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I feel that Bowie offers the an excellent academic program. I do feel that communication to students via email could be better.
I received a world-class education at Bowie State, which enabled me to pursue graduate studies at Edinburgh University in Scotland and at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Bowie State is a precious jewel among academic institutions. Go Bulldogs!
I enjoyed my first semester at Bowie State University. The atmosphere was very different. Living in a dorm was new to me. During my second semester 2018, I had a ladybug infestation and the RA's wouldn't do anything about it. It is definitely disgusting and not something a resident wants to deal with daily. My professors as a whole are great, very responsive, and helpful.
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This school has a poor administration and seems that they do not care about the students. The admin staff is NOT helpful and they are extremely rude. The school poorly budgets and prioritizes the actual needs of paying students and squanders the money on thing are the not needed on campus.
Bowie State was a great experience for me. When I went there, there was an event going on for mainly African Americans. To just celebrate and appreciate ourselves.
Bowie State is a charming school that has a strong fraternity/sorority presence. The school offers many ways to succeed you just have to be willing to go and seek those options out. The on campus food is not that good but there are many surrounding places that are better. The professors for the most part are understanding but you may run into a few who have no tolerance for anything so just be wary and be ready to learn or do whatever it takes to get to the top.
Bowie state University is very good,it's diverse culturally,morally and professionally. The learning environment is excellent and friendly. The lecturers aremorally sound and of ethical standards. It is a great place to learn. The institution need to improve in the aspects of providing job opportunity for students to encourage them to more,also need to improve on the parking system on campus.the institution also need to offer more courses by expanding on the fields and improving on the available fields.
First, one of the best choices I made, My experience at Bowie State is very pleased. They made me feel welcome, the people there are very nice and down to earth. everyone there is there to help one another. Its a place where everyone want to succeed.
Campus is pretty small compared to most college campuses, which is great. Some professors are okay, the advisers and counselors are kind of a mess. Let's be honest, people go to Bowie for the price not the 'glam'. A lot of events are tailored towards on campus residents, as most events start and end really late.
The professors in my department were very helpful. A few professors in other departments were unprofessional or not informative. The campus has a nice environment, but security needs to be more active and present around the entire campus. The food is great, but lunch hours should be longer. Sometimes, music and "school spirit" is excessive. Some departments and certain professors are simply worth your money/ better than other departments and professors.
I love my college, it’s a real all around good experience. The students are very nice and helpful and so is the staff. I cannot wait to achieve my bachelors degree from here and brag!
After my first semester at Bowie State, I have noticed that excellence is only what you put into it. If you want to succeed you have to not only have the mindset but great professors, nutritious meals, and a positive environment. Bowie State University may lack some components such as a positive environment or new dorms, but they have professors that care, a strong history and aspects that make their campus unique from others.
I liked the Freshman Seminar that BSU provided. That course plus the overall experience I had with the various professors I've met led to an easy transition for me from high school to college.
I love bowie state and i have a chance to win 1,000$ to talk about It that is great. I really need it and I love bowie from the sports to the education I love It all
Bowie State is an overall chill school. Some professors make it easy for you to pass while other professors will give you a hard time. Most of the people are nice and want to help you out. The food is not good and the dorms are pretty clean. Also, the university is very small.
I have recently been able to tour the campus of Bowie State University , I can say it was a true eye opener , i enjoyed my experience and will be apply there this year. The community of education that Bowie state has created is amazing . i would love to go to Bowie state , its my first choice.
great campus and it is very affordable so its a good trade off. it has its ups and downs but nonetheless it is a great school to attend. also its a lot of my own family history at the school so that is another reason I attend.
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Bowie State is a HBCU that is tucked away in Bowie MD, it's a commuter school but it suits my needs as I help out my family and it's only 8 minutes up the street from me.
On one hand,I like the fact that you don't need to make an appointment before you see a tutor. In addition to that,everyone is willing to help when you ask for directions. Furthermore, the review forms given to students at the end of the course semester assists the school administration to better understand how well the professor interacts with the students. On the other hand, the tuition fees for international students is too expensive as compared to citizens and permanent residents. In addition to that, international students are not allowed to work in the library, I think they're biased.
I went on a college tour over the summer and it was great. I saw the admissions office, the criminal justice building, fraternity yards, science building where the people who are majoring in the sciences will spend all their time, theater arts, we learned about athletics, they have intramural teams if you don't make the actual team which makes everybody get involved. We have a chance as individuals to live with a roommate and make connections with other people.
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