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I'm in the Vet Tech program at Bradford. The classes are small and perfect for individual, focused learning. There is an on-site kennel with about 30 animals which is great for learning skills. The curriculum is fast-paced and can be challenging, but worth it. The instructors are all dedicated to helping you pass and know what they're talking about. The only negative at this school is the dorms. They're dirty, overpriced, and some rooms have bed bugs. But overall I've really enjoyed this school
I love the program I was in which was Graphic Design. It thought me a lot and gave me a chance to grow. I wouldn't change anything about it.
I am glad to have experienced going through the graphic design program at Bradford because in the 2 years of attending the experience made me who I am. But I would like for Bradford to have focused more on making the environment of the school feel more like college and I would have liked for my professor's knowledge to be up to date on the lastest design programs being used in the industry, to better prepare us for the working world.
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Bradford School taught me hands-on in the carrer feild that i want to be in. Not only was it hands-on they had live animals to take care of and weeks where they switch out who was on kennal duty.
We are required to do an externship before we graduate which helps us get ready for our job in an actual vet clinic, not just in a learning environment.
Having animals on site is great because of the hands on experience that isn't offered everywhere.
The program's here are great and the teachers seem to actually care about the student's grades but there are a lot of issues with the main staff. An example includes that they have knowledge of students who use illegal substances on campus and despite their zero tolerance drug policy, they continue to allow it.
Required shadow days and externships
Friends say hard to transfer credits.
40 in my class, all female.
Bought books I wasn't aware of. Helpful guidance
No athletics. Nice research library.
Apartments are nice. Animals on site=real practice
Kennel care for the animals.

Set classes.
No choice in classes. Most good teachers.Few clubs
There is a lot of diversity, and mostly everyone seems nice.
Unlike most schools, you don't don't have to take extra classes like science, etc. It focuses mainly on your career.
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There isn't really much to do on campus but it is close to a shopping center.
I have not taken any online classes at this school yet. However, I have taken online classes at another college, Ashford University. I will say that the coursework was worth the salt. Everything was unique. It was a really practical program.
Since, I have not yet started the school I see that the resources are limitless. There is always a place to get something. However, the awesome thing is that you get to work with the same Admission Rep throughout the process.
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