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Brenau is a good school for the creative. Come in with good Jesus centered morals, you can become very bored at Brenau and find yourself in a bad place. Repent of yourself and turn unto the CHRIST for forgiveness of sin.
I have only enrolled at this point but I have been so impressed with the support I have been given in my preparation to go back to school after so many years. Financial aid & degree choices alone can be overwhelming while working a full-time job. This college is very "in tune" with adult online students. I have had 3 employees contact me to encourage and guide me through the early part of the process. I also get many emails giving me information on what is ahead. I can only imagine what is ahead for me in this exciting journey!
So far I like the school and I really like that they split the semester up into mini-semesters. The teachers that I have had so far are very pleasant and they try to help students achieve their goals and get a better understanding of the material that being taught. I am taking online classes so the only time I really get to interact with other students is during class projects or on discussion questions. I've found that most of the students to be very kind. The one thing I don't care for is doing group projects. I don't like having to wait on someone else to complete an assignment.
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Great school just be mindful of the other girls and try to stay focus. Above all have fun and go to your classes.
The reason I chose Brenau is because as soon as I talked to the enrollmebr coach I knew I wanted a chance to attend. I wanted a degree from an accredited university and she made the enrollment process a breeze. From the FAFSA application to registering for classes. Once enrolles I realized aftoer only one week that my professors are quality educators and I am a fortuitous student indeed.
I would recomend the Brenau expierence to anyone interested in higher education. The futer me deserves to be a success and I feel Brenau is going to be a platform for that woman.
I appreciate that Brenau offers the opportunity to earn your degree fully online. I am a young mother and at some point it felt impossible to get back into school and continue furthering my education. When I came across Brenau University, I was happy to know that I would be able to earn my Bachelor's degree all online and still take care of my child.
My overall experience with Breanu has been great and although this is my personal experience I hope it can help someone decide on if this is the school for them. The best part is that they have been honest with me in regards to how much school would cost and about the teachers and the degree I wanted. I am also taking online classes and with that we get so much help and there is so much that they offer for us students including the rushed course where it takes on-ground students it takes months to finish one or two classes we only have a 7-week course program which I think is great so I recommend this school for anyone and the the advisers are so great that you forget they are a adviser and turn into a friend that just want you best interest.
I attended the satellite campus in Augusta where I found Brenau to be a refreshing educational experience. A diverse class with varying viewpoints was a n important part of my education. It is a superb facility with quality instructors who care about the education of their students.
I will be a first time student with Brenau University however, so far my experience has being great. My Husband graduated from Brenau a few years ago and is currently back with them to finish his graduate degree. I guess I can say that it has being great.
why are these colleges starting to become money hungry???? the financial aid that is not used for tuition is suppose to go to the student not in the faculties pocket!!!!!! wake up students and PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FINANCES!!!!!!!!WAKE UP!!!!!!!
The faculty and staff of Brenau University are all top notch!!! The online graduate programs are excellent and the professors are all very easy to talk to and willing to help.
I attend Brenau online. I do not get much interaction with staff on campus, however, the select few times I did, I was incredibly pleased with the kindness and willingness to help. My adviser has been fantastic and always just a phone call away if I need help with anything and she is always eager and interested in what I have going on in my life. The teachers have been wonderful as well. There has been one time I had an issue turning in a paper that was due and the teacher was very understanding of my circumstances and allowed a late submission (with points docked, of course).
I am just now transfering to Brenau. They are one of a few that would take my classes from my previous school. So far all the staff have been very great they are so friendly and helpful.
I had a horrible experience at Brenau University. The school is a historically all women's college, and you can see and smell that it is. When I attended the school the buildings were ran down and outdated. The dorms were covered with spider webs and roaches, old furniture, and it smelled really old. Some of my friends had to call their parents and report the condition of the school. There was even black mold in the buildings and when it was reported the maintenance would just come by and paint on top of it.

The institution spent all of its money on maintaining the landscape and building new sorority homes just for advertisement purposes.If you weren't a part of a sorority you basically did not matter at the school. It is also very expensive to attend. You are better off going to your local community college.
Brenau University is a great school. The environment and the staff is really amazing and very helpful.
I go to the Augusta campus and I still feel very connected to the main campus in Gainesville. I love the support and fast communication between the students and the staff. Everyone at Brenau is very helpful and it makes the experience of being a student that much more exciting and relaxed. Also, the small classes are great because it is less intimidating. I really appreciate the relationships that are formed between students and professors.
Brenau is a very good college, it has wonderful advisers that help you choose your best course to take and great instructors.
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I am currently taking Early Childhood Education on line. I like this program because it offers the flexibility to complete my work on my own time and I do not have to travel to the school. Breanu also has coached that call to make sure you are on track and answers any questions you may have.
Faculty have time for one on one advisory and good feed back on student questions and progress. Awesome schoool to attend. Worth the money
Brenau University is a very good school academically, but I find myself constantly fighting with financial aid and the accounting office for fees they just tack on to my account. It is a hassle to get in contact with them as well.