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The staff and faculty are very nice, but the school itself lacks financial aid for students. There are many great professors and opportunities for research with them also. The resources are also plentiful so one can pursue many things here.
Great place to be. very welcoming, the instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced in their various fields of study. Coupled with the various scholarships available to international and domestics students. On a average a students get 50% scholarships.
Excellent science laboratories and diverse, international student body. The freshman dorm rooms are small, though.
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Brandeis has excellent academics, and professors are engaging, qualified, and truly care about your success as a student. I have loved all my classes so far, and feel challenged. There is a lot of work, but if you manage your time right it will be just fine. Just don't come here expecting an average workload, it is a lot of work and starting one month into the semester, you will have test after test/essay after essay all the way until winter/summer break. That being said, the social life can be very hard. Many students are involved in STEM, and undervalue the social sciences and humanities. People are incredibly introverted, and there is a culture of studying here in which people study on Friday and Saturday nights and mostly stay in their rooms or the library. It's hard to find people who want to go out and do things on campus or in Waltham/Boston. It may take you a while to find friends.
The admission office certainly isn't qualified for their jobs, and I would just call them bunch of "nerds".
I am loving Brandeis. My professors work with me, my friends are incredibly intelligent people who come from all over the US and the world, and there are always things to do on and off campus.
I am currently in my second year at Brandeis. I have found that it has become so easy to find my group of people. It has also been so easy to do what I love doing. I'm in classes that I enjoy, I'm with people I love, and I am just really enjoying my college experience.
I went there for a recruiting trip and had an amazing time. Everyone I met with was so helpful. The class I attended was informative and well taught.
Everyone cares about you at the school. Very good academic rigor and they challenge you to be the best that you can be. It's very easy to get to Boston and adjusting is not difficult. It is a great school and is definitely under shadowed by its surrounding schools.
The majority of classes are very well taught and headed by professors that are beyond over-qualified to be lecturing. While not a place for partying or excelling athletics by any means, there is a very lively community with plenty of opportunity for meeting social needs through clubs. If, however, one is not interested in a club or sport, or is not Jewish, then the social scene is a bit more trying, as many of the students seem to be less sociable outside of class.
Brandeis has rigorous and challenging academic programs. The professors are all passionate about what they are teaching and will always take time with students whenever needed. The party scene and social life at Brandeis is easy to find if you want it, but there is definitely a strong community that shies away from it. The proximity to Boston is great and there are free shuttles to the city, where there is always something to do when you want to get away from Waltham and not so great dining hall food. One thing the school needs to work on is diversity and representation of different backgrounds in professors and staff.
I love Brandeis! The community is friendly and welcoming. The teachers are amazing and really care about their students. The only downside is the administration. They do not listen to the students. Financial aid is also terrible. They rarely give enough money to students.
Brandeis is a fairly liberal school. Academic-wise, cultural-wise, and the respect between students regardless of their ethnicity, gender orientation, and backgrounds truly gave me the impression that this campus is open to any students who have the aspirations of becoming part of a diverse and hard-working student body.
I am majoring in chemistry. I think that the academics are good. I do think that some of the faculty could be improved. I hope that as the older faculty continue to retire, they will be replaced with young and newly impassioned professors. I think that the diversity is good, however many people seem to stick with their own race. This can be improved. I think that the athletics are okay but those who are on a sports team can be a little marginalized into their own group because they are always at practice.
The people here are so friendly. It's like its own town inside Waltham. Food could be better but overall the people and the professors are amazing.
Hated it. Teachers did not care, campus sucked, zero diversity, way too expensive, everyone is so strange and the food was disgusting. Going here was the worst decision of my life.
The faculty at this university is absolutely amazing with professors who are fully qualified experts in their subjects and are most often involved in research and contributing to their fields even today. There are many opportunities to be involved in research (even as a freshman!) and fun clubs and diverse organizations on campus.
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Brandeis University may not hold the most accolades of the numerous new England liberal arts schools, but it's communicative, curious, and creative culture make it shine beyond other schools. Brandeis has a strong if short, history and this history helps students find footholds in the college's culture and life.

Academics are often phenomenal with small class sizes and teachers who are devoted to the student's success. Campus facilities and housing are acceptable, and renovations are regularly being made (although freshman housing is always very cramped and sucks the most). Resources for everything from mental health to lab access are readily available, and encouraged, for students. food is mediocre, and unfortunately, standard, dining hall fare.

over all a great school because of the culture of the student body and faculty.
Brandeis is a great school filled with great people. The professors are top notch and will help you if you are struggling. The dorms and food could be better, but are honestly not the worst around. I love Brandeis and I could not think of a better place to attend!
Brandeis University offers students a variety of extracurricular activities and academic challenges to push students to achieve their full potential. The class sizes are generally small and the professors are concerned with student success. However, the residence halls on campus are sub-par; the roof caved in in one building and the heating is either non-existent or unbearable. Additionally, there are kosher options available on campus, which are often more appetizing that the non-kosher options on campus.
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