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Since this is my Freshman year at college, a pandemic was not what I was planning for. BGSU is doing a good job making learning the best it can be. I personally learn better in person but professors are accomodating. There is help on campus for mental health and learning problems which I really appreciate with this school.
I chose this school because of the welcoming nature of it. Their art major really felt like home and even though it is online, I still happen to feel that way. Most professors are helpful and as long as you put in the work, you are likely to succeed. Everyone at this school really cares about students well being, offering free mental health counseling. Being in a learning community definitely helps with meeting more people and I am very thankful to be in Arts Village. When I first moved in it felt very isolating but with this learning community, I met more friends and felt more excited about what I was going to learn.
It was the best decision of my life. It has brought me so many opportunities to start new, become a professional business student, make new friends, and have the future I have always wanted.
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Honestly, BGSU professors are doing the very best they can to teach online right now and it shows. I struggle with learning online, but some classes have really gotten past that internet barrier.
It was kind of difficult just depending on the teacher. I did very good on most of the classes. I would recommend it.
Very clean and small campuos it was easy to get around and to get to class on time. I would recommend going.
I only took a couple online classes during my time at BGSU. Most of my classes were on campus and in person. However, I feel as though they were alright. Most of the work was busy work, so I don't feel as though I learned as much as in my in-person classes.
I loved everything about being a student athlete at BGSU. The staff and fellow students were all very supportive and I feel as though both of my Bachelor's degrees from this school were worth the time and energy I spent on them.
I had a great college experience at BGSU. I was involved in many extra curricular activities and induldged in the many opportunities within in my major.
I took some classes online at BGSU and had a good experience with assistance from professors when needed.
My online experience at Bowling Green was interesting to say the less. When the pandemic started the transition from face to face classes to online classes was a smooth one. A lot of what we were doing was online so it was not bad at all. The professors made sure that everyone understood the work that needed to be completed and held virtual meetings every so often. Overall, the transition was amazing and seem to be ahead of everything that was going on.
I been at Bowling Green State University for a semester and plan on going back this following semester. So far, what I can say about the University is that it is great! Just from arriving on campus and being involved with events that go on on campus just makes it a great overall experience.
well prepared online classes that meet the flexibility that students need to succeed, faculty accessible.
great school with lots of tradition while meeting the future, different courses that challenge students
Online classes are pretty easily navigated and lots of resources are available. Would recommend to friends who struggle with other online classes at other universities
Great personal experience with the majority of the classes I have attended here. Plentiful amount of extracurricular activities and social clubs as well.
I like my university due to the positive and welcoming atmosphere. We live on a bright joyful campus.
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Due to the Covid-19 breakout, I had to transfer my classes from in person to online. The university made it easy and everyone was very flexible.
My favourite thing about BGSU was the other students. They were all really nice and welcoming. My second favourite part of BGSU is also my least favourite thing - the teachers. The quality of BGSU's teachers is all over the board; some are really fantastic while others not so much. The math department in particular seems to have some of the worst teachers.
I had to take all my classes in my last semester at BGSU online due to COVID-19. They were all transitioned to an online format relatively well. However, some teachers very clearly tried less than others to help their students through the transition.
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