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Boston University offers the opportunities of living in the middle of Boston without being surrounded by concrete. The size of the school allows for significant resources to be made available to students but the student groups allow meaningful friendships to develop and make the school seem smaller.
I am in the CGS January-London Program and I love it here. All of the classes are fun and the fact that we have a term in London is AMAZING !!
It is an academically rigorous school and takes pride in its global rankings. As a result, the school is incredibly expensive with yearly tuition rises.
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I am so happy as a student at BU! I love the people I have met, and my professors are wonderful, and I feel like they will prepare me best for life after college. I love being so close to the city and all of its opportunities. I have met so many people from all walks of life and varying nations.
It is a great school. The schools provides everyone a great opportunity to learn in a fun, new environment
Interesting and many classes to choose from! Overall I've had amazing professors. However, I don't think this any education is worth $65,000. Tuition increases every year. Boston is a great place to be though!
Boston University is a great place to be as a student. To start, the university is located right in the middle of Boston where students can easily use the great public transportation system present in the city to visit the many great restaurants and museums. If that wasn't enough, the university has an excellent gymnasium named FitRec where you can find anything from weight lifting to swimming and martial arts. The university may not have the best food available in the dining halls, but it does have a food court with some very tasty food options - big names such as Panda Express and Pinkberry.
It's a greta school with lots of perks. It's close to the city and easy to get around. The campus is very big and stretches out far. You might have to walk a lot but there is an on campus bus. The Fitness and Recreation center is amazing! The classes are small or if you're in a big lecture there is a support system for people who want it - including small discussion groups run by Teaching Assistants/ Fellows. The student population as a whole is pretty well educated so conversation is good. It's also a fun atmosphere and there are a lot of chances to make friends in different areas of study and ages. Altogether happy I came.
If you love the city, odds are you'll love it here. It's not a typical campus but still is in its own "bubble" where you don't feel like you're just thrown in the city. The diversity is a very cool aspect, I have friends from all over the country and its also a very international school. Food is great, nothing to complain about and there are so many off campus options as well. Frat parties get really old really fast, so unless you're 21 or have a fake its a little hard to enjoy yourself 100%. Prof's have all been great, CGS is slightly like high school all over again in my opinion but it has also been proven that they're pretty hard (but overall very fair) graders. Dorms and safety are nothing to complain about either, much better than other places.
Tuition is way too expensive and certain colleges definitely get more benefits/are favored (newer buildings, technology, etc), but overall I did have a good experience.
BU is the best decision Ive ever made. I wish there was a football team and a larger campus with green fields, but its in the city so its understandable.
BU is a great school. It is extremely expensive, but with the Grant Assurance Program that just rolled out yesterday, it is going to become a lot more manageable. It is an extremely hard school too, especially in the sciences. We are graded according to how we do against other students, so each class is relative, but it also really pits students against each other. The location is amazing, you are right in Boston with the T running right in the middle of campus. And most professors are great, but you do get a couple of iffy ones every semester, which can really hurt your grade and feeling towards a course.
i love everything about boston university ! its a fantastic school filled with interesting and exciting classes and people. If i could change one thing, i wish that the school helped make it easier to fund your education, with more scholarship opportunities and workshops on how to avoid crazy debt.
BU is a great place to find yourself. I am from the west coast and have grown so much going to school in Boston. The history, the people, the seasons are all new to me and I love it...Go Terriers!
It's pretty overpriced and the classes I've taken so far are mostly just busy work. There's not much to do on campus if you're not interested in athletics and want something more laid-back to do, and the parties are always the same. There's nothing unique about them, just overcrowded basements with terrible speakers. The best advice I could give is DO NOT APPLY TO CGS. It's nothing but busy work, and the classes are way too broad. They try to cover too much with no real structure. Professors just ramble about disjointed topics for about an hour and that's class.
Overall, I am receiving a great education. The price is high but the quality is amazing as well. Dorms are marginal at best (at least freshman dorms). Food quality is amazing at dining halls and other on-campus food locations. Social scene is okay, small greek life, great hockey games.
It is an extremely diverse school that offers a wide array of fields of studies. It is a bit overwhelming with the amount of options available, and I feel the staff can do more to keep you on the right path. However I'm excited to be a part of the community and to be a part of the Boston University Men's basketball team.
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Course layout hard to change majors, courses are challenging but helpful. Teachers are helpful. Engineers are cared of well.
I have to say that although there are some shortcomings when it comes to BU, I still love everything about the school. There are so many resources and opportunities available to us students, including freshman. Also, even though they have very difficult classes, I'm appreciative because it just goes to show that they want us to be prepared for our future careers. Last but not least, who wouldn't fall in love with the city of Boston? It's kind of impossible not to.
If you are looking for a large, urban school in a great town, Boston University is for you. The campus is completely integrated with the city and surrounding areas without it being too congested. While the academics are challenging (and the grade deflation is an ongoing problem), the course load prepares you for the future.
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