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Brazosport College has a great atmosphere. Everyone on the staff is always friendly and willing to help with whatever it may be that you need. They make it very easy to be successful at Brazosport College. Classes are small and teacher to student ratio is amazing. Brazosport College even has a great student life. They have the Swamp where students can relax, play video games, billiards and many more. The college even has an on campus child care center with great rates for students and staff members.
Very good, friendly community college. Helpful on multiple levels and the people try to work around your schedule.
The counselors are extremely helpful with helping you plan for your future no matter what your path is.
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I am very pleased with my first semester at Brazosport College. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. The appearance of the college is modern and artsy and I love it, it is easy to maneuver around and if you get lost, just ask! The resources are very good, there are so may computers available at all times. As well as study locations, the college is usually quiet and supportive to studying students. I have never felt mistreated or unsafe here, that is always good!
They are definitely there to help students succeed. Easy to enroll, and most of the teachers are really there for you as a student.
Excellent College to attend if you are considering! Definitely recommend to all students in the area.
What i really like about brazosport college is the diversity of classes available, and since it is a community college you can get to know your teacher, unlike university where you have 300 other students taking the course with you.
I like that they offer the most up to date technology. I would say about half of the teachers I had were whole hearted about teaching and the other half seemed like they wanted a book to teach you. Algebra was my worst experience and Health and Safety was the best experience.
Constantly changing degrees/courses.
Add requirements that force you to go backwards
Always not offering the advanced/senior classes but numerous beginner/freshman classes which leaves MANY students unable to finish their degrees.
No real support from administration except shrugging shoulders.
Teachers not showing up for classes, leaving you to teach yourself. Many classes are going to online versions, still full/not available.
Just sick of the money we have put into this school with NOTHING to show for it!!
I have loved every moment of my college experience. While classes and schedules may get a little crazy, my college is consistently there to help along the way. I am so proud to say that I have attended this college.
The aspect I like the most about Brazosport College is the double role it plays in a providing a close community and bestowing preparedness for university life. I noticed in this institution students and faculty members have close relationships, and everybody knows each other pretty well. Even though the community of this institution is smaller and closer, the courses can still challenge students in a way that improves their academic attributes and responsible decision-making skills in preparation for a four-year institution. So, if you're a student who enjoys smaller classrooms and values close relationships with your professors, and you want to essentially test the waters of college life before moving on to a big university, Brazosport College is the right place for you.
Brazosport College is awesome. They have so many excellent programs that will meet everyone's needs. The staff and professors are so nice and caring.
I don’t like it. I’m being blunt because my teacher has never worked in the field. I’m trying to get my education up but my add impedes . We lack in money so we can barely get money for a physical dignaostic
The people there are so friendly, and the staff is amazing to work with! The staff is so helpful. They have many activities during the semester, so getting involved ad meeting new people is very easy. The teachers are great, the classes are a usually no more than 25. You ask the teacher for help and there is no hesitation, some even have teacher assistants that stay after class and help you. The security is great too. If you are there late you can ask a security guard to escort you to your car. This is a great school to start with!
My experience in brazosport college was great. When I needed help for a class, they have programs that they offer. In a lot of occasions I was there most of the time, especially for my writing assignments. They also have a reading program that a lot of teacher take is a extra credit if you participate. They have a lot of programs, and they also have a lot of other activities going on. They also have a lab where they have a lot of computers and you can use them. Printing is for free, you can just take your own paper and print. There is also a small store that has a lot of supply and also if you need something to snack on. It is helpful, because sometimes people do not have enough time to go and make food. Classes are very clean, and they are small. The only problem is that to sign up for classes, it gets full really fast.
Brazosport College is one of the best community colleges you can attend. It is a great place to get your degree, the college offers so many programs that you can achieve in a couple months if you are looking for a short career; or if you want a long- shot careers their are many classes you can take and can transfer to other colleges without any problems. I highly recommend this college, I'm currently a student here, an i am about to enter the ADN program. It is a great place to put your hands on education.
From dual-credit to full-time student, I loved Brazosport college. All classes (online, dual credit-off Campus, and on campus) were great and did not fail to reach my expectations. Only complaint, is the lack of subjects of classes and electives to take through BC, but what they do have is phenomenal.
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Overall good education, not much else other than that to be honest. I think it's hard for some students to be part of BC community considering no one lives on campus.
The Academics at Brazosport College are less than challenging. Some classes especially online classes lack the engaging qualities necessary for enjoying what you learn. However, there are some gem professors (E. Masterson and S. Tarrant are two) whose classes are amazing. The price of Brazosport can't be beat and the amount of help they offer you to get your Associates makes graduating a walk in the park.
I have really liked going to school at Brazosport. The teachers I have had are some of the best. The campus is well kept with it's own on campus security. The class sizes are kept at a good number of students which helps in my learning process. Overall a great school.
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