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The approach to the online work from all of my professors has been great and they've been very accommodating.
It is a great school for the price you pay. You get a good education and you're not breaking the bank. I do wish they were a bit more helpful in their approach to internships, but I really have no complaints.
Bridgewater is a very inclusive school, that allows room for creativity. I am in the continuing ed program, they have nothing but helpful with my returning to school.
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The professors have been very accommodating and understanding with the current state we are all going through
I like about Bridgewater State University is that the professors go out of the way t help you achieve your goal. Everyone is friendly and everyone helps out one another. But, I like to change about the school is that it will be cheaper to attend and they will give out more money for people who live in Massachusetts.
I took online classes in my college and it was simple. It was easier to ask more questions to the professor face to face on a screen. The professors go out a way to help the students online and they make the lesson plan easier and they slow down so we can ask so many questions.
I don't have much experience with the online learning experience, but I believe it's about the same, things were chaotic, I'd rather not give a review when I only have a few weeks wort h of experience.
I'm not sure if anything really needs to change, I really enjoy everything so far. The food is as good as it can be, there are tons of sports to choose from and lots of clubs to choose from.
I enjoy Bridgewater State University and services they have to offer. However, BSU does need to improve on how they help students who fall in between the cracks of financial aid who are out of state but can’t afford their own instate universities (after attended community college).
I only took online courses through COVID19 situation. I do not know what true online courses are like.
Online classes are generally easy, unless your professor is completely disorganized. Blackboard will be your main reference for coursework.
Some good professors, some bad. Campus is dead on the weekends. Parking is horrifying and you'll probably have to walk over a mile to get back to your dorm. Some buildings need renovation. Don't eat at ECC.
I took predominantly science courses. The material, the courses, the equipment, the professors... absolutely brilliant. All of my professors went above and beyond to make sure I (we) knew the material, they were approachable, and humble. The facility and equipment was brand new and state of the art; academic research was an unforgettable experience. I would recommend this university, especially for individuals interested in science, 10 times out of 10!
I love it and very great wit finical aid. I wouldn't have chosen any other place and I'm really proud I made this decision
Pretty awful. The teachers don't really give a shit or try to teach you. The food sucks. The parties didn't even count as parties. The dorms were always run down in some way. glad I got out of there
Professors are very supportive. Many resources to help you with absolutely anything! Campus is huge.
I loved the exercise science program however the professors who have tenure need to either retire or allow someone new to come in and move the program forward instead of staying stuck in the 80's. The beautiful thing about exercise science is the fact it is always changing and theres always something new to learn. Not here. The professors teach from the same exact slides and handouts they were teaching from in the 80's!!!!
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Since my first semester at BSU I have been subjected to repetitive lectures about how bad and evil white people are, and if you even attempt to question this you will be declared a racist in front of your peers. It's a shock to me that there has not been any violence against whites on campus with the sheer volume of anti white propaganda from educator's on campus. I paid a lot of money to be here only to be told I didnt earn my spot or anything for that matter and that my skin color dictates who I am as a person. I spent 2 years at Massasoit in Brockton which is majority black and never faced such outright hatred as I do at BSU for simply having light skin. The rhetoric is toxic. Academics are half assed. Campus is spread over almost 3miles with 15 minutes to get to class. I've had professors clearly discriminate against me for being caucasian, and its totally unacceptable.
I loved the school when I was there. The classes were all a decent size and my department- Communications was fun! The professors were mostly great besides a few who were a bit pretentious. I commuted so I cant say much about living on campus or extracurriculars, BUT I loved the academic side of things. I wish they had more assistance for alumni though.
Coming to Bridgewater State was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am able to get an amazing education at an affordable cost. The staff on this campus is always willing to lend a helping hand and will help you with any problems that you may have.
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