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It's okay. The classes are okay. The teachers are okay. Mazey was horrible but Rodgers seems to be fine. Everything is kinda expensive but it's a good place for international students I think. There are a lot of people that are welcoming and kind. There are some phenomenal professors, (Dan Pavuk, Ryoko Okamura, Diana DePasquale, ect.) and then there are some professors that just do not care about their students at all. But the LGBT community is great and the diversity is really good there, even though the school itself isn't very inclusive, the students are and it's great.
1.) Very fun and community like campus
2.) Safe
3.) Walking to distance to class doesn't take a lot of time
4.) Lots of activities
Overall, Bowling Green State University is a great place. The students and staff are extremely friendly; everyone is willing to help each other. The academics are good for the most part. Some teachers can be hard to understand or may not know the material extremely well, but they still try to help you in whatever way they can and are typically very understanding. Bowling Green State University is located in a safe town and feels like home. Everyone is welcome no matter their race, class, or gender.
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I went to BG to become a teacher. In my Junior year, I had some issues with a Field placement. Come Senior year, I think everything is going just fine. I then have a meeting with Student Success team and out of nowhere, I am removed from the program and will be graduating a semester early. No teaching license and no clue as to where it all went wrong. They were helpful in getting me through the process.
Bowling green was beautiful and such a friendly environment. I could see myself going there one day and getting an amazing education. I would not fix anything about the school i thought it was a very great school for students to grow and get an amazing education.
It is a very good school attend, with a wide selection of course that can be taken and activities that can be done. The people at the school are great to be around everyone is friend and everyone wants the other to succeed. When you become a Falcon you become part of a huge family.
my experience with Bowling Green State University is great. My major is flight technology and operations. At BGSU the flight program is still growing so there will be some bugs to work out but so far they are doing great job with what they have. My professors have been kind and understanding with assignments but will not take any messing around from anyone.
I love the campus! I knew the first day I visited the campus that I belonged there! Felt like home! The professors are very helpful and willing to help you at any time. The only thing I would change is the food choices available in the dining halls.
After visiting the campus, I was amazed. There are so many opportunities at BGSU and I plan to take advantage of them. There are many ways to get involved on campus. I have always been someone that’s involved. This school year I am student body vice president, senior class secretary, and NHS treasure, along with being involved in other activities. Another attention getter is Bowling Greens job placement. Most students have jobs right after graduation, or even prior to graduation. It’s great to know that I will have a stable job after graduation. Their College of Business is ranked 2nd in Ohio's public universities, that's amazing. I love how the program is set up because you get to choose two out of the fourteen options to major in, and it's not too hard to switch over if one just isn't right for you. This is perfect for me because I am still deciding which two I want to major in. I can’t wait to be able to work in the new College of Businesses building.
I love the campus and the teachers and people here. The dorm halls are great to live in, and Greek Village is also a great place to live as well. Classes are easy enough to not fail, but also very challenging and make you use your brain a lot. One of the things I do not like is that the dining halls are not the best, but at the same time they aren't the worst, I know people at other universities that have worse dining halls. Another thing is a personal thing, I do not like the cold and how it gets colder faster up in Bowling Green, Ohio. It also doesn't help that the campus is flat so wind can travel easier, but it is easily manageable.
When visiting Bowling Green I felt so welcomed by the students and professors. They were so kind to me and answered every single question I had. A professor suggested that I check out the university's biology lab and I thought it was amazing. They have so many animals that students are able to care for. The communities that this college has to offer are also very neat and it is easy to find one that you are interested in.
i would like to see more diversity , the food is really good plus there are a lot of food places around the campus to eat at. the parties are fun
I am a non-traditional student. So, school is more of a struggle to adjust to with my work life and school life in constant conflict. The school is expensive, but their payment plan helps in better affording to attend. My advisers are great and I have a great support system here.
A very friendly and welcoming campus. Helpful with application process. There are many different groups of people, so everyone has a place where they belong. Professors are kind and well educated. I love the visual appeal to the campus, it is especially beautiful in the fall. They offer many opportunities and organizations for students to become a part of.
Professors and faculty members are amazing! Everyone is welcoming and the University is very diverse! I look forward to becoming a BGSU graduate this upcoming year!
My experience here at BGSU is amazing because the professors works one on one with students that needs more understanding. Also, everyone on campus are very friendly.
I love the campus and atmosphere of the people. There are plenty of clubs, organizations, and opportunities for every kind of student. Nightlife is amazing, with the greatest people and service. The only downside to Bowling Green State University is that it is in the middle of corn fields, but once you get into town, there are plenty of new people to meet and plenty of new experiences to have. It is an amazing school that has provided me with the best education. I could not have asked for a better campus or town to base my education out of.
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I recently graduated with a Master's of Fine Arts in Poetry. The program is amazing. It's fully-funded and is run by talented faculty. The community of writers it offers is welcoming.
It is a wonderful school that welcomes you with open arms and with many opportunities to further your education.
The experience At bowling green was wonderful. I’ve learned How to be responsible and independent. The students and staff are very friendly , the campus is big but small it’s not hard finding classes once you walk around enough . I’m upset that I left and will be returning soon . “Once a falcon always a falcon”.
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