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I really enjoy the atmosphere here. Many of the students are highly motivated and have multiple interests, which leads to many interesting conversations. The down side is that the financial aid is not great, which also means that a lot of students can afford to come here without aid. If you are a student that will rely on financial aid to attend college (like myself), it can be isolating, especially if you can't afford to go home for every break.
I would like to give professor's the benefit of the doubt, knowing that they are still learning to teach online just as students are learning to learn online, but Brandeis uses many outdated programs, for class registration and class pages, that can make learning online, especially when learning remotely, very difficult.
At the time I didn't participate in any online classes, so I can't say, but I'm sure it held up with the other academics.
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Excellent extracurricular experiences available to expand cultural knowledge. Although the sports culture has taken a footing in the school and lowered the admittance standards, overall the small school offers a variety of opportunities to broaden your horizons.
Online school is new for both students and professors so it definitely takes a while to get used to. Professors do try their best to make sure the class is running smoothly.
Small campus. The campus dining is mediocre at best. There are very few parties. Some professors are very helpful.
Great academics and relationships with professors! Location is a bit far from Boston because of complicated transportation, and campus could be more attractive, but the value in the education was great and I enjoyed studying abroad!
I didn't take any online courses but I'm sure that the caliber is similar to that of in person classes!
We switched to online courses for the end of my last semester on campus. Making the switch half way through was very tough. Professors were very patient and understanding of all of the stress and uncertainty we were under, and made accommodations as needed.
What makes Brandeis special are the things between the lines. If you’re looking for the best food or the nicest housing, Brandeis might not be for you. If your priority is meeting people and having experiences that make you a better version of yourself, that challenges you and helps you grow, then Brandeis is the right place for you. Brandeis makes up for it’s meh housing options and mediocre food (they’re changing food providers this may improve next year) with intangible opportunities and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. I became a leader, and activist, and a more confident version of myself there.
Brandeis is an excellent school for academics, diversity, and social justice activities. Students are noticeably welcoming and kind. Brandeis emphasizes inclusion and provides countless clubs to ensure that every person is able to find their niche. Most Brandeis students are overachievers, which means that they have a tendency to over commit and over work. This can be frustrating if you are looking for a school where socializing at parties is a priority. The school does not have Greek life or a strong focus on athletics, so a lot of social events take place in student dorms or at club events. Since it is a university, administrative changes requested by students do take time to happen, but for the most part, the administration tries to be aware of student issues and accommodate as needed. Overall, Brandeis is a school where you will be sure to meet intelligent, motivated people who will become leaders and lifelong friends.
I have enjoyed my academic and athletic experiences at Brandeis. The professors are very passionate and dedicated. Athletic staff tries their best to make our experience better. I would like to see a better connection between the 2. Academia does not support athletics.
I love my first year here in Brandeis! The professors here really know what they are doing and really passionate about their teaching. You can get any academic help as long as you reach for it. Most people I met are nice and welcome. However, we are not a party school indeed. The most common place for socializing is the library lol. The only thing I can complain about is the food. The dinning is terrible and no improved for many years.
To expensive for quality of education. Better to invest your time and money in a different school which will offer better value. Campus is small.
I love how accepting the environment is. I also like how Brandeis University emphasizes on exploring many different opportunities and supports double majoring, as well as creating your own major.
This school is odd. There are plenty of resources, yet somehow, I feel like I don't belong. This school is not for the average student -- it's for those who feel like they don't fit in anywhere else. Also, incredibly hard course work accompanied by professors that aren't amazing.
The school is not really good in representing the African American community. There is no diversity and the food is bad.
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In academics, this institution is excels without a doubt. The staff and the courses available along with the resources they make available to the students show that they really care. In that department, you really do get your tuition’s worth. The only thing that holds me back from giving this institution 5 stars is the lack of diversity. As a POC, I expected lack of diversity entering a PWI. I’m glad that there is a representation and accommodation for Jewish individuals at Brandeis, but it really feels like other cultures are washed out in the process. Over the years though, these concerns
Were brought to Brandeis higher councils; the University has really improved SO much in the realm of increasing diversity and awareness. In this semester alone I have seen so much positive change and progress on behalf of the university, which shows how much they are willing to adjust to a student’s demands.
This was life changing. I met incredible professors, diverse students and was able to be active on campus in numerous student activities and serve on boards.
Brandeis offers not only a competitive environment, but also a unique and welcoming environment as well. Known for its well academics, its great to be able to walk around and feel welcomed, despite the background in which they come from. The benefit of being a student at Brandeis University is having the ability to travel anywhere in the city as well.
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