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Overall good. Some large courses are poorly managed, making them harder than necessary. Great city to live in, the public transportation will take you anywhere.
I think I'll get a great return on investing in Boston University. Living in the heart of a successful city amongst peers from all over the world will give me a better head start in the real world. However, I wish there wasn't grade deflation.
BU has a challenging academic climate but is full of creative, unique, and friendly people, and plenty of resources for support. It couldn't be in a better location, we're minutes away from the city center and right next to dozens of other phenomenal universities. I've found my place and my people here.
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What I like most about Boston University is the vigorous classwork. I truly feel that the curriculum has pushed me to become more of a critical thinker, to manage my time better, and to go the extra mile. I also have had great experiences with the faculty at BU. As a transfer student, I struggled my first semester to catch up on the ins and outs of the school. Many of my professors were available outside of class not only to help me with academics but also with adjusting to the school as a whole.
Something I think could be improved at BU would be the advising. After just one year I have had three different advisers. Not only does switching advisers make it difficult to plan a class schedule and ensure that I am taking the right classes, it has made it hard to feel as if I have made a real connection or found a mentor to help me on an individual level.
Made the right decision in going home. BU definitely made me feel at home and I plan to live in this city after graduation.
Boston University is great in a range of aspects. The location is engaging and exciting as it is located in the center of the city and still gives BU a campus-feel. The professors are well-renowned and highly intellectual in their subject matter.
They are always available to the students and continuously encourage them to grow. The campus population is very diverse and there is a multitude of clubs suitable for all students.
I think it is a fantastic place to study and mingle with a huge diversity of people from across the globe. It is definitely a place I'd recommend. I do wish that the dorms would be nicer and it gives you a city campus feel, not a campus-campus feel.
Boston University's academics are phenomenal with qualified and caring professors teaching rigorous courses. The student body is very diverse with students from all over the world and so many different clubs and activities to be a part of. The food is amazing, and located near downtown Boston, the atmosphere is great. Transportation is never an issue with access to the city via walking, the T, biking, or an uber always being convenient. The campus is always buzzing and there is always a party somewhere near campus on the weekends. Its proximity to MIT, Harvard, and NU among many other schools also allows for a more varied social life. The campus is extremely safe and BUPD is always around.
BU is definitely the school for me but I can see why it would not be a great fit for everyone. It is a very large school, and at first it was difficult to make friends at first, but once you become involved and create a smaller community for yourself it becomes a lot better. The professors are great and so is the whole "vibe" of the campus. I love being in Boston because there is always something to do. Although the cost of living is high, it is worth it for me because there are so many opportunities that you wouldn't be able to get if you went to a school in a small town. In my own opinion, BU is definitely worth if if you are pursuing a health care career, engineering, or communications.
Boston University offers a wide variety of courses no matter what your major is. Some Professors are better at teaching material than others, but overall the workload is very competitive among students. Resources are available for academic advising, graduating, etc., but the University needs to do more to help students as they progress through their undergraduate studies.
Excellent professors that teach using real world examples. Encouraged to participate in weekly discussions with fellow classmates and facilitators. Workload is manageable if you stay current with assignments and readings. Courses are not easy, but a great challenge.
The campus isn't traditional and not my favorite because of how far everything is from each other, but it's really incredible and unique to be nestled right into the city of Boston. There are wonderful opportunities and the professors are really willing to help you grow. As an International Relations major, the amount of resources available to me are really encouraging.
Between the off campus frats breaking into (female) freshman dorms during rush and hockey players assaulting their (female) RAs, BU's stance on women's safety on campus is basically nothing. I was a COM major, and between the subpar building, not a single working professional in the department, and the current construction basically on top of COM now, I can safely say BU does not care about the college of communications. We had professors trying to tell us how to tweet, for christ's sake. BU doesn't have a campus, more a collection of buildings stretching from Allston to Kenmore. When I was there, housing was so desperate they were putting students up in a hotel in Cambridge. There are a lot of businesses scattered along Comm Ave that BU students frequent (coffee shops and restaurants, mostly) but BU itself does not offer much. There's virtually no alumni network, so once you graduate you're on your own. Except, of course, for the monthly requests for donations.
Boston University offers the opportunities of living in the middle of Boston without being surrounded by concrete. The size of the school allows for significant resources to be made available to students but the student groups allow meaningful friendships to develop and make the school seem smaller.
I am in the CGS January-London Program and I love it here. All of the classes are fun and the fact that we have a term in London is AMAZING !!
It is an academically rigorous school and takes pride in its global rankings. As a result, the school is incredibly expensive with yearly tuition rises.
I am so happy as a student at BU! I love the people I have met, and my professors are wonderful, and I feel like they will prepare me best for life after college. I love being so close to the city and all of its opportunities. I have met so many people from all walks of life and varying nations.
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It is a great school. The schools provides everyone a great opportunity to learn in a fun, new environment
Interesting and many classes to choose from! Overall I've had amazing professors. However, I don't think this any education is worth $65,000. Tuition increases every year. Boston is a great place to be though!
Boston University is a great place to be as a student. To start, the university is located right in the middle of Boston where students can easily use the great public transportation system present in the city to visit the many great restaurants and museums. If that wasn't enough, the university has an excellent gymnasium named FitRec where you can find anything from weight lifting to swimming and martial arts. The university may not have the best food available in the dining halls, but it does have a food court with some very tasty food options - big names such as Panda Express and Pinkberry.
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