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Brewton Parker College is where I have found my life long friendship and the building of my relationship with Christ. The education is Bible-based and that is exactly what I wanted in a school. The only thing they need to change is they need to update the campus.
It's small and I get to be involved in a lot of things. The professors know my name and help me. It's very easy to find things to get involved with.
Small class size and professors take an interest in their students success. Students and administrators are very friendly and helpful making it feel like a family.
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I love how it is a small close-knit school, they really care about you and your academic success. They are extremely organized and prompt on returning your emails or calls.
I honestly wouldn't want anything to change about this school. All of the administrators and students are very friendly and helpful. When I went to the New Student Registration (NSR), almost everybody knew my name and I felt so comfortable being there. It gives you such a good vibe being at Brewton-Parker College. I just love the school overall, it's actually fun and better than what people expected because it's a Christian College. The outside of the dorm buildings may look old but the inside of them are updated. At most colleges, students have to pay to wash their laundry but at Brewton-Parker guess what? It's free.
I like Brewton-Parker College because it really focuses on academics and a very flexible because most students over there are athletes. You get to know everybody because its a small college with like 800 students maximum. I like cause the classroom sizes are pretty small and there is great interaction with your teacher.
Brewton Parker College was not shy at all in extending a warm, firm hand to me. The campus is certainly vibrant, and I could not express my love for it enough! My faith in Christ and passion for music has led me to this culturally diverse school, and I certainly plan to pursue a degree in Music Ministry. I couldn't change a thing about this college, and I hope it continues to grow.
My experience at Brewton Parker College has been one to remember. I met many intelligent, loving people and have grown closer to God. The professors, coaches, and staff are very close and helpful with the students. However, if I had to change one thing it would be to widen the major availability.
I am attending Brewton Parker college after going to Valdosta State, and it is much different. Brewton Parker is a lot smaller so the professors and president is more involved and personal with all the students. The campus is also small and located in a rural place so it feels really homely to me because of where I grew up. I would recommend this school to anyone who enjoys the outdoors meeting new people and someone who is searching for something different than the usually college experience.
Brewton Parker is a christian college, its different from any other college. Its there for students who wants to find god and themselves. The staff at Brewton Parker offer students a chance to build a relationship with them and god.
I like the quietness of the campus community. The campus community is small so things can be personable. Being a private Christian College there is church service and for many that is a great benefit. Their financial aid department needs some tweeking , maybe they need some more help. I will say in a crisis there are people, counselors that can help you. There activities that the college hold that are fun and helps the students to interact with one another . The dorms have been updated and security cameras have been installed. This may help deter any thieves that come on campus.
It's a start off school. Most people leave after there second year. If you're a small town person this school is great for you but if you're from Atlanta or somewhere big like that then it'll be a big change for you.
I love the atmosphere and the dorms .
I play for the athletics , and it's very great.
I love them dorms , and I love the social life.
I don't even know how the career counseling goes, because I don't live on campus, but I think people who graduate from here can get jobs as well as anyone else without a fancy degree.
The professors for in-seat classes are helpful, generally, but the online professors take forever to get back to you and it seems like they don't care as much.
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Though they work very slowly, it's still good
My school has a great athletic department, and most students that attend are there on athletic scholarships. School spirit is great, it could be better, but no one really complains.
I really like the atmosphere, and the students are nice. The location is nice and quaint, but if you're looking for the big college-town feel then it's not for you. I love that athletics are a big focus, and our teams are really good.
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