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The tour guides were so open to any and all questions. They told you anything you needed to know and were honest with you. I loved the campus because it was not spread out at all and all the buildings had a meaning. For example, the library looks like a book shelf.
I loved this place so much, I’m going back to get my masters. I honestly think this school was worth the $29,000 in debt I’m in. The schooling is great, campus life is great and the social life is great. Nothing better than -40 degrees in the winter and 95 in the summer. Seriously, a place worth going to.
Bowling Green State University is a fantastic experience for students. It has many amenities on campus, including two all-you-can-eat dining halls, a recreation center, and a huge library with many learning opportunities! I would recommend BGSU to anyone who wants to get a college degree and have an enjoyable time doing it. The campus is small, but gorgeous, and everyone is very kind and helpful. In conclusion, come to BGSU!
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Very easy school to succeed at. Easy classes, nice professors. Night life is lame and the same thing every weekend. People are boring and most of the time very unintelligent.
When I took a tour to Bowling Green State University, I felt like I was a part of their community. I was tended to, and made feel like I was special among 1,000's of other students. I loved the size of the campus; not too big, not too small. They have a hospital right across the street in case of emergencies, and specific colleges for any interest you might have. Bowling Green State University feels like home.
Very good school, Love it! It has its problems but overall, its a pretty good school. Academics are on point here. And the Dorms are very nice, you dont have to cross mainroads to get to classes everything is fit.
The faculty is super helpful towards any problem that may come up. My advisor helped me set up a four-year plan before I even started my first semester here to ensure that I graduated on time, and she helped me move it around when I told her I wanted to study abroad for a semester. I am still on track to graduate in four years!
It was great! Beautiful campus and amazing opportunities! The staff was extremely helpful with all questions and concerns that I had. The tour guide was enthusiastic and made visiting fun and easy. These were the best dorms that I have seen after visiting many schools. The campus life was amazing and I was impressed with how well kept the school was. This is a big school with a small time feel. It welcomes its students and makes sure they feel at home.
After everything that I experienced in the past year, I couldn’t be more grateful for BGSU. I had to cancel my enrollment in 2018 due to health, but BG continued to connect with me and reach out regarding plans, deadlines, and my well being. Because of that, I am finally on campus and enrolled full time a year later. Not only do administrators and advisors go above and beyond, but President Rodgers, himself, makes an effort to be involved and engaged with students—he will be all over campus doing things from serving lunch at a picnic to watching a soccer game. Also, BGSU does a great job of taking intentional steps toward waste-reduction and having an increasingly green campus.
Bowling Green State University has been great to me, and the professors have always gone above and beyond to help me when i needed it.
I would not recommend it. The quality of teaching is so bad. I am international student from Egypt and I learned from my home country more than I learned in BGSU.
The only thing I would change about Bowling Green is how many trees they have planted so there can be more shade on campus.
I love the diversity of this campus. I originally started off at the Firelands branch and it saved me a ton of money. The staff was very engaging and genuinely concerned about my experience, education, and happiness there and it really impacted how much I enjoyed being there. It's definitely different from high school.
I love the atmosphere of the university there is always something going on. I enjoy the professors I have and their willingness to work with students. They are really challenging classes that are hard but it really helps me connect it to the real world. I have never thought about transferring and I really have enjoyed my time here so far and I am excited to finish my degree here.
Bowling gives a tremendous feel of ease to the student while telling them they are safe when they study here. With the uses of the tremendous campus feel and the diverse student body, Bowling Green is no match for any nearby colleges.
I love the community of Bowling Green, everyone is very supportive of the students, and is a very safe town. There is so much to do around the campus for free. We have many clubs, sports teams, and greek life. There is a lot of different food options and on and off campus, so you will never be left hungry.
Very friendly, accommodating, and made me feel at home. Don't like that I live 30 minutes away (in Michigan) and have to pay an additional $8,000 for out-of-state tuition. University of Toledo is in-state for Monroe County, MI residents, why isn't BGSU?
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I love BGSU! I have been taking CCP courses through BGSU since my sophomore year of high school and fell in love with the university. I am now a student studying Early Childhood Education and love my major!
My experience with bowling green was pretty decent I haven’t ha don’t first day there yet but when I did go I went to financial aid and they said they could do nothing to help me which I didn’t like.
Honest, helpful professors. Fun environment and is a small town feel while being a bigger college. You have a lot of options on what you want to do or joint because student life is a huge part of BG
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