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I would love to see more food options from Bowie State. But overall its a nice small campus with friendly people.
I really like the campus and the environment. People are helpful and hard working. At first, it might be a little confusing inside the campus to find the building you are looking for, but it is a small campus. It's also a quiet campus. No loud noises or no disruptions.
Bowie State became the haven where I was saved from my circumstances, it's ja place to start fresh and be made anew. Our culture, community, and core values keep us together in the middle of any storm; you'll never have to face a mountain alone. BSU gave me everything I needed, even though I didn't ask for it. I love my HBCU.
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The professors at Bowie State University care about you as well as your future. They are very attentive to their students and the needs of their students. You build a lot of great relationships at Bowie. I would like to see a little more efficiency and communication in their financial aid department. You don't know if you have aid until school begins almost. Then you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off, trying to find funds to attend school.
Bowie State University is a great HBCU! What it lacks in aesthetics and campus activities, it makes up for in the one-on-one student to professor interactions and the relationships you foster from going to such a small university.
My first iffficao visit at bowie was participating in the new student orentation it really opened my mind to looking at bowie not only academically but overall fun in general. I loved the activates they had arranged for us all the new chants I learned the friendly staff and all the new peers that I ave made. Choosing bowie as my university was the best described I made as an adult .
Bowie State University is a very diverse school. It is a great place to build one's future and also experience personal growth. There are many things that make this school stand out but one this I enjoyed is the way professors are passionate about helping students archive their goals. I would recommend anyone who wants to have a great learning experience and building community to apply to Bowie state universities.
I loved Bowie State. It truly felt like my home. Even now as an Alumna, I still feel the strong connection I felt then. I know all of my professors were invested in my education and they wanted to see me succeed. I could email them or call them at any time and they always gave me their 100% dedication.
This is a small school. Everyone knows each other, and everyone is involved in the well-being and education of the students. It makes you feel welcomed and like you belong there. Affordable tuition and decent location. However the finicial aid office isn't the most hopeful office as it should be.
Great school. The teachers are great and are easy to connect to, ask for help, and more. The programs are nice as well they are geared towards preparing students for the work world. The student government and activity board loves to involve the students and listens to students wants and needs. It feels like a family.
Bowie was very diverse and accepting. The changes I would like to happen is the advisors and housing.
I believe that the campus could improve on the campus food and also dorms/housing. This college is a great college to join.
I like it here, all the professors I have had so far have been willing to work with me, and are very kind. I was also fortunate enough to obtain a job to work here, which is a plus.
Despite it's reputation, I actually love this school. Ofcourse every school can have added updates to it, which is why it I didn't give it 5 stars but, it's a college education for less money than other 4-year schools. They provide free tutoring, a 24 hour access to the library lounge which have computers and a printer. Campus is small so no long walks to class. Events are fun and free, depending on the organization hosting it. The food also have more hits than misses. They wellness center is free and certain check ups, including pap smears, are free or cheaper than it would be at a doctors office. The culture is fun and easy to learn and the people are fun to hang and interact with.
Bowie State University is building a dynamic future on a proud heritage. What I like is that it is a diverse university where there are 5,600 students, along with faculty and staff, that get to represent many ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I also like that Bowie State University provides high-quality and affordable educational opportunities for students with ambitions to achieve and succeed.
Bowie state university is newly renovated, has great staff and students. The athletic teams are amazing and the spirit programs are too. I wish everyone check out Bowie State, there is a broad spesctrum of majors and things to do on campus!
The atmosphere was very welcoming and warm when I took a college visit. I love the diversity of the school.
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I enjoy the one on one interactions. Also the dedication advisors and professors have for the students.
my experience at bowie is great this school is very diverse and has a lot of culture on campus. The area surrounding it is great if you ever want to get out and go shopping, eat, or ever want to hang out with friends. The students here are very nice and are very charismatic towards one another.
My overall experience at Bowie State has been nothing but great. Going from high school to college is a big adjustment. I love the diversity of the school Bowie has so many students from different states. The students here are very ambitious at the campus, which allows you to surround yourself with positive people who are working hard in this college life. I enjoy Bowie for the excellent academics, and the small class sizes which i like the professors and the counselors are very helpful and there to assist. They campus life is very fun and not overwhelming. I Love Bowie State University.
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