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BGSU may have a somewhat small campus, but the school spirit is larger than life. Every Friday is Falcon Friday, the fight song constantly chimes everyday, and countless friendships and connections are made each semester. As a former member of the Falcon Marching Band, I've never seen such school spirit represented at any other school.
I enjoyed the athletic program! I have learned so much! I am so excited to continue to be apart of the team.
Overall, a pretty great school. There are a few things they need to work on in terms of International students, though. Treatment in terms of giving them an equal opportunity when registering for classes (new/transfer) and housing during breaks can and should be addressed.
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BGSU's biggest problem is typical: So much money goes to the athletics and athletes. But where it succeeds is in its selection of interesting courses and the professors that teach them. Generally speaking, the campus' instructors are a wonderful lot who will go out of their way to be as helpful and humorous as possible and as understanding to their students' needs as necessary.
BGSU is an average college with average everything. They really do boost their MBA program through the roof however... what is so special about MBAs? This is more than likely due to my experience with people in that program, but they all kind of suck in terms of personality. My department was underfunded and shoved in a degrading building. The history department was underfunded and being cut back on average one professor a year. They seem to really enjoy funneling money towards construction rather than to the students. It doesn't actually help, it just puts more students into debt and ruin the reputation all the professors there worked for.
I am currently loving it at Bowling Green State University. I finished my freshman year recently and I'm in love with the school. The atmosphere is friendly, the staff is engaging, and the learning communities are almost like a little family. I strongly recommend attending. Kreischer needs improvement.
As soon as I arrived at BGSU as a freshman, I immediately felt at home. The town and the people were so welcoming. Although it is a big school, I did not feel overwhelmed or nervous around campus. I felt very safe and secure.
I love that Bowling Green State University is a very open and welcoming community to all students who are willing to put into the effort the the college offers. There is no other college I could see myself attending, my freshman year I truly fell in love with this school.
Bowling Green State University is a wonderful campus to live on. There is so much to do on campus and off. Have family members too that graduated here it is a great University academically and socially.
I enjoy being a student at BGSU. I feel like the classes are the perfect size and that you won't feel like just a number at BGSU. It's very easy to get in touch with professors outside of class using email or the inbox on canvas. BG provides several resources for their students to succeed and they work with students that fall off track to get them back on. BGSU does a great job of providing support for their freshmen and making sure they are on the right course to graduate. Freshmen are given mandatory advising meetings to discuss their grades and schedules. BG provides a degree audit so students can look at their progress and assess what they need to do to graduate. I think BG has a very inclusive atmosphere and that they provide events for every race, ethnicity, and gender to enjoy. I really think I made the best choice by coming to BGSU.
I enjoy the diversity at BGSU. It is also a beautiful campus, with a great atmosphere. I value the environment as well as the academics because they're challenging but easy to find help.
My recent time at bowling green has been a great experience. I the campus is very nice. The faculty and staff there are wonderful and are very helpful and understanding. And the student life there is extraordinary, there so much things there to experience as student.
I love it! The only person I've ever had an issue with has been my adviser thus far but that's still understandable.
BGSU has been my home the past two years! I love it and would not want to attend any other university! It has allowed me to grow and experience new things! Love BGSU
An astounding school. Despite many of the buildings on campus grounds being a tad old, it is still fully able to provide a wonderful college experience. The professors are experts in their field, having had years of experience. The dorms where a student would live in are quite comfortable. Usually sharing the dorm with a few others, the provided loft beds are comfortable and allow ample space in the specific rooms. The food services are quite superb, having several restaurants on and by campus and having several eateries within the cafeterias. You have a large variety of choices.
Bowling Green State University is in a city that revolves around the university. It definitely has a large party scene and there are several clubs that students can walk to downtown. The classes are engaging and most of the professors really put forth a good effort and make the education count. The one-campus food is not great, but there are several other restaurants around town where you can eat.
So far my experience had been mixed. As an independent student I have faced discrimination and difficulty from administrators, faculty, and staff. As I can put it, I have enjoyed my academic experience but in no way shape or form have I enjoyed the administrative experience. Yes, that isn't supposed to be enjoyable in the first place, but it's not supposed to make your college experience and living hell. As of recently my academic experience is not going well either. I suffer from multiple disabilities which are ignored by certain staff members and faculty. I honestly do not know how this will end.
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The school is wonderful and full of opportunities for students. There are many classes to take to help students achieve the very best, as well as a multitude of clubs that anyone can join. There is also a wonderful LGBTQ+ community on campus that offers support for those that identify as queer.
Bowling Green State University located in a small town. However, it is always on the edge of innovation and has many nationally recognized programs. The people are what really make BGSU such a great place to be.
I got accepted in MArch at BGSU. I took a tour on campus online and am grateful for my new journey in graduate school. It will be money well spent since it's one of the affordable state schools in Ohio . The cost is fair for the education I will receive. It isn't the most beautiful city, but it is close to places I'd want to go. The staff is helpful and intelligent. Some of my grad classes are awesome, and for the most part, the program gave me the tools I needed to succeed after graduation.
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