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The teachers I have had so far have been very nice and all very helpful. The actual campus is very clean and modern. The classes have all been noticeably beneficial so far to my degree. The only reasons why I rate this school four stars is because when signing up for classes is a hassle. I have never had to go through student loans or scheduling before and it is not very self-explanation on how to or where to apply for loans and sign up for classes or who to talk to about it. It gets very confusing when you have to talk to different counselors or advisors when they are not the ones at the school's location you currently attend.
I have had only one online class so far. It was very resourceful and the teacher communicated individually very well. It was more convenient to do online school at home (especially when the college is almost an hour drive each way).
This next semester, I will be taking my first online class. I have had some remote learning this past semester and attended all of my zoom classes and didn't have any problems. It really helps when you have dedicated instructors like I have been given.
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I have enjoyed taking classes at BridgeValley Community and Technical College. All of the professors that I have taken so far have been so great and very helpful. If I could change just one thing, that would be to make the financial aid process easier. It is so confusing and I feel like I have to jump through hoops to qualify. I wish I had a better understanding of what I could do to get some assistance in paying for my education. I'm not looking for a free education, just a little help.
BridgeValley CTC has been very helpful in my academic situation. They are always right there to help me find a solution to any problem I face.
Online classes can be tricky, but the professors at BridgeValley CTC are always willing to help students and are available to contact at any time.
i have not started yet but everything that i have seen and heard makes me want to go into this community college. i am super excited to start in the fall of 2020.
You get out of it what you put into it. I am getting a degree from a well respected program. I am glad I chose this school to attend, it is very friendly to adults returning to school.
Bridge valley is a small community college, and it is really nice to be able to be in smaller classes. My professors have all been excellent the past three semesters.
I don’t have any issues with this school other than the FA office doesn’t get back to you fast. I have to drive up often to get things resolved that could be resolved online or through email if they’d ever answer.
I would like to see a student housing option be provided and more ways to help pay for school. There are currently no options for student housing whatsoever. They could at least sponsor an apartment complex close to the school so students can get discounts. The town the school is located in is ruins of West Virginia Tech, who moved two years ago. There are no activities for students whatsoever. But there are empty buildings and empty dorms that WV Tech left behind.
I would like to see a higher graduation rate and teachers who car about students passing. There seems to be no desire to see students succeed
The professors I had the pleasure to learn from were compassionate and caring. There are some that truly believes the potential in you and will help you reach your goals.
I love my college, and I am so lucky to be going here
Once you're into a major teachers will help you get internships, and jobs
Again, the teachers are there to help, and they care about your learning
I've been a student for awhile, and everyone is so helpful! The teachers are excellent, and the people who go here are even better!
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The professors and instructors treat students like adults, so they are easy to get along with. The class sizes tend to be fairly small, as well. However, the class times are almost set in stone, so don't expect to be able to move a morning English class to the evening.
I like that it is not as big as major colleges.
It has been pretty good.
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