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It was not terrible but the professors need to learn how to use ZOOM. But I only have one class online so I am not too worried about it now. Most of the professors adapt pretty well while others are still struggling to teach through a screen.
This school is not meant for everyone because of its size but I like the small class sizes and the tight community. However, this school does get boring sometimes because of the small town vibe but overall it is what you make of it.
AWFUL. They don’t know how to use computers because they’re all OLD. Some teachers post tests without even locking them because they’re literally in incompetent.
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Only gave one because I can’t give 0 don’t go here please I’m begging you. Most of the teachers sucks, the coaches SUCK and the whole school over all is awful and evil.
Literally please go anywhere else theyre lying to you
Overall, Bridgewater College is a safe school that offers a great education for a reasonable price through the scholarship money they offer for hard working students.
The professors at Bridgewater college struggle a little with the online learning platform. It is hard for some of them to use, however some professors are quite good with technology and run classes smoothly. Additionally, online classes are not for me.
Many professors are capable of online courses, as shown during the covid-19 pandemic. Those who are not are pretty lenient.
At Bridgewater College, you have to want to be there. If you are looking for a big school with crazy college experiences this is not the school for you. BC is a small school, with tiny classes which are great for personal learning experiences.
There are no classes online for Bridgewater, all of them are in-person classes. However, during the COVID season, everything went online. It was a bit tricky just like anything else because of the new territory we hadn't experienced before. After a while, it got better and we became accustomed to it.
I loved how everyone knew each other, and how everyone would hold doors open for each other. We were like a big family, plus it's really small so you'd mostly know everyone. I love the fact that most of my professors knew me too, and that I could actually talk to them and go to their office hours. I would say that I would like there to be more diversity within the campus of the student and faculty population, as well as a diversity of events. I also did wish they had more academic majors and more academic opportunities. But other than that, I feel like I built amazing connections and learned so much from my experience.
I didn't take any online classes, so I don't really have an opinion. However, towards the end of this class year, when COVID happened, all of my classes got switched to online for the last month or so. It was difficult, but mainly because the classes I was taking weren't prepared to be taught online.
I liked how personal each experience felt. Since the campus is smaller than one at a public college, the relationships you have with your professors and classmates have more of an impact. You're more likely to run into them since it's a small campus, so establishing good relationships help in the long run. The parking can be improved though, since it doesn't seem like there is a lot of spaces.
Love BC and its atmosphere! The small campus and small class sizes allow me to gain the most from my education.
My experience at BC was worth the investment and much appreciated! I loved the atmosphere and the college truly desires for you to achieve your dreams. As a small college, relationships were important and everyone loved to talk about anything. Everyone is very helpful on campus. It did not have the best buildings or food but it makes up for it through the ability to feel at home. Thank you!
Well my experience at bridgewater started with a football coach back in September 2019. His name was coach Purk. He came to my school meade high, and started talking about bridgewater was all about. I liked the things he said, so I went and took a visit, it was like a football tour type visit. It was basically players who could possibly be an eagle. I liked it. While I was playing hs football, I kept in touch with coach purk building a relationship. So I went to do another tour and got even more impressed and thought to my self “ this is the place for me” and right on the spot, I told coach purk I’m committing to the school and he gave me a big hug. So yes I like what I see ahead for my years at bridgewater.
Being able to play sports here at Bridgewater College is a very unique and enjoyable experience. The atmosphere is very positive and friendly which helps students get through their days of hard work. It can be very easy to make friends and be able to hang out with them.
Overall, Bridgewater is a school that deeply cares about it's students. However, communication could be improved.
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Bridgewater College is a close-knit community where faculty and staff are invested in students' current and future success.
I loved the support which came from advisers and professors as they truly do want to see you succeed and care about your personal well-being and academic career. The college expectations are very high, which is good because it encourages students to always push their hardest to achieve their goals, and to earn what they're going after.
I like Bridgewater College's small campus and how I can form a close relationship with my professors.