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Bowie is a outstanding University/ school. I like what Bowie State stands for and has to offer to the students, their students. I picked Bowie for my undergrad after completing community college because i knew that the professors there would be very helpful and play an important role in preparation of my career. Another reason i love Bowie because it is a commuter school and the tuition is reasonable compared to bigger universities. I love Bowie and there is so much to learn and get from there everyday is a memorable experience.
The professors here are great, you will really learn a lot from them if you just apply yourself in class. In turn, the professors can show you the way to many opportunities. However, the institution itself can do better. Meaning the faculty could be more considerate of students, friendlier, happier, etc.
I'm currently going into my sophomore year here at the illustrious Bowie State University. I' am a Criminal Justice major and I' am in love with their Criminal Justice program.
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What I like about Bowie State University is that everyone is kind of like a family and most of the professors at the school want to make sure every student completely understands the work.
Excellent college. Bowie may be a HBCU bit there is a lot of diversity on campus containing almost all of the ethnic groups and religions. The professors are great and atmosphere is family/friend like. There is always someone willing to help you out when needed to grasp the bit of info that you didn't understand. Many Students have left bowie more than ready in their field thanks to all of the academic program, resources, faculty on campus.
At the end of the day I love my University, after dealing with everything, it was one of the best expierances.
Overall Bowie State University is a good University but like anything else it is not perfect. The classrooms could be a little bit more updated. The dorms could have more air when it is hot and heat when it is cold, but other than that everything else is pretty great.
Bowie is a really great school, filled with wonderful people and great experiences. Bowie excels in the areas of academics, athletics, and community service. The campus is small and convenient, it takes little to no time at all to travel between classes, the cafeteria, and dorm rooms. The students and staff are friendly and welcoming. Bowie is affordable and extremely worth attending. I love how student oriented the staff at Bowie are. The genuinely want to see every student succeed and will go above and beyond to make sure students do succeed. However the cafe could have more food options. The current options are slim to none.
Bowie State University, overall, is a good school. Having a beautiful campus, there is always something to do but, it's only what you make of it. I would like to see more food options and late night food places.
It is and overall great school. You have to make the best of your time there. A great atmosphere to be in.
Comfortable campus. Feels like family. Questionable choices in safety enforcement. Food could be better.
I have an excellent experience with Bowie State University. My classes and professors are great. This has been one of the best experiences of my life.
Bowie State University is a very welcoming college with some impressive professors that encourage a diverse thinking style.
Bowie State University well where do I start? The school itself is spilt into sections on one side you have all the people who are just there to be there, then you have people who are trying to transfer out the school (various reasons), and lastly you have those who are actually working with the school to build a career for themselves. Let me not forget about the residence halls... all but two are substandard and a waste of money.
Bowie State has an excellent environment although I do not attend here just yet, I'm excited to become a bulldog. The staff is so nice and communicates very sufficient.
I absolutely love Bowie State. Although I am a fourth-generation bulldog, I came from a small high school and was extremely nervous about attending BSU. Let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The academics are given to you in a way that may be challenging, but they push you to do your best. The bonds between students and faculty is unbreakable. I would definitely recommend attending Bowie State University.
Bowie State University has really opened my eyes to the world around me. The Bowie state Community genuinely cares about the students, and is always providing opportunities for students to challenge themselves and to grow not only as students but as human beings as well.
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I am a new transfer student to Bowie State University, so far I am enjoying the campus. Everyone is nice, when I needed help finding a building or a class everyone I asked questions were super helpful. I am looking forward to finishing my undergrad years here!
From attending Bowie State University, I can honestly say the environment is great for anyone who wants to have fun inside and outside of the classroom. While in my communications class last semester, I truly enjoy7ed learning about communications because of how the discussions we had really challenged my thoughts. Also outside of the classroom the school had many different activities going on everyday which made it fun. I remember one day they even had a movie out on the lawn. So much fun!
The atmosphere is very welcoming. I will always consider Bowie State my second home. The professors actually care about your well being and your success. I love that my professors want to see me succeed just as much as I want to.
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