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Every interaction I have had with the school has been helpful and a pleasure. Any information that I have needed or have had trouble finding on my own the school has been great in helping me.
They give no info my school is boring and uncool
No comment no good call
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Wack and that's our future BramsonOrt College yuk
They are not good with giving student information about school, the staff hardly wants to work they rush students out offices. I wish I never attended BramsonOrt they are very unreliable as far as student info in schools the computers are almost everyday not working also I was gave classes that I didn't need so I would have to make up another semester and I hear they do this in my school because we get paid to go to school so they have some trick to make us pay another fee. I feel is that my school should get checked the way they operate with students, my grading for my school is a -C
Financial aid advisers are very helpful. If you are eligible for state and federal grants, you will get them and financial aid advisers will help you doing very paperwork/online work that is needed. You may get some grant from college also.
I haven't had much trouble scheduling my classes. But sometimes you can't drop a course/change the section because some courses are taught by only one professor and have only one on campus section.
There are some excellent professor who are very knowledgeable and helpful.
No clubs or students associations, no athletic centers. There are some campus activity but not even close to enough.
The student body is very diverse. Most of the students are older than regular college students age range.
This is the only college in a safe neighborhood, with updated gear, great professors, and the tuition is AFFORDABLE!
They help you with financial aid and scholarships, you just have too see financial office.
It was hard work cuz the teachers expect a lot.
I liked my design class.
The programming classes were high level.
This was a great college to learn computer technology.
I also enjoyed the gaming and programming classes and graphic design elective classes!
I liked the mac lab and small class size.
All my professors knew me by name!

The area is safe and very awesum.
Starbucks on the same block!
You have to check out the Greek restaurants around too!
This is a non-profit college so tuition is VERY LOW and affordable. I love it, and their financial aid department is extremely helpful.
I am taking computer and internet programming which is really in demand. The workload is not overwhelming, depends what classes you take within the same semester but the teachers help and they give free tutoring so it works out.
The school helped me alot, any time I needed even after class, the teachers would help me. Especially with programming and website design, the teachers were willing to go above and beyond to explain any questions I had. The classes were small so I felt like I had more time dedicated to me to learn exactly what I needed. Loved the school, the staff, the atmosphere!
Very Diverse – The student body is comprised of people of different ages & ethnic backgrounds. Everyone is here to learn & there are no conflicts.
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Great Computer Services – There's usually a computer available & the wireless access is consistent.
Nice New Campus – The campus was just updated last year, so everything is nice & new. Very pleasant.
Convenient & Helpful – Bramson ORT has this new campus in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY that is very attractive. It is convenient to all forms of transportation, The office & academic staff are all very helpful & the small college atmosphere lends to more personalized assistance.
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