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Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing Reviews

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There is a positive atmosphere with determined and focused students. The ability to start clinical work within the first week of classes are awesome!
This campus is fantastic! The clinical rotations are right in Bridgeport Hospital, right across the street from the main campus.
So worth the money for the education received
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Most people are driven and focused.
Full library available with online resources.
We all want the same things
Great wireless speed and availability. Printers available but with use of personal paper.
Most classes pretty easy to transfer.
Courses relative to the field.
Lots of reading. Do not fall behind.
Old school on hospital grounds.
Very old campus. Keeps down the tuition i suppose.
Great school. Tough policies. Study hard with numerous resources and you will do well.
Financial aid department and process are quick. Not completely hassle free but not much of a bother.
The RN program is short 1.5-2yrs long and also intense. The passing rate for the NCLEX is +80%. Great program. If enrolled you have to work around the set course schedule there is not much flexibility when it comes to scheduling. However, it is for a very short time period.
No Hesitation – I am in the beginning of starting school again and the Financial Aid Office made it a direct effort to respond immediately to my inquiry about my awards and FAFSA. They did not hesitate to direct me on the right path and also give me a thorough update. I will say they should offer more options for scholarships and grants which were not brought to my attention until I saw their website.
my school is ambria college of nursing you dont have it as an option, no harm no foul i hope!
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