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This college has a beautiful campus and helpful staff. I would like to see a more student/ user-friendly website interface, especially when researching specific program and class requirements/details.
Went to BGSU as an special student and I had the most amazing experience of my life. Professors are great! The only bad thing it is too far from interships and the airport.
Bowling Green State University has a big campus but it is not overwhelming. After awhile, the whole campus starts to feel like home, and you feel like you belong.
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When I visited earlier this year, it was a very open and warm welcome. I honestly loved the set up of the campus. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and the school from what I had heard was good. I am not going to attend but it is definitely a very good school.
What I like about BGSU is the campus. It is not too small, or too big. Everything is easy to get to, and we also have shuttle busses that can take us where ever we need to go on campus, if it is too cold or raining. The other thing I like about it is how everyone is really friendly here, the students and the professors. If you have a question about where something is, anyone would be glad to help. I also work on campus so they are very flexible with your class schedule. They do not require students to work many hours during the week because they understand that we have homework to get done and other important things to take care of. The area is very rural. It is not in the big city areas like many other universities, which is what i like about it. The only time it is backed up with traffic is when it is move in day or move out day. I would recommend this university to anyone because it is friendly and small.
I love Bowling Green State University! It is such an amazing and beautiful campus. Even though the weather isn't all that great in Bowling Green, that doesn't stop the students of doing different things. Downtown is so close to campus and it allows the students to try local restaurants and go to cute boutiques. In addition, the student life on campus is a wonderful. There are so many student organizations that a ton of people are apart of and they also have greek life which is amazing community. Bowling Green is a wonderful place and I fell in love with it when I first visited the campus. Once I stepped on campus, I knew I wanted to be a falcon at Bowling Green State University.
It's okay here. It's regular school but not as much fun as i thought. The work load isnt bad either, but it's only my freshman year.
I enrolled at Bowling Green State University in the Fall of 2012. I originally planned to attend this school because of my best friend who was also accepted to BGSU, but she ended up not attending. I was scared to attend by myself - but my opening weekend group slowly immersed me into what would become my new home. Friendships formed, clubs were joined, and classes were attended (most of them) and I was able to grow into the person I am today. Joining a sorority helped give me leadership opportunities, such as being the Philanthropy chair and planning events to benefit Autism Speaks. This leadership opportunity was a key topic of discussion during my job interview for being a special educator. BGSU has so many opportunities to take advantage of.
It's great! There are no major complaints except in one dorm, Kreischer, there is no airconditioning and very little insulation. It gets very hot and very cold.
I love the environment of campus. The education in very good. I would love to see more students showing school spirit, but the University has a good atmosphere about it.
BGSU is a great school. My favorite part about this school was the close-knit community and recreation center.
Friendly university with a high emphasis on student life and student involvement. A lot of resources to help ensure student success in the classroom and post-graduate employment
I wouldn't really change much. The atmosphere is very inclusive but the coursework is hard. There isn't much of a party scene, not much to do in a small town surrounded by cornfields.
I absolutely LOVE my university! I transferred from another university in the state and it was the best choice I've ever made. My two major programs are amazing, the study abroad programs are amazing, there's so many extra curricular options... It's hard to dislike this school!
I have been on multiple campus visits and I fall in love with this campus more every single time. I love the athletics and the fact that students can get into games for free. I want to be involved and this just helps motivate me to do so. I also love the Dorms, especially the new ones. they are very secure and have a lot to offer inside them so I don't even have to leave the dorm to have fun and get work done. My place of work is also right across the street so I can easily get to work from campus.
I’ve visited the school 5 times and loved it. I love the schools enthusiasm about everything and the different types of organizations they have going on. I love how everyone there loves their school and is just so helpful and the food options they have are out of this world.
Admissions counselors were very helpful when I needed to change my major and answered promptly.My tour of the campus was very entertaining, energetic staff as well as beautiful architecture.
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Bowling Green has a great student community. The campus itself is small so it's nice to be able to walk only 10 minutes to get to class.
I find the school extremely enjoyable. I have made a lot of friends and learned a lot. The only issue I see is the parking at lot 12. It makes life tray hard when you have to walk a mile and a half to get to your car that you brought on campus to make life easier.
My first year at BGSU has been excellent. My professors and other faculty members have always been willing to work with me if I have questions or need help with something. The campus is very safe. I like that Bowling Green is a college town because I feel that the party scene is not as prominent as colleges that are in the middle of a large city.
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