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I hated my experience at BGSU. I went here my freshman year . The freshman dorms are super small and no air conditioner. The guidance counselors are very unhelpful. Some good teachers depending on your major. Other than going to parties the campus is pretty boring and dead especially on the weekends since most people go home however the campus is nice, clean and kept up with well. The dining halls are not very good and they make a whole bunch of random food no one likes. The city of Bowling Green itself is very quaint and not much to do. You have to drive at least 30 mins to the nearest city. The police love pulling you over, writing tickets and searching rooms. I also became very sick and the hospital discharged me even though I was still in bad shape. I have now tranferred schools and it was the best decision I made. I could not have survived 4 years there. Highly wouldn't recommend going here.
I take CCP classes here. It is a very safe campus. Walking from class to class is very manageable and the professors that I have had are very good.
The food was terrible, and student life could never really get off the ground. However, academics if enough effort was put forth by the student then the return on investment would show up.
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When I took a visit to BGSU, many things caught my attention about the campus. The Campus in itself was very beautiful, also the the campus looks to be more diverse than others. I feel BGSU has a lot to offer students who attend from the many libraries and organizations which I have heard great things about. I really like that the campus is lively and that there are many things to see. The people seem friendly as well. I am also pleased about the teacher to student ratio is small and that their college is one of the cheapest, even for out of state students such as myself.
I did not plan on attending BGSU. I actually was forced by my parents to attend a college visit because it was “close to home.” Though, once I toured campus and I met some of the students, faculty, etc., I really kind of realized that it was the school where I belonged.

Now being in my second year, I still feel the same way. I’m involved on campus in the student government, student budget committee, and tutoring Economics on campus. I love the people I interact with every day and I love how they broaden my perspective and help me grow as a person. I think college is such an interesting experience because you really have the chance to become. A new person, and I’m thankful BGSU has given me that opportunity.
Bowling Green is such a great school, the professors are wonderful are really do care and want you to succeed in all your classes. They have offices hours so you can come and get extra help or ask any questions one may have. Students come together and bond over the they have for their school. If you weren't to ask anyone on campus they would tell you that they love their school. The campus s super pretty during the fall and summer but in the winter is does get a little chilly an the wind sucks. Everyone at the school os super nice and look out for each other and are all willing to make new friends.
It’s a beautiful, friendly campus. We are a family. I’m comfortable. It’s literally an amazing place to get an education.
The professors push you to be the best student that you can possibly be, which means you have to be willing to put in your time and effort. If you try your best, you will graduate college with a better education and an overall impressive GPA. Bowling Green is a very diverse university, where everyone's opinions are able to be given safely. I personally do not go to the parties or clubs on the weekends, but I have heard through the grapevine that the night life at BGSU is good. The local area is not very busy, BGSU is in the middle of corn fields, but if you drive 20 minutes north, you have Perrysburg that has a lot of shopping and things to do. The nice thing about the college being away from a big city is that there is not a lot of crime, and is an extremely safe campus. Dorms and dining are mediocre, as to be expected for freshman, but there is nicer housing for the upperclassmen.
The professors are encouraging, helpful, and respectful in pertaining to students needs and the curriculum. The bursar office and residence life needs to be reviewed. The individuals are not at all helpful and honestly know little on the matter of finances and rooming.
All of the professors are excellent in their subject areas and show a real caring for their students, something not expected in college. The dorms and facilities are very nice and there is so many things to get involved in on campus. It is easy to find your fit at Bowling Green. Their Inclusive Early Childhood Education program is phenomenal and field placement starts as soon as your freshman year, something rarely seen in other schools.
I am a freshman and so far my experience at this school has been quite enjoyable. I have no issues at all with this school. This is a very nice medium-sized university. The grounds are well kempt, the professors I have encountered so far are very good and the food isn't bad. The cost is reasonable and everybody on campus from staff to students are very friendly and helpful. It truly is an environment that is very inclusive. However, the saying that college is what you make it is very true indeed.
Party scene on point, my dorm gets lit every weekend. However with academics, it's difficult to get out of class experience.
Happy and friendly environment. You meet new people everyday. The food is not bad also. They have mini stores and restaurant for a quick bite. They have a very good gym. Big and spacious. Offers a lot of fun activities even for people who don't like to go out. I especially like the dorm i live in. It's not crowded and has a lot of privacy. The people there are very nice and accepting. I like my personal space that is why if i could live in that same hall next school i would hundred percent do it. They are not the best athletic college but they offer everyone a chance to be part of the the community. My only problem is how far the student parking is away from the dorms. I even got two ticket for parking in the wrong place but besides that my experience there is very good so far.
I have had a good experience with Bowling Green so far. Although it is a larger state school, some may think that academics and professors and degraded, but this was not the case. Advisors and professors really showed interest in problems that occurred and helped. There is a lot of opportunities and fun things to do on and off campus and would recommend this schools to anyone.
Very fun school with many good people to meet. Provides a place to learn and a place to find friends and associates.
Bowling Green feels like home. I feel like I belong here. The campus is beautiful, the staff is friendly. I miss being there when I'm home on break.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Bowling Green. I am a freshman creative writing major and so far I have really enjoyed all of my classes. Compared to the other schools I applied to, it was among the more reasonably priced and the dorms that I've seen are decent. The food isn't the greatest because it's hard to find good healthy food if you don't go to the store, but it isn't terrible. There isn't much to do off campus besides food options downtown either, but it's easy to find friends because the campus is diverse and while I am always cautious, I have never had reason to feel unsafe.
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Bowling Green State University is a wonderful institution where I am getting a chance to get a four year degree.
Bowling Green is such a wonderful college town. All the professors I've had are extremely passionate about their subject and prepared for every class. The atmosphere is great and the campus isn't too big or too far away from downtown. One thing the school lacks is diversity.
So far I have really enjoyed the college life and experience. It has been actually really easy to adjust to the life there. The only thing I wish that I could change would be the dining hall food option and the outtakes price of food. Like I understand its there for the convenience but, they could at least have reduced the prices.
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