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Bowling Green State University - Firelands Reviews

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My overall experience has been amazing. The campus is small enough that it isn't crowded, the parking is easy, and the classrooms are large and spacious. The professors work hard to help students out in every way they possibly can or accommodate. The students are fairly from nearby and all over the United States. The experience has been amazing because it is more rural than in the city. BGSU Firelands has an amazing view of a pond and water in the back of campus that helps unwind from stressful days or to relax and eat between classes. I truly love Firelands and I wish I came here for my associates, yet I am glad to have done my degree the smart way.
My online experience has been good, the professors try to make it as easy as they possibly can. The online classes are controlled throughout canvas and links. The professors post weekly on what is needed to be done and what to post in return for grades. The exams are quite different because essays are sent via email and multiple choices are done on Canvas. The online experience is questioned at the end of each semester based on classes.
I have already completed one degree at BGSU Firelands and am pursuing my second degree. This campus is very easy to navigate and the staff is very friendly and personable.
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I love that the school is small and that classes are small. I've been able to build relationships with almost all of my professors. Most of them really seem to enjoy what they do and enjoy seeing students enjoy the subjects that they so deeply care about.
I go to Firelands online and enjoy it! All of the teachers are approachable, and I have found my classes to be enjoyable. The process of ordering and purchasing books can be quite confusing, but other than that, good school.
I like it because there is tons of new friendly I get to see and I am learning something I truly love to do.
Great school. Everyone is very helpful and polite. There is somewhere to sit and hang out in between classes.
I love a lot of the faculty at Firelands BGSU. They have been very helpful to me. A few of them believed in me and helped me graduate. It was a great accomplishment and it made me feel like continuing my education.
The only bad experience I've had is with a teacher from the main campus not Firelands. She refused to help me. Would have been better to have a teacher nearby.
I haven't got a chance to get experience college I am a senior in high school but high school curriculum was very great I felt at sometimes high school could learn things that could really matter in life. The things we learn we will never use again.
My school is unique because of the way everything is taking care of even though there can be problems school has been a great experience and I will tell anyone to always do your work and work hard for everything because nothing is given.
I am able to schedule classes around my already existing schedule and take online classes. It was a huge relief when if not all then most of my credits transferred from Lourdes.
It was easy to keep up with the work load and if there were any problems they were quickly and easily resolved.
There always sending out notifications letting people know that they're there to help.
I love it there, I have been enjoying it ever since I transferred. The time I spent at Firelands has helped me to prepare to graduate early.
I am constantly getting notifications about internships and jobs available to students as well as job fairs. There's always someone available to help you in the career center.
I've learned so many new and unexpected things. The professors know what they're talking about and do not disappoint.
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I started off at a much larger private school and didn't like it. I came to Firelands and immediately felt more comfortable with my surroundings, it's close to home and the professors actually care about whether or not you're in class.
I enjoy Firelands campus because it's small, challenging, and close to home. It's a lot less money in the end as well!
I wasn't overly impressed with the Criminal Justice program. I got my general credits out of the way and that's about all that Firelands was good for.
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