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It is a very diverse community that does its best to include everyone. There is always something to do besides academics. The facilities have impressive equipment for all types of degrees. The professors are great and do their best to aid students.
Professors do their best to teach over online. The university has invested in new technology to help aid students such as virtual machine and sites.
We have been doing zoom calls and emailing/texting our assignments to our professors. It has been an average experience, but there have been little hiccups during the whole time we were using these methods.
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The class environment has been pretty good. I'm learning a lot of new things that I thought weren't going to be taught. Some of the financial issues around COVID-19 are still somewhat an issue for people. But they are slowly getting resolved. Overall, Bradley University has been a decent place to take up my education.
Faculty and Staff are always smiling and willing to help in any way possible. From professors to janitors, they always put students first.
Bradley was very good at transitioning to online learning to accommodate for the safety of their students.
I think it could be better considering every professor does it differently. I had one professor teach completely via zoom and the other sent out assignments and had us to it on our own. I never heard from him again.
I have found my best friends at Bradley and have been accepted after changing majors. I love Bradley.
I felt that it was very similar to other universities, the transition was difficult but I made it work! Online classes that were meant to be online were very easy to follow and much better than the transitions from in person to online.
I love the small campus size about Bradley, it offers a home away from home feel for me even though I am a commuter. There are a plethora of inclusive activities and clubs, that are easily accessible and involve many fun adventures. I do not think I would have gotten the same opportunities anywhere other than Bradley! If you are unsure about it, just go for it I have made tons of friends and connections the past three years here!
It was difficult at first having online classes due to the virus, but the professors were very adaptable and it was a learning process for everyone involved.
My freshman year of college was an interesting one. The community on campus is a very pleasant one and the overall environment is gorgeous. I always felt safe on campus and living in the dorms was fun. The only thing I would change about the campus is the available food option. I'd like a little more variety.
The campus is a nice size. It is not big. It is a very cozy and warm atmosphere. The staff is great and they really want to help you grow.
Bradley is overall a good school. The campus is a good size and located by useful stores. Most of the professors have the students' best interests at heart. Bradley has a clean campus, but the food could improve a little. Advisors could be a little more helpful to the students. Good private school for those who want a private university. Sports are very good at Bradley. They try to work with their students for the most part. The cost is a little high, but there are ways where they work with you to help.
I went to Bradley for two years and left immediately. The teachers aren’t anything better than what I could find on YouTube.
There is almost no diversity of students, all your basic seltzer drinking girls and countryesque frat boys.
I transferred to Columbia in Chicago and was blown away by the diversity and genius-level teachers. All homework at my other school was project based, unlike at Bradley where everything is so darn dull. The Administration at Bradley is also very sad.
I like the small campus atmosphere and one-on-one assistance with professors. The campus classrooms are all centrally located and easy to get to. I like the camaraderie with my classmates, dorm mates and other students. I think the classes are challenging, innovating and provide a great base for my future endeavors.
Bradley is the perfect size and really offers a lifestyle for everyone. Everyone is really welcoming and you really get a sense of community here. Although there’s not much to do in Peoria, I don’t have a car so I pretty much stay on campus. Which can get boring but it keeps me from spending money. Definitely recommend getting involved in any organization once you’re a freshman so you don’t feel as lost (even though it’s a small school) being part of a group keeps you busy and helps you not be as homesick. Overall, I’m satisfied with my decision to come here, especially since they offered so many scholarships.
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When I went to visit, the school was extremely welcoming and made it feel like home to me the minute I stepped foot on campus.
Bradley University has been amazing for me during my time here. The classes are challenging, but are taught by professors that are knowledgeable and more than willing to help. Professors all have office hours and are willing to meet you outside of them if need be. There are tons of clubs and extra-curriculars to be a part of as well. The food on campus is also usually very good.
A really nice place, years of history and helping students to grow as a person. Since the opening of the school was to help other to have a future. A great place to have friends that with be with for years and help you while in college.
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