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I love Brandeis. I think the people here are all very kind and everyone genuinely cares about you, this includes the professors. There is something to do for everyone and everyone finds their place and like-minded group. There are so many resources for health, academics, etc. Brandeis is a small but close community with the access and resources of a big university, you get the best of both worlds.
I personally love how peaceful the campus is, it's almost like a bubble, but not in a super isolated way. The shuttles to Boston and Waltham are great to go out whenever you feel like it and they run super late as well. Not much Greek life or partying, but that can be seen as a benefit or a disadvantage to some. The dining hall food is average, and the dorming is unequal-some are great while others are more run down, it's really just the luck of the draw.
I appreciate all of the individuals I have met including students and faculty. All of my professors are very dedicated to their area of study which I can see in their enthusiasm while teaching and commitment to help students.
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Brandeis University is a great school. I think what I most value is how approachable the professors are. If I have questions or problems, I know I can always ask for help. The other students are kind and welcoming as well, and overall I am very satisfied with Brandeis University.
Brandeis is a great place to be for your undergraduate education. There is a wide array of majors and minors and classes that will deepen your knowledge. The graduation requirements are flexible enough for you to explore your interests while receiving a great liberal arts education. I like the Usdan dining hall because it provides both healthy options and delicious desserts. The freshman dorming at North was good because it was convenient to access all the parts of campus, including classes, food, and gym. I was able to continue exercising throughout the year at the gym and in the pool. I have enjoyed my experience at Brandeis so far and would encourage high school seniors to apply here.
The first time I visited Brandeis University, I was immediately struck with how dynamic the campus was. I saw people who appeared to be from all different backgrounds interact so naturally and enthusiastically with each other. It was honestly something I had not seen in other campuses I had visited. Living in a town where over 95% of the population is White, I don’t get to expose myself to people of different cultures very often. Attending Brandeis University will give me this opportunity. Brandeis University will help me grow academically and socially with its rigorous courses and diversity. The idea of being around these individuals, listening to their stories, sharing my story, and learning from each other and what we have been through to be where we are now excites me. Brandeis University is an opportunity for me to exchange knowledge and experience with individuals while getting one of the best educations in the United States.
Visited Brandeis and while the students were lovely the campus buildings really detracted from the visit. With all of the donors it seems to attract I don’t believe the school is doing a good job with general upkeep of the grounds and buildings. Additionally, the newer buildings on campus each have a unique architectural feel which makes the campus feel disjointed. The setting is very pretty, especially the view of the Boston skyline from the new Skyline dorm but the lack of upkeep gives you pause to enroll.
I love my time at Brandeis! As a Stem student, there are so many opportunities for me to take. All of the professors have been great in their ability to explain difficult concepts and work directly with students. The introductory chemistry class was a bit difficult, but being able to work through it was a great achievement.
In terms of housing, I couldn't have been happier. Brandeis has a policy where all incoming freshman must go random for roommates. Despite this being nerve-wracking, I was put with two amazing people that I am glad to have as friends. I was also able to make lots of friends within my building since orientation was partially organized with people from my building.
Many people complain about the food, but I believe the food is significantly better than what people say. My mother is a phenomenal cook so I have a good frame of reference.
Overall, Brandeis is a great school that I am excited to attend.
I found many aspects of Brandeis very disappointing. During my first year, the majority of my professors were't very engaging. They didn't seem truly interested in helping us students. The students on campus can be very awkward, so although some are nice, it is difficult to become friends with students beyond a classroom setting. Social life on campus is very slim unless you join a sorority/ frat or a sports team. The housing opportunities are tremendously over priced and low quality. The meal plans are also expensive despite being very low quality.
It's very small and feels isolated at times. Food isn't great. The professors are great and classes are interesting.
I cannot imagine having received a finer education in neuroscience. Brandeis academics are extraordinary, and that was what I was looking for. If you're not interested in a serious, hard-working environment, you should look elsewhere. Every single one of my professors inspired me in significant and unique ways. My biggest criticism: the snowflakey student body, and the giant bubble in which most of them seem to have always existed.
It's a pretty average school that is predominantly white and jewish. The academics are great though, the teachers are very knowledgeable on what they are teaching.
The community is so incredible! The people are so kind, the location is so beautiful! I have nothing bad to say about the place! The weekend I spent there was so filled with love and friendliness!
The education I'm receiving is top tier. I just wish the food was better. No complaints. It's an all around great university and I highly recommend it to students who are all about their work.
I really enjoyed Brandeis University. There was a real sense of community there. They also had great liberal arts programs available to the STEM students and that they encouraged us to indulge in so we felt less boxed in. One thing they could work on is creating more activities for the people of color on campus, instead of them always having to do it themselves.
Brandeis boasts the motto "Truth unto its innermost parts" and stresses their commitment to social justice, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion. Seems nice, right? Spend more than a few weeks at Brandeis and you'll see that Brandeis' motto and "values" are all a bunch of lies. The administration at Brandeis is broken, and the racism, elitism, and classism run deep. It's hard to know where to begin explaining how truly backwards this university is, so I'll keep it short: Brandeis is an incredibly greedy, money hungry institution. The academics are not worth what students pay for them, the campus facilities are abysmal, and those are just the surface level issues. If you're not a wealthy white able (physically or otherwise) Jew, you mean nothing to this school and they will make a point to ensure that you do not feel included on this campus. Do your research on this school, or better yet, don't come here.
I had an amazing experience at Brandeis, I made lots of great friends and was very involved in the clubs and organizations. One downside is that being a smaller school, some courses are only offered every year or every other year, so it requires some planning.
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The classes are challenging, but the teacher are caring and devoted to both their work and their students.
I have met some amazing people at Brandeis, and its location couldn't be better. Boston is close, and the school offers the option to take classes at other area universities, including Tufts and MIT. The professors are knowledgeable and, more importantly, very accessible to undergraduates. The older dorms are only OK, but the newer ones are very nice, and with a small campus, everything is an easy walk. Brandeis also offers a free campus shuttle both to area conveniences and into Boston. I do wish the food was better at the dining halls but there are off-campus options.
Brandeis is an amazing liberal arts school, diverse student and staff community, a wonderful support system and a platform to grow learn and experience!
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