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Boulder College of Massage Therapy Reviews

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I would rate this school as such because the course schedule is very set. There is no scheduling around your own personal schedule. And because of the nature of the program the credits are not transferable.
I am very happy at BCMT. The facilities on campus are nice and there are many resources available to us including a bookstore, counseling center, student lounge, student clinic, library, massage tables and massage supplies.
Fair Price – I think the school charges a fair price for the program. The finacial aid part they could have been a little more helpful with. I did receive some financial aid which made life easier
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For the most part the school is very good, maybe introduce a little more nutrition in to the program.
Newer Tables – Newer tables and larger rooms, with room dividers might be a nice addition
No Wireless – Not a lot of need for a computer network, so what they have available is adequate
Alumni Network – They offer plenty of assistance to recent graduate students. One of the perks is that the school will give a student $200 credit voucher to use to continue their education after they graduate when they provide proof that they are working within 6 months of graduating.
Student's Technology Lab – The school has a small library with 6 computer stations, a copy machine and plenty of books! They don't offer wireless internet to students, though.
What Makes My School Unique – The Boulder College of Massage Therapy is the best school of massage therapy in the country. The people that work at the school take the time to get to know you in and outside of class. They are always eager and available to help you. The campus is gorgeous. Everyone there feels like family.
Hmm Flexibility – the curriculum is pretty straight forward. you can get a certificate or an associates degree is the highest credential they offer
Great School More Than I Expected – I triangulated this school before I ever got to Boulder. But when I asked people "whats the best school" BCMT kept coming up in 6 out of 8 conversations in a few different areas of the country. I spent a year researching which school I wanted to go to and I am really glad I chose this school. The curriculum was tough. But I really got a good education. Instructors were AWESOME. Campus is amazing and Boulder Rock's as a town.
Interesting, Helpful, and Fun – The classes at BCMT are interesting.
The staff at BCMT is helpful.
The classes and staff are both fun!
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