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Brigham Young University - Idaho Reviews

5,195 reviews
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This is a private school so there are some strict rules compared to other schools. It is, however, the cleanest and kindest campus I've ever seen. There is a special spirit there that envelops everyone. You don't need to worry about walking out alone in the dark, but even if you are you can always ask and there will be someone by your side. It holds some of my most fond memories.
I absolutely love it at byu-idaho. The atmosphere is one of acceptance, love and learning. The people are amazing as well as the area where it is located.
Brigham Young University - Idaho is a well LDS-based educational institution. The university holds the students to high standards according to the LDS beliefs. Additionally, the learning system is beneficial to the students and teachers. Rather than lecturing, the teachers will remain engaged with the class throughout the entire class time, ensuring the students learn the most they can from the course. Although this university has its benefits, it does have flaws. The "Honor Code" that must be signed before attending the school holds you to that high standard; however, it is unnecessarily strict. There is no official athletic program, only clubs or student organized events. And there is a lack of overall school rally events.
It is a good school but there are certain things that subtract from the experience such as I learn 3.0 and the honor code.
BYU-I really works with students to help them succeed. Class sizes remain small and the learning model really helps students learn and apply material for themselves. There is also a wonderful spirit about campus and fun, wholesome activities.
I love BYU-Idaho! The campus isn't too small or too big; it's the perfect campus size. The university focuses on the students' growth not just personally, but also the growth that comes with involving themselves with others. The professors are great and the student life is nice. The environment in and out of the campus is safe, especially that the student housing is monitored. Students come from different parts of the country and of the world, having a good amount of international students, making the campus much diverse. The tuition fee is very affordable considering that it's a private university, and there are many opportunities inside and outside of the campus to learn, work, and have fun.
I really like taking classes here. It is such a wonderful environment, all the teachers are really nice.
I love that I'm with others of the same faith and hold the same values. The only thing i wish they would change is the pressure with the credit cap.
This school is so awesome! It's so uplifting and the professors actually care. There's small classes and a lot of participation. They really want you to succeed.
I love the smaller campus because the professors are able to know you and connect with you. The downside, for some people, is there isn't much to do in the Rexburg area. It is what you make it though, there are tons of activities on campus and Idaho Falls is only about 30 minutes away and offers more restaurants and activities. The campus does offer intramural sports and provides equipment for any sport. I live at Centre Square which is the housing owned by the University and it is really nice. They keep it clean and well managed and very affordable. All housing here is affordable and there are a lot of options, some, in my opinion, are outdated but I would recommend checking out the housing before signing a contract. Be aware that if you are considering BYU-Idaho they don't offer a ton of majors so you will want to check and make sure that your major is offered here!
BYU Idaho is an amazing place. The courses are challenging and exciting. I love my major, Theatre Studies, and you might find your niche here too! I would like to see a larger selection of majors. The teachers are wonderful and care so completely about each student. My Science Foundations teacher wanted to learn all 75 of our names so much that he videotaped each of us saying our names and where we are from so he could review it. And every class is infused with the gospel of Jesus Christ that invites a spirit like no other on the campus. This spirit will focus you and make you incredibly happy here.
I have absolutely loved my time at BYUI! The students are friendly, the teachers want you to succeed, and the atmosphere is incredibly inviting.
I love this school. I am a sophomore studying accounting. Every class has teachers who are open to questions and extremely helpful. I always feel welcome to ask questions and satisfied with my answers. The students here are amazing, too. Every one plans parties to get to know others. They're good, clean parties. I love that I feel safe here.
I love this school! There is no place I would rather get my education. There is a great atmosphere and saftey on campus that is hard to find at other univeristies.
The reason I love Brigham Young University-Idaho is because there is a certain vibe that is there. Everyone is happy to be there and everyone has such a sweet spirit. The school contributes to the experience with smaller classes and more one-on-one time with the professors. Overall, I would recommend this school to anyone seeking a great environment.
BYU-I is a wonderful place with some of the most caring teachers and faculty. I love the spiritual non-competitive atmosphere that is student and learning focused.
Over all my experiences here have been wonderful. I love the atmosphere here. I have met many wonderful people. Professors that I have had are amazing. It is a good school to get a good education!
There are so many things that I admire about BYU Idaho, the people, teachers, campus, location, activities. I loved the feeling of unity between students and teachers. I learned to admire the gospel centered atmosphere incorporated into the classroom setting. BYU Idaho is a great school for learning!
BYU has a wonderful Rick's college spirit that you can feel as you simply walk around campus. The people you meet and professors you enroll with are kind and helpful.
The atmosphere here at BYU-Idaho is really awesome! Everyone seems to be making an effort to do their best. There can be a lot of work to do, but it only helps you to understand what you're learning. They also have a lot of connections with jobs afterwards, and there are constantly people everywhere who work here, who are here to help us get places!
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