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It is a very well respected school. I got my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. My class sizes were small for the most part. I feel that communication/advisors could be improved. I feel like I got an excellent education with great connections.
I did not take any classes online, but blackboard was easy to use. Blackboard was used to submit assignments and view course documents and assignments.
Great school with amazing opportunities. Very big school with good sense of community. Less resources for individual students.
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Professors have no trouble using online resources and communicate very frequently. Less interaction with each student and harder to ask questions because of online.
Unfortunately, I can't help with this one since I don't have any experience in online learning at Boston University
I love BU. I love its diverse student body and its excellent setting. The athletics department could be a bit better tho
Each professor has their zoom class set up differently. The hybrid model makes it nice to be able to have the in-person experience once in a while. While it's not perfect nor ideal, BU is doing their best. I do think that they should've lowered tuition since it is not the same as in-person instruction at all.
The academics are extremely challenging, yet rewarding. I am a month into my first semester and I love it despite COVID limitations. There are many clubs available to join.
Seems nice so far, but I haven't attended a class on campus yet so I can't speak very much on it. The campus is nice and obviously in a wonderful area.
Professors seem nice and lenient regarding online learning and are also very accessible for help outside of class.
Taking classes online is definitely an interesting and new experience for me and for all of us. My professors have worked hard to make it work and I appreciate their efforts. So far, it is all conducted on Zoom and I am still able to ask questions and understand the material.
I rate Boston University a 3/5 because I feel it has provided me with an average or even sub-par college experience. I have had a lot of professors who are terrible teachers and are complacent with that. I also think this school prioritizes money over its students' wellbeing.
I like the prestige, the campus, the need-based financial aid, and the culture for the most part. I was able to find POC students that became my good friends.

Cons: the dining halls, the distance from place to place on campus, too much regular dorms not enough apartments and suites so room selection sucks. The administration and professors can be fake and very selective.
A MESS, they just want your money...................................................................
Amazing University. The application process to the university was very quick and easy. The students are very nice, helpful and co-operative and the teachers too are very helpful and kind. The learning environment is great as well. Definitely recommend.
The online experience was amazing. It was as if I was studying in a class. The teachers tried their best and I loved online learning.
In the quick switch to online learning this past spring, my professors all did an excellent job of providing resources (such as online textbooks) and accommodating student needs.
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An excellent research university, with plenty of growth opportunities, such as for internships, leadership, and research. Some Professors have more limited office hours than are appreciated.
I never took an online class at Boston University so there is not much to say for this section, unfortunately.
Boston University provides a wonderful education for its students and has a rich campus culture that stimulates productivity and excitement for future careers. There is never a shortage of clubs or extracurriculars to join and the internship and job market in the surrounding areas is wonderful. BU is an extremely expensive school, however, and the return on investment is questionable depending what field your degree was in. The gym and food is probably some of the best you'll find on a college campus, but there was much to be desired in the housing situation. It doesn't seem like BU cared about maintenance for their older buildings (which were cheaper housing) and instead only invested in the new ones that cost an arm and a leg to rent for the school year. Overall, happy with my decision and happy to have been in Boston for my college years.
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