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Good school that is affordable, local, and provides lots of opportunities for students. I transferred here in the spring of my freshman year previously from Virginia Tech and genuinely am having a much better time with academics, adjusting, and so on. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved and professors actually care about your performance in class. They want to see you succeed and most are willing to help you if you ask for it.
Very nice campus, professors are quite alright, many tools for struggling students. The dorms could be nicer, programs are very good. College is pretty cheap too if you are from the state.
I just transferred here, but all the staff in the financial aid office and admissions have been great. They are very accommodating in regards to answering questions. They automatically waived my enrollment fee aswell.
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I like the fact that Bridgewater State is very welcoming. Everyone wants you to succeed and have fun while you're there. Help is always available and everyone is nice to be around.
How spread out and gorgeous the campus is! It’s so pretty and peaceful and like it’s own little community within a community.
Professors are very helpful and teach not only what is in the book but also how it relates to the real world.
I absolutely loved Bridgewater State University. The professors were super helpful, the students are friendly and the athletics were very involved. I would highly recommend.
I loved the overall experience. The people are very nice, i’d just wish the freshman dorms were a little move updated.
Love this school! Met my best friends here and started to learn how to be an adult. I originally chose this school because it was made for teachers, but I found out there is so much more to this school.
Bridgewater State is an amazing college. I would recommend this school to anyone planning on going to college. They are very welcoming and always ready to help with whatever you need. I didn’t have a set major so they worked with me and helped me find what I felt worked best for me. They told me that I could take my time and if I didn’t like what I chose I could change my major. One thing I would like to see change is the financial aid calls. Most of the times that I called they didn’t answer or if they did it was after being more than 5 minutes on the line. It would be great if they had a set phone person so I didn’t have to constantly go to the school if I have a problem. Other than that things have been amazing and I can’t wait to start!
Everyone was willing to help, whether or not you asked.BSU students new to school/transfer students were able to post on the FB all year round to help out. Whether selling textbooks, finding roommates, tips for incoming Freshman that were useful&etc! Coming from a school where popularity was always something that mattered too highly and could be a deal breaker if you needed something, BSU is the opposite. The amount of clubs,activities and financial/academic help is incredible.Food is average and the commuter meal plan will last year half a semester (Two meals a day).Dinner and lunch at Bears Den are more affordable and better tasting. But Crimson dining hall has the BEST omlettes for breakfast. But make sure you look at your PLATES,UTENSILS&CUPS! They can be dirty with out you realizing.Best time to park in commuter lots: Before 8 am, around 1130am, 2pm and after!Parking is the WORST at 9am.Teachers are relaxed.Professors are genuinely human and realize we have lives besides class.
Very friendly college, staff is incredibly helpful and despite the fact the school was previously known as a teaching school, the professors in other subjects are extremely well versed.
Positive experience if you put the work in! Great professors in every department. Many opportunities to be a scholar that other schools may not provide.
Bridgewater really a great school and my first year of college I really like it. In the beginning, I was scared, sad because I was leaving my home and family but then I for use to Bridgewater campus
Bridgewater State University is a school where you can feel safe and at home. It's very diverse and you get to meet a lot of people from different background.
My experience at Bridgewater was very rewarding learning to be far away for home and family meeting such nice people on my journey. I've learned to listen more and retain very good information . They also taught to become more independent.I would like to see more financial assistance with out of state students .
In all college is a wonderful experience but for some reason Bridgewater state gives me the all around love I was looking for. Im a business major so I love to network and there is always someone to talk to who can introduce you into someone who can get you to the place you want to be. The classes are very interactive and interesting (depending on the class). The people are welcoming and make you feel safe.
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I transferred from Bristol Community College and was surprised that the quality of the professors was so high compared to those at my former college. Tuition is well-known to be low considering this is a 4-year college. It is a rather large campus, although not as large as UMass Dartmouth. The only complaint I have, as a commuter, is that there is a very limited amount of parking spaces (there are separate parking lots for staff, commuters, and residents), something that many of us wish to see change.
I think Bridgewater State University is a great school for education in becoming a lawyer, a scientist or teacher and they do have great resources for whatever degree you are in.
My first semester of college was great. I commute, so I didn't really get to know anybody. It was my own choice not to get involved because I worked almost everyday after classes. The school offers many different clubs and sports to join, and many things on campus to get involved in.
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