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The culture of the campus is what makes it great. Most school experiences, as far as I know, are what you make of them, but Bowdoin is exceptional at helping you make the most of your time here. I love my classes, professors, and friends I have made.
The atmosphere there was very welcoming and they were very willing to help in any way they could to make your college experience the best one possible.
Bowdoin could not have made my first year at college any better. I felt challenged, my brain literally expanded, the people I met were interesting, I loved the present but not all-consuming social scene...even when I was stressed out from work I was still so happy to be at Bowdoin. Unlike other colleges, Bowdoin does not have a stress culture and encourages you to try new activities even if you might fail.
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I grew up hearing about how great Bowdoin College was, but nothing compares to how amazing it is to go to college here. The food is great, the people are amazing, and it's easy to instantly feel at home. They make the transformation from high school to college easy. The education I've received is fulfilling and passionate.
BEST COLLEGE FOR THOSE LOOKING TO FORM LONG-LASTING FRIENDSHIPS AND RELATIONSHIPS!!! I have met friends at Bowdoin who I now consider my family! Bowdoin's size, genius orientation program, and extracurricular activities are perfect for meeting new people and feeling connected!
Whether its the Outing Club, the Literary Magazine, the Film Society, or an a Capella group, there is always something for every kind of person to get involved in. Also, people here are incredibly friendly and willing to go out of their way to help you. Bowdoin's size, with 1700 students, really enables this sense of community. If I could change one thing about Bowdoin, I would offer class credit for laboratory time. Also , this is just my wish , but I think Bowdoin should advertise more to the outside world. I grew up overseas, so most of my other friends had not heard of Bowdoin, or Brunswick for that matter. I can understand that I was surprised that not many people in United States knew about this school either. The social scene is great on the weekends, but for the most part exists only on the weekends as people work very hard during the week. As for food, you can guess exactly how delicious it is from just taking a peek at the NYtimes article and the college rankings.
Amazing faculty that love to teach, and a great campus community. Recommend to any one who wants a challenging but inclusive academic environment.
I love pretty much everything about Bowdoin. The people, the classes, the campus, the professors all make this campus what it is. But although I love Bowdoin, I love the person Bowdoin made me even more. Here's to the happiest years of your life.
Scholarly atmosphere overall. Students are incredibly smart and give off an intellectual vibe, but at the same time are down to earth. Work tends to be very challenging, but the environment is supportive. At Bowdoin, you can feel yourself learning and growing in many ways.
Love Bowdoin.... best choice I've ever made was to apply ED1 here. Everyone is incredibly smart, but incredibly humble. The environment here is 100% collaborative instead of competitive and that is what makes Bowdoin different.
I applied to Bowdoin through ED, and are in my senior year here. I truly have no regrets and completely enjoy my time here. The college really stands by its three core values: intellectual engagement, connection to the place and commitment to the Common Good. The people here are exception, and willing to know and help you as much as they can. It's a place that you learn how to stretch yourself and step out of your comfort zone. If you don't like to do so, maybe Bowdoin is not the place for you.
This small community, top-notch food and board, great professors and diverse community earns a 5-star review. My only objection is the extremely pc atmosphere; though, I'm sure that is common among many colleges. At Bowdoin, however, you can't ignore it.
Bowdoin was one of the best decisions of my young life.
Housing gets better as you progress through your Bowdoin career. Freshman dorms are not the greatest in terms of quality, but definitely have very convenient locations.
Hockey and Rugby teams are the best. Football is meh.
There's a lot of emphasis on independence and responsibility when it comes to things such as alcohol. However, the security team on campus is absolutely the best.
It's hard to do well at Bowdoin; persevere through it. Enjoy the four years and embrace the tears and triumphs.
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Nothing much to say. Overall, extremely nice and crazy smart.
We try to take care of each other on campus and we all take these matters extremely seriously. There is an incredible effort by faculty and students to make sexual violence/other health issues visible on campus.
So far I've loved my rooms and I heard that it will be better by next year. Fingers crossed.