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Bowdoin is a very special community to be a part of. You can tell from the moment that you step on campus that you are welcome and the people there want you to succeed and will go out of their way to help you. The best part about Bowdoin is truly the people that make it up.
I love Bowdoin. The work is very difficult, and parties aren't great, but the people here are amazing and that's the most important thing. Its a really great place in so many ways.
Bowdoin College is an amazing college. I think the school has a ton to offer. The small class sizes allow for creating great relationships with professors.
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The moment I stepped on Bowdoin's campus, I knew that it was going to be my home for the next four years. I am confident that I chose the right school for me. I feel like I'm flourishing in terms of my social and academic life; things are just happening for me here. My professors are wonderful, there's such a tight-knit community, and the people here are so nice. Bowdoin just cares about me!
Bowdoin helps you learn and grow far more than just your academics, but your person. For me, this comes primarily from the people in the Bowdoin community. There are difficulties associated with any one of the elements listed below about Bowdoin, but the people that I've met and have created a community with have turned any of those difficulties around into beautiful learning experiences and reinforcements of community. Maybe it's just that I've found my people -- but there is such an overwhelming number of these people that I feel this from. Students are supportive, collaborative, have a crazy range of interests, and a willingness to try new things (even if that new thing is taking a break and forgoing a reading). There are many ways to learn and challenge oneself, and my time at Bowdoin has shown me how that can both be deepened in academics and extend far beyond just those traditional academics. My academics enhance my holistic life, as my holistic life enhances my academics.
I have visited and they were very welcoming! I plan to apply soon. It has lovely facilities and a great financial aid program. The only problem is getting in.
I have loved my experience at Bowdoin so far. My favorite part about the college is its people. It is evident that the professors are teaching because they enjoy it. From my experiences, the professors I have had showed sincere concern and they cared about how their students were doing. Other staff and the students seem just as genuine. The Bowdoin "hello" is real and I love it when I walk by someone on the way to class and they say hello.
The professors are fantastic to work with and dedicate large amounts of time outside of class to helping their students. Certain departments are a bit short-staffed and could use more professors.
Something to consider if you're planning a STEM major, the research options are meager. Obviously a smaller institution cannot compete with a large research university so consider what you hope to achieve. Bowdoin would be a great place for your gen ed credits and then move on once you've narrowed your focus.
Doesn’t live up to its reputation and was disappointed. Expected a much better education and environment. Way too much drinking. Food is great if you are vegan/vegetarian, otherwise not.
I really enjoy how nice the community is, and how easy it is to feel apart of it, even as a freshman. Because it's a small school, it's easier for everyone to get to know each other, regardless of class year.
Sometimes it's embarrassing when non students say Bowdoin is for the privileged. The bulk of students are definitely wealthy and have the luxury to participate in sports rather than have to work. The education aspect is great but there aren't a lot of connections to make for after graduation because of the small size. Obviously it is one of the best liberal art schools in the country, it's just not perfect.
Bowdoin College has become my second home. It has it's many flaws but it also has a way of making your feel safe and welcome even on the worst of days. I came here looking for that tight-knit community feeling and that is exactly what I got. The campus is beautiful. The professors are amazing and have been life-changing in some cases. It is lacking in terms of diversity of all kinds unfortunately, but the college is receptive to its students attempting to make changes in campus culture for the better. I've had my share of good and bad times here but Bowdoin is a truly unforgettable place.
I transferred out of Bowdoin and there are many things I miss and some things I realize could have been better. My new university is quite large but provides a lot of variety; so looking back it is funny to think we thought there were a lot of activities, and good food options. I had to leave because my major program was to limited but I do miss the smaller class sizes and personable professors.
Most Bowdoin students come from similar privileged backgrounds. This doesn't encourage much diversity of thought. If you are one of the "have nots" you can feel a little odd, especially when you're the only one of your group that needs to worry about loans. Tuition is just so high that it attracts and retains the wealth.
So glad I chose to come to Bowdoin! A very close community where people treat each other with kindness and are excited to learn from their peers. Quality of life is great, with great dorms, food and surrounding area. Classes are challenging but there is very little competitiveness and lots of support for students academically. For a small liberal arts school, there is a very healthy and fun social life.
No doubt academics are top rank, I love my classes and professors so much. The social scene is a little high schoolish. I think the small student body combined with the fact that more than half the students play sports, creates a lot of cliques. If you're on a team you really only socialize with your teammates, if you're an out of state student you tend to find your people that are from your area. I'm not sure what admin can do to bring cohesiveness but it would most definitely help the overall experience at Bowdoin.
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Best things about Bowdoin: the PEOPLE (A-grade human beings very smart and very fun), the PROFESSORS (inspiring, caring, personable, incredibly intelligent), FOOD!!!! (see NYtimes article), Parties (DJ pub nights, social house parties, Crackhouse, Joshuas, fun people), CAMPUS (gorgeous gorgeous accessible campus), NO frats or sororities, Great clubs and events on campus constantly
I loved attending Bowdoin, but it is very expensive and was not very flexible with my family in our financial aid. It is also not a very diverse student body, but is working slowly to change this. Most professor are excellent and you get to engage with them very closely at such a small school, and the professors welcome this.
Next year I will have a Junior at Bowdoin as well as an incoming freshman. No matter if you are a nerd student or a promising artist, Bowdoin is THE place to help you discover your passion. My girls love their college. Go visit. You’ll fall in love with our Polar Bear community!