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BYU-Idaho is an amazing university where the quality of education is great for its price. The university has a had leadership from Harvard and teachers from other great colleges and universities nationwide. Teachers here really care about their students exceeding in their chosen careers. There are many different activities around campus also.
Its a wonderful school. The staff is amazing, the website is very easy to use, and wow the service is truly empathetic. Classes are great, tuition is amazing as well. Winters are harsh, and last forever. Summers are hot and never seem to last long enough. Standards are high both morally and academically but many are willing to tough it out for an amazing degree.
Brigham Young University-Idaho can be described as a campus of integrity and compassion. The professors and the administrators are a very caring bunch and truly do want to see the success of their students. The campus offers tranquility even in the most stressful of times. Their overall vibe is that of love and caring for one another as well as looking out for one's own future. The values taught here are that of the highest quality and respect. If other college campuses and adopted even a small portion of these high values of love and care, student would feel more capable and more confident in their college, career, and life en devours. If there is anything to change about this campus, it would probably only have to be the diversity of this campus. But, I'm sure and hopeful that that will change in the future.
Review Brigham Young University - Idaho
I will be attending BYU-I this fall, the applying process was very easy and there are many friendly people to help you along your way.
The students are friendly, even the over the phone service is nice, and the housing in the area is great as well!
I love this university. It has become a safe haven for me. The professors are fabulous! They are well educated and extremely accomplished. They take their time to get to know students, and are very kind and helpful. The secular teaching often connects to gospel (Jesus Christ's teachings), making it a more rounded university as religion and secular topics are tied together.
What I would improve is the surrounding area including restaurants, shopping, and recreational activities. This location is ideal for someone who loves outside recreation (camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, etc.), but if outside recreation is not your passion, then there is really not much to do.
I love everything about this school. It's cheap and the quality is amazing. But every school has its flaws. Some teachers aren't the best, and parties are scarce. The city around is small too.
My experience at Brigham young university is fantastic. The campus is a great place and has a great feel to it. You can be comfortable with others around you. The campus has all the great places you need. It is a great place for learning and growing spiritually. The classes have great teachers and are invested in you learning. There are good student in class from all over the world. You have common interests and lots of diversity amoung students and teachers. Overall the experiences I have had at BYUI have been great and exciting.
I loved the spiritual environment and the opportunity to go to Devotional every Tuesday to hear from General Authorities! I loved the friendly environment and the fact I didn't have to put my headphones on to avoid profanity! I wasn't offended by too much "skin" and the guys actually acted like gentlemen and would occasionally ask me out on dates. I felt safe with the ones I dated. I wish something could be done about the rude behavior on the roads - but that's not the school's fault - just some of the students that attend there.
Make sure you are part of the "IN" crowd, or you will have a miserable time here. The place is so homogeneous that you can never get anywhere (in the college, or the town) if you are the slightest bit different or unique.
So, if you can walk the very tight line, or Rod in this case, you are golden. Best of luck to y'all.
Firstly, at this college you get a quality education without accruing a lifetime of debt. Their professors are friendly, supportive, and helpful. The material is both challenging and thought provoking. The campus is spotless and everything you need including: classes, restaurants, housing, and student activities are all within walking distance. I only give BYU-I four out of five stars because they're lacking an exciting sports scene. Currently, only intramural sports are offered.
Clean spiritual university. However, DON’T GO HERE. Academically, BUI-I is unorganized, VERY strict, & teachers are less knowledgeable. The lack of understanding extenuating circumstances and that rules sometimes need exceptions, screws MANY students who attend. Unwilling to work with students, too picky over little things, & instead of advocating for the students & helping them, they are inflexible & stick to the rule book, especially academically: substituting & retaking classes, changing majors, transferring, approving internships, sick, emergencies, etc. I recommend a University that stands behind their students more. Ironically, BYU in Utah is much more flexible- go to Utah before Idaho! Out of every experience I know of, I need to call out that their new nursing head "Brother Sanders" is a complete jerk to the students...he's an ex-military sergeant and treats the students horrible. Def don't do nursing there if he is still the nursing head.
BYU-Idaho has everything I need to get through college. The school offers free tutoring in any class, the campus is always kept clean, and the faculty are always helpful and knowledgable.
The atmosphere at BYU-Idaho was wonderful. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and the buildings and campus were clean and overall looked nice. The professors were very helpful and there were many opportunities available to all students. There were a lot of different housing options and they were always nice and well maintained. The parking situation was not very good and it was hard to find places to park. The campus was small enough through that it was easy to walk most places.
BYU-I is truly a wonderful school. You are surrounded by wonderful people all the time that have good values and the education to receive is truly magnificent.
I have loved my experience at BYU-I! The professors are great and you are surrounded by a good environment where you can study, learn and enjoy the process of furthering your career they provide a good scope of classes, including one to help you discover what you want to do with your career. There are only two things that has bothered me about my experience there the students. The program and website they use is not user friendly at all and it constantly changing.
My experience at Brigham Young University-Idaho has been amazing. It's a very spiritual setting where not only do your friends and family encourage and support you to succeed but the teachers and head advisors encourage learning and growth among everyone. I can definitely say this school cares more about your intellectual growth rather than just a simple A grade to show off. They really do care for your well being and help in any way they can-that's more than any other college has done for me. Its a true, honest university.
Review Brigham Young University - Idaho
BYU-Idaho is a school that will challenge you, but make sure you pass. The atmosphere of the campus is a positive one; most classes are small, which allows for a great learning environment. The professors are always ready and willing to help and are available outside of class as well. There is even free tutoring; the tutoring center in the library is one of my most frequented spots on campus. We can go there at least three times a week for any class.
Attending BYU-Idaho has been one of the most amazing experiences.
I love Brigham Young University-Idaho for its environment and atmospheres. It brings a sense of security, love and belonging. I also admired the modesty of this campus and the spirit that it brings to me.
I really enjoyed the time there. It was a great place to meet a lot of people. I enjoyed most of the professors. I really like how many of the professors were industry professionals.
I would like to see people stop complaining about the honor code they chose to sign.
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