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The Financial Aid Office made an extra effort to find monies for me to attend classes there. All the professors were on hand to make sure the college experience at Brescia was successful. I enjoyed all the required biblical classes and decided then that I wanted to further my studies because of the priests who taught the classes. My time there was deeply satisfying.
Brescia is a great place to further your education. The campus is small enough that you can walk anywhere you need to be in less than 10 minutes. The campus size also allows for students to get to know one another better. This is a university with great on-and-off campus activities, such as bonfires, trips to amusement parks, movie nights, and guest speakers. The academic programs are excellent, especially Social Work, and all of the professors are great. The only downfalls of Brescia are the living spaces for students and the financial aid office. The apartments are great, but the dorms are extremely small and are in a great need of being updated. The financial aid office seems to mess up constantly and its a hassle having to go down there to find out why you suddenly owe $5,000 every other month.
I love the small class size at Brescia University.
I wish that the education program placed students sooner for observations.
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The quality of the education made me prepared to reach my employment goals. There are many support services and people ready to lend a hand from advice to recommendation letters to job prospects.
Excellent, quality education. You truly are part of the family when you enroll in Brescia. Challenging without being overwhelming. Supportive without constrictive. Engaging and superior!
I love Brescia University. If I didn't already live in Owensboro, I would definitely want to live on campus because Brescia always has an event going on or a place to go to study. The sense of feeling like you are involved in a community engulfs everyone and no one is left out.
With a Business degree near this area from Brescia, I will be sure to meet fellow alumnis as potential employers, and also as a respected business school, my degree will hopefully, as backed with my internships, land myself a career I desire, and as any student desires.
Campus Security is seen at night walking the quad, checking to make sure the visitors to the dorms are gone, and that the buildings are only opened with an ID card at certain times of the day/night. If there is a problem, or if you are stuck outside, a friendly security officer is there to help. They monitor the parking lots, quads, entrances, and exits, and will let you know of any potential hazards.
Renovations are being made in several halls, and hopefully with this will come a more modern atmosphere. The current dorms are fine but with the renovations, they will be more appealing.
For the small student body, the school has spirit and especially those on campus attend events and faculty attend events as well
I chose this school because it was small in comparison to other Universities. However, the same amount of students attended my high school, so I felt as if I was just continuing school as usual, so the "big shift" between high school and University was not a fearful event for myself. There is a sense of community between both the faculty and students.
Housing is great. It's livable. Nothing bad about it.
They're great. Great in the community and on campus.
Great variety of athletics. Great people, good fans and participants. Great team work.
The dorms are okay but the apartments are a little better
One we don't have a Sorority or a Fraternity at our school I think because it's a catholic school
When it comes to sports, the most popular sport is basketball. I will say that Brescia doesn't have that much school spirit because majority of non-athletics student don't support other teams at Brescia University
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It's great they give you the tools and prepare for your field, although it is very challenging.
there is campus security patrolling the campus at night
the dorms and apartments are really nice. In the apartment, you have your own kitchen and living room with 4 roommates. it is pretty nice.
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