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Brigham Young University - Idaho Reviews

5,184 reviews
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I have absolutely loved my time at BYUI! The students are friendly, the teachers want you to succeed, and the atmosphere is incredibly inviting.
I love this school. I am a sophomore studying accounting. Every class has teachers who are open to questions and extremely helpful. I always feel welcome to ask questions and satisfied with my answers. The students here are amazing, too. Every one plans parties to get to know others. They're good, clean parties. I love that I feel safe here.
I love this school! There is no place I would rather get my education. There is a great atmosphere and saftey on campus that is hard to find at other univeristies.
The reason I love Brigham Young University-Idaho is because there is a certain vibe that is there. Everyone is happy to be there and everyone has such a sweet spirit. The school contributes to the experience with smaller classes and more one-on-one time with the professors. Overall, I would recommend this school to anyone seeking a great environment.
BYU-I is a wonderful place with some of the most caring teachers and faculty. I love the spiritual non-competitive atmosphere that is student and learning focused.
Over all my experiences here have been wonderful. I love the atmosphere here. I have met many wonderful people. Professors that I have had are amazing. It is a good school to get a good education!
There are so many things that I admire about BYU Idaho, the people, teachers, campus, location, activities. I loved the feeling of unity between students and teachers. I learned to admire the gospel centered atmosphere incorporated into the classroom setting. BYU Idaho is a great school for learning!
BYU has a wonderful Rick's college spirit that you can feel as you simply walk around campus. The people you meet and professors you enroll with are kind and helpful.
The atmosphere here at BYU-Idaho is really awesome! Everyone seems to be making an effort to do their best. There can be a lot of work to do, but it only helps you to understand what you're learning. They also have a lot of connections with jobs afterwards, and there are constantly people everywhere who work here, who are here to help us get places!
I have attended BYU-Idaho for a number of semesters now, and have loved every semester. The faculty is engaged and helpful in their students success. Campus is a beautiful place to study and learn, and the grounds and buildings are beautifully maintained.
This is an amazing school. The campus is beautiful. The teachers are great and really willing to work with you on anything in order to help you succeed. Everyone on the campus is really friendly. This is a church school and has a really great atmosphere about it. The way of teaching here is great, the teachers don't just lecture but actually have class discussions. I would definitely recommend this school
Brigham Young University Idaho is a great school that I would recommend to everyone. They have such high standards, they make you feel like family, and they all want their students to succeed and will do everything to make it happen. The professors are always willing to help with extra help, they are good at getting back to any questions that you have, and the social aspect of the school is what makes it such a fun college to attend!
I love Brigham Young University - Idaho! It is an amazing school where the professors are willing to help, fellow students work together, and the overall experience is spectacular. It is a safe learning environment that provides professional experience to really help the students to succeed. I am friends with all my professors and they will work one on one with me to help me understand the material. There is a wide variety of majors and classes to take. There are many activities to do on and off campus. Also, BYU-I offers many opportunities for service and growing. A good majority of graduates already have jobs lined up before graduating. I would not change a thing about BYU-I.
There is such a welcoming environment here. Plus I feel like the teachers are focused on you and helping you in the future.
This is a great university that cares about the student and what they learn. The offer the best resources and the best learning environment. They are known for getting their graduates into their career job within 6 months on graduation
Brigham Young University-Idaho is the best! This is my first semester and I already love it! There are so many things for you to do to get involved and get to know people. The teachers are wonderful and so willing to help you out in any way possible to make your college experience the best. The students are very kind and will help you out with anything and everything, whether it be finding a class, tutoring, or general support and friendship.
Brigham Young University- Idaho is an incredible learning environment for both members of the church and non-members. The small campus provides a personal learning experience with professors and classmates while maintaining a code of conduct that invites positivity. I am very grateful for my experience at this school.
I really love this school. There is a great atmosphere and the campus is always kept very clean and presentable. It is a little odd that this campus follows the "track system" so rather than 2 semesters per year there is 3, but I have learned to adapt to it.
I love that the campus is so compact and close together. It is a quick walk from one end to an other. (Which is nice during the winter.)
The little town of Rexburg is pretty boring, so to go to any interesting stores I have to go to Idaho falls. However, by talking to the locals I have found many beautiful places outside of the town to hike and fish and just have a good time outdoors.
Over all, I really enjoy coming here and I would recomend this school to anyone who likes a small town LDS community feel.
Honestly BYU I is a great and loving school. This school is so fantastic and amazing I would recommend it to those who want religion and schooling together. This place is so cool I love it !
I loved BYU-I! It had a beautiful campus with every building in close proximity. The classes are fairly small with accommodations for students who need them.
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