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The online program is pretty good, but the school is pricey. If I ever have financial aid questions, their OneStop never has the same answer and is very inconsistent. However, the program is extremely convenient and allows me to work full time and still accomplish my goals and get my work done.
It is my first semester at Brandman and I am loving it! I currently take classes online for Brandman and I love it! We have discussion boards where we can interact with other students. The other students in my class are from all over the country. They have made me feel comfortable to speak my mind. Brandman made me feel comfortable and I love my school.
Brandman University is ideal for online courses. The instructors lay out very well what they expect from you as an online student. The advisors and financial aid people are excellent in replying to all my emails and pointing me in the right direction for help. Although, usually they can help me themselves. It's been an overall great experience for someone who was nervous about online classes.
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I'm going back to school to get a teaching credential in biology and physical education. Brandman University in Menifee, CA was the best choice for me. They have been very helpful so far.
Great school! I switched from a community collage, I switched before earning my AA. The community college was cheap but required too many classes and would have taken me much longer to get my bachelors degree. The staff are very friendly and very willing to help people when needed. The campus is small and secure and you don't have to pay for a parking permit.
My experience at Brandman was incredible. Earning my M.A. in Organizational Leadership provided me the skills and knowledge to advance in my career and later start my own Leadership Consultancy business. I am still closely connected to my classmates and professors. I highly recommend Brandman.
Brandman University is an amazing school that adapts to a busy schedule as they offer many online courses as well as classes on the campus. They help military and their families out tremendously. They work with them to ensure their education is on track. The staff has always been very helpful and supportive. I've never had any issues with the staff. whenever I have a question or concern, the staff always helps me in a expeditious manner. I would recommend this school to anyone, especially students who prefer flexibility during their educational endeavors. I will continue to carry on my studies with Brandman as they have assisted me in every possible way and have furthered my education extensively.
I feel safe at the building where the classes are held. The parking lot is small, so you don't have far to walk, and well lit.
The career counselor and financial aid worker were very understanding and nice. I had my 18 month old son with me while I was there for 3 hours getting everything taken care of. They were super nice and didn't mind at all that I had my son with me. They made sure I understood everything that I needed to do on my part before I left.
  • 6 months ago
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There is no housing available.
There are no Greek's or non-Greek's, there also isn't any fraternity's or sorority's at the campus that I attend.
There isn't any sports at the satalight campus that I attend. It's made more for the working adult.
This is my 6th college/university that I have attended. All the courses are 8 weeks long, and there are more terms then a normal college/university. Which helps you graduate faster. The professors are very helpful, stern but fair. The classes are either hybrid or online, which works out great for a busy lifestyle.
Small campus and has security. Everyone knows each other and very safe campus
the staff at Brandman guide you in the right direction so that you can be successful and get a job.
  • 7 months ago
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I enjoy Brandman and like it a lot! I really enjoy the small school setting because now all the professors will know you.
I'm very happy with the services provided by my counselors. Financial Aid is not very helpful, however they are currently working on assisting me with scholarships
  • 7 months ago
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I'm very happy with all the services the school has provided me in the past few months. I can communicate with both my financial aid counselor and my career advisor in a very timely manner via email. So far I have no complaints.
There are campus police in view in every parking lot and on campus.
The education degree programs are some of the most popular in my area. We have a major teacher shortage and this school offers extensive training and support to reach any teaching goals.
  • 10 months ago
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