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Bowdoin provides an excellent environment to learn, grow as a person, and make life long connections. Bowdoin students have incredibly diverse interests yet a common drive to put everything they have into their pursuits. Bowdoin is more than the best 4 years of your life because you become part of a life long community.
Admissions does a good job of ensuring that a group of enthusiastic, intelligent, and unique people come in each year. My professors all care about my learning, and achieving success is never impossible. I am happy the school got rid of quints for first year housing. They are renovating many dorms and adding new options for upper-class students which is warmly welcomed. The party life may not be bumping, but what the school lacks in basement bangers, it makes up in their outstanding event programming; BOC (outing club) often has weekly events and outings, college houses and academic departments bring incredible speakers to campus, improv is funny for the most part, and Bowdoin must have the most a cappella singers per capita out of all other NESCACS. Club sports and some varsity sports aren't out of reach for anyone, and there is always some kind of food for anyone. Polar bear is a cool mascot, and black and white make for flattering school clothing (very slimming).
Everyone on the tour was helpful and enthusiastic. Bowdoin campus was pretty and I can only imagine more so in the fall. I would’ve liked to have seen more variety in class options. The students are diverse which is a huge plus.
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Bowdoin isn't perfect. Most of the complaints here are grounded in truth. Winters are long, classes are tough, the party scene gets old, you can't escape those you want to avoid, the narp/athlete divide can get to you, and the students can at times seem both too political and not political enough. But damn, I love this school. I've grown - both emotionally & intellectually - in ways that I don't think would've been possible at any other school. Students are friendly, smart, and intellectually curious. There's no social hierarchy. The professors are first rate. Classes are niche, engaging, and interesting, & the near-open curriculum lets you pursue your passions. Town residents, staff, & security are a huge part of the community. Brunswick & Portland are both awesome and having the ocean nearby is HUGE. I was abroad last semester and I'm itching to get back to the challenge and rigor of the academics, the cozy familiarity of the campus, and the places & people I love.
Bowdoin is both a beautiful and diverse college and I cannot recommend it more highly. The professors care about each individual's experience. Additionally, the student life and overall culture is very positive and accepting.
I've loved Bowdoin. The school was extremely helpful during my first year. I had math tutors almost 24/7 and was able to reach professors easily. Some talk of an athlete/non-athlete divide, but coming from my perspective as a non-athlete, I think that is made up. If you aren't friends with athletes it is because you choose not to be. So far, Bowdoin has everything I could want. Great professors, beautiful campus, supportive staff, and hardworking kids. There could always be more diversity.
I love the community that is Bowdoin College. The school is full of students who care about their education and about the other members of the community. Athletics is also a great part of the school, encouraging all to get involved if they choose to do so. The food is also great for being away from home. I always feel safe on campus. There is also things to do for students on campus all the time with different activities and things to get involved with.
At Bowdoin, I personally feel that you just need to find a group of people that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Yes, I do recommend mingling and getting to know others outside of your group, but there is a need to have a safe space that you can go back to when needed.
Rising Senior at Bowdoin. I love it. It's been welcoming and engaging from the start, and I've only grown more attached to the place since then.

The quality of life is very high, and the academics are mostly excellent.
Bowdoin College is extremely welcoming to all its prospective and incoming students. The culture that Bowdoin’s administration, faculty, students and clubs have created is one that makes students feel at home and confident in themselves and their capacity to learn. Located in the town of Brunswick, ME, it is close to the ocean, hiking trails, shopping (Freeport), and cute coffee shops. Bowdoin is such an amazing place to learn, grow and thrive alongside so many other passionate individuals.
Academics are top notch; friendly and welcoming student body; tight-knit campus community; and there are always a variety of events happening on campus at any time.
However, it’s possible to feel socially isolated at times because the student body is so small and located in a small town in Maine with fewer opportunities and amenities than in bigger cities.
I've just finished my first year, and to be truthful, I hated it. The first-year deans were horrible and unsupportive. Bowdoin likes to lure students into the college by making false promises and insisting they will "take good care of you". If I could go back on my decision to commit here, I would. However, the academics and my professors have been challenging but amazing, and they're the only reason why I'm still at Bowdoin.
Bowdoin College has an incredibly welcoming environment and the administration and staff work very had to provide financial assistance for every student. While it is a friendly campus, there remains some problems of racial diversity and inter-racial inclusiveness to address.
I love Bowdoin so much. It's a very supportive place full of wonderful people! I've gotten to take really interesting classes and felt challenged but still supported by friends and the college.
I am very disappointed in the direction that Bowdoin has taken in the past ten years. The college admissions policies and process is completely tailored to increasing their rankings. Political correctness is completely over the top (this coming from a bleeding heart liberal). Sports recruiting seems excessive.
I am a parent of a first year student. We are from South Florida so the first question to answer I hear is “Why Maine, isn’t it cold?” The answer is yes the weather is cold but Bowdoin is also “So warm” you forget about the cold. All the students I’ve met are warm, welcoming, intelligent, and supportive; not cut-throat competitive. It’s truly an amazing place to be with a top moth education.
I am a first year at Bowdoin and it's a great school. The people and professors make it amazing. It's a smaller school, so class sizes are small (which I like) and you get to know everybody very quickly.
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I like Bowdoin because it’s in a wonderful location if you have any interest in the outdoors. The professors I’ve had so far has been great and the school provides an abundance of support for its students both academically and in their transition to college. I feel that, while the school is doing okay on its diversity, it could go a long way to really build a more inclusive community. Overall I’m very happy at Bowdoin.
After just finishing my first semester at Bowdoin, I can say that there are a lot of ups and downs. I love the campus, and I LOVE the surrounding area. Bowdoin is not that typical LAC in the middle of nowhere--Brunswick is the cutest town with tons of coffee shops and amazing restaurants; Freeport is a great place to do some shopping and spend the day with friends; Portland is an amazing, safe city. It is very easy to get to these places through a $3 bus. The health services are pretty terrible though; the counseling services are subpar at best, and if you are sick and don't have immediately diagnosable strep, the health center won't do anything for you.

For me, it was hard to make close friends at first. Everyone puts forward a version of themselves that they think others will like, and I found myself growing close to people with whom, as I got to know them, I did not necessarily want to stay close. It's rough the first few months, but it gets better.
I love the fact that Bowdoin is a small, liberal arts college. I am someone who thrives in close teacher-student relationships, and Bowdoin provides me with such an opportunity. Further, the College's emphasizes on career development is really important. For instance, Bowdoin displays fashion shows among students and faculty to learn "what to wear and what not to wear for an interview." Further, even though Bowdoin does not have a Journalism program, they do have an English major, and also the opportunity to create one's own program/major.