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Every one here is so kind and the staff is wonderful! With COVID 19, the administration has really made sure to enforce the rules set for us and by the CDC.
I have a couple of classes online and so far it's been alright. Sometimes the wifi acts up and cuts you off the zoom which is super frustrating. If I get put into a group, the communication is very little and the teachers get frustrated but is also very hard to communicate virtually compared to in person.
It sucks and I wish I never went to this college in the first place but I had a scholarship to this college.
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Through my personal experience with Brenau University, i felt like it is a liberal college, and that is right. It needs more Christian views than politics views. Only tigers I like is Joe Exotic’s tigers, and no not his tiger on his pants.
I attended Brenau University on campus right after I graduated high school. I cheered on the competition squad until I got pregnant with my daughter. I am now planning to go back, after having two kids, and the staff have been working with me to make it easier on me and to where I can still work as well complete my degree. It's amazing!
I love taking my classes online, especially since I work and have two kids. It allows me to spend time with my kids and also not have to quit my job so I can continue to provide for them
As the pandemic began to shift populations into self isolation, online classes became a must for me. My classes which were originally on ground courses became online. The courses were revamped utilizing the Zoom platform. I was able to still receive my lectures from the comfort of my home. Although there were some differences in the teaching methods utilized for my courses, professors were accommodating. We were welcomed to email our instructors for questions on assignments or schedule private zoom sessions for better comprehension of the content to replace office hours. Overall, it was a huge adjustment for a hands on learner like myself, but the staff was accommodating.
I like the diversity and the liberal arts environment. Unlike most colleges they try to incorporate the arts in most fields to expand critical thinking and creative skills. I enjoy the organizations and the various opportunities that Brenau provides. There are several opportunities to go on trips and become leaders within the community. For instance, there is a student ambassador program that allows students to represent the university in a foreign exchange program. It allows students to be be exposed to various cultures and have a new perspective on the places visited. I’ve expanded my mind and learned to step into leadership roles and I have Brenau to thank for it.
Brenau University is a home to me. I really enjoy being part of this wonderful community. I love the diversity here! Everyone at Brenau are great! I can not explain how thankful I am to Brenau University. She (Brenau University) is a place I can be myself without any one judging me. Finally, what I love about Brenau University is that every one there are loving people and are willing to help others in need.
Brenau have great online professors. Especially, due to this pandemic, spring semester was not a bad experience with transferring on-ground classes to online. I like that Brenau University online professors are really understanding. They do whatever they can to help you with any resources.
I enjoy the professionalism of the staff at Brenau. Truly feel like everyone there was the success of students. They are quick and efficient in responding emails and getting things straightened out. My advisor is super knowledgeable and she always gets back to me at a reasonable time. I enjoy the course I take. The instructors make the courses very fun and easy to learn.
The online classes are very well established. Instructors are great in communicating the assignments and are very well timely mannered.
I love on line classes they are very flexible with busy schedules. If you are confused your professors will not hesitate to help you! They are so helpful with anything you need.
Brenau is a wonderful women’s college. I have met many great professors that have helped me with anything I need whether it’s school or home related. It’s a great sisterhood university. I have made wonderful friendships and relationships I will carry after college. I love the ratio between students and staff. I always feel welcome and encouraged. All the professors are very helpful. I have learned great tips and have had great experiences there. The only thing I would change is the tuition.
Before beginning this program, I heard only great things about how amazing it is and how prepared and educated their students are. Since starting this program a year ago, it has been nothing short of pure insanity and uncontrolled chaos. I am thankful for the friends I have made, but I wish I went somewhere else. Overall, there is very poor communication. We were told the incorrect tuition amount, professors don't answer emails, they have poor fieldwork placements and unnecessary classes. Students ask questions and make suggestions. We might as well say nothing since our suggestions and questions are either ignored or not answered.
Brenau University is great, especially if you're an online student. You can complete your pathway 100% online!
I have loved learning through Brenau University and I feel like they have done their best to prepare me for my nursing career. The staff is supportive and always available to help. I do not live on campus and attend their remote campus in Norcross so I can't speak for the campus life/activities/athletics.
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Brenau University is a small campus and a private school in Gainesville ,Georgia. The school is full of well-minded professionals teaching young students of the campus. Along with fun activities to do on campus, your mind can be full of creativity and passion.
Brenau University is known for their Nursing programs in the state of Georgia. They are well known university in the state and offer some amazing programs. I loved attending the program here.
Brenau is a horrible school. If I could give it zero stars I would. They made everything 10x more difficult than it should have been. I went into a seriously bad depression my freshman year and brenau didn't help me one single bit. because its a womens college you would think that it is very for "women uplifting women", but its not. the sororities are rude and the sports teams are all horrible.
there is zero party life whats so ever so you will not get a normal college experience.
My freshman year there was a man walking around on campus with a gun, and noone was notified. Brenau was overall a traumatic experience for myself and the friends I made there. Glad we have all transfered and are thriving.
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