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If you are really committed to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, then you'll probably have a good time. If not, I strongly advise against it. The honor code will crush you if you don't agree with it: mandatory church attendance, strict dress code, no boys allowed in the girls' dorms and vice versa, absolutely no alcohol or even coffee, the list goes on. Besides the lifestyle changes you'll have to make, it's not even a great school academically.
I love Brigham Young University Hawaii. The culture and diversity this school brings is very unique and no other place in the world is similar. Brigham Young Hawaii is full of individuals wanting to learn and experience cultural differences and be able to participate and interact with others. Though the school is dominantly LDS there are other cultures and religions here at the university that everyone is open to. One thing that I have loved is going to a University with as many people that share the same beliefs as I do. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and I have enjoyed attending this university and will be sad to leave when my time comes.
Everyone you meet will either be a local or they're from the other side of the world. BYUH is also connected to the Polynesian Cultural Center right next door; PCC is a nonprofit organization which the students can benefit from to pay for their education. You can either dorm on-campus or off. It is a little pricey, but hey welcome to paradise. It is in waking distance of the Laie, Hawaii Temple, lots of local beach spots including Pounders Beach that has the trampoline, a local shopping center and many more. You can also drive to Sunset Area for cool surfing competitions, snorkeling areas or drive down to town.
Review Brigham Young University - Hawaii
I am so thankful to get the opportunity to attend such a wonderful university. This school is one of the most ethnically diverse universities per capita in the nation. Not only do I get a formal education but the cultural diversity adds for a more in depth and intricate education. I learn so much from the professors and also my fellow students whether they be from the same country as me or from the other side of the globe. All though the school is smaller than what I am used to, there is a strong sense of unity between the students, faculty, and even community members. I definitely made the right choice by coming here.
Brigham Young University- HI is a great environment, based on religious standards that students can uphold. These standards ensure a friendly society. The diversity is one of the highlights of the school; people from all over come to BYUH to further their education, and so it brings a melting pot of different cultures, that adds to the color of the school. Though there are not many majors offered here, the classes are small, and the professors do a great job at making sure they help you succeed. If your major is offered here, I'd recommend you to check it out. BYUH is has the perfect location, far from the city, yet in an area where many tourists come to visit and admire. The community is welcoming, and friendly as well.
I love this University. It has a very diverse student body. I have friends from all over the world. It is a small school with small classes and my professors know me by name. Small classes make it easier to have one on one time and get extra help from your teachers. Very good on campus housing and in a very nice community. Lots of stuff to do on and around campus.
BYU-H is an amazing school. Class sizes are always small, your professors know you personally and they care about your success. Tons of resources for students, great staff, always something fun going on. There are so many clubs you can join, and loads of diversity. Great school.
The aspect I like about this campus is the teachers and counselors. Teachers want you to succeed and will help you to the best of their ability. The counselors also are very helpful in planning your path to graduation. They find ways to make it happen, even if faced with setbacks such as multiple failed classes, lack of funds or being put on hold for missing information while applying to school.

One thing the school could improve on is building closer relationships between the students and administration members by listening to the students and interacting with them more to understand what they are saying. Plans and Agendas are good but useless if everyone under you fights against it.
I love Brigham Young University Hawaii because it is an extremely diverse campus. We have multiple students from different countries in every single one of my classes and it gives a great perspective to class discussions.
BYU-Hawaii provides a safe, wholesome environment for its students. Our administration strives to maintain a clean, spiritual atmosphere where students can study, work, and socialize. Here, I have been able to grow and mature as a person. I love being a student at BYU-Hawaii because I feel like I can gain my education free of the distractions of a raging party scene and other disruptions common to the college environment.
This does not, however, deny us the opportunity to have a fun college experience. Living so near the beach is a luxury, and our activities committee is constantly planning fun, wholesome events for us to enjoy.
It is a great school, but very hard to get started there if you don't already know how it runs. Somewhat disorganized. Professors are great and always willing to help. Housing is a nightmare unless you have the right connections.
I absolutely love this school! The staff is hardworking, and helpful. I love the people here, and being able to learn about and make friends from different cultures. I feel safe on campus and I'm glad I choose to come here!
Facilities are not great but sports are still pretty important.
Great location with great people. Teachers can seem a bit unqualified at times.
The only parties here are school dances.
There isn't really anything going on here.
The classes, once in your niche study are small enough to get to know the teachers.
Review Brigham Young University - Hawaii
Lots of diversity, it's a multicultural campus.
Since BYUH is a really religious school, I always feel safe on campus. The school is also very small. So the chances that you are out walking around by yourself or anything is slim. Your family is always out and ready to help if anything does happen to go wrong.
It is pretty easy to get a job near BYUH. The only catch is most of the on campus jobs do not pay that well. They are fun and you meet a lot of people. Most of the shops near the school are usually hiring.
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