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Bowling Green State University - Firelands Reviews

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The only bad experience I've had is with a teacher from the main campus not Firelands. She refused to help me. Would have been better to have a teacher nearby.
I haven't got a chance to get experience college I am a senior in high school but high school curriculum was very great I felt at sometimes high school could learn things that could really matter in life. The things we learn we will never use again.
My school is unique because of the way everything is taking care of even though there can be problems school has been a great experience and I will tell anyone to always do your work and work hard for everything because nothing is given.
Review Bowling Green State University - Firelands
I am able to schedule classes around my already existing schedule and take online classes. It was a huge relief when if not all then most of my credits transferred from Lourdes.
It was easy to keep up with the work load and if there were any problems they were quickly and easily resolved.
There always sending out notifications letting people know that they're there to help.
I love it there, I have been enjoying it ever since I transferred. The time I spent at Firelands has helped me to prepare to graduate early.
I am constantly getting notifications about internships and jobs available to students as well as job fairs. There's always someone available to help you in the career center.
I've learned so many new and unexpected things. The professors know what they're talking about and do not disappoint.
I started off at a much larger private school and didn't like it. I came to Firelands and immediately felt more comfortable with my surroundings, it's close to home and the professors actually care about whether or not you're in class.
I enjoy Firelands campus because it's small, challenging, and close to home. It's a lot less money in the end as well!
I wasn't overly impressed with the Criminal Justice program. I got my general credits out of the way and that's about all that Firelands was good for.
I always have liked my professors. However, the classes themselves aren't that great. I got through them but I didn't necessarily enjoy them.
I didn't have any issues.
People are mostly friendly there and I haven't had any problems.
I didn't really have any problems getting my financial aid and my questions were all answered.
I thought I would learn better being in a traditional classroom setting, so I was wasn't sure about it when I had to take an online course. I realized I learn better when I read it rather than hearing it. You have to be dedicated to a schedule so that all assignments, discussions and tests are done before the deadline. I spent at least six hours a week reading and studying the textbook and completing the work in it, as well as posting on the discussion board and reading other students' posts. There were also the online lectures to listen to as well as the website work. The only peer interaction was when I responded to someone elses post. It wasn't a problem to communicate with the instructor if I had a question.
Review Bowling Green State University - Firelands
It is surrounded by cornfields. They do not have a huge list of classes and the two year degrees that can be earned are limited because of the small size of the campus. It is meant to be a school to earn an associates degree, or just get started in a college career before you transfer to a larger campus or school that offers more. Because it is only a four building campus, there really isn't room to socialize much on campus.
The education I am receiving is well worth the amount I am paying. It is not an expensive school. All I had to do was fill out a FAFSA online and it went to the schools' financial aid office and everything was taken care of. I received grants and student loans.
Firelands is a very small campus and there is no student housing. I like the fact that I do not have to walk far to my classroom buildings. We do not have athletics at the campus. There is a small student center area near the vendeteria. The library is rather small and I have not used it at all. I think I have more books in storage than the school library does. There are activities on campus, but I do not participate in them. I am not your traditional student as I am in my forties. I am not interested in the traditional young college student life living in a dorm on campus and hanging out with friends. If I were to attend anything at all, I would prefer to attend with students in my own age group.
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