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Bridgewater State University is a great school, especially for the money. When I was deciding where to attend college as a senior in high school, I weighed all of my options. I compared the amount of money I would need to go into debt at each school and realized I could go to Bridgewater for all four years what one year at some schools was going to cost me. Not wanting to be thousands of dollars in debt made choosing Bridgewater a little easier for me.
The honors program at the school allows for smaller class sizes which is great! Although even my non honors classes so far have had small numbers. Bridgewater isn’t a huge school, but it’s also not small, for me it was the perfect size!
I love the support from all the staff and the campus is huge, but beautiful. The dorm rooms have no air conditioning and my room gets to as high as 90 degrees even with 2 fans in my room.
This school is a typical state school. The campus is smaller in size but the fellow students and experiences available are great. I have made a second home here and a second family. I just wish there was more parking for commuters.
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It’s ok, should have more consideration for students with learning disabilities. First year they called out the students with disabilities to come to another room. As if someone wants to identify to that infront of people they don’t know. As a student with a disability they didn’t seek me out the entire semester even though I provided all my neurological testing. I was finally made aware of the accommodations opportunities during my first semester. The book buying is a numbers money game. They change books up for the same class just so we can not sell our text books to each other and the book store makes money
In the beginning of my time at Bridgewater State University I wasn't really sure if it was going to be the best fit for me. As some time passed and i got to meet new people who connected me to things around campus. One of those things was my work study which helped me really get involved around campus. once i got to explore the campus more i realized it wasn't as bad as i thought it was, i just needed to get out of my room and actually take the time to get to know the campus. Once I did that i learned that Bridgewater was the right fit for me.
I loved going to BSU! I was able to complete my Bachelor's in Psychology while working full time because of their flexible class hours and online availability.
Affordable for in-state tuition. Offers a wide variety of courses and majors. Don't go here if you have to pay out of state because it won't be worth it.
Bridgewater State has really made it such a peaceful and cute place to be. I love it and the energy it brings me, I have work there through the week! I love taking pictures of cool things around the school and the architecture and the nature surrounding it!
Great school for the price of attendance. Has a train line directly to boston on campus and good housing.
I am extremely proud to call myself a student of Bridgewater State University. I major in Physics, which is a difficult major but my professors are like my family. We have a small major, so everyone is special and taken care of in every way possible. My college is great and I couldn't imagine it any other way.
Well, i am just an incoming freshman and i can tell you that they are great with informations and making you aware of the next steps for college. For example orientation and other stuff.
Overall, the school is a good school. It has lots of potential. There is more diversity than before and the teachers challenge you. There could be more events.
I mainly enjoyed the campus and the housing they had. Most campuses I’ve seen have doubles with a bathroom for suites but at bridgewater they had two single bedrooms with a bathroom that was shared for some of the suites and I really think a lot of colleges should make their dorms like that. I also thought the campus was well kept and pretty so it was nice walking around there. I also liked that the commuter rail was right at the school so it was an easy commute to Boston or other towns nearby. Some things that could change about the school is the financial aid department and any staff that are suppose to help students really need to be clear on what to do whether it’s changing your major or getting aid to pay for school. I always felt like there was a lot to do in order to accomplish anything and sometimes the staff would say one thing but it would end up being something else altogether. I also think they should get more of their academic programs accredited as well.
Such a great school, I always feel safe on campus, I have made so many new friends and everyone is so kind in the community
Bridgewater University is a great local school. All the teachers are very much involved and almost all the criminal justice teachers have been in the field so they really know what they're talking about and you learn a lot. Food here is great especially compared to other colleges I've visited. Dorms are decent, we have great parties. Only bad thing about the school is parking. I hate it, if you decided to live on campus no need for a car seriously or be ready for tickets!!
I just transferred to BSU and I absolutely love it. It is definitely a growing school in all aspects including academic and social.
I like Bridgewater State University because it is not too far from home and my family. Also the commuter rail is right on campus which makes travelling easier. The class size is not too big and my professors know who I am when I am in class. The professors are very welcoming and want you to succeed. The students are also very willing to help it is overall a welcoming kind environment that I am happy to be apart of.
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I haven't attended this school yet but I love the environment and the community that surrounds the campus! Such a helpful staff and extremely professional school!
This school may not be the typical disgusting party weekend school some look for, but its the perfect balance of everything. There are a million ways to get involved and feel included on campus, housing and food is decent, nightlife is there if you seek it, the campus is wicked safe, and HOLY MOLY do the staff members at BSU care. The support and care I received from all of the staff and faculty at BSU was unreal. I'm a few years out from undergrad and I still have staff checking in on me to see how my successful life is going. They care. Bridgewater isn't some school you go to for four years and never go back to, this is a school you'll want to go to homecoming for. Sure it doesn't have the glitz and glamour with millions of dollars from alum and parents, but so what? If you want to have the perfect college experience, you have to make it that way. I am so incredibly thankful for my time at BSU, and honestly recommend it as often as I can.
Bridgewater State is an excellent university. There are many dedicated students, professors, and staff. Many opportunities can be found on campus whether it be sports, organizations, student government, and/or internships. Very friendly student life. Nice Campus. Strives to bring diversity, success to its students, and build an ongoing community.
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