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Bowling Green is a great place to make close connections with people that will make your four years so much more memorable.
Everyone at Bowling Green State University is friendly and willing to help you with anything and everything. Bowling Green State University is just right size for a University/ Campus for the average first year student transitioning into the feel of a college campus.
Bowling Green is a great school, but there are issues. We preach diversity, but have moments where hate crimes are not handled correctly. Overall, we do a pretty good job though. Also, the housing selection can be a little wonky, but none of the housing on campus is truly horrible. I love it here and am BEYOND proud to call myself a BGSU Falcon.
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I like Bowling Green because it has allowed me to excel in my academics but I don't really like it because it's not as inclusive as they make it seem to be. Also there is nothing to do on campus and its hard to get involved.
It has so many residence halls and a wide diversity. They have so many groups to be apart of to supplement your major and the advisors are amazing!
Bowling Green State University is a very okay campus. It is not the best and it is not the worst. There are professors that care, and others who rarely show up. There are some great resources at Bowling Green State University.
Bowling Green is one of the greatest choices I've could have made in my life. I absolutely love my school, depending on the crowd you hang it with , it's drama free. My professors I chose were marvelous. I love the environment and classes are only 10 minutes at most from any dorm on campus.
Bowling Green has given me such a wonderful experience so far. The people here are easy to get along with and the classes are enjoyable. The only real issue I have is the extreme wind but everything here is worth it.
Bowling Green is overall a great school. Awesome campus and great down town area. Parking is horrible.
Bowling Green State University is an amazing school. The professors and TA's are very helpful and are always wanted to see you succeed. The students on the campus are all very nice and are always willing to help others out.
I enrolled at Bowling Green State University in August of 2016 and for the time that i have been here i have fell in love with the school. The faculty and staff here are so welcoming. The university is constantly working to improve the campus to ensure to get a good experience and education here. As an Education major they get you into the class room your first year and test your limits to ensure that the major you picked is the one you want. The social life is great and you will definitely find friends around all corners!
I am current a junior here and the campus is pretty during the day and everyone makes you feel welcomed and the mascots love everyone!
I am a freshman at bowling green state university and I absolutely love it! I have made great friends and the staff helps you out so much! Best decision I've made.
Bowling Green State University truly gives you a great education and prepares you for employment post graduation.
During my time at Bowling Green State University I found this to be a very good college. I am a freshman living in a dorm and have met a lot of nice and friendly people here the staff and faculty are awesome if I have needed help finding something or just needed a ear for someone to listen I have had support. I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year may bring.
I really love this university and am really enjoying my time here. I am very happy with my choice in school.I have made a lot of good friends and met a lot of great people. As an interior design major I have became very close with my professors and peers in my major. Going to the studio we have here on campus is like going to see my family away from home. I would recommend Bowling Green State University to anyone looking into the right college to attend and I am looking forward to the next three years at this institute.
The campus is very welcoming and beautiful. I can get anywhere on campus within five to eight minutes which is perfect to me. It's my home away from home and I love it.
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I love the campus here at BGSU. The professors are great and very knowledgeable in their fields. I would say the major downfall we have is not having a diverse enough population.
My credits say I am a freshman, but I have been attending since my junior year of high school through a college credit program for high schoolers. My whole family has attended and graduated for BGSU and it's the perfect place to be. Even though I am a commuter, I love coming to campus to take classes and just enjoy the atmosphere. There are all manner of settings on campus and I have yet to experience them all. The ace Denice are challenging and engaging. The professors are accommodating and encouraging. My academic advisor is so awesome; she is great about silencing my fears and setting me on a path to success. The people, the food, the classes and the campus make BGSU the place to be.
As an incoming freshman at Bowling Green State University, I can actually say that after being on campus multiple times and multiple tours throughout my high school career, this university has an amazing educational atmosphere! The student life and athletics are great too! I never had any problems with anything or anyone at BGSU! Everyone from students to faculty have been super amazing and helpful with anything that I needed assistance with. BGSU is the best educational decision that I have ever made! I am so excited to start my college journey at Bowling Green State University.
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