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The classes are difficult, but the professors in BU are great. The food in dining hall is average, however, the campus is surrounded by the urban area it is easy to walk around the eat out. It is also extremely safe on campus.
It’s a good University with fantastic professors, decent food, and a wonderful location. The green line running right through campus is extremely convenient. They are extremely expensive however, and there are a lot of spoiled kids there. The financial aid and monetary help is poor and frustrating, I’m literally running my parents into the ground with the cost, they complain constantly and it gives me great anxiety. In my opinion the school is very greedy and needs to put more money into updating buildings like warren Towers, cas, and especially cfa. I have many friends who go to other schools for about $15k a year and live in beautiful new buildings as freshman, this school needs to work on how it handles its money and put the focus on students because hearing others get a good education in new, well kept buildings for way cheaper is aggravating because while I love the university it’s way too expensive
BU is incredible. The academic environment is wonderful, but really difficult. There's amazing opportunities for building strong relationships with professors and your fellow classmates from all over the world.
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Lots of grade deflation. No school spirit or party scene. Dorm options for freshmen and sophomores are terrible. Food is decent. School has a great reputation and I've had some pretty great professors, academics are definitely the largest draw. However, if you're looking for a college experience that is both fun and educational, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. There are definitely schools of the same caliber or higher that have a better social scene.
BU is an excellent school to attend because they offer a world-class education at an affordable price. I'm currently enrolled in one of their off-campus programs and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend graduate school while working full-time to make ends meet. Not many prestigious universities allow this as an option, so I am very grateful that BU has allowed me the opportunity to receive a marvelous education while still helping to support my family.
I think that BU is a truly special campus being in the heart of Boston and housing so much diversity. As soon as I stepped on the campus the first time, I knew that I'd love this place and quite soon I was able to call it home as I was accepted and began attending. I am in the January Boston London program, and that has been a wonderful experience since I was able to take some time before I went to school to grow and mature and even make some spending money. Then I attended my first semester in January, where my wonderful journey began, and now I look forward to my trip over the summer to London where I will get to take courses specific to my major. Overall my experience has been nothing short of wonderful at BU and I recommend it for any incoming freshman
I've really enjoyed my time at BU, and the opportunities that have been presented to me here. It is not an environment that is challenging to the point of feeling success is unachievable but the kind that fosters hard work and dedication.
I had previously attended the summer Academic Immersion to Medicine program and fell in love with the school. Not only is the campus urban and lively, but the city and its people are always in support of furthering the education of its students.
Boston University has an amazing academic program that incorporates hands on learning as well as a traditional classroom experience. Their professors are truly well trained and able to help any student reach their full potential.
Boston University is a wonderful university within a beautiful portion of the city of Boston. It has the most amazing programs that are fully supported by the faculty, and the buildings are amongst the most updated and high-tech of all of the colleges and universities out there.
I absolutely love Boston University! I am actually an online student who lives in Seattle, Washington but recently had the chance to visit this Boston University in person this past February! The architecture is beautiful and the location is as well. I would have been attending the School of Social Work which is a separate campus and is right next to a beautiful body of water. Since I do not attend BU in person, I would love to say that my online professors have been more than helpful; they have personally inspired me as well as motivated me. My professors go above and beyond for me, this is why I will always choose Boston University and recommend this school to everyone!
Really big and beautiful school but lacks diversity and just wasn't for me. Really expensive and you can kind of tell who has money and who doesn't which is fine but like it creates a sort of divide. I just felt like a fish out of water.
First off, it is an expensive school and that should be taken into consideration. It is a very highly regarded research school placed in the middle of the city of Boston. Boston University has a lot of opportunities for anyone who is looking for an undergraduate degree.
At Boston University you are guarranted to discover interesting classes, engaging professors, lifelong friends. Through all of that, you'll hopefully get a better grasp of yourself. Boston University is an urban campus. In between the easy access to the city of Boston, the impeccable academics and diverse student body you most certainly have a memorable experience.
I've learned a lot during my time here, but there's a disproportionate amount of white people, and because of that the culture here is qwhite disappointing.
- Its good would get tutored there
- everyone is nice except sometimes you start to feel like a number
Boston University offers many opportunities and ways to get connected. There are many discounts for different activities in the city of Boston, and the university pushes students to the best they can be.
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I have had nothing but a great experience at BU. The people are super nice, and the college itself has been a great experience. The only problem with BU is their freshman dorms. They are super small with no AC, but once you get to junior or senior year, you can live in Student Village, which is an amazing apartment. I love BU and recommend it to anyone who wants a fun college experience, but is also willing to put in time to their studies.
Boston University has something for everyone, it sounds like a cliche but the school is so large that there is literally something for everyone (a club, a center, a group, a board, a lecture series, a lunch series, etc.). However, if you cannot find a spot where you belong, create a space, it happens all the time here; a group, an initiative, a proposal, etc.
The online DMA program is a great option for people who want to pursue a terminal degree but cannot drop everything and go back to school full-time.