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Bridgewater State University Reviews

979 reviews
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Bridgewater State University has an overall nice campus. The classes are good and I have not had a "terrible" teacher yet. Weekends can be boring since the majority of students go home.
The people are friendly, the campus is eco-friendly, professor take the time to strength your grades
Great school overall. Diverse student body with clubs and organizations that will make sure everybody has a group of people they feel comfortable with. Academic standards above average with various classes that fit everybody's liking. Nice food options and even better resident halls. Financial Aid could be better, but it isn't the worst. I do enjoy this university and hope to come back next semester.
Since my first day at BSU, the staff and faculty have been kind and generous. The professors are willing to help the student's so that they can reach their fullest potential. These professors are here to help the students, not to see them fail. Also, there are a large range of cultures and ethnicities which are embraced with open arms. There are shuttles that run making the campus easily acceptable to everyone. The campus is accessible to everyone. Many of the dorms have been recently renovated and are spacious giving students spacious. Lastly, there is a large emphasis on safety on campus. Every new student must complete an alcohol and sexual violence course. To enter a dorm building, you must be a resident or be brought in by a resident. Security guards check bags as the students enter and check in people brought into the building. Overall Bridgewater State University is a beautiful school, with welcoming people and staff who want to make this experience amazing for every student.
I commute to Bridgewater State University which would make many assume I do not have a social life at school and that I am missing out on the "college experience" however they are wrong BSU does a greta job to make the school very involved and fun for everyone attending.
Bridgewater State University is a pretty school. However, without a car there is not much to do on campus. The surrounding area is kind of trashy but the campus itself is pretty nice. Half the food is really good but most of it is like cafeteria food. All my professors have been pretty nice and the workload has been manageable. The staff is really nice - except in the financial aid and student account offices. BSU is pretty nice overall but kind of boring.
This university strives for excellence. The psychology program is especially excellent. All of the professors in the psychology wing want you to do well
My experience was really awesome. I loved everything about it, the helpers we're very nice and careful with everyone. The dorms was great and the students we're all very nice. And the campus was just amazing, i really enjoyed the group works that we did and i got to know myself more than i did before, and i also got to know my peers.
For my program in Biochemistry, the chem department is very helpful with helping you find an internship or doing a directed study. All of the professors seem very nice and are there to help.
  • College Sophomore
  • 5 months ago
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So far, everything has been great. My professors are all invested into the classes and make things enjoyable. I feel like I am learning a lot and the coursework is valuable for furthering my education.
I do not live on campus but I do have classes that get out around 8:30 PM. I do feel safe walking to my car at the Spring Street lot.
I have heard many good things about greek life. Some people I know are in Greek life and have the greatest time. I was in a sorority at my old school and loved every part of it.
My school has small classes which makes it easy for the professors to get to know you. Everyone is welcoming and it has such a beautiful campus.
Bridgewater State University will always have my heart in one way or another. I made some of the most meaningful friendships, had the best experiences and grew a lot as a students as well as a human. Although I will always be grateful to the University for these things, there are also things that I believe should be worked on. I put myself through all four years of school and I wish I could have worried less about financing it and more on studying. Paying for college is no easy task when you come from a family of 6 who isn't extremely wealthy. I feel as though the school could have done more to (at the very least) make it seem like they wanted to help financially, but it really seemed like they were only concerned with taking more money from me. As a hardworking student putting herself through school, it was definitely discouraging to have a lack of assistance and support during that time.
The professors at this school are very nice and will do anything to help you succeed in your classes.
I know a lot of upperclassmen at Bridgewater that have been offered scholarships at the school.
  • College Freshman
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
The security on campus is very good. We have blue buttons we can press on campus if we are being attacked or feel like we are in trouble and the police will come. We also have police that patrol that campus every night.
I love living on campus. I find it easier to be able to get to my classes and not have to get up as early for them.
  • College Freshman
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
I have wanted to join Greek life since I started college and the Greek commuting is very good by encouraging you to join their sisterhood.
Athletics are very important at the school. The school shows a lot of school spirit by attending most of the games.
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