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Excellent School, as a recent grad I cannot praise BU enough. It offers a diverse range of programs and there are numerous small communities within the school. Everyone has a place. Although it seems large with a decent student body, BU has divided into numerous smaller colleges. The professors within the colleges really care about the quality of learning that goes on. Fantastic experience, and a great school!
The classes and professors are amazing; I can't argue with that. However, the resources available to students (CAS advising, food, student health, behavioral health, etc.) are garbage. As for your peers? They're smart, but according to recent data 73% of us have mental health issues and no one actually cares about each other as friends.
The campus is in the heart of Boston in a very nice section. It has been updated and modernized for the 2000 "millennials". The dorms are guarded by a security guard and a turnstile on the way in. There is a safe in the room, microwave and refrigerator along with the usual wood desks and beds. The rooms are a decent size for a campus in the city. They have a shuttle that runs to bring you from one end to the other. There is a bike lane for those who wish to bike from class to class. For those into cross country and track there is a joggers lane that crosses the highway and runs along the Charles River.
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Boston University is a very metropolitan university located right in the middle of Boston. The campus is not what you think of when someone mentioned campus. It doesn't have all the green space, but I think considering it is in the middle of the city, the amount of land dedicated to greenery is considerable. I really like it since I came from New York City so it was not out of my comfort zone.
It's a good school but it is pricey if you are not being offered financial aid. I wasn't a big fan of the layout of the campus (or namely the lack of campus) as it is basically just part of a single street. You are close to a lot of different places in the heart of Boston though.

The classes can be difficult but the professors are good and the atmosphere of the campus and the student body is pretty good. The hockey team is great but there isn't a whole bunch of school spirit.

Overall, its a good school with great resources and opportunities and I would definitely recommend it, and it should be a school that you consider.
Boston University is challenging but it is a great place to attend college. The college is surrounded by an amazing city and there are plenty of things to do.
Great academic atmosphere and professors who actually care and are dedicated to helping students, advisors are helpful and classes are very easy to figure out
BU is what you make it. There really is something for everyone. There are a whole lot of types of people from so many different backgrounds. Sometimes that's great and others, not so much. It really depends on which school you are in to see the culture the university has. Overall, I think its pretty solid.
Started with BU for my Master's in Social Work (MSW), the faculty and staff have been beneficial and Bu has many program right for any age group.
The only interaction I've had was a college tour, but I was very excited to see how much financial aid they give out. I loved the campus, and was happy to discover their teaching program. Can't wait to apply!
Boston University is a great school and provides students with many opportunities. I love the campus and being so near the city. The classes have been great every semester, the professors care about their students. The one thing I'd recommend BU improve is the housing, it is very hit or miss- some residences are very nice while others need improvements.
BU Graduate School is highly competitive with intense coursework and high expectations. The professors are available and due to being a small graduate program know all students personally.
Had an exceptional time at Boston University. It is a wonderful university, with wonderful professors/ mentors. I enjoyed being in the center of Boston-- an academic hub. The university opened up a myriad of opportunities and doors for me. I enjoyed working alongside top researchers and professors, which inspire to really make an impact in this world.
I have enjoyed my time at BU so much so far - I'm always excited to come back after breaks. There are so many opportunities with research and clubs, &etc., which is great. housing overall is pretty good, there are basically just a few dorm buildings (like Warren Towers) that aren't great, but they're not awful. The "campus" is really spread out because there isn't a campus persay - there are school buildings in a few areas of Boston that are really close together. If you're in CAS or most other schools at BU, you'll spend a lot of your time around East Campus, and I think mainly if you're in CFA (or if you're an athlete or party-er) you'll spend most of your time in West campus. Food's fine - Bay State and Hillel are superior.
I fell in love with this school due to how engaged and motivated the students are. The abundance of diversity really contrasted from suburban Pittsburgh, and love connecting with people who have different experiences all around the globe.
Every student is so welcoming and friendly, as soon as you arrive on campus. Staff members are proud of the university and work closely with students, but students have to make an effort in establishing that connection.
It is easy to be lost, physically and academically, in such a large institution, but the community on campus and off work to extinguish those fears.
There is a plethora of clubs and societies to join, and no organization or hobby is off limits.
BU is really a wonderful institution and a school I take pride in attending.
I made every effort to transfer to BU. I love this school and the academic rigor I face every day. However, it can be a tough school to love. The food is okay and the housing situations vary semester to semester, but living in the city is a definitely plus, and there is plenty of good food and reasonably priced student apartments to be found.
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At Boston University, I was given such wonderful opportunities that I wouldn't think I would have gotten to experience during my first year of college. I studied abroad during my second semester, to London to be more specific. On top of being the most rewarding and amazing academic experience, it was also full of fun times and memories, with both classmates and students!
My first year was an overall good experience. Good access to available resources such as professors and advisors.
BU fosters a culture of creating connections which goes a long way toward improving the college and post-undergrad experience. The university's "BU Hub" program ensures that students from various colleges have the opportunity to interact with each other. Professors and assistants make an outstanding effort to reach out to students and provide them with time and space to review new information or talk about the course.