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Professors and faculty members are amazing! Everyone is welcoming and the University is very diverse! I look forward to becoming a BGSU graduate this upcoming year!
My experience here at BGSU is amazing because the professors works one on one with students that needs more understanding. Also, everyone on campus are very friendly.
I love the campus and atmosphere of the people. There are plenty of clubs, organizations, and opportunities for every kind of student. Nightlife is amazing, with the greatest people and service. The only downside to Bowling Green State University is that it is in the middle of corn fields, but once you get into town, there are plenty of new people to meet and plenty of new experiences to have. It is an amazing school that has provided me with the best education. I could not have asked for a better campus or town to base my education out of.
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I recently graduated with a Master's of Fine Arts in Poetry. The program is amazing. It's fully-funded and is run by talented faculty. The community of writers it offers is welcoming.
It is a wonderful school that welcomes you with open arms and with many opportunities to further your education.
The experience At bowling green was wonderful. I’ve learned How to be responsible and independent. The students and staff are very friendly , the campus is big but small it’s not hard finding classes once you walk around enough . I’m upset that I left and will be returning soon . “Once a falcon always a falcon”.
It's a medium sized school, almost 20,000 students.
Nice campus, not too big or small.
In a small town with good food and bars.
Most professors are great and really know their stuff. People are nice.
I love BGSU, when I went on my visit I did not expect to be blown away by the campus and the town around it is such a cozy semi-small town! The professors seemed very excited and happy to be working there and were very passionate about their fields.
BGSU is a great college! It offers a wide variety of activities. I enjoy my classes and am learning a great deal toward my major. I believe that anyone would find that Bowling Green State University is an ideal place for anyone to get their college education. The cost is very reasonable and my program is one of a kind.
Bowling Green is a wonderful university. It offers something here for everyone. People come here and they find out who they are or they grow into the person they are meant to be. We learn and shape into the adult we are supposed to become. It is a safe university. BGSU is filled with a large amount of school spirit. You can't go a day without at least putting a school shirt on or walking by the mascot and giving them a high five. The professors care about you and the work that you do. As long as you put in the effort, so will they. Overall, 4 years fly by. You look forward to coming here after high school and then you blink and it's gone. You feel sadnes when you think you won't ever experience a pride or spirit like this again at any other school or part of your life.
without bowling green and all it has to offer, I wouldn't be here today and I definitely wouldn't be as confident in myself or on my path for my major. I'm grateful for this school and all it has to offer me.
BGSU has been a really great place to grow. I am really glad that I chose this school, it has a friendly environment and good people. I have learned a lot since I have moved here so far, the science department is great.
Bowling Green takes advantage of the disabled and struggling for profit.

I still cannot access my transcripts years later due to disabilites, ALL I HAVE IS DEBT with nothing to show for it, no job prospects.

NOBODY CARES, and if they do they have no authority to affect change.

This college will ruin your life and feed you lies to convince you to go into debt as long as it puts money in their pocket. Avoid if you value your future!
I fell in love with BGSU when i first moved in as a freshman. It is a change of pace from growing up in a big city, but absolutely worth the experience.
This was a terrible college for me to start at. My advisors were constantly changed and were never helpful. Staff is extremely difficult to stay in contact with because they all seem to be too busy to bother with their students whether they are trying to get ahead or just catch up. I wish I never would have gone here and I'm happy to say that I am transferring to a much more involved and helpful school.
BGSU is a very good college for undergraduates who are looking for not only good academics, but also a good social life. The college of business is one of the best in the country, and it’s definitely one of the reasons why I love BG so much. There’s also so much to do on campus. Sure, there’s the Greek life, and the parties. But there’s also a ton of different clubs and intramurals you can join. Is the university perfect? No, there’s definitely some mild problems. The dining halls serve subpar food (but there are quite a few different food choices). And the guidance counselors should really try to be more helpful towards the first year students, who I’ve heard many complaints about not knowing about some key amenities. But besides those minor issues, Bowling Green State is definitely a top tier university.
I love the town of Bowling Green. What I would love to see change is the dorm situation. They have taken down one dorm and are talking about taking another one down. They haven't replaced the dorms with new ones. Now they kick everyone out after their sophomore year. Other than that its great.
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Very fun college to go to and a great place to study. The college tuition can be up there in pricing but the community is great and the professors.
As a Fulbright student at BGSU (2010-2012), I enjoyed my student life and loved most of the seminars I took, if not all. The American Cultures Studies program from which I graduated was pivotal in my academic experience and development.
I love my school I've had a great experience. I have found a great fit for my needs and wants. I have made some of the best friends of my life while excelling in academics. I started in exercise science and I am in the process of transferring to the college of business.
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