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So far I have really enjoyed the college life and experience. It has been actually really easy to adjust to the life there. The only thing I wish that I could change would be the dining hall food option and the outtakes price of food. Like I understand its there for the convenience but, they could at least have reduced the prices.
Best couple years of my life so far. I LOVE being a falcon. Incredible people, incredible professors, amazing atmosphere of support and empathy.
I like Bowling Green State University because of the many opportunities it provides to me as a student.
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I had an awesome experience touring at BG this past July 2017. I learned that this university offers everything that I am looking for. It offers a major for architecture, engineering and performance art. It also offers tennis and social clubs. I like the dynamics of the campus classrooms, dorms and support services for students. I am also a member of the Falcon Millionaires Club where I went to for two summers of my junior high years, which drew my deep interest into the campus.
Bowling Green is a great school, I have loved all of my professors, everything is relaxed and you've got all the freedom you could want.
I love BG. It is like home for me. The campus is beautiful, the classes are good, and the people are really nice. It's a nice small town twenty minutes outside of Toledo.
I have met some of the best people at Bowling Green, granted this is my first semester, but since I've been here I have loved every minute of it. All my professors are more than willing to do anything to help you succeed. Whether it be meeting with you during office hours or answering questions in class. Also, my Student Instructors and Teacher's Assistants have been the greatest in helping me with my classes and understanding the material.
I attended BGSU in my freshman year. At first, the adjustment was really different and difficult. However, I would suggest getting involved and putting yourself out there will assist you in making new friends. On campus clubs, recreational / intramural sports and other on-campus activities are a great way to get in the scene! Also, if you can, I would suggest getting a part time job on campus; after all who enjoys not having any money! On the other hand, I would love to see more diversity, if I had to give diversity a rating, I'd say an average C. In addition, I think they should also have more fun and exciting things and event on campus or locally for students to enjoy, I mean after all what are we paying for?! All in all, I enjoyed my year at BGSU with making friends and being involved on campus.
I would like to see students of color a lot more on campus. I believe the university needs to improve its recruiting efforts when it comes to students of color and providing them safe spaces once they make it to Bowling Green.
Open campus, most places are a short walk. Business school is top notch. Friendly staff who are open to help. Students are very nice and lots of activities to get involved in.
Bowling Green State University has a beautiful campus!! This is one of the many reasons I decided to attend BGSU as an Undergraduate Student. They have an amazing Education Program, which is why I decided to stay to complete my Graduate Degree in School Counseling.
I love the atmosphere of the university, the campus is beautiful and everyone is so friendly. We have great facilities and even greater teachers who are always willing to help.
The atmosphere at Bowling Green State University is friendly right off the bat. The staff and faculty always make time for students. The campus is beautiful and the winters are relatively easy.
I love BGSU! It's a big campus but every class is within a 10 minute walking distance of the dorms. Bowling Green State University is located in the middle of Bowling Green, Ohio so downtown is just minutes away.
During my overnight stay at Bowling Green State University I enjoyed talking to professors about what to expect as a student on campus. In addition to meeting the staff I also enjoyed getting to know the students on campus via icebreakers that were orchestrated by the faculty. However, I'd recommend Bowling Green expand their business program.
My experience at BGSU has exceeded all my college expectations! At first I wasn't one hundred percent positive if I wanted to attend BG but I realized right away that I could not picture myself anywhere else. BG is my home and the people here are some of the best people you will ever meet. Getting involved with Greek Life at BG and joining the Alpha Chi Omega sorority here is what really made my experience unforgettable. Joining Alpha Chi and choosing to go to BGSU were two of the greatest decisions I have ever made!
This is a great college. It's a Division one college, with a division three feel. The campus is beautiful and with the exception of sporting complexes, everything is within about a ten-fifteen minute walk. Lots of opportunities to get involved, and stay on track. Over all just a great college and experience.
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I would like to see a bigger focus on the communication design aspects of the graphic design major. The Library is AWESOME for studying, with the country's biggest pop culture archives. The greek life is amazing, there is even a little community for the greek housing. The grocery stores on campus are convenient, and include healthy options. The campus is in the middle of a rural area which is kind of frustrating.
BGSU is a great place to live and has an excellent community for every type of person. The tuition is expensive, and many professors do not understand the financial burden that students face in regards to textbooks and working while in school.
It really prepared me for life! The School of Media & Communication is unparalleled. The range of careers you can go into is phenomenal.
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