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I really loved my visit on campus and with the professors and admissions counselors! The Tour guide, Jason was amazing and really made it seem like a great place to be. it was one of two that I visited and that I felt totally comfortable in!
Oh, the joys of a new start. Bradley is an excellent place to find your niche as everyone is so welcoming and inclusive. Finding friends is easy, finding any club or activity is easy, and although the classes may not be the easiest, a good education and hard work here at Bradley will get you far for your future.
I attended Bradley my freshman year as an engineering student and decided to transfer after an overall lacking experience. The academics in general I felt were very underwhelming and unprofessional. One thing worth mentioning specifically is that the university recommended to me, as well as many other students, to take physics at another school and transfer the credits as Bradley's department is VERY bad. There are good professors here but sometimes the good can't cancel out the bad. Also, unless you pretty much strictly party, Peoria doesn't have much to offer. Very overpriced for a below average experience.
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Don't listen to a lot of these reviews. There is WiFi, but it isn't the best. The campus itself is very safe, but, remember, you'll be near Peoria so exercise additional caution at night. There are some really bad teachers, but they represent the minority here. You can SIGNIFICANTLY cut out costs by joining a fraternity by up to $7,000 a year. It's possible to party here, but you gotta be smart. The university does crack down, but they're not very good at busting parties. The academics here are really good, though Sakai really sucks. Fraternity culture is simply wonderful. If you're looking to become more social, join one! The university dorms are decent, but fraternity houses are much better. I was surprised by the food at the university. Not gourmet, but definitely pay for the same quality at a higher end hotel. The campus, especially during fall, is beautiful. Overall, your experience is highly dictated by how dependent and smart you are with your time.
I recently went on a visit day and it was wonderful. Someone was so nice. It was very informative. We even got to see students work.
College is very overpriced for what they offer. There is very little to do around and near campus. Campus is very cliquey. Math and physics department is lacking. Transferring after one year, hasn’t made that process easy either. They put on a good show..
It is a very good university, everyone is extremely friendly. Small classes with teachers who are invested in you. However, it is expensive and it seems like they enjoy taking money for the simplest things.
Bradley University was my last choice for college. I decided to attend a visit day, and as soon as I got on campus I fell in love. Bradley offers a unique experience, and a good staff to student relationship. I am close with a few professors from my freshman year, all of whom remember my face and check up on me when they see me.
Bradley University is a great school for academics and not much else. Located in Peoria, IL; the Bradley campus itself seems as if it is secluded from the rest of Peoria. This is great for students and faculty but does not give much to do on the weekends.
Bradley has a great program for Mechanical Engineering. The only problem is that you need to be careful what you choose for your schedule, for all professors are held in high regard but some are a little better at others at teaching.
Bradley is an amazing school so far! Everybody is extremely welcoming and it truly a home away from home!
The staff and students at Bradley are very welcoming and want to be a successful student. Bradley gives you that small sized school feel but has several chance to join clubs and other no school related activities.
Bradley is a wonderful private school for student who are looking to better their future. Classes are small and very challenging and recently it was voted as the #1 school in the country for providing jobs after college
Bradley University is a close knit community with excellent staff and faculty. Professors are very good at their job and are able to have one on one time for each of their students as needed.
For a mid-sized school, this university has everything you want. Greek life, tons of student-led clubs, small class sizes, friendly professors, and competitive sports teams. Dining hall food is either hit or miss, but there is always something good at the Student Center. The campus is also nice and small, so a walk to class from the dorms is no more than five minutes. The only downside is the area surrounding the school.
So far, so good!
Going into my freshman and I already feel so welcomed by everyone there. They truly make you feel at home!
When I came to Bradley, I was super excited to begin my nursing career. Everyone is so nice there and super helpful. I made lots of friends through all of their awesome events, including welcome week. When I finally began classes, they were a lot easier than expected, as the professors are there every step of the way to help you fully grasp the material. The only thing that would give it a lower rating is the experiences I had with my friend group. Because of personal issues, it ended up putting a big damper on the atmosphere of Bradley. But, with all of their resources and social events, I'm sure I'll find my way sophomore year and have an even better year than freshman year.
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The professors at Bradley University hold each one of their students to a high level. The academic success of students is tremendous. It is easy to get involved since there are over 200 clubs. I wish there were more on campus activities.
Bradley University is a great school. The Professors are great teachers and take a real interest in their student's education. The campus is condensed, so it is really easy to get to class on the really cold days when you just want to be inside.
I like the student to staff ratio. I can easily connect with professors. Campus is large enough but also quick to get to classes in a timely manner. Lots of food options compared to other small school. Dorms need to be updated and maybe even add another residence hall with another dining hall. Staff at Bradley do want to help you further your knowledge and help you succeed. Not the best school to go to for watching athletics for fun since some sports fields and courts are out of the way of campus.