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Bridgewater College is a very diverse and accredited school. Personally, I love that majority of the professors want the students to succeed and they assist you in any way that they possibly can.
For a smaller college, Bridgewater has many opportunities. They offer many scholarships. They also have an environment that is very accepting and supportive. They push their students to better themselves.
I would like to see many things change like: the administration and staff actually caring about the students and their concerns, the dining hall getting rid of all the mice as well as making the food edible and not undercooked, finally it would be nice if the school made credits easily transferable.
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There is nothing to do. Lots of good people go here, but it is so boring having to go up to JMU every weekend. It is so small, it is like high school. Everybody knows everyone and everything.
Bridgewater is a great college to attend because you learn so much from cooperative teachers, almost all the people here are so nice, and there are so many clubs/sports to join.
I chose to come to Bridgewater College to continue my academic and athletic career. Bridgewater is small, but it is a very pretty campus. You can make it to your classes within 10 minutes, which is really nice! I would highly recommend coming to Bridgewater and taking a tour to see if you think Bridgewater could be your new home for the next 4 years!
At first, I hated being here just because it was not my first choice but then I realized as I got older and now that I am a junior that this place has really helped me grow intellectually and build my character. The community here is so great and no matter where you everyone is polite. A few things that could change is upkeep of the college dorms and cleanliness, some things go unnoticed and sit for a while. Also the food department is lacking, it is like eating a nastier version of high school lunches but you are able to get more of it.
I love the environment and how friendly everyone is. I love how your a name not a number in a classroom.
It is a college that offers a lot and everyone is from different places but friendly.
The classes offered give you a wide range to choose from.
I like the people, everyone seems so nice and caring. They try to include everyone not just a specific club. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
I loved the experience I had at Bridgewater College. There is a very supportive and friendly atmosphere both on campus as well as in the surrounding town. Students have ample opportunity to meet one on one with their professors and to get to know them personally. There are many activities, sports, and student organizations to get involved with and meet new people. Bridgewater is also very close to the national forest, with opportunities to go running, hiking, and camping. I am very happy that I chose to attend Bridgewater College.
I like the engagement of teachers and understanding of professors and reliability, but wish there was more extracurricular things such as more clubs, groups for minorities such as NAACP, and fraternities.
it is a really nice campus with nice people. you get to know everybody. I have made so many friends here, and the teachers are so nice. the school really helps make you feel welcome. they have a lot of opportunities for students
I fell in love with the college because of its geographic location and overall beauty of the campus. The students and staff are very kind and diverse. Although, I do wish the academic system ran a little smoother.
Bridgewater is an amazing 4 year liberal arts college that has many great opportunities for its students. Being a liberal arts school, students can engage in classes they normally wouldn't take. This gives them the knowledge to engage in conversations with people outside their major and interests. One thing that I would change is tuition and scholarship opportunities. Tuition will be about $46,000 starting in the fall of 2017. It continues to increase in order to fund the major changes that the school is planning to make, but the merit scholarships and scholarship opportunities are not increasing along with tuition. I believe that Bridgewater should consider increasing their merit scholarships in order to compensate for the rising tuition cost.
Bridgewater College is one experience I'm glad I have gotten the chance to take. This atmosphere of this college is friendly, homely, and encouraging. Everyone that is here, whether it is staff, professors, or even other students want you to succeed. The campus is small, about a seven minute walk across the school grounds. So overall I am very excited to continue my journey here as a student, to see where it takes me in life.
So far I love Bridgewater. I have yet to deal with any problems while on campus and for the most part everyone I have come across have been nice.
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I like the friendly and positive atmosphere that the school brings. I also enjoy the safety aspect of the school and surrounding area.
I really enjoyed the food and kind people and staff at this college! I do, however, wish they would add more activities to participate in on the weekends.
They are very helpful with your field of study!
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