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I love that Boston University is so diverse and has a lot of different sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities for all kinds of people. However, I wish the tuition and housing was not so expensive, and the totals keep increasing every year.
The overall culture at Boston University is amazing! Most professors are very attentive and care about their student's life and success along with their academics as well. The campus is gorgeous and right in the middle of the city which has its pluses and minuses.
BU loves to tout their diversity, but it is mostly comprised of rich white kids from Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. There is very little school spirit, nothing in the area is affordable, and the cost of tuition is a joke. The administration clearly cares so little about the students--this is something I highly underestimated before going there.

One thing that makes BU stand out, however, is their study abroad programs. They are usually a lot cheaper than a semester at BU, and completing an internship in a foreign country has been an awesome talking point for me after graduation. I learned more while abroad than I did the rest of my time at BU, and am so grateful for that experience. My time abroad was a hundred times more enjoyable than my time at the Charles River campus.
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Boston University is a tremendous institution for academics. However, the grade deflation is real, as is the silverfish infestation in the main freshman dorm, Warren towers.
It's a great school. The grade deflation isn't great, but the academics are excellent. I've met a lot of interesting people. The professors are some of the smartest people I have ever met in my life. I know I'm in good hands here.
Boston University may not be the prettiest campus but its easily one of the best schools anyone could go to. World famous teach classes here and if you do struggle they are more than happy to help along with several other resources. Getting into the city is easy with the train that runs right through campus or a simple walk. There's always something to do if you can handle to cold.
I love the fact that it's in the city and very close to downtown Boston. Public transportation is easy also. I'd like to see them update their dorms.
A great school for STEM majors with lots of research opportunities at all ages and high quality lab spaces and technology. A pretty area close enough to downtown, without all of the hustle and bustle. Lots of friendly professors and resources for students.
Very difficult. Worthwhile. Great experience and campus setting. The professors are always willing to help when students look for the help. Getting good grades is difficult but definitely possible. Boston is an incredible city and the BU campus is in a perfect location.
As with any other school, students who are a good fit for this university--independent, self-driven, highly motivated, in love with the campus--will make the most of the resources here and have a great experience.
I had an amazing experience at BU and feel that I received a fantastic education & had experiences I'll remember for the rest of my life. I thought the best part of BU (besides the academics) was the city of Boston itself. Boston is a fun and unique city, and BU is in a great location, sharing a train stop with Fenway Park. The school is huge (close to 30,000 undergrads & grads), but students find themselves joining smaller groups which make it feel smaller (Greek life, clubs, 10 different schools within the University). BU has on-campus housing guaranteed for every student for all 4 years, which is rare. The dining halls are great (all you can eat!) and hockey games are fun. Another aspect of BU that made it stand out to me when applying was its diversity. Almost a quarter of my class was international, and I lived on a floor with students from 9 different countries my freshman year.
Boston University is a very diverse community, filled with individuals who are genuinely driven to do well in school. The positive and encouraging atmosphere that Boston University provides allows you to reach your goals, no matter what you are trying to pursue.
I am only a sophomore at Boston University College of Fine Arts so I cannot say too much, but the experience so far was been very good! I love the flexibility that this institution creates for students in terms of changing majors , and all of the work/internship opportunities it offers. It is rare to have such a good arts program at a major university, but BU has it!
It is also convenient that BU is located in a fairly big city surrounded by other colleges. Student clubs are also very abundant here.
Boston University offers many opportunities that only a large school in the middle of a city can offer. I've had wonderful experiences volunteering and working in the health field within the greater Boston area. The class sizes at Boston University are very large, which can be distracting for students, but the professors are usually very flexible with their availability for office hours.
Boston University fosters community and excellence. I have nothing but love for this school. Since I have come here I have learned so much and explored new passions.
I like the highly educated and helpful professors at BU. I think that Questrom could place more of an emphasis on overall student success instead of merely getting just any job. There are a lot of student organizations and opportunities to get involved, and the campus is located very close to downton Boston. The alumni network is very responsive and helpful. Overall BU is a good school.
Going to BU is the best decision I ever made. The whole experience is great. The students, professors and the city of Boston is fantastic. There are no easy classes, so prepare to work hard and be challenged. There is also plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself without "partying" so to speak. However, there is always a section of the dorm or a fraternity having a party if you are so inclined. Finally, BU like so many Universities today, are a little expensive. But, they do offer you financial aid if necessary.
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It is an excellent campus where everything is easily accessible. The train goes through the center of campus it is very close to Back Bay, Boston. All the students are nice and easy to talk to as well and the campus is very clean.
Teachers really seem to care about your well-being. The campus is in a perfect location, right in the middle of Boston with lots of food and shops nearby.
Boston University is a great institute. I am a graduate student so I do not have much experience on student life etc.
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