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I am a new transfer student to Bowie State University, so far I am enjoying the campus. Everyone is nice, when I needed help finding a building or a class everyone I asked questions were super helpful. I am looking forward to finishing my undergrad years here!
From attending Bowie State University, I can honestly say the environment is great for anyone who wants to have fun inside and outside of the classroom. While in my communications class last semester, I truly enjoy7ed learning about communications because of how the discussions we had really challenged my thoughts. Also outside of the classroom the school had many different activities going on everyday which made it fun. I remember one day they even had a movie out on the lawn. So much fun!
The atmosphere is very welcoming. I will always consider Bowie State my second home. The professors actually care about your well being and your success. I love that my professors want to see me succeed just as much as I want to.
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I like my school, the people are funny and the community feels like a big family. On the downside, some events aren't very organized or coordinated and the residence halls aren't the best
Bowie State University is one of the oldest Historically Black College/University (HBCU'S) and attending there has been nothing but an amazing experience. The professors give you real life scenarios and do their all to make sure you pass and retain information, if they see you are trying. The staff is always willing to help and are always helpful. The only flaw I have experience is with financial aid. They send their reminders and just the actual email extremely way too close to deadlines, leaving the student no way to find the funds. So, you have to always plan ahead and make sure your ready for anything, which in a way gets you ready for the work field and real world but still is very annoying and stressful.
I just finished my first semester of college at Bowie State University and so far, it's been great. The professors take time to provide help if needed and the environment at Bowie State University prepares it's students for the field the desire and the real world that awaits.
Bowie State University has become better each year that I've attended. The school is great academically and student/campus life is really enjoyable.
Bowie State isn't a bad school at all, I just wish the professors were more assistive and available. It has a good variety of majors that students can choose from and advisors are very helpful when it comes to issues such a choosing a major or a particular focus. As for the parties, you have to know the right people. Campus will only be as fun as you make it.
My experience at the illustrious Bowie State University has been a great one! The professors push you to learn more, and push your academic limits. I've made great connections for later networking purposes and have made life long friends.
Bowie State is a prestigious HBCU locate in Bowie. It has a rigorous Nursing program of which I am passionately enrolled in. the Professors are very helpful and want to see you succeed. I woul like Bowie to be a tobacco free campus, a campaign me and some of my colleagues started implementing.
My experience at Bowie State has been good one. Although I didn't want to initially attend Bowie State, I'm grateful I did. Bowie State has taught me so much about myself and has molded me into the woman I am today. I have made sure that I had access to every opportunity that was approached before me. I am eternally grateful that I attend Bowie State.
I am currently a freshman at bowie state university and so far I am pleased with my experiences at this university.
I've been attending Bowie for a semester now and I am satisfied about the university. Previously, I received a lot of bad reviews about Bowie, but those rumors were not true. Bowie is a well academically driven college.
My overall experience at Bowie State University is great. This is my first semester here and overall everything has been pretty smooth. The environment and energy on campus is exactly what I needed to help me get through school.
I really like my school! I'm new here but I feel welcomed and I feel at home. I just wish the administration offices would move a tad bit faster when doing their jobs.
Bowie state is a nice school, the campus is big I like the programs they had there and the extra curricular activities. There are a number of people from other places in the U.S. that attend bowie
All like and it improved in all level of sucesss. Also I give a 5 star for each level of success and great in couragement
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I first had my doubts about Bowie State. However, the home of the bulldogs is extremely welcoming and helpful with each step of your college journey.
Our teams are generally good. Club sports are fun
So far I like my school and the teachers.
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