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I like how Bridgewater College is an opening book. Also that it's has friendly staff member at times.
It is a small college with about 1900 students, has a swimming pool, alumni give money directly to someone and not very far from my home which is appealing to me.
Bridgewater is an amazing college with an even better campus scene. The classrooms are decent sized and the school has two lecture halls. The weight room for the athletes was renewed and the campus athletic facility is very modern.
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It is a small campus, which I really like. It’s big on sports with most of its small population being athletes. The classes are small, but the office hours for professors are very short as well. You know everyone in your classes and most are discussion based and small groups.
So far my experience is pleasant at the college, although there are majors that have their advantages there since there are more professors there, it is an excellent college overall, and I've enjoyed my time there.
I like Bridgewater College, because of the one-on-one attention you can have with a teacher due to smaller class sizes. I also like that everything on campus is very close. What I would like to see change would be the limits they put on you. I believe "dry campus" is taken too seriously for those above the age of 21.
Bridgewater is such an involved college. There are so many great opportunities, groups and activties you can be in.
So far my experience at Bridgewater College has opened my eyes to many possible future career opportunities. I also have learned to be more involved in my community, with my school, and other students. I play on the women's soccer team having the opportunity to represent my school on and off the field. At Bridgewater, the professors work with you any way that they can and always have their doors open to help every student succeed.
Great place to study and an even better place to live. Quality academics and plenty of opportunities for independent studies, study abroad, etc. Plus, class sizes are small and the professors really care.
As a Junior now at Bridgewater College, I have had great experiences and seen some improvements needed by the school. When entering college my biggest fear was that I wasn't going to fit in. Bridgwater made this easy because the school is very diverse and students are very open to making new friends no matter their background or beliefs. I would like the school improve on the parking regulations. There are a lot of students with limited spaces for parking and a lot of parking infractions being caused.
The things I love about Bridgewater is that it is a very small and family like campus. You know almost everyone there and everyone there is very friendly. The campus stays very clean year around, the yard people keep it very clean and presentable. The professor’s there are very understanding and helpful. They allow you to come visit them during office hours, other schools aren’t that close with their students. Most of my professors see me around campus and remember my name. The campus food there is very delicious and there are lots to chose from. The dorms are very widespread and clean. The bathrooms stay clean very often. Everything is great about Bridgewater college, were getting a new library soon which will just add to this great school.
If you like the smaller college feel, this is the perfect school! Safe area, smaller classrooms great for individual learning, many opportunities.
Bridgewater is a very small college with a tightknit community. I feel that I can succeed in this environment. I have access to my professors and resources are available.
Bridgewater college has been the school of my dreams. It is so homey and welcoming as is every student I have met and staff here. The class sizes are small and personal and I adore it.
So far my experience has been good. the school is small and quiet. Its easy to find your way and the people are always friendly.
I went on a college visit with the hopes of being on the football team. The Campus was very nice. The coaches were very nice and provided us with great knowledge that will help us strive in college life.
My experience at Bridgewater College has been wonderful so far. Everyone here is so helpful and there are many sources around school to guide you in the right direction. There are many different clubs and social activities so every student around campus can be included.
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Bridgewater College is a very diverse and accredited school. Personally, I love that majority of the professors want the students to succeed and they assist you in any way that they possibly can.
For a smaller college, Bridgewater has many opportunities. They offer many scholarships. They also have an environment that is very accepting and supportive. They push their students to better themselves.
I would like to see many things change like: the administration and staff actually caring about the students and their concerns, the dining hall getting rid of all the mice as well as making the food edible and not undercooked, finally it would be nice if the school made credits easily transferable.
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