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Bridgerland Applied Technology College Reviews

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I have taken the introduction to drafting classes and it was so fun! The instructors really know what they are talking about and have real-world experience which was something that I was drawn to most. There is a lot of one on one interaction so whenever you have questions, they can be answered right away. I highly recommend this college.
I have not had to take online classes yet, but I do use canvas a lot and the professors are very easy to contact and receive help.
Bridgerland Applied Technology college has been very professional and organized in all of our interactions. They tell you exactly what they expect and when they expect things to be done. They have clear communications and are willing to help every step of the way!
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I haven't taken any classes online through Bridgerland but the online communications I have had with them have been great. They respond in a timely manner and are always willing to help you with any questions you have, or point you in a direction of someone who can help.
Bridgerland Applied Technical College is a great school where you can reduce your financial stress and have amazing teachers that are there to help you have success in everything you do.
Nothing because I've had such a neat experience there and I wouldn't change things. They have great professors and they want what's best for you.
This college, while not necessarily "self-paced" as they advertise, is amazing because it is a lot more flexible than the standard college. This technical college is all hands on - and there are several internship opportunities. Rather than focusing on writing papers on what you know, it's actually demonstrating what you know.

One time I didn't have the money to make my monthly payment - and instead of applying more fees like a regular college would do, Bridgerland just asked me to pay what I could and I was able to catch up on the next payment. It put my mind and ease and really made me feel good about myself.
I really enjoyed attending btech! Most classes are self paced which I really enjoyed. I was able to take classes in my field and get a phlebotomist certificate in the span of 6 months.
I took the dental assisting course. I thought that it was very educational and I have taken what I have learned and put it into my occupation. However, some of the things that they teach is very old school and will not use in a dental setting, but it was fun to learn about anyway.
The school is all about giving you a certificate or degree that helps you get a job. Their focus is giving skills for people to utilize and improve, to avoid all the annoying hoops normal colleges required in order to receive a degree.
They are very good for very specific places to work. If the faculty doesn't have any experience in something, or if no company has advertised that they are looking for a entry level type positions, they won't be able to help.
The self pace attitude was perfect for me.
Very helpful especially for someone looking for good training. Also good place for someone to get back up on their feet. The go at your own pace atmosphere was perfect for me.
There are some stuff I do not understand but get answers quick
Academic program is very good and price is very good.
Did not like that there was seriously no financial help, its hard to pay rent, work and pay for school all up front. Loans would have been nice to have.
Hard to pay up front due to no grants of loan help. Very good school though.
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My School – we have mosely all girls we have a couple of boys and we all good along sometimes but sometimes its a struggle.
My School – we really just learn what we need to theres not much offered
My School – I like how we get to work on real clients. our instructors are always there to help us
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