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My experience at Brandman University was exceptional. The faculty and staff were well-informed, direct, and provided clear explanations. The advisors helped me to select the right courses and show me great career and professional development resources. The professors were respectful and truly cared about their student's success. The professors and advisors would check in with their students throughout the week and offer encouragement and glad to provide recommendations for internships and graduate studies. In addition, the staff were very accessible as well as helpful in rectifying technical issues.
My name is Tonya and I am currently a sophomore at Brandman University. Online education has been wonderful. It not only works around my family schedule but it's also moving quickly towards my degree. The amount per unit is rather high, I would appreciate a lower cost per trimester. But I have been grateful for the education I am receiving.
I liked that it had the online option and that we; as busy adults received a chance to get an education at home.
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I love this school because it has allowed me to continue studying as well as working at the same time. I am doing a fully online program so my schedule is very flexible. The classes are great, very engaging and interesting.
Brandman's the best! I haven't gone to a great school since elementary. All the coursework for the eight weeks is already lined up, so you can get ahead if you wish. Everyone, from professors to academic advisors, are so nice and communicative. Brandman staff come to YOU and help work with you on a yearly schedule. They always answer any questions you have through phone or email. Getting good grades is not difficult. Assignments are clearly stated and are enjoyable. I have learned so much going through their teaching program from diversity to different types of schools to teach at to students with disabilities and how to work with them (I am not a special education major either), so it's all good stuff. Teachers give great feedback, yet are not strict on grading. Many often give you extra chances to turn things in or to redo assignments. Their hiring process, I can tell, is excellent. They choose only the best-of-the-best. Their priority really is their students and their education.
People are very mature and also they take school seriously.You build many strong relationships with others. The professors are helpful and they answer any questions that you have. The classes are very small so, you get to know the people that attend your classes.Yet, they do need a library and also provide a cafeteria with more food.
I love Brandman, the courses and the teachers. I took many online classes and I was able to get good grades. The staff is great and they were always there to help me. The tuition is high, but that's why I am applying for scholarships.
I went here as a graduate student. I like that the course expectations are predictable from class to class in terms of weekly assignments and time commitments. It usually meant a weekly discussion post and a paper about every week. It may include a group project halfway through the term, as well as a major "signature assignment," which was simply the big final project/paper. This school is ideal for those who are looking for a straight forward educational experience . If you take online classes, it may be difficult to build relationships with others, but if you're a working adult, it may not be a priority and therefore works well. If you're looking for additional support from students and faculty, accountability to establish those relationships will fall on the student.
The classes are well taught and informative. It is a little bit expensive. The classes are fast paced and the only break is during Christmas. However, I find this a little helpful as it does not give me time to fall into bad habits.
As an older returning student, the administration at Brandman has been wonderful, reassuring and supportive.
After 30 years in the business/retail world, I am finally going back to complete my BA. Brandman was the only University that met my needs for online courses, financials and course studies. The help that I have gotten has made this so much easier and fun. Never would of figured going back at age 50 to complete 30 units and to move forward towards a teaching degree.
The help/advise has been wonderful and I couldn't do this without them.
I would like a masters in criminal justice. The online program was very time consuming. I loved the 8 week classes.
I go to the Yuba City Campus that is in Northern California. The staff in the office are amazing, they will help you with anything and everything you need. When I was first applying the enrollment personnel took the time out to call me often and make sure everything was going smoothly. The program that the online community uses Brandman University is easy to use in is very easy to learn. I use the GI bill to pay for my tuition and my graduation date is in 2019. I recently called the staff at Yuba City to see if we can bump up the date so I can use my GI Bill to continue my Master's at the University. She told me that she would try her best and she emailed me with the next day with my new education plan. They go out of their way to make sure the student is taken care of. I would recommend Brandman University to any new student or any adult of thinking about going back to school. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else but Brandman University
I am currently an online student with Brandman studying for my BA in Organizational Leadership. The coursework has been challenging, but extremely rewarding; just what I was hoping for. I chose to attend Brandman for the convenience of the online classes so I wouldn't have to sacrifice a job that I love. I have never once been disappointed with my classes, professors, or interactions with classmates. The staff at the local campus is also commendable and will go to great lengths to maintain student satisfaction and expectations.
The online program is pretty good, but the school is pricey. If I ever have financial aid questions, their OneStop never has the same answer and is very inconsistent. However, the program is extremely convenient and allows me to work full time and still accomplish my goals and get my work done.
It is my first semester at Brandman and I am loving it! I currently take classes online for Brandman and I love it! We have discussion boards where we can interact with other students. The other students in my class are from all over the country. They have made me feel comfortable to speak my mind. Brandman made me feel comfortable and I love my school.
Brandman University is ideal for online courses. The instructors lay out very well what they expect from you as an online student. The advisors and financial aid people are excellent in replying to all my emails and pointing me in the right direction for help. Although, usually they can help me themselves. It's been an overall great experience for someone who was nervous about online classes.
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I'm going back to school to get a teaching credential in biology and physical education. Brandman University in Menifee, CA was the best choice for me. They have been very helpful so far.
Great school! I switched from a community collage, I switched before earning my AA. The community college was cheap but required too many classes and would have taken me much longer to get my bachelors degree. The staff are very friendly and very willing to help people when needed. The campus is small and secure and you don't have to pay for a parking permit.
My experience at Brandman was incredible. Earning my M.A. in Organizational Leadership provided me the skills and knowledge to advance in my career and later start my own Leadership Consultancy business. I am still closely connected to my classmates and professors. I highly recommend Brandman.
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