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The faculty at this university is absolutely amazing with professors who are fully qualified experts in their subjects and are most often involved in research and contributing to their fields even today. There are many opportunities to be involved in research (even as a freshman!) and fun clubs and diverse organizations on campus.
Brandeis University may not hold the most accolades of the numerous new England liberal arts schools, but it's communicative, curious, and creative culture make it shine beyond other schools. Brandeis has a strong if short, history and this history helps students find footholds in the college's culture and life.

Academics are often phenomenal with small class sizes and teachers who are devoted to the student's success. Campus facilities and housing are acceptable, and renovations are regularly being made (although freshman housing is always very cramped and sucks the most). Resources for everything from mental health to lab access are readily available, and encouraged, for students. food is mediocre, and unfortunately, standard, dining hall fare.

over all a great school because of the culture of the student body and faculty.
Brandeis is a great school filled with great people. The professors are top notch and will help you if you are struggling. The dorms and food could be better, but are honestly not the worst around. I love Brandeis and I could not think of a better place to attend!
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Brandeis University offers students a variety of extracurricular activities and academic challenges to push students to achieve their full potential. The class sizes are generally small and the professors are concerned with student success. However, the residence halls on campus are sub-par; the roof caved in in one building and the heating is either non-existent or unbearable. Additionally, there are kosher options available on campus, which are often more appetizing that the non-kosher options on campus.
I started about two months ago. I am taking a lot of courses, which comes with a lot of work and studying. But I have also made a ton of friends already. I love my roommate and close friends here. Meals are good too :) they cater to any needs. It's really wonderful. and the campus is beautiful.
Professors here try their hardest to infuse their leftist agenda into their students' minds. Very difficult to find a professor who respects personal opinions that do not coincide with their way of thinking.

With this being said, Brandeis is regarded as one of the best academic schools in New England.
I fell in love with this community from the moment I set foot on campus. It went from a safety school to my first choice for multiple reasons. This campus was home for 4 years and it still feels like home to this day.
I'm grateful for the opportunities I found and received in Film Department, although the department lacks producing opportunities. Proud to be an alumna.
Brandeis was a very good school with wonderful teachers and a plethora of educated professors. I learned so much and was involved in many extra curricular activities, while completing my triple major.
Lots of volunteering opportunities. Great big campus - greenery. Cold weather. Nice dorms. Teachers challenge their students. Majority is Jewish and Chinese students.
Brandeis University gave me everything it promised and more during my first semester as a student. I have been exposed to a wide range of highly challenging courses with top notch professors who are dedicated to their students' success. The campus is very well groomed, student life is full of a wide range of consistently active clubs and events, the students here are generally outgoing and diverse, and the entire university is dedicated to the social awareness of its impact on the world.
What I would like to see more of is administratively led social diversity where not only the diversity of the student body is promoted, but also of the faculty.
Also, the standards of our food desperately need to be higher in quality and nutrition not only within the dining halls, but also within the campus grocery stores especially for those who do not have the ability to take themselves food shopping off-campus
The social life sucks here so much, that it makes my preschool look like a party school. The parties are horrible: too crowded, bad music, and nobody knows how to dance. Even if you don't like to party, finding things to do on campus besides homework is usually a struggle. On most Fridays nights when I ask someone if they want to hang out their response ranges from, I got to do homework, to I have to study for this test I have in a month. Most weekends I often find myself asking, "where did all the people go?" with the response being, "they're all in the library." The academics are pretty solid, but unless you find gong to the library enjoyable, I would suggest going to another school. Eating off campus is a must otherwise you may go into good food withdrawal. Quirky, weird, or strange seem to be the words that best captures most students at Brandeis. Between the obsession over social justice and Quidditch I often question why I ever chose to go here in the first place.
Very little diversity of thought. Very liberal. If you are conservative you run the risk of being blacklisted and getting hate mail. SJWs have routinely attempted to censor conservatives from the major newspapers on campus. Oh and if you are white you better be ready to admit your privileged and profusely apologize.
If you want it and willing to put some effort in you can probably get it. If you don't you can avoid it.
Housing is bad for the most part. Most dorms haven't been updated in 50+ years and this definitely shows. Dorms aren't themselves bad just amenities. No AC and elevators in any of the freshman and sophomore dorms, as well as good chunk of upperclassman housing. $2500+ Meal plan is mandatory for everyone living on campus all four years regardless if your dorm has a kitchen. Lottery process is annoying and almost always results in backstabbing. People with good numbers can pull in their close friends and thereby form roommate groups. They then select housing based on their lottery number. The problem arises when the dorm they are aiming for runs out before there number. Then say the roommate group was five people but the only good housing left is for four people. Well then someone is going be booted. There are a few really modern and recent dorms on campus for upperclassmen but to get them you generally need a number in the top 75 (out of 2000) or you need to be friends with someone who does.
Greek Life is not officially recognized by the administration. All Greek Life takes place off campus and off the books. There are some good parties in the Fall and Spring when frats/sororities are trying to recruit but otherwise pretty bland.
No real varsity athletics. No sports events. Club sports are okay but not great. One positive I would say is that there are a lot of different athletic clubs that are open to people with no experience.
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There are some good things about Brandeis and many bad things. Unfortunately, lately there seem to be many more negatives than positives particularly in Computer Science. Firstly, if you are considering going to Brandeis for computer science I urge you to STRONGLY reconsider. In general classes are huge 100+ people and you'll most definitely have undergraduate TA's grading your work. Professors are very inaccessible and will almost always redirect to their under grad TA's before letting you speak to them. Secondly, the course selection is mediocre at best and poor at worst. Absolutely, no coverage of Hardware or Cyber Security at all. Almost all classes are very theoretical too (not a bad thing if you are looking for grad work but not so good if your focus is software engineering). If you are in the Liberal Arts however things are generally much better. In Liberal Arts you do actually get the small classes they brag about. Campus is very 'politically correct' and thus you must tread carefully or may be 'written up'. Despite being interested in Social Justice administration has no problem raising tuition and cutting your fin aid every chance they get. Housing is old and in need of renovation. Dining is very bad and in general getting worse every (see about this in the dining section). Administration uses dining as a chance to soak even more money out of you. Mail room is awful. This may seem minor but imagine all your prime packages getting to you a week after they are delivered. Location is not great but not awful. You are near Boston but it is still a chore to get into. Partying/Greek Life is very bad in general. Frat parties are okay but definitely not good. Sometimes there are good house parties. Altogether not a great school. I would recommend only coming if you plan on majoring in the liberal arts and are a hardcore social justice type.
Professors are challenging, many research opportunities, friendly motivating environment
Not an ivy, but its pretty close
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