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Bowie state university is newly renovated, has great staff and students. The athletic teams are amazing and the spirit programs are too. I wish everyone check out Bowie State, there is a broad spesctrum of majors and things to do on campus!
The atmosphere was very welcoming and warm when I took a college visit. I love the diversity of the school.
I enjoy the one on one interactions. Also the dedication advisors and professors have for the students.
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my experience at bowie is great this school is very diverse and has a lot of culture on campus. The area surrounding it is great if you ever want to get out and go shopping, eat, or ever want to hang out with friends. The students here are very nice and are very charismatic towards one another.
My overall experience at Bowie State has been nothing but great. Going from high school to college is a big adjustment. I love the diversity of the school Bowie has so many students from different states. The students here are very ambitious at the campus, which allows you to surround yourself with positive people who are working hard in this college life. I enjoy Bowie for the excellent academics, and the small class sizes which i like the professors and the counselors are very helpful and there to assist. They campus life is very fun and not overwhelming. I Love Bowie State University.
Bowie is a great school it just needs to be way more organized with events and set dates because you can tend to be confused on what’s going on because everything is out of order
Diverse, educational university which has helped shaped the incredible young woman I have become today.
Better ways of promoting events that are happening on campus. Bowie is what you, as a tudent make of it, if you are involved on campus and in studies than it should be a great experience.
What I like about Bowie State is that the environment is so warm and welcoming and the campus is so up to date and clean. The only thing I would change is to have security at all the entrances to ensure safety.
- There are great majors the school offers but I'f your interested in one that's
"less popular" DO YOUR RESEARCH on what the program offers in education, networking, internships, and etc. I chose Sports Management but the program lacked in Professors that were knowledgeable of the subject and the program needs a complete re-do of the course requirements because they have failed myself and others on preparing us for any entry level position . Also, most internships make it a requirement that you must be able to earn college credit(s) in order to qualify but the way the program is setup you can only do your internship your senior . Therefore, limiting your experience and opportunities within the field . I understand the school gives others that may not be able to afford a college education to do so or those who have lower gpa's and still want to attend college a chance but professors use that as a crutch. The course work felt like high school.
My experience have been good so far. The teachers are hands on and the students are helpful as well.
With each year, I integrate myself more into Bowie State University. I am pleased to say that i'm satisfied overall up to this point. Despite the lack of housing, Bowie State University is helping prepare me for the career track in which I'm interested in going.
I love the Bowie State campus. The professors and students there are very welcoming and the academics are perfect.
I feel that Bowie offers the an excellent academic program. I do feel that communication to students via email could be better.
I received a world-class education at Bowie State, which enabled me to pursue graduate studies at Edinburgh University in Scotland and at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Bowie State is a precious jewel among academic institutions. Go Bulldogs!
I enjoyed my first semester at Bowie State University. The atmosphere was very different. Living in a dorm was new to me. During my second semester 2018, I had a ladybug infestation and the RA's wouldn't do anything about it. It is definitely disgusting and not something a resident wants to deal with daily. My professors as a whole are great, very responsive, and helpful.
This school has a poor administration and seems that they do not care about the students. The admin staff is NOT helpful and they are extremely rude. The school poorly budgets and prioritizes the actual needs of paying students and squanders the money on thing are the not needed on campus.
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Bowie State was a great experience for me. When I went there, there was an event going on for mainly African Americans. To just celebrate and appreciate ourselves.
Bowie State is a charming school that has a strong fraternity/sorority presence. The school offers many ways to succeed you just have to be willing to go and seek those options out. The on campus food is not that good but there are many surrounding places that are better. The professors for the most part are understanding but you may run into a few who have no tolerance for anything so just be wary and be ready to learn or do whatever it takes to get to the top.
Bowie state University is very good,it's diverse culturally,morally and professionally. The learning environment is excellent and friendly. The lecturers aremorally sound and of ethical standards. It is a great place to learn. The institution need to improve in the aspects of providing job opportunity for students to encourage them to more,also need to improve on the parking system on campus.the institution also need to offer more courses by expanding on the fields and improving on the available fields.
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