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I loved the support which came from advisers and professors as they truly do want to see you succeed and care about your personal well-being and academic career. The college expectations are very high, which is good because it encourages students to always push their hardest to achieve their goals, and to earn what they're going after.
I like Bridgewater College's small campus and how I can form a close relationship with my professors.
Bridgewater is a great place to start out your college career. I learned a lot about who I was thanks to the professors and faculty there. They always cared for me and made sure I was taking care of myself.
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I love how close the professor's are to their students. Your professors will get to know you in a way that can not happen at a big school. The class sizes are very manageable and overall the whole campus is very caring and connected.
Bridgewater College is my second home. I have been offered my opportunities and gained more knowledge here than I ever imagined. I have discovered who I want to be and developed a path for my future. I would highly recommend BC to everyone!
Overall Bridgewater is a great small college. Everyone there is super friendly, the food is decent, the campus is well kept, and professors are very helpful! I did not want to go, and am so glad that I did not let my fears get the best of me.
Bridgewater College has a beautiful campus with small classes that making learning individualized. Bridgewater focuses on you and achieving your dream future. It is a pretty location with a dry campus but is close to JMU which has more of a party scene. The women's soccer program is wonderful with an amazing coach who focuses on his team and accomplishing goals.
Bridge water is not a "party school" it is a school for those looking to further their minds and who of which are solely focused on their academics our sports teams aren't amazing but they are not bad either. The food is amazing the people are friendly and everyone looks out for each other if someone misses the notes for a class we all share and learn together never leaving someone behind. Not only that but Bridgewater has some of the best teachers around with our average class sizes being about 15 students they have the time to go over notes with you. An overall Bridgewater college is a great place for higher learning I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a school for academics.
My overall experience at Bridgewater College has been wonderful. I have really enjoyed getting to know the professors at the college as well as the other students. The friends that I have met at this school are irreplaceable. I happened to meet my best friend at this school which happens to be my roommate Jacob. The only problem I had with Bridgewater this past year was the food selection. It was good somedays but most days it was poorly made.
After my first year I can say that the college is okay. Mainly focus on academics and sports. No parties allowed. We have fun little shows and activities around campus. Some of the professors can be a little better. And the dorm life, they make it seem as if thousands of students are on campus and that certain things are full. When that is not the case.
Worst College Ever. Wish I had never applied in the first place. Everything during the tours is a lie. Food is terrible. Staff is terrible. (Watch out for student life as they only care about themselves instead of the students, i.e. Ricky Reiss is not one to rely on). Mandatory on campus housing (don't even think about living off campus because they will make it incredibly hard for you to do so).
Bridgewater College has a very welcoming atmosphere along with students and staff that are always willing to help in any way possible.
Bridgewater College is an excellent small school with a friendly community and amazing professors. Bridgewater offers many scholarships to make school affordable as well as on campus jobs to make additional money. There are a variety of majors to chose from, small class sizes, and the opportunity to make connections with professors and staff members.
Bridgewater is a decent college especially when you get a good scholarship. However, while I heard it has gotten better than before but students are kinda treated like children. One wonderful staff member was actually fired for treating the students like people and socializing with them. Overall it's an okay college with a lot of room for improvement.
I love the fact that the class sises are small because it gives you one on with with your professor. I also love the fact that there is such a small community because it reminds me of home.
The college was clean and every student we passed was polite and respectful. I like the student to faculty ratio and the Women's Soccer coach is very personable and engaged with his players and their success.
Professors are amazing. Lots of on campus activities. Campus is falling apart. Don’t recommend if you like to party.
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I am almost complete my Freshman year here at Bridgewater and I can honestly say that I love it here!!
Bridgewater has given me a place that I feel extremely comfortable while being able to study. It is my home away from home. I have made so many new friends with the students and staff on campus, that I could not imagine going anywhere else.
It's a great experience being there all the faculty and coaches really care for you whether you are a recruit or if are a staff member.