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If i could go back in time and erase Brenau from my life I would. The dorms are filled with mold and the cleaning staff barely does anything. Other than how disgusting the facilities are, the administrative board is filled with the worst people on earth, they have zero respect for students. - When I decided to go to an all girls school, I figured everyone would be very up-lifting and supportive. Not the case. The student here are rude and judgmental. Greek life is terrible. Its a dry campus and if you do get caught, (which if you do drink its literally in your dorm room, cause that's all there is to do) they throw very harsh unreasonable punishments at you. Another thing is how the question "so are you staying here or transferring" is very common, basically my whole hall is transferring because of how terrible this place is.

Not to be this dramatic, but please DON'T CONSIDER BRENAU.
Brenau is a great place for any student to come continue their education. The staff is inviting and makes anyone feel welcomed. The students there are friendly and there's a strong sense of community. The education I receive is of a high standard and prepares me more than adequately in the field.
Brenau has the most wonderful campus with the most lovely people on it. The women are strong and powerful and the teachers drive their great enthusiasm. However it is very small and there is not much to do. The food is also hardly edible.
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My experience at Brenau is still happening , im a freshman in school but the weeks i have been here have been awesome. Brenau is a school where I dont see myself leaving because everything here is just right for me , I get along with everyone , the professors are great and even the food is good. If i had to change something it'll have to be the party scene here. You see Brenau doesn't really have parties that much and i feel that they should because the students be needing a break and it's plenty of places where we could party. Overall , Brenau is one of the best choices i have made and i think it'll be a good choice for you or anybody.
This is a small women college that has a great vibe. Since it is small everyone seems to know everyone making it easier to socialize. There are many event going on throughout the year to keep the students entertained. This is a very proud school that is open to change.
My whole experience for this school is based off of my admittance. The advisors are really helping me throughout the process and i would love to attend the school.
Communication is great among professors, advisors, and success coaches! I'm in the online program for Early Childhood Education and it has been wonderful. Programs we use are easy to navigate and user friendly.
Breanu is a very tough college. It takes a lot of commitment and study time to really be able to do well. You need to be very committed to graduating.
I enjoy the small community Brenau offers for its students and the easy access to help and information. However, it is an all girl school, and I would like to see the school grow in diversity to allow more males to become students.
I really enjoy the flexibility of online courses. I am a very busy regional area manager of a home health care company, and I am able to attend classes on my time so that I can achieve my Bachelors degree. The faculty is excellent and very available for any questions you have. The course work is challenging and the professors are great!
Brenau is a small school but if you look at it from a different perspective you could really enjoy it. Classroom settings are small so you are not just a number at the school. Teachers know you by your name and really get that student professor relationship that you would not get at a bigger school. I love going here and I have met tons of people I will remember for the rest of my life !
Although the Theatre program is amazing, the faculty and administrative staff at Brenau often are unhelpful and the cost of this school is not worth it
Overall a good college. Works well with students who have other commitments like young children. Allowed me to take only one or two classes at a time to work towards completing my degree. I would reccommend this college to anyone who works Monday through Friday or takes care of their kids throughout the day.
The people here are absolutely amazing. I moved to Brenau from another state and knew no one going into the school year. I very quickly made many friends and got involved on campus. The professors want to see you succeed and are there whenever you need them. The food is decent, but there's not a lot to do on or off campus.
I love Brenau. It's like a big family. It's kind of in a transitional period at the moment but they're working out the kinks.
the teachers are great and everyone is friendly
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Everyone here is super nice and are totally friendly. For my program, classes are crazy. I'm a freshman taking 17 credit hours. My adviser is okay. The food is good, but there's not much to do.
I feel very comfortable about finding a job after college. My program has an 80% job rate and the networking is unbelievable.
It is an open campus, but I feel safe. And there is a nurse who is always there for it you're sick or whatever you need.
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