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Bowie State is a diverse University with great teachers and even greater students. You will learn a lot at this school. The tuition is fair and I believe you get your moneys worth. Lots of students come to bowie seeking an education and come out with much more. When you leave bowie state you will have new experiences new friends and maybe even a new job.
What I like about Bowie State University Is that you meet new people and get to know them. Bowie State opens a lot of opportunities for students to be a part of something in themselves, another thing I like about my campus is everyone is enjoying having fun such as parties, programs, and special guests coming down to give us students speeches about life, challenges, and success. The one thing that I want to change is more student being more involve in programs where we talk about our culture, community, and character because we as a student must know who we are and what is our purpose.
I have learned so much semester after semester. I met knew people, networked more, and grown academically.
I still have more room to grow but Bowie has me better with time management, being an all around student, and getting to know and be friends with people who want to see me succeed.
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Bowie state is a great school. The campus is beautiful, the professors are very helpful, and the city is very safe.
The only thing I enjoyed about Bowie State University is the Entrepreneurship program because it helps you a lot with opening your business. The school itself is not that great, customer service is horrible and they are completely out dated when you want to sign in Financial aid office, the employee are talking to each other instead of assisting students. In addition, the staff will send you office to office instead of explaining to you the process of your certain needs. If you are receiving a transfer scholarship, you need look for the transfer representative constantly in order to receive your scholarship.
Distance, teaching and professors are excellent for me. The set up of the campus is very captivating. The professors know their stuff and they teach it with passion. The staff goes above and beyond to help the students with they are looking for it comes to registration and choosing a major.
Bowie State is a great HBCU to attend. It is a small campus, so you won't be lost within a sea of students and you will get to know familiar faces fairly quickly. There is a strong sense of community at Bowie State and everyone helps each other out.
My overall experience at Bowue State University (BSU) has been great. I enjoy living on campus. I also like my professors and meeting new people in my classes. I often go to the campus library to study for upcoming tests. I'm very fortunate to have a roommate that I like and get along well. We both graduated from the same county and friends in common. There are several places to eat on campus and overall the food is good. Something the cafe will have crab legs, steak and salmon!! Homecoming week is usually the best parties!!! The few things I want to see change are more of a variety with food choices. I would recommend BSU as a great place to learn and grow.
The administration at this university is absolutely terrible. It seems as though they are under staffed, because no one answers your calls, or responds to your messages with any sense of urgency. The administrative faculty at BSU is also very rude, and inconsiderate of the students. I am a current graduate student here and I have been trying to contact the office of financial aid for TWO WEEKS! They give out misinformation and hold your financial disbursement for no apparent reason, and for some students like myself this is a major inconvenience. At most reputable institutions, your refund is disbursed before classes even begin. The attitude of the staff is very unpleasant after finally speaking with someone from the office, I was rushed off the phone, and my questions were answered with uncertainty. They did not the office of financial aid gave me an uncertain answer, leaving me in the exact same position confused and stressed.
Bowie state University is one of the oldest historically black university in Maryland, it is a good School with a small population size. I really love Bowie state because ,with the small population size I can easily participate in class; which include like asking questions in topics I don’t understand . I’m also lucky enough to easily schedule appointments with my professor, to ask question on topics that I couldn’t understand, It’s also a very quite campus, very conducive for studies and diverse as well.
I love it. The atmosphere is just amazing, like everyone on campus is one big happy family. I encourage you to definitely come visit the school and see for yourselves. Our CAB does an amazing job in planning the coolest and most fun events on campus. Also very big shoutout to our SGA for advocating for us day in and day out their amazing.
I like the size of the campus and the diversity. They do not offer enough housing and the administration part of the school is terrible. You will not get things done if you do not stay on top of the employees. I like that the school has lots of activities to do when you are not busy with school work.
I do dual enrollment there so I’m not there 24/7 but the environment is super chill and everyone is supportive of each other!!
I would love to see more food options from Bowie State. But overall its a nice small campus with friendly people.
I really like the campus and the environment. People are helpful and hard working. At first, it might be a little confusing inside the campus to find the building you are looking for, but it is a small campus. It's also a quiet campus. No loud noises or no disruptions.
Bowie State became the haven where I was saved from my circumstances, it's ja place to start fresh and be made anew. Our culture, community, and core values keep us together in the middle of any storm; you'll never have to face a mountain alone. BSU gave me everything I needed, even though I didn't ask for it. I love my HBCU.
The professors at Bowie State University care about you as well as your future. They are very attentive to their students and the needs of their students. You build a lot of great relationships at Bowie. I would like to see a little more efficiency and communication in their financial aid department. You don't know if you have aid until school begins almost. Then you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off, trying to find funds to attend school.
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Bowie State University is a great HBCU! What it lacks in aesthetics and campus activities, it makes up for in the one-on-one student to professor interactions and the relationships you foster from going to such a small university.
My first iffficao visit at bowie was participating in the new student orentation it really opened my mind to looking at bowie not only academically but overall fun in general. I loved the activates they had arranged for us all the new chants I learned the friendly staff and all the new peers that I ave made. Choosing bowie as my university was the best described I made as an adult .
Bowie State University is a very diverse school. It is a great place to build one's future and also experience personal growth. There are many things that make this school stand out but one this I enjoyed is the way professors are passionate about helping students archive their goals. I would recommend anyone who wants to have a great learning experience and building community to apply to Bowie state universities.
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