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I have not yet started taking classes at Bradley. The admission process was clear. The admissions counselor was available and helpful every step of the way. she really seemed to care that the whole process was as easy as possible.
Bradley has a great campus located near both downtown Peoria and the shopping centers and malls. The buildings are all pretty up to date and the faculty are all very welcoming and helpful.
Good school, your academic experience is dependent on the professors you pick for the most part. The Campus itself is nice but the surrounding area leaves much to be desired. the Food is good and the dorms and campus apartment options are great, I would highly recommend the St. James Apartment complex for housing in your junior and senior years.
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Bradley University was a nice, well rounded university where everyone enjoyed others company. Everyone is nice and the campus is great to involve in your adult life.
Bradley University is a great 4 year university to attend. The campus is beautiful, the student body is diverse, and the staff and faculty are helpful and engaging towards a student's success and well being.
I like the wide variety of opportunities Bradley has to offer as well as the safety and security the campus has available. Not only will you have a one on one connection with counselors but you have people that continue to push you to better yourself as a student. Bradley University truly wants to ensure success in their students as well as push their students to do the best they can do.
I really love how small and intimate Bradley campus is. I have had the best relationships with my professors and their goal is to truly help their students succeed. Also, while living on campus at University Hall, I had the best experiences! I would recommend any student to apply to Bradley University!
I am currently writing this review from the standpoint of a returning sophomore and I can honestly say that throughout the entire school year of 2017-2018 I was engulfed in the Bradley lifestyle where I was treated like family! I adore the majority of the professors and the passion for their work the instill upon their students.
Bradley University is an extremely welcoming environment. All of my friends and professors are extremely supportive of me and each other, and I'm really proud to call Bradley my home.
I am a current student attending Bradley University, next semester will be my second year. It's not an entirely bad school, professors are nice and work well with you but campus overall isn't so well... Housing (dorms) are absolutely horrendous, they almost look like prisons and ARE definitely not worth the price they're charging. Police patrol campus which makes it seem like a safe environment.
Things I like about Bradley is the activities that they have. The fact that they have a lot of organizations gives students the chance to meet other students. I would like for there to be more diversity and more chances for the minority groups to be as dominant as the “superior” group.
During my first year at Bradley University, I appreciated how the University not only expressed their interest in diversity but their extra effort in showing students what the definition of 'inclusion' is.
The people at Bradley treat you like family as soon as you step on campus. The campus is gorgeous and the perfect size. The mid sized university gives you 1 on 1 learning and big opportunities. I have seen schools with newer and bigger dorms, but they are still pretty good! Bradley is the perfect school for me, and could be for you too! With only 5400 students and an eight minute walk from one side of campus to the other everyone gets to know each other. They have an amazing gym with a salt water pool and a rock climbing wall.
Bradley is a great small community for students. I have visited campus a few times and it has been a very welcoming experience. Staff and students were very nice and answered questions. When communicating with staff they reply quickly and are eager to assist.
Bradley, being a smaller school than a state school, allows students the opportunity to more easily connect with professors in a meaningful way. A mentor or an adviser can easily be found in any of the halls at Bradley. Additionally, getting personalized help from more bureaucratic departments like finances or class registration is easier and more productive for a student just starting to understand how to be assertive (since we all know adulting is hard). It does not lack opportunities to participate in activities and clubs and grow despite being a smaller school. Because of this, Bradley is an engaging school with a lot of benefits!
Wonderful academics and easy to get in touch with the professors. The local area has great restaurants and lots of activities to offer. I enjoy the the capability of using online classes and it makes easy to advance my degree. The advisors make it easy for you to reach them when you need to.
Bradley provided me the education to excel in life. I was able to get a very well paying ME job thanks to my grades and my degree saying Bradley on it. Bradley is definitely the place to go for a mechanical engineering degree, hands down. 26th in the country? yes please.
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Bradley is an excellent choice for students looking for a mid-size private school. Its business, engineering, and nursing schools are regionally renowned and campus culture is close and connected. Beautiful campus with excellent professors and small class sizes.
Bradley is a very beautiful college. I am lucky I get to go there this fall to further my education.
Bradley so far has been a great university small private school and very accessible. Have met great friends here, but does get boring at times because if you want to get out of campus you do have to drive. People here are very nice and a lot of people know each other another good reason to attend Bradley. Being a minority here at Bradley can be an issue at times especially since it is a predominantly white institution, but you get to know the minority population here very well and are treated like family and we have a great diversity building here called the Office of Diversity and Inclusion who helps a lot with events to get to know each other.