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It's alright. I would say my favorite aspect is the professors. Most of the ones I've had have been pretty great. Other than that the place is pretty average. You do have a lot of opportunities to enhance your academic career, though.
Teachers are involved and caring. Lots of resources to help with classes. Lots of clubs to be involved with. Big campus to get to know a lot of people. Pretty diverse school. There is always something to do on campus.
Staff and Teachers are so kind. Always makes sure that you understand and are on task with everything.
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I enjoyed living on campus at Bridgewater. The teachers and classes were great and there was a lot of opportunities for community involvement.
When I first learned I was going to Bridgewater State, I wasn’t the happiest. I couldn’t afford my top choice school, and I knew BSU didn’t specialize in my major of Political Science, as much as their Education and Science programs. However, after joining extracurricular groups, eventually becoming an executive board member of some; making the Dean’s List, and being offered competitive internship opportunities, I realized that it’s better to go to an average school and stand out than a more prestigious institution, where it’s harder to do so.
Bridgewater State has a very welcoming environment for the students and I really appreciate that. They strive to make commuters feel apart of the community and work towards encouraging all students to do well in their academics as well as any other extracurricular activities.
I have recently completed my first semester at BSU. From what I can tell, this is 100% a "suitcase school". During the week, the campus has lived in, people are everywhere, events are taking place, and the dining halls are filled. But once the weekends hit, the dorm buildings are empty, and the weekend events rarely happen. Food is decent. The Residence Halls are nice from the four I've been in/ invited to. People here are friendly. And there is a commuter rail stop that leads into South Station, Boston. The train stop is right in the middle of campus.
My experience at Bridgwater State University has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I have had my highest and lowest moments attending the university. Whether it was joining a club or flunking an exam. Each moment was indeed memorable sculpting me into the person I am today. The diversity across campus speaks for itself. The clubs and students involved have been a voice for the minority. It is hard to say what would need to be changed on campus since there is always room for improvement. One thing would have to be the dining halls. At times students run out of meal swipes or dining money to eat. Students shouldn’t be denied food around the end of the semester just because they didn’t chose the better meal plan which can often be frustrating.
Bridgewater State University is such a great school for education majors. The program which teaches students how to be great teachers is vigorous and demanding, but it trains students very well.
As a graduating senior and only being on campus for about 2 years there were not many things that I would change except that for the shuttle service there should be a stop at the library throughout the day not only at night after the main lines stop.
There's a lack of Greek Life, the food is disgusting and best thing is takeout. The campus is dull and barely are there any parties at dorms. Police presence is constant and parking is reserved for Juniors and Seniors.
I have had many different experiences in bridgewater but i do wish that the school was more diverse and the party scene was more lively.
The students and faculty at Bridgewater State are all very friendly and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible in your transition away from home and to college overall. The food could be better but the students are trying to come together right now to try and get it changed. Some of the best parts are all the clubs, sports teams, resources like tutors and advisors, and its very own campus police headquarters.
My sister attends Bridgewater and it is a beautiful, old campus that always seems to be full of life and diversity. The professors at the university are so hands on and really take time to further every students education. Bridgewater State University is on the top of my list to apply to.
I am a freshmen and I absolutely love the campus. I am currently a resident and couldn't ask for a better turn out. I enjoy the scenery and the campus life! The professors are excellent and do all they can to help you to the best of their ability.
Overall, this school is perfect for a new start, for the beginning of your life journey. You will never feel left out, I was an out of state student AND a transfer and I made friends instantly. Its a small campus, therefore, you get familiar with your teachers and your peers. Love it here. And the food is delicious.
I love the communication disorder major! Dr. Ciocci is amazing! What I would like to see change is the number of parking spot commuter students do not have they need many more spots so kids don't have to miss class or get a ticket because there are no parking spots.
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I love everything about BSU. There are endless opportunities for us students to become involved in the school and our community. All of the professors want the very best for their students and expect us to strive for greatness. There is such sense of community at BSU and there is always a smiling face everywhere you turn. The academics are amazing, the buildings and technology are state of the art, and there are so many clubs and organizations. There truly is something for everybody at this school.
Although my first year was a hard transition from high school to campus life, I enjoy going to Bridgewater State. They have been there the whole journey to make sure I am squared away financially. I would not want to be anywhere else to go to college to get my degree!
If you simply want to get things done then come here. You really have to put yourself out there if you want to meet people. Most people commute so finding friends on campus can be a lot of work. The teachers and staff are pretty decent. There is not much to do on the weekends since most people commute so be aware that you may become really bored during these times. The food at the dining halls are okay if you know where to go. The campus does not have much of a culture as there is not that much to do. Things are planned either during class or later in the day when you'll probably be busy with school work.
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