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I do not have much experience because I am a commuter. You can tell what professors care and those that are just here for a paycheck. The campus appearance is very nice is my opinion. A lot of light coming into the building where I take my classes. The classes overall vary. Most or almost all class are lectures not too much interaction that I think it should be with students. The work depends on the class. Some classes you either understand it or you don't. There are even some classes where you have to teach yourself or find tutors. It is very important which professor you choose, so ask around to know who to take and who not to take.
I overall love my experience at Bowie State University. The professors are very helpful and the university offers any resources you could possibly think of. Also their tuition is very affordable for the students.
I have enjoyed my college experience so far at Bowie State University. In my time there I have seen the growth in my major department, college of study, and the university as a whole. I have been fortunate to be in a number of organizations and committees. One thing I like about Bowie is that they listen to the students and work towards change for better experiences.
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The teachers are very good and give you opportunity to submit late assignment. It is also cheap and its a good investment of your money.
I would like to see changes in this learning institution and quickly. For Bowie State to be a commuter HBCU, the program setup for the "Non-Traditional" student is considerably subpar and below standards. With most people not being able to afford college until later in life, I believe that Bowie State should revamp a lot of their programs, starting with admissions.
I’ve been a student of Bowie state for 4 years and it’s honestly the best university experience I could ask for. It’s average size population allows students to build a stronger and better relationship with their professor. Office hours are always available and there are enough resources to help each student. I wouldn’t change my undergrad experience for anything.
Amazing academic life and professors are consistent with maintaining relationships with students inside and outside of the classroom.
Seeing as how this is my semester as a transfer student with Bowie State, I cannot rate all aspects of it. So far it has been a very pleasant experience. Moving into the dorms was a very smooth process. I didn't expect it to go that smooth. I will say, that I would have like to have seen a little more attention to detail. For example, what and where a student needs to go and do in order to utilize their meal plan. A new student shouldn't have to figure it out on their own. As a suggestion, I would suggest all pertinent information be placed on the main bulletin board for students, as well as parents to see on move-in day as well as the first week of classes.
The dorms are adequate and appear to be well kept. So far I have no complaints about the food.. Because it is an HBCU, there is not going to be a lot of diversity, but I am happy to attend an institution where all of my peers look like me. But a little diversity would be ok too.
Registering during the summer was a bit confusing. There wasn't a lot of assistance, however, when I did get assistance they were very helpful . The administration that was on site were very helpful but it was a little confusing on where to go once you entered the campus. The parking situation was also confusing. Although you didn't need a parking pass it was a bit confusing on where to park without getting towed.
I love the school, I'm 16 at Bowie State University and have got to know many fabulous people who have similar backgrounds and interests as me. I'm concentrated in my academics so I don't get distracted by what the wicked students are arranging with their pejorative actions/decisions. I've been luckily passing my classes and have had wonderful professors that have prepared me well. I highly recommend this University for anyone still deciding.
What I loved about Bowie state was the community feel of it all. Everyone around me was so accepting and made being away from home a lot easier. The only thing that I would change is the communication over the phone with the administrative offices.
I love Bowie State’s family hood. Being there makes you feel comfortable and at home. It’s easy to make friends and it’s easy to adjust. Everyone is so friendly and open, it’s crazy. Go Bulldogs!!
Bowie State University has a very broad range of things to do at campus. There are many sports, clubs and organizations at Bowie to be involved in and have a full college experience. It'll help you grow as a person as well as connections and find people that are interested in your same field of study.
Bowie State University is literally what you make of it. When it comes to the social aspect it's very good. when it comes to communication, housing, cafeteria food, and academics it could use a lot of work. First off Bowie State University's communication for financial aid is terrible. They relay messages late, they process forms late, they even put in your FAFSA late. They won't tell you that you have a balance on your account until its too late. On top of that, they don't value returning students as much as they should. After freshman year you have to literally fight for housing because they give the majority of it to incoming freshman. I am a student-athlete and I struggle every year to get housing. Our academics are bad too. A lot of the professor doesn't know how to actually teach. On top of that, some barely show up for work. The material is either super easy or very hard. A lot of them don't take enough time to actually explain the concept to us, they just rush everything.
I loved how close it was too home and there is never a dull moment at this school. You can get really close with the professors since the classes are relatively small meaning you can get a lot of one on one time. There is loads of stuff to do on campus from joining on of there many clubs or joining sports or even pledging to a sorority/fraternity. Bowie state is financial the best school in Maryland if you plan to stay in state
Small campus and easy to navigate. I would say they need to update some older buildings. Everyone is cordial and sincere. The atmosphere is energetic and constantly moving in certain areas while tranquil in others.
If you are looking for a small school thats very passionate about what it represents then i would say bowie state is a good university. The teachers are good and i would say like to help the students get by.
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I liked that the college has a family, clean and fair environment. The faculty members are so willing to help current and upcoming students achieve their goals no matter what. I was happy to find a faculty member myself that was willing to help and guide me to the right resources to succeed.
My experience at Bowie State was good. It is a family environment and the professors care about the student's success and education.
Bowie State University is the Historic Black College / University that I am honored to be attending for four years of my academic lifetime. As a rising sophomore, my freshman experience was rewarding and comforting as I have completed two semesters as a deans list recipient (3.5 GPA). I've met many people along with great professors and staff. The only downside is a lack in financial assistance directly through the school. I would love more assistance in the finance department to make my enrollment in school more affordable and less stressful.
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