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I loved the campus and the resources we have as students of the university and as students in the city of Boston.
School is ok, campus is nice but from my opinion, it doesn't worth No. 37 on USNews national ranking and 87 on Niche. In the same Boston City, Students are not working hard like Harvard, MIT, Tufts and BC students! In contrast, many of them Play very hard, absent in classes, distracted by lots of things.
BU is an excellent school that truly lives up to its name. As one of the leading schools in the Boston area, that has consistently produced breakthroughs in research and technology, students have the opportunity to learn a great deal and have multiple opportunities to be apart of these discoveries.
Boston University fosters academic excellence and then goes a step beyond by encouraging students to then use their strong academic foundation to pursue new discoveries and advancements.
BU's faculty and advisers encourage students to think outside the box and be daring to make research and technological discoveries. It has truly been an amazing experience that I am so blessed to have experienced and been apart of.
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I like how socially and environmentally aware BU seems to be. I would like to see more flexibility for students when it comes to paying for the rise in cost of attending BU.
Out of all the Boston colleges, Boston University is pretty unique. The entire campus spans 2 miles of a city street essentially, so not only will you get a campus experience, but also the experience of being in the heart of the city which is one of my favorite parts. While it's in the middle of the city, it is still very safe. I never feel worried walking around late at night as long as I am on campus.
I love how integrated BU's campus is with the city - there's never a shortage of things to do. There are a wide variety of dorms and living arrangements to choose from and there's tons of places to live off campus if you don't want to be in university housing. the dining halls are overall pretty good, but since BU is on Comm ave, there are plenty of other food options around. The T runs straight through the middle of campus, which makes transportation super easy. I've had an amazing experience with my classes and professors too. Overall, BU has given me an amazing first year of college.
My only complaint with BU is that the cost of attendance increases each year, but the financial aid does not increase in proportion to the tuition. This makes it difficult for students, such as myself, to pay for school, as we end up taking out more and more loans each year.
I'm currently an in-going Junior in the College of Communication and I can't say enough good things about Boston University or the opportunities it has already presented me with. I've not only had incredible Professors that have made themselves available to me if I have questions about a paper or an exam, but I've been able to manage the social media for the student section at the Men's Hockey games, explore Boston, meet some of my best friends and learn more than I could have ever asked for, both in the classroom and outside. Yes, the cost is very steep, and yes it could deter people from the school, but in my opinion, every cent has been worth it. By going to school on a campus that is a part of a city like Boston, being a part of a few different clubs, a member of a sorority on campus, and participating in the activities that I have, BU has really helped me find who I am, and what I want to do with my future and who I want to be for the rest of my life.
BU was disappointed - there was no intellectual environment like MIT, columbia or Harvard. Just student getting through courses and graduating. Labs are dark at night and on weekend. Do not come here if you want to interact with intelligent p eople
Boston University is a unique college experience. The first thing you notice when you attend is the sheer number of students that live and reside in Boston. There is always something to do, new people to meet, and brand new experiences. In addition the University itself boasts great academics, amoung the best in the nation, with faculty and staff that care. Despite its relatively high cost, it is definitely worth the time, money, and work to say you have graduated from BU.
Expensive, but worth the education. Students are nice, and professors and TFs and LAs do honestly help students.
Boston University has a large undergraduate class but somehow it is able to make all those people connect through various programs, events and other activities provided by the university
Boston University is a great school. It is very diverse and offers you the chance to befriend students from all over the world. There are many opportunities to study abroad. They have a lot of services to support students such as free tutoring. The food is above average and most of the facilities are very nice.
Large institutions with many resources for research and academics. Large selection of classes and hundreds of student groups. Best suited for students who will take initiative to get involved since it is easy to get lost in the large population.
I have enjoyed my experience at Boston University mostly due to the diversity. The school is very diverse and allows you to have many experiences that you may not get at another college or university. The academics are very competitive and student are competing for the A because classes do limit the number of students that can get an A.
It is a great place to learn and delve deeper into your passions and to grow as a young adult for 4 years! BU's campus is a short 15 minute walk from the famed Newbury Street, and a short T ride to Downtown Crossing and Boston Harbor. As a New Yorker, the convenience and city life that Boston provides is unmatched anywhere else for someone looking to escape NYC. The professors truly encourage you to be better and care about your learning. The dining hall food has variety and is pretty good compared to most other schools' dining halls. As a low income student, I appreciate their generous scholarships that allows me to attend BU instead of a state school. I cannot say enough good things about the people you meet here!
The culture of Boston University is an accepting and liberating one with help and support from Staff, Administration, and Peers.
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The campus life is great, and many of the teachers really care about their students. I would like to see a change to how the student activities office is ran since they make being apart of on-campus organizations difficult sometimes.
The school is challenging as they do not hand out free A's but many of these students are very motivated and very friendly. The only downside is that BU is terribly expensive.
Like any institution, there are issues the University deals with and needs to solve. I've enjoyed the friends I've made and the professors and courses I've taken --though one must note that I'm fortunate enough to major in something I'm very passionate about and therefore am more likely to enjoy my studies. However, I do have administrative criticisms and question whether or not our president deserves such a high salary and if funds are really allocated in a way that reflects the best interest of the students. Some of the housing is decent (apartments) but the dorms are typical of... college dorms. Additionally, as a student of color, I have run into intolerance issues, but not more than I would have to deal with in the real world anyway... My professors have been very supportive of me and my aspirations and I highly recommend taking courses in Comparative Literature or Film & TV if it interests you. The campus can be very beautiful when it's not freezing cold and windy.