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Branford Hall Career Institute - Albany Reviews

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I love the in class involvement, it's small so you can't hide in the background.
They are very flexible and understanding the needs and demands of the student.
i have exhausted all my financial aid so i am trying to get private loans or scholarships. just not easy being that i do not have very good credit due to student loans.
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Its pretty good. I am a biller and coder and the program is good so far. So far the work load is not big at all which makes it easier to study and know more about the subject.
Overall Great – Overall this school is great. At this campus location their is only two programs that they offer which is Medical Assistant and Medical Billing and Coding. All of the professors are outgoing most of the time. They really make you feel good about yourself and always tell you that you can do it whether or not they are your teachers. The registration process is smooth and they help you with it so it doesn't seem like alot of work. The work load is average but its not he type to overwhelm you.
Happy With My Decision – Im glad that i chose Branford Hall. It is not like a big campus that has you running from building to building. Branford Hall is a small school where everyone gets along and not overwhelming. The teachers are very outgoing thats what makes the classroom not boring at all, they make it to where you are relaxed to be able to be yourself. So far so good happy to be there.
I haven't yet started classes yet but I will be next month. From what I've seen of only being there twice I have read the curriculum and what i would be learning. It seems like i would learn absolutely everything i need to know and possibly more. The class registration was easy and we did everything in one day except financial aid. They have a special room for a tutor and she is always available and whenever you need it you should absolutely take advantage of it. There are also a few computer labs throughout the building.
Branford Hall Career Institute – Branford Hall has average size classes starting at about 30 people. There are a lot of lively people there. The day I registered to go to school there the students were already talking to me and telling me that i was going to love it there. Their programs are very hands on and fun to learn. Their staff are very fun, outgoing, and at the same time very professional.
Job Prospects – I am not finished with my classes. I have one more class. They post jobs at the school on a continuous basis.
Typical Student – Our student population in the evening is very diversified. For the most part are very friendly and helpful. I have a friend from school name Barb, who took it upon herself to help me by giving a ride home in the evenings after class.
Very Good – the computer network is very easy going printing is free and its speed is very good too !
A Very Good Place – its is unique in a very good way, its a hands on program which it very good
Its a Good Choise – its a hands on school, you get to go out in the field and do your work
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