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Bradford School - Pittsburgh Reviews

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The instructors were professional and they created the perfect environment to learn and earn my degree. The instructors I had focused on you and your progression. I lived in Pittsburgh while attending school. I have many good memories. I now have a great career and retirement plan. I am a success story.
Waste of time and money. Just as ineffective as high school. I should of better researched and I would of known that they are a "for-profit" tech school. They focus more on the money. Went a year and dropped out. Split might debt with my dad. I still owe them $8k.
THIS SCHOOL IS A JOKE DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT COMING HERE!!! I wish I was more informed about this school before even coming here. It is a total waste of money and the only thing I regret in my whole entire life. The curriculum is a joke, for one. You have to dress "business casual" and that i was informed on on the first day of school. This feels just like high school but even worse. Don't get me started on the Dorm life.......... YOU LIVE IN A BOX WITH 4 OTHER PEOPLE AND EXPECTED TO LIVE COMFORTABLY! THE UNCLEANLINESS OF THIS BUILDING IS HORRIBLE! overall please do more research before making a college selection. I wish I did more research before coming here. The staff is literally a joke. You can't take Bradford serious at all.Feels like its a program offered to inmates..
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My experience with Bradford School was amazing. The staff made me feel comfortable and confident that I can achieve what I want if I put in the effort. My administrator was sweet and personally showed me around the school and explained everything to me. She took the time to talk to me about every class I would be taking. She helped me with all of my application work and gave me information on scholarships. I love that the school is in Station Square because it is a well known place in Pittsburgh and easy to get there. It's a small school that helps you finish a lot sooner than a traditional 4 year college. I highly recommend checking it out.
One day we colored a picture, and we waste time every day breathing. Hate it.
Its alright, we dont have a food program. You have to buy everything you need on your own. I have to find transportation to class. Wifi is Terrible????.
Some ok kids but mostly kids who didnt take SATs
Waste, huge waste of time and money.
8-1 daily class. With a lunch break in there....yeah, a joke
Teachers will do snapchat with u. Overall a joke of a school
Online courses allow for a more individualized learning experience.
The class workload is very manageable and the courses are more than just gen-eds.
The school offers a variety of courses all taught by people who have worked in that field.
The school works very hard to maintain good job placement. They will help you get jobs well after you have graduated.
My school is located in the center of station square. This allows for a major diversification of foods and activities.
The school offers multiple libraries as well as computer labs to all of its students.
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The student body as a whole all want the same thing from life, to succeed.
The entire process of enrollment was very simple.
Haven't met my classmates yet.
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