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I attended BH 20 years ago, and I am still working in the field. If you work hard, have the discipline to study on your own, and are prepared to continue learning after you graduate, then Health Claims can be a rewarding career. I am now earning over $60,000 a year, thanks to the start I received from attending this school.
The teachers were good, however the costs was extremely high, im still paying my loans back 12 years later, for a profession that barely makes anything, medical assistant. I then went on to a regular college for nursing...I paid less for a 4 year degree for nursing than I did 12 years ago for medical assisting.
I don't know doesn't apply to me
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They take time with our education
Usually two mods after a completion of the program Ms. Stacy gives information about people that were hired
My favorite class was phlebotomy. In the beginning I was nervous invading the body with a needle until our instructor dr.leroy continuously made us practice until he felt we were comfortable to seek volunteers. Although this being my favorite I finished within less than a week of starting and sought out to find volunteers for the rest of my classmates we showed sportsman ship and team work
I haven't been on my extern yet, but from gearing from other students our school won't fail of forget about us when it comes to or extern or being a possible canidate to be horehound they are determined that we find a place and keep it,
The teachers took there time teaching. I am a student with a verity of questions that sometimes people felt they weren't useful but the time that my instructors gave to answer to the best of their knowledge showed they cared or they were interested in learning with me.
The school is great, although there were situations that left people in a daze of confusion at times but such is life. I believe I made an excellent choice going to Branford hall of amityville, I met some wonderful teachers, who correct you at any mistake to guide you and prepare you to be a professional and are determined that at any class time they have with you that you understand what it is they are teaching, even during make-up hours.
The institute works with an area hospital so there are jobs available there.
There is a larger student body in the medical and technical field in another building. The PFT's are located in a facility with a gym we can use for our learning perposes. This group interacts daily, and there is great camaradie in the classes,
This course is exciting and informative. I am able to attend the day course, as I am unemployed at this time. I was unable to find gainful employment for many months, so I looked into changing my career to Physical Fitness Trainer. This seems to be a fast growing career move, and I hope to find a great position in one of our sport clubs in the area.
Well Brandford Hall was and is a waste of time. I should've went to college. All that they do is give you a bill. They don't HELP YOU find a job at all. Their where around 26 students and only 7 got jobs by themselves and the rest are still looking. Brandford Hall was a waste, not a lot of jobs for MA.
I'm a medical assistant student, and my class has been great I have learned and experienced alot during this school ear at branford hall.I am interested in everything this has to offer
i've heard before students have finished there externships they where getting hired so brandford hall is doing a great job with teaching there students.
well my school has mostly consist of working adults with full time work and familes as well. we also have young adults who are here playing around but are all here to better there self and get a better education and a career.
The tuition is expensive, and I am trying to make ends meet in order to live and have enough money for food and gas to get to school.
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I am happy with the instructors. They are specific to the needs of obtaining my NASM certification.
I am a NASM student, and the classes are very informative and I hope to get my Personal Fitness Certification in October 2013.
Need to get the printer working in the computer lab in PT building.
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