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1,021 reviews
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Bradley gets less credit than it deserves, I can't believe how involved this school is with your life and what goes on with you. Teachers care. It's been one semester and I already have formed amazing relationships with teachers. You will find your people here, I promise.
Bradley University is a great college because of its many great characteristics. One of its big selling points is that it is a mid-sized school. This is an advantage because it has a lot of the opportunities that a larger school would have as well as the opportunities a smaller school would have. There are not many places where one can have both kinds of opportunities at one school.
Even though Bradley University is considered a more expensive school compared to other school surrounding Illinois, Bradley is a private school which means that it can award larger amount of scholarship money and grants.
So far I am truly impressed by all of the wonderful opportunities I have had at Bradley University. All of my professors are truly amazing and devoted to helping their students understand their curriculum and teachings.
Whether a prospective student wants to study the arts, nursing, STEM, or anything in between, Bradley University is a great place to further one's knowledge and education.
My experience at Bradley University has been a great one. Everyone is friendly and willing to help you with anything you can think of. It is a great community to be a part of.
I liked my major. I think some of the general education classes were just time-fillers, but overall I love the Bradley community and love the professors in my major area.
I love the size of Bradley University, Literally all of my professors know me by name and make me feel very welcome. I literally can email a professor and have a response in 10 min. or a day. There is so much to do at Bradley, you can never be bored with all of the clubs and activities to join as well. With being out of state it is kind of hard to be away from home but Bradley welcoming campus makes me feel so loved.
The main thing that I enjoy most about Bradley University is that I am comfortable enough to be thoroughly involved on campus while still keeping up with my studies.
Honestly Bradley caught me off guard. I did not have Bradley as my top choice, actually Loyola of Chicago was my top choice, but because of money and scholarships I ended up choosing Bradley. When I visited, I had really liked it, but I still didn't know. But suddenly this school felt like a big campus. I immediately found my people. Bradley has a CRAZY amount of student involvement. There is constantly so much going on on campus and you never have to feel stuck or anything. I had some friends who went to Loyola and their biggest complaint was that nothing ever happened and there were not parties or anything for them to do. I joined Greek Life because its such an amazing community here. Nearly half of the campus is involved in greek life, but people don't feel outside if they aren't involved in some kind of greek thing. And it's just an amazing community. I had my doubts, I'm being completely honest, but Bradley has surprised me in only the best of ways.
There is a really great student environment here, it is easy to make friends with your floormates or people from your classes. The physics and math department here aren't quite the best so it is highly recommended that you take physics or math courses at a community college. The campus is really safe, Bradley police are always driving around and there are emergency pillars everywhere so if you do feel unsafe, you can always press one of those emergency buttons. There isn't much diversity at this school but there are cultural organizations trying to improve that situation. There is a club for everyone at Bradley, you just have to make the effort to actually go out and attend those meetings. The area around campus isn't the most interesting but you can always find some new place to explore. Bradley is a great school and it is the perfect size where you see the people you know but you will always bump into new people.
Bradley University is an amazing school. I've spent three years here so far and am reminded every day why I choose this school. The campus is compact, so everything is within a five minute walk no matter where you are. The cafeteria food is ok, but other food on campus is great. There isn't much going on in Peoria, but Bradley's student activities committee does a great job of putting on events, shows, and even movies to keep students busy. There is a plethora of clubs to get involved with, and Bradley proudly shows it's diversity through those clubs. The dorms are spacious and clean, and the bathrooms are well kept. Professors truly care about each of their students, and small class sizes keep it personal. There is plenty of opportunity for one-on-one learning, and the Center for Learning Assistance is there to help all students succeed.
A small, friendly campus. Because of its size, it feels like a close-knit community, but there are fewer opportunities than they offer at larger state schools.
Bradley is an amazing school with an amazing nursing program. There are so many opportunities to succeed on this campus, for any major, and so many resources to take all of that success into your career.
Bradley university creates a very welcoming environment where anyone can feel safe . it is like a home away from home! There are many academics to offer, also a wide variety of activities. Bradley looks for students who are proud and have the will to learn new things everyday. Bradley is a small size school which means it gives you a great chance to get to know your professors and make you more unique in your environment. Also Bradley has great choices to eat all around and also fun place to chill with your friends.
I hate that the bed are lofted. It's hard to get up and down when you're a big girl and late. Plus people who live on the second floor takes the elevator, you could have taken the stairs.
  • College Freshman
  • 5 months ago
  • Housing
I know a few people in Greek but it's not like they shove it in your face.
It's kind of hard to make friends and the tution is still high after scholarships and stuff. But I like how everything is close.
Dorms are run A lot of closet space.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
Most teachers get to know students. Many course options.
Many students get experience in internships. A lot of help to apply for them.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
There is some crime near campus. Do not always feel safe.
I love my school. Part of me was nervous that I would regret not attending a big 10 school, but I wouldn't change my decision if given the chance.
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