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I have been nothing but happy. Even though I am an online only student, I have had people helping me to become successful along the way. From Arturo the admitions coach to my success coach I have always had someone to talk to.
I love Brenau University! The teachers are so helpful and they seem to genuinely want you to succeed. The buildings are all in walking distance for the students. Another thing I love is the programs they have for international students. The only thing that I would change, is their tuition. It is a bit high, but you definitely get a quality education.
Brenau is the perfect school for people who want to truly focus on their academics and extra-curriculular activities. The teachers only want you to succeed, and help you as much as they can to do so. Due to the fact that it is a smaller school, you will become very close with a lot of people, and get opportunities you would not normally get at bigger schools. The people you meet will become a second family and support you no matter what. There is an amazing dance and theatre program, athletics department, and academics. It is a choice I would make over and over again.
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What I liked about Brenau is that everyone works in a team and helps each other. They help each other and are always there for you no matter what even the teachers.
I am new to Brenau and I love it, but I feel they should have advisors and success coaches that reach out to you more and that don't get discouraged if you miss their phone call.
It has been great so far, I just signed up to go here. The faculty is super nice and wants you to actually call for help when you need it. Also will go over everything for you
Brenau University is an excellent educational school. At Brenau the teachers require you to be self sufficient and learn with others in the graduate school programs. It really allows you to learn independently like you would post graduation. They connect you with real world challenges.
I loved my time at Brenau. Small class sizes and beautiful campus. I was a biology major and all of my science professors made it an amazing experience. I learned so much while I was there and they have all been so helpful,even a year after graduating, doing their best to help me get into graduate school.
This College works extra hard for their students! Excellent help support and guidance. Amazing 100% online programs. Professors and staff really care about the students. Awesome college to attend.
Brenau University has awesome tutors for free, nut when it comes to teachers helping students they aren't there.
Brenau University gives me a place to call home and allowed me to become a better person because of it. Being at Brenau has allowed me to grow in my education and personal life. Brenau has amazing student services that are really focused on the students for the students.
Brenau is a wonderful place to receive an education and grow your personal leadership skills. It empowers women to become strong, independent, problem-solvers, and well-rounded individuals. The technology in the classrooms is a little outdated but is generally sufficient. The professors are genuine, helpful, passionate, and care deeply about helping their students learn. However, the room and board is poor at best. There are a few newer dorms with only a few maintenance issues, but the older buildings are in disarray; even if the maintenance crew actually comes to do repairs (which is rare), their repairs do not solve the problem for long. The dining hall serves passable food, but the meats are often over- or under-cooked. In terms of academics, Brenau is a shining star, but in terms of housing and dining, it is shabby.
I love Brenau University because of the amazing community and the support system that you have while you’re attending the university. Professors know you, so there’s an ability to be able to create relationships that will help you succeed. You have the chance to get so many opportunities that I know would not be available when attending another university. The staff and the other students at Brenau genuinely care about each other and want each and every person to succeed. If I had to describe Brenau in one word, it would be family because no matter where you come from or what you’ve been through, there is always someone that can help you push through and support you.
I was a freshman student at Brenau University. I was very unsure of the college before I went there and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it at all. Despite it not being perfect, it’s hard to say I didn’t end up enjoying my time there. I got to meet all kinds of new people, had a very good time learning with my professors in an engaging environment that promotes success. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Being a boy, there aren’t as many of us as there are girls, and although it seems odd at first, you get used to it and learn to be friends with all kinds of people. Overall, Brenau is an amazing place to be at.
I enjoy my experience here. Im doing well so far. The teachers for online courses are great at communication.
I really like going to school here. The people are friendly, inviting, and accepting of all. Brenau's rich history and tradition make it stand out from other colleges. The only changes I would make would be a complete restoration of the buildings, dining hall hours, food options, and amount of students. I love the small college feel the school has but would love to see the campus population grow.
Brenau University does a great job when it comes to making students feel a sisterhood wherever you go. There is not much to do here so getting involved on campus is easy, which looks good on resumes when you graduate. As a dry campus, there is not a party scene but we have enough fun here that we do not really need one. If that is something you are looking for in a college Brenau is still a good school because Athens/UGA is only 30 minutes away.
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At Brenau University, there are positive and negative features that every incoming student can expect to experience. The staff made me feel safe to express myself. There is a majority of white students on campus than black or international students.
At Brenau University, there are positive and negative aspects that every incoming student can expect to experience. At this college, the staff is proud of having an open community to make students feel safe to express themselves, in clubs and through their major. In addition to having a safe space, this college has convocation throughout the semester to address the female students to provide reassurance and have speakers remember global figures or historical events. Aside from these attributes, this college has their cons. For instance, a notable difference on campus is diversity. There is a majority of white students on campus than black or international students. Moreover, there is an overall dislike for the Dining Hall which is known as, the gag for their unseasoned and uncooked food. Furthermore, another setback is the campus life as Brenau University has strict quiet hours, implement a dry campus which leaves students to travel to other colleges and clubs to party and socialize.
I love that this school has a part time option for working adults. I hate that this is the last year they are offering admission into the program. I consider my self honored to be accepted.