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Bradley has small class sizes which allow for plenty of one-on-one time with teachers and students. Teachers take a personal interest in students and it shows that they want all of their students to succeed. There are a lot of resources available (education, outside involvement, internships, career, etc.) if you have the drive to take advantage of them.
I loved the small feeling of Bradley's campus, it felt special to know almost anyone I passed around campus. I do think that Bradley could put more effort into focusing on the growing number of students and their needs.
Bradley has a beautiful campus with new buildings being built this year. The campus is small, and you can easily walk from one side of campus to the other in under 5 minutes. The art teachers have been amazing teachers and resources.
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I am an online student in the FNP NP program. I love the professor and schools seeming effort at ensuring the online students recieve as close to an in-the-classroom feel as possible. The due dates and style of writing from class to class is very similar and the professors respond quickly to questions.
I am not fully on board with their spacing of classes for full-time students as it seems slow in some semesters and too much work in others.
Bradley University is a great school. It is like its own little community. Being from a small town, it has a similar feeling as living in a small town. Always seeing someone you know.
It is an average experience, nothing too exciting. The school is okay and the curriculum is challenging, which is a good thing.
I began as an education major. The education program was a sort of mess, working on the transition to common core. Many students in the 4 year education program ended up becoming 5th years. I changed to Computer science, the program is wonderful very helpful, teachers are always willing to work on understanding in office hours. The campus is beautiful, lots of places to study.
I really like the small class size and everyone is very friendly. It had a family feel to it. The instructors know you by name and you are not just a number.
I have not yet been here but researching about this college many of the things that caught my interest were the variety of programs they had to offer and the diversity. Also where its located its kind of a good distance from my house, I also like how they have the sports because I am a very athletic person and very active and I will be very interactive with many people.
Ugly campus in a dangerous, run-down area. It's not safe to walk off campus at night due to gun violence. Bad on-campus and off-campus housing. Dining service food is inedible. Minimal dining in area. Professors are incompetent and/or unqualified. Some of the students can barely write in complete sentences. Classes are painfully wrong and the administration sucks at scheduling. Classes are at weird times, so count on having early morning and evening classes. Degrees take ridiculous numbers of credit hours for the major so don't count on any electives if you want a minor. The rec center is nice, but it's always full of professors and it's awkward to run into them. You won't find friends unless you at least drink. Tons of weed on campus, plus some hard drugs. Do not choose Bradley for any reason.
Bradley University is an awesome mid-sized university -- with all the resources of a larger school, but the personalized attention of a small school. I chose Bradley University knowing it would be an environment that would challenge me, but simultaneously allow me to thrive -- and that's exactly what it has done in my short time here. I have access to well-qualified professors that care, and a wide range of opportunities that they are more than happy and willingly to help me pursue.
As a transfer student, Bradley has been so accommodating, helpful, and welcoming. I feel at home on this campus due to the excitement I have towards my major, courses, and the campus groups I have become a part of. I always feel encouraged at Bradley and am so happy I found my way here.
Bradley University has so much to offer, the students and faculty allow you to grow as a person and as a student. I was able to get the full experience of a small school campus with big school opportunities
One thing I really like about Bradley University is it's small class sizes. Some of my classes in college are smaller than classes I took in high school. Because of that I am able to have one on one help from my professors themselves- not their TA or their grad student. I also feel like i'm able to focus better in classrooms with 20-25 classmates instead of large auditoriums with 200+ students in them.
Bradley University is a unique place to go to school! Everyone here is welcoming and the campus has a great environment!
As a freshman I've grown to love this school. The professors care alot about the student's learning experience and are always willing to answer questions. A major part of the campus is greek life and i highly recommend joining a fraternity/sorority because you definitely don't want to stay in the dorms. The campus food is okay. Also, if you're looking for a school with outstanding athletics youre Coming to the wrong school.
I love the environment at Bradley! The campus is beautiful and it is easy to feel at home. Roaming off campus can feel risky however. The "Bradley Bubble" makes it easy to not leave, but I encourage you to experience the rest of Peoria with friends. The dorms are great (except Wyckoff) and the Student Center is a life saver. It's easy to meet new people and make friends with the social activities planned within the first few days of arriving on campus. Getting involved in a sorority was a really good idea for me personally and I think students should at least try rushing. I met my closest friends in my sorority and I do not regret joining my house. I recommend meeting your roommate on the sights they provide, my experience with random roommates was not great. Get involved quickly, it will make it much easier to make friends and keep them. Bradley is an amazing place full of amazing people and amazing professors.
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They had everything, such as the Newman Center, Saint Mark's Church, Greek Life, 2 quad areas, and great dinning halls. The best part is that they have an awesome education program where I would be able to start it as a freshman and work in the Elementary schools right away with over 100 hours in the classroom. After the 4 years, I would be directed on the right path towards the career path that I am interested in. I didn't find anything that needed improvements and am so excited to start school in the fall of 2018!
Currently enrolled at Bradley in my first semester. Challenging but the instructor are supportive. Movies ever Saturday night.
I could not be happier about my choice to attend Bradley! Most faculty genuinely want their students to succeed. The academic environment is always very friendly and uplifting. I love that Bradley has its own police department; I never feel unsafe on campus.
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