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The students and faculty at Bridgewater State are all very friendly and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible in your transition away from home and to college overall. The food could be better but the students are trying to come together right now to try and get it changed. Some of the best parts are all the clubs, sports teams, resources like tutors and advisors, and its very own campus police headquarters.
My sister attends Bridgewater and it is a beautiful, old campus that always seems to be full of life and diversity. The professors at the university are so hands on and really take time to further every students education. Bridgewater State University is on the top of my list to apply to.
I am a freshmen and I absolutely love the campus. I am currently a resident and couldn't ask for a better turn out. I enjoy the scenery and the campus life! The professors are excellent and do all they can to help you to the best of their ability.
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Overall, this school is perfect for a new start, for the beginning of your life journey. You will never feel left out, I was an out of state student AND a transfer and I made friends instantly. Its a small campus, therefore, you get familiar with your teachers and your peers. Love it here. And the food is delicious.
I love the communication disorder major! Dr. Ciocci is amazing! What I would like to see change is the number of parking spot commuter students do not have they need many more spots so kids don't have to miss class or get a ticket because there are no parking spots.
I love everything about BSU. There are endless opportunities for us students to become involved in the school and our community. All of the professors want the very best for their students and expect us to strive for greatness. There is such sense of community at BSU and there is always a smiling face everywhere you turn. The academics are amazing, the buildings and technology are state of the art, and there are so many clubs and organizations. There truly is something for everybody at this school.
Although my first year was a hard transition from high school to campus life, I enjoy going to Bridgewater State. They have been there the whole journey to make sure I am squared away financially. I would not want to be anywhere else to go to college to get my degree!
If you simply want to get things done then come here. You really have to put yourself out there if you want to meet people. Most people commute so finding friends on campus can be a lot of work. The teachers and staff are pretty decent. There is not much to do on the weekends since most people commute so be aware that you may become really bored during these times. The food at the dining halls are okay if you know where to go. The campus does not have much of a culture as there is not that much to do. Things are planned either during class or later in the day when you'll probably be busy with school work.
Decent school for the price. Nice looking campus and 1-2 good dining halls. Campus is dry and boring while parties are hard to get into to and not even good.
I had a great experience my first two years at Bridgewater State University. They provided an education that was suitable for all types of learners and the campus atmosphere made it a smooth transition my freshman year. I've met incredible professors who actually care and I've made life-long friends.
Great local school, very helpful with transfer students. The only problem with this school is parking for commuter students. The professors are great, most of them truly want to see you succeed and are always there for you when you need help or advice.
What I love about Bridgewater are the students. They are so friendly and outgoing. It's quite easy for me to make friends the way I am. The class sizes are fairly decent, not too many people are squished in one classroom. The campus is beautiful and a great size for a person like me. When it's warm outside I like to walk around and enjoy my surroundings. Definitely, if you make friends on and off campus you guys will find ways to have fun.

What I hope the school can work on is listening to the feedback of students when there is a certain professor not doing their job and increase the quality of their foods.
Great college for teaching. As a freshman I am learning so much already. The faculty helps you along the way and is excited to see you grow. With small class sizes you get 1/1 attention with professors.
So many fun opportunities here! Great student life, great staff, really good food and safety. The dorms are pretty good and the campus is really clean!
Bridgewater State University has an overall nice campus. The classes are good and I have not had a "terrible" teacher yet. Weekends can be boring since the majority of students go home.
The people are friendly, the campus is eco-friendly, professor take the time to strength your grades
Great school overall. Diverse student body with clubs and organizations that will make sure everybody has a group of people they feel comfortable with. Academic standards above average with various classes that fit everybody's liking. Nice food options and even better resident halls. Financial Aid could be better, but it isn't the worst. I do enjoy this university and hope to come back next semester.
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Since my first day at BSU, the staff and faculty have been kind and generous. The professors are willing to help the student's so that they can reach their fullest potential. These professors are here to help the students, not to see them fail. Also, there are a large range of cultures and ethnicities which are embraced with open arms. There are shuttles that run making the campus easily acceptable to everyone. The campus is accessible to everyone. Many of the dorms have been recently renovated and are spacious giving students spacious. Lastly, there is a large emphasis on safety on campus. Every new student must complete an alcohol and sexual violence course. To enter a dorm building, you must be a resident or be brought in by a resident. Security guards check bags as the students enter and check in people brought into the building. Overall Bridgewater State University is a beautiful school, with welcoming people and staff who want to make this experience amazing for every student.
I commute to Bridgewater State University which would make many assume I do not have a social life at school and that I am missing out on the "college experience" however they are wrong BSU does a greta job to make the school very involved and fun for everyone attending.
Bridgewater State University is a pretty school. However, without a car there is not much to do on campus. The surrounding area is kind of trashy but the campus itself is pretty nice. Half the food is really good but most of it is like cafeteria food. All my professors have been pretty nice and the workload has been manageable. The staff is really nice - except in the financial aid and student account offices. BSU is pretty nice overall but kind of boring.
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