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I enjoy going to Brevard College the campus is nice and beautiful. The community is wonderful the students and staff are friendly and would do anything to help each other out. The classes are experimental learning which is not like any other colleges. Everything is hands on and interactive.
I like it because it is small. I have met a lot of friends. The classes are small, teachers are great and everyone is friendly.
I am currently transferring to Brevard. But I did have a visit there a couple of months ago. And on my visit they made me feel right at home and the campus was beautiful and the classroom I went to look like a great place to learn.
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My time at Brevard has been filled with new friends, caring professors, and a wonderful education. There is always something new to learn or experience, and the professors are always ready to help. There are so many resources and people that will lead to a successful college career. The campus is small, and all the students are connected. There is always something to do or some activity to participate in, and when there is nothing on campus fun can be found in other areas around the Brevard area.
A small, homey college in a small historical community near the blue ridge parkway. Is a great school those interested in music,art and the outdoors. The classroom size allows for a student to get one on one with their professor.
I thoroughly enjoy my time, and I get the most out of everything I experience. There is not a single thing I would change.
It's always hard to find a job in your academic field right after college, but this school prepares you for that and teaches you to perservere.
There are no real incidents of bad health or behavior on campus, and there is so much support and help should ever there be an incident.
Everyone loves their roommates, and there is no issue when it comes to cleanliness and good vibes.
There isn't a while lot of Greek Life at this school. It's all very calm and cool.
I am, personally, not a fan of sports. However, they mean a lot to the school, and it definitely shows.
Thus far, everyone at this school is inviting and easy going. The teachers are helpful, and they really aim to see their students achieve greatness.
Very diverse in many ways but not ethnically diverse at all
Seems to go unnoticed sometimes
My education was the best part about my college experience!
Lots of opportunities to connect with schools and opportunities in the community. College is respected but small.
Very supportive and well trained staff
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One of my least favorite parts of college
Mostly a good experience. Campus life was what made me not love my time there. But my education was excellent.
Women's events are not highly attended, facilities not in great shape
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