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Briar Cliff University is a Catholic Franciscan Liberal Arts University. I am currently a senior and have enjoyed the past four years at Briar Cliff from their performing art and diverse population and opportunities to their religious ceremonies. Briar Cliff students truly share all these variety of experiences with each other.
I came to Briar Cliff as a single mother of two very young children. I remember feeling lost, without passion, without purpose, and weighed down by a history of addiction and domestic abuse. After three years, I have not only found my passion and purpose for life but have also discovered strength within myself that I had never experienced before. The professors, advisors, and students have guided me to success in my academic and career path while teaching me about life and everything that encompasses it. Beliefs, opinions, traditions, and cultures are expressed by students and faculty in a respectful and inspirational way, embracing everyone who comes on campus. Also, the campus is beautiful and shows off the hard work done by both faculty and the students.
As a non-traditional, online student, Briar Cliff and my advisors have been extremely helpful in creating a path for my degree while taking into account that I am a Mom and work a full-time job. Briar Cliff is making it easy to feel comfortable and confident about returning to school.
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Just go to Morningside. Briar Cliff University just wants your money. There are some extremely shady business practices going on, and any positive review seems to mostly either be from students that were prompted to fill this out, or students that have not been here a while.
If you are like me and don't really care about nightlife or things to do (or I guess even if you do, the city is pretty dead) avoid Briar Cliff. I'll break this down for you so you can also avoid wasting time and money:
Drug use is rampant on campus, not just the occasional cloud of weed either.
You will watch your friends go to uni and wonder if you made a mistake
Should you have questions or concerns, best of luck.
I'm pretty pleased to say that the professors overall are great! They seem a little dead in side but they're extremely accommodating and kind.
Also be extremely aware of your graduation requirements. They make tons of money on super seniors.
Terrible. A place to avoid. I cannot believe this place claims to be a college. I learned more in high school from teachers who weren’t miserable. They want your money but can’t give you a reasonable place to live or eat. And sports are a joke. Every coach thinks they are so much better than anyone ever. They expect us to work, work work and don’t seem to even realize we are supposed to be in college. I’m not going pro.
My experience at Briar Cliff has been nothing short of amazing, the professors have been extremely helpful and considerate. Sports are a huge part of campus life and that helps create a sense of family and it's really easy to connect with the student body.
My overall experience here was good. The academics, professors and staff really are here to help you. A bonus is that a large portion of the student population is athletes, so academics are very understanding and blend well if you stay on top of things. If you are looking for somewhere small to make close friends and benefit from a smaller class size, this is the place for you!
There is no changes needed to be made. I think this is a great college. I will be interested in the college.
I enjoy the small campus that briar Cliff provides. I also enjoy the people on the campus. Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. On the other hand, the food is not the best. But over all I really like being a part of BCU. Go Chargers!
I like the small college atmosphere. Feels like home. I would like to see improvements on the dorms and food service.
The academics and professors at Briar Cliff are great and made my time there wholly worth it. Nothing against security, but most of them are older men who are very friendly and helpful, but I wouldn't rely on them much in case of some kind of emergency. Several girls were sexually assaulted each semester I attended Briar Cliff, and nothing much was done about any of them-hence the "terrible" safety rating. My advice to anyone who attends: stay smart with safety and don't go to the cafeteria, stick to Java City.
The community of Briar Cliff University is astounding. People are very friendly and professors will help you with anything.
Briar Cliff is very welcoming. When I applied, they made the process stress-free and very easy. I will be attending Fall 2018.
I liked the smaller class room sizes, the teaching staff was great and was willing to work with you, overall campus size was great. I however did not like the dorm rooms. They were not very well taken care of and they were not quick with getting maintenance to fix things.
I have been at Briar Cliff University for just over a year and a half now. So far, it has been a fantastic experience for me. The best part about BC is the community you become apart of and the friends you make. I have been blessed with some amazing people in my life including: coaches, friends, professors, and teammates. If I had to choose a college again, I would go to Briar Cliff every time. There will be some things every university or college can improve upon, but I do not have much to complain about here. The most complained about things would be the athletic facilities and cafeteria food. I think they are adequate enough; however, it can be tough to get some recruits because rivaling schools have nicer facilities and equipment than we do here.
Great, Great Community Feeling. The professors love to help you one on one. It is easy to get a hold of your professors out of class. You can speak to your professors on a personal level. The athletic events are always a good time.
The application process was very easy, staff was very welcoming. However, although they do know somewhat about the military and it’s funding for tuition assistance, they are not too military friendly with that part. The do the GI bill but for the TA military gets per fiscal year is a different story with help to get the information in time. Army requires at least 2 months in advance for paperwork, they prepare it 2 weeks before school. Other than that registering for classes and help with financial aide was easy. Teachers there also emphasize asking them for help if you don’t quite understand the subject that you are learning.
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Briar Cliff is an amazing university that helps the student grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. It is a gorgeous campus and the students and faculty are extremely kind. Everyone there is very welcoming to any new faces they see and they make you feel at home.
Briar Cliff University has truly been my home away from home. The small classes really allow me to have a connection with my professors. The social work faculty is amazing! They will always take the time to get to know you and will take into consideration what is going on your day-to-day life. The professors have a great understanding over the material they teach and are well equipped to explain the material. There is a great diversity on campus and the majority of students are kind and friendly. I have switched from attending classes on campus to online and I am still receiving a great education.
The teachers invest a lot in their students. They want their students to succeed in whatever field they choose. They are always willing to sit and discuss schoolwork and help you figure out your future. The rest of campus isn't so great. Well, the campus is nice, everything is located on one hill so there is no commute, but the dorms could be better kept, the food is nothing to write home about, and students are severely overcharged for what they get. Once again, the teachers and campus are amazing. If only the rest of the school followed that lead.
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