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Great school! Definitely a nice location in Boston. It's a school with rigorous courses and instructors that care about your success. They have strong business program and offer start-up supports to people like me who are majoring in computer science.
-diverse & challenging academics
-pretty diverse student body
-centers for support (career/health/mentoring etc)
-good ranking
-good professors
-good dining
-good location
-research & job opportunities
I am loving my time here, however because it is such a big school it feels like it is hard to establish any sense of individuality. However, if you make the effort to talk to professors, if you reach out and join clubs, if you have a friendly smile on your face, it is possible. You get out what you put in.
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I am a student in Questrom School of Business majoring in Business Administration and Management. I liked the campus and student life. I would definitely change the air-conditioning in some of the dorms. Also, the food is great but kind of repetitive. So far the experience has been great!
I enjoy seeing different races from the school and at Boston University you find a lot of diversity. The class size and professors communicate well with each other due to class size. Boston University is a great school to explore what you want to do and what you are taking time to figure out.
Overall, I have very much enjoyed my time so far at BU. All of the professors I've had have been very knowledgeable in their respective fields and have all been very approachable for office hours or scheduling appointments for extra help. The campus is beautiful and is kept very clean and safe by the hard working utilities employees as well. However, the university lacks in socioeconomic diversity, as well as any racial diversity beyond white students and very wealthy students from China.
Just moved in for freshman year at the beginning of freshman year. Quad in Warren Towers has exceed expectations. Marciano Dining Commons is excellent. Classes are rigorous and there's always something going on around campus.
The academics here are wonderful, rigorous, and thought-provoking. The curriculum allows for students to try new things and still focus on their area(s) of study. The campus, while large and sometimes confusing, is beautiful and the area is lively and fun. Not only are you a college student at Boston University, you are a member of the Boston community.
Love BU best experience! All the best parts of a medium city school. Great school spirit and great people.
It is an amazingly diverse campus with tons of opportunities and communities. You will always find a group of people with your interests. Its academics are rigorous but there is so much help offered by professors and teaching assistants. It is definitely a big university and so I advice prospective students to ensure that you can handle the constant presence of thousands of students.
Boston University is an excellent school that has high expectations of its students. Despite the large size of the school, there are still plenty of opportunities to develop personal relationships with members of your class and the faculty. This school has an incredible reputation and does not disappoint. I feel like I'm truly learning from the best of the best in my field of study.
BU offers not only academics, but also health, resources, and extracurricular programming. There is ALWAYS something for you to be doing/an event to be attending on campus.
In terms of diversity, many international students fall under the same race. Of course the difference in cultures is large and beautiful. However, at face value it may not look like it. The types of students coming in from the U.S. are also not as diverse as I would like. Hispanic/Latino and Black/African-American students are often underrepresented in the classroom and on campus. The students in a classroom will likely come from White and East Asian backgrounds. Which is not bad in any way. It would just be nicer to see more diversity on campus.
The campus will take some exploring. DO NOT walk down Commonwealth avenue and think you have seen everything. You have likely only seen half of it. Explore your surroundings. Boston has a lot to see and many cultures/vibes/citizens inhabit the city.
I have enjoyed my experiences at BU. The academics are challenging but doable . As a student Athlete I have so much support from the athletic department in terms of academics. I don't know if I would have gotten through it with out their help. The professors are mostly kind and understanding. They are willing to develop relationships and help you in any way they can. The university does an amazing job at trying o set their students up for success after graduation. Their are people to help you with resumes, finding internship, asking for letters of recommendation; anything you need. I do wish I had seen more diversity in terms of the black population of the school o really had to search to find our student groups.
I liked how easy it was to find your way around and try new things, I was always immersed in new people and experiences. It is easy to navigate within the city, and everyone on campus is friendly and excited about being there.
There’s a lot of diversity and the campus is amazing, and full of welcoming students and brilliant faculty. However, class sizes can sometimes be overwhelming, with lectures having over 150 students.
I loved the campus and the resources we have as students of the university and as students in the city of Boston.
School is ok, campus is nice but from my opinion, it doesn't worth No. 37 on USNews national ranking and 87 on Niche. In the same Boston City, Students are not working hard like Harvard, MIT, Tufts and BC students! In contrast, many of them Play very hard, absent in classes, distracted by lots of things.
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BU is an excellent school that truly lives up to its name. As one of the leading schools in the Boston area, that has consistently produced breakthroughs in research and technology, students have the opportunity to learn a great deal and have multiple opportunities to be apart of these discoveries.
Boston University fosters academic excellence and then goes a step beyond by encouraging students to then use their strong academic foundation to pursue new discoveries and advancements.
BU's faculty and advisers encourage students to think outside the box and be daring to make research and technological discoveries. It has truly been an amazing experience that I am so blessed to have experienced and been apart of.
I like how socially and environmentally aware BU seems to be. I would like to see more flexibility for students when it comes to paying for the rise in cost of attending BU.
Out of all the Boston colleges, Boston University is pretty unique. The entire campus spans 2 miles of a city street essentially, so not only will you get a campus experience, but also the experience of being in the heart of the city which is one of my favorite parts. While it's in the middle of the city, it is still very safe. I never feel worried walking around late at night as long as I am on campus.