get to know students on an individual basis. The student body itself is rather small, less than 3,000 total, but very diverse. More than 70 countries are represented at the school, which gives students the opportunity to learn from many different cultures.

The school is a church funded institution, sponsored by the LDS Church and students are expected to abide by it's honor code. However, the rules at this school seem to be more relaxed than those of other church schools.

The Polynesian Culture Center is right next door and is a major tourist attraction that receives visitors from all over the world. It is mostly run by students at BYUH.
I absolutely love this school. What I enjoy most is how incredible the professors are. They are highly experienced in their field and genuinely care about each student. It is a smaller campus so the classes are smaller allowing you to have personal relationships with them. They are more than willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed.
It was amazing! The professors are understanding and want what is best for you. It is a very intimate setting with loads of stuff to do for fun!
Small school, so you get to know the professors. Better for one on one help, less struggling in college. More communication between professor and student
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My experience here has been nothing but amazing and spectacular. Although I'm not Mormon, everybody here is so friendly and open-minded. Not only that, the environment here is very conducive for learning. The school population is made up of diverse backgrounds with people from all over the world, especially from the Polynesian islands and Asia. With that, I have learned so much about other different cultures. The school also provides a safe living environment since alcohol, drugs and smoking is strictly prohibited here along with gender-allocated dormitories which prevents any sexual misconducts from happening here. Crime rate is low in the area. There are also a few beaches around the area which are all within walking distance and this provides leisure time and convenience for getting away from stress for a while.
Besides the fact that it is located in paradise, BYUH is a college that is dedicated to giving their students the best possible experience. I love how diverse this school is. The opportunities and experiences are endless and I wouldn't change my experiences here for the world.
I love the diversity here on campus. People come from all over the world to study here and the programs and student involvement encourage growth and secular excellence.
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