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The only class I have online is my English class and that is because my professor is high risk for the corona virus.
I like how it is a small campus and you get to know your teachers more personally. Experiential learning is a big plus as well.
Since COVID-19 I had to take classes online. In the beginning, it was difficult due to the quick transition period but after a couple of weeks things became easier and more detailed. The professors were great in their effort to reach out in order to help us succeed in the best possible way.
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I love the learning environment, this school is more hands-on and you build real relationships with the professors. They give you multiple opportunities to succeed and thrive. The only thing I would change is that most of the labs are on Wednesdays which can make it difficult to have multiple of them.
Brevard college is a very positive place to live in and is a great place to get your education. Everyone there is very helpful in all aspects. One thing that Brevard could improve is the food although it is more decent than many schools. If someone asked me if I would recommend them to go there i would absolutely recommend it.
My experience at Brevard College started off a little rocky because of personal reasons. I wanted to drop out and going home but I stayed there to live it try. I was stayed to play soccer and tried to see the best in everything there. Once I let everything in I loved it finally. The classrooms were great and so was the professors. It was a close communities that had so many benefits. All that said but work still need to be done, one is the cafe food. It'n not the best nutrients and needs more food that students like. Buildings needs to deep cleaned and prepared. I just wish the pride of attending the school reflects on the campus.
this school is ok , it is very small so everybody knows everybody and the professors are nice and helpful there is a family feeling of this school
i love it it is such an awesome school the dorms are a little old but they will soon have ac and be renovated everyone is so nice and welcoming
I am a college freshman here at Brevard College and for the most part it is pretty good. The classes are pretty engaging for the most part. The only thing that really could be changed is the dorms. They don't have air conditioning, so it gets pretty hot in the spring/summer time. And though it is cold during the winter months, the heat is blasting so high that you will be sweating profusely all day long.
Brevard has been extremely helpful in providing me with the necessary information before I make my college decision!
I love the atmosphere of the small school feel and how easy it is to navigate myself around to classes and extra curricular activities. The professors are also another great part because they are so hands on and opened to finding you the best help you can get to succeed. The school has the coziest family feel and is a great 4 year school to attend in the Carolinas.
The criminal justice program is a huge benefit it helps get into the field right after college. The food is not the best but they feed their students. Campus is safe and security does their job. All of the professors are nice and meet with students one on one if needed. Most class time is hands on which gives you the experience you intended. I would recommend this college to anyone that wants the college life but not a big school. I can not wait to say I am a Brevard alumni it has been a dream of mine. I give this college an amazing rating
Small city with a close family atmosphere. Everyone knows you and willing to help. It’s a great place if you aren’t a party person and want to accomplish what you came there for. Very adventurous always something to learn and do
I am currently enrolled in Brevard and starting next semester, and I fell in love with the campus the first moment I saw it. The amazing atmosphere, the adorable white squirrels, and the friendly people all attracted me towards the school.
Brevard may have been expensive but almost half of my tuition was paid for from scholarships before I even stepped foot on the campus. It is a welcoming community with a different approach to academics. Experiential education makes a difference and works well with small class sizes. The professors here genuinely care about their students and you will never feel like just a number here. There are numerous clubs, activities, and ways to be involved on campus and in the community. If you are looking for small class sizes, personal relationships with professors, a welcoming community, a place in the mountains, emphasis on the outdoors, and a place to grow and explore your interests while also getting a quality education with a large networking community then Brevard is the place for you!
It is small, getting to know to people is fantastic, classes are great because they are small
Lack of activities though.
Common day can be boring. It feels like not new activities are offered. You fall into a routine and wait until the semester is over
I'm currently enrolled to Brevard college for athletics and its so easy to apply and visiting the campus is a must! The town around the campus is adorable and great. it is a great place for vacation too
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My trip to Brevard was absolutely amazing! I can't wait for orientation! The atmosphere is amazing!!!!!!!!! I have experienced so much here!! I am so happy I got accepted! Paying my enrollment fee was a breeze!!!
If I had to do it all over again I would still choose Brevard College! The community and atmosphere is truly magical and something everyone deserves to experience.
While Brevard might seem very small and earthy, it is certainly the place I never thought I would call home. With the class sizes being remarkably small, you are able to build a relationship and bond with your professors to ensure you are doing your best and getting the best education. With a variety of different events rapidly occurring at Brevard, you could never get bored. Beyond the beautiful environment that surrounds us and our amazing school, the people are what really brings everyone together. Unlike most universities, I have a relationship with my peers, professors, faculty and more. This relationship and kindness that is all throughout Brevard as a whole could never match to another. Everyone I have ever meet has only been kind and helpful to one another. The community of the town of Brevard and Brevard college come together for many events and bring joy to all. I could never imagine going anywhere else.
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