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Brazosport College is a beautiful campus! I love that all of my instructors want me to succeed and push me to do my best! I love how my instructors come up with ways to make lectures interesting! I would really like to see Brazosport College associating with student loan organizations so that other students have a way to pay for their education.
Brazosport college has a variety of academic choices for today's student. I have found this college to be quite accommodating for any course of study. The Dow learning center they built is amazing. I would however, love for the process to be a tad easier, I can't complain. Overall the school is awesome and I am happy to be a student at Brazosport college.
They offer many times to take the class or taking it online have helped balance school and work and personal life.
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It's not the best thing, but also not the worst. It was tough for me at first, but very convenient for a busy schedule.
The career center provides great help for places students can transfer to.
I've had great experience with the professors I've had. They always have gone above and beyond to help when needed. They also made sure their ways of teaching helped each and every student's needs.
The degree gives students the opportunity to search for great job and internship opportunities.
Classes needed are offered and professors do whatever they can for the students to comprehend the area we are learning.
Very great college! It offers many great things and opportunities for students to interact. Such as GATOR, and events.
Brazosport is a small community oriented school. I love being a gator and everything that comes with it. It is a great school to start out on because they transition you well from being in high school to college. I would do it all over again if I had to.
Brazosport is a good school for me because it has what I need. I'm getting my basics done before I go off to a university and BC is a great fit for me. The professors I've had are wonderful and make their classes fun while using the time wisely. At Brazosport, they have many helpful events that go on throughout the year. Gator book club taught me about Henrietta Lacks and Hela cells and gave me extra credit for a class. The career fair helped me lock down my choice of being a nurse and taught me how to write a resume. The college fair gave me more ideas of where I could go after Brazosport to continue my education. The only thing I don't like about Brazosport is the woman over financial aid. She is very rude to me and it isn't helpful because I need financial aid, but she makes me not want to go into the office. I do go in though because that's the only way. Overall Brazosport is a good college that is very student orientated.
good flexibility of classes and times
still have other students to help
good help lining up job opportunites
lots of different degree plans
very highly recognized community college, good teacher refrences for getting jobs/careers
instrumentation Technology; help me to advance in the I&E field.Lots of training opportunties
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wonderful teachers and after hours programs and events
I have been able to fit most classes to my schedule.
The online courses run smoothly.
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