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I enjoy that I am able to complete my schooling on my own time and i also enjoy that I am able to work from wherever especially when traveling.
I absolutely love Brandman University. My adviser and one-stop contact make registering and paperwork a breeze. They are with you every step of the way. Every instructor I have worked with is available for support via email, text, or call.
The staff are always extremely prompt and helpful with questions or concerns. The professors have all been amazing teaching the courses. I love it.
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Extremely happy with Brandman University. I have had support from the staff the entire time as an on-campus and online student.
I have attended brandnan’s victorville campus over the last 10 years and the professors have been very helpful and supportive.

The advisors and admin staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and caring.

The small satelite campus is clean and safe. It has good and helpful resources and access to a computer lab
Honestly, I love Brandman University. I have had a great experience with them every step of the way, and they've made getting my degree (online) while being active duty military much more achievable. The counselors have always taken the time to help me create education plans, and the instructors are always understanding when life inevitably comes up. Additionally, I found one of the nicest things is that books generally aren't nearly as expensive as many other schools. I would say the only thing I wish I could change is that some of the classes I need for my degree aren't offered that many times per year, and that makes things a little bit less flexible. But still, my experience with Brandman has been overwhelmingly positive, and I'm glad to be a student.
I love Brandman's course structure and helpful advisors. They really take their time to explain things to you and help you out when needed
My overall experience at Brandman has been amazing. The only thing I would like to see change is the online bookstore because the books tend to be very expensive. The professors are also amazing and very knowledgeable. They are always there to help and answer questions you may have.
I truly enjoy attending Brandman. My academic advisor has been great with any and all questions I may have. I also have enjoyed my interactions with my professors. My favorite part has been my classroom interactions. I enjoy the online courses as well, but absolutely prefer to have an in-person interaction.
Great school for army veterans, working students, and family life. Generous financial aid packages that go year round. Helpful enrollment coaches, academic advisors, and financial aid counselors. Classes available through the year on campus and online. Multiple locations all across the United States. Professors are well educated and knowledgeable.
What I like about Brandman University is it gives adults who have been out of school for a long time and wish to return an opportunity to earn a degree while working full time. As a non traditional college, Brandman offers both blended and fully online classes for its students. The Academic Advisors are very dedicated in helping students reach their academic goals.
I just started but it has been a good experience so far. The advisors and enrollment coaches have been supportive and very helpful.
I attended Brandman University's Santa Clarita campus. Overall I had a great experience. Most classes were on campus or hybrid. The campus was small, just one building, but it was large and kept very clean. There was a small "student store" that sold coffee and an area in the back with tables for students to sit outside. My advisor and financial aid specialist were wonderful. They were very responsive to my questions and needs; the advisor was on it when I asked to make a last minute change to my schedule due to work. The financial aid specialist did all the work and outlined everything I needed to do on my end in order to get FAFSA taken care of, and she did the rest on time. On campus class times worked well with my work schedule.
I really enjoy the freedom of the online school and the quality of education. Everyone is there to help you. I look forward to graduating from Brandman.
I like the convenience of studying online due to work schedule and although I study online the staff at brandman make sure you are successful. Everything is available to you as if you are attending on campus. I don’t really have anything I would change because brandman is a great university to attend online and on campus
Brandman University offers great staff, helpful counselors, and overall educationally rich classes. If you ever have a question or concern there is a help desk always available. They made the process of achieving my BA very easy.
I love how easy it is to get a hold of the counseling and financial office. The staff is very helpful and attentive. Everyone is very friendly as well. Online schooling is a great way to get school done and still have a busy life.
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I absolutely love Brandman University. I chose to come here because my mother had nothing but positive things to say about this university. I was previously at California State University Northridge and felt that I was going nowhere, Brandman has shown me the light. I would not change a thing about Brandman because they was it is set up is just right for me. Brandman has the best staff and online courses I have seen.
Brandman provides fast paced classes which aims to help the student achieve their degree sooner. Professors are knowledgeable & strive tohelp students succeed. Tuition is costly but the path to a career hopefully will pay off. Support staff are involved with student progress and aim to help students successfully complete courses while learning all they can pertaining to their career path.
Brandman University is geared towards working adults which helps students like me out a lot. I was able to return back to school after taking a few years off and the advisors and professors made it easy for me. Due to the face that it’s geared towards working adults I am able to continue working full time as well as pursue my bachelors in legal studies. The professors are easy to contact and more than willing to help. The only factor that I would change is being able to take more than two classes at once. Other than that I am glad I chose to go back to school and am attending Brandman University.
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