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All of the professors are really passionate about their fields! Students are very accepting and kind. Plus the campus is beautiful!
Canvas is the main site used for online learning. Professors teaching online classes are very engaged and make it easy to understand what is expected of their students.
It's pretty good. The professors are warm and friendly. Most of them are communicative and are willing to work with you if you are having problems in a respective subject.

As a rather introverted person, I like the atmosphere at BC. It's pretty serene, and the lack of Greek Life means that there are plenty of other ways to make friends other than partying. The housing is comfortable and spacious, and everyone is eager to meet each other within the first week of school.

I wish Boston College was a bit better when it came to Diversity. As a minority student, I felt slightly uncomfortable during my first month on campus, but this uneasiness slowly subsided as time passed by. I also do not like the food.

In general, it's a warm and wholesome community, and I could not be happier to be here.
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Some classes I had were asynchronous, meaning that they did not occur at a particular time. I appreciated this, as it allowed me to set my own schedule on certain days.

A lot of the material is self-taught, and that may be a pro / con depending on your learning style. For me, it was a major pro, as I love to learn by myself within the comfort of my own home. But if that is a problem for you, it might be wise to defer / take a gap semester.
I didn't take any classes online, but I am sure they would be satisfactory as the professors are very dedicated.
Great place that gives you a very well rounded education. Academics and social scene strike a good balance.
The school has mostly great professors. The administration needs to listen to students' needs and wants.
Classes switched to online because of Covid. Each professor handled the situation differently with some synchronous classes on Zoom and some prerecorded lectures. Most professors were very understanding of the challenges the transition and subsequent time brought.
My online experience was not as terrible as I thought it would be. My professors made even more time to ensure that I was getting the extra support I need during the time period in which students had to return home because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I was able to get my work done in a timely manner and I ended the year with higher grades than my first semester. So overall, it was a good experience.
My first year at Boston College was an unforgettable experience. It was honestly the most challenging year of my life because I was living an entirely different lifestyle the required a certain level of independence that was fairly new to me. I did struggle to adjust to this new lifestyle, but I had unconditional support from my peers and Boston College faculty members. I also joined an African Dance Team that welcomed me with open arms and made this transition go more smoothly. This team was the safe haven I needed whenever I felt overwhelmed with school work and exams. My teammates continued to encourage me whenever I felt like I wasn't built for this lifestyle. Although I ended my first semester with a low GPA, I was able to pick myself back up and earn a higher GPA during my second semester. Overall, I am more than satisfied with my choice to attend Boston College because it was an experience that strengthened me as an individual.
Online learning experience still needs improvement. They are utilizing more devices to enhance the experience.
The school has been amazing overall! Great academic experience especially in Carrol School of Management. Even during the pandemic, BC has done an excellent job!
I have minimal issues connecting to zoom meetings. The few issues I encountered were quickly resolved.
I have so far enjoyed my experience at Boston College. Despite the current situation, BC is doing everything they can to try to keep things organized and set for opening this year.
I have never taken courses online at BC. I was abroad at the time Boston College switched to online learning due to Covid-19.
As a Black student, Boston College has let me down. The university has 4% Black students and is not doing much to change that, there are often racial incidents among students and the administration rarely - if ever - does anything bout it, and there are very few professors of color. Aside from racial issues, Boston College treats its LGBTQ+ students poorly by not giving their clubs funding and not allowing them to use the language they want when it comes to events and clubs names for fear of losing donors. The university refuses to divest from fossil fuels and gun manufacturers, as well as Israeli support.

There are good things about BC (which I believe are outweighed by the aforementioned points, but good nonetheless). For example, the academics are strong, the campus is beautiful, it's in a great location, and there's a wide range of clubs.
Being on-campus is superior. Learning online has only made me appreciate BC more for its stellar academic atmosphere and great teachers.
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I love BC. However, I really didn't enjoy my time there until sophomore year. It is a university that has many things to work on, including diversity.
Some of my classes were asynchronous and others were synchronous. Those that met up weekly via Zoom felt lacking, and I much preferred listening to pre-recorded lectures at my own pace. I believe the summer classes now are all asynchronous.
The greatest aspects of BC that set it apart from other schools are its Jesuit values and their theology & philosophy departments. The Jesuit values of BC simply refer to an educational philosophy-- the fact that education can empower students to create change in the world (i.e. through service). As a liberal arts college, BC's theology & philosophy departments are very strong and all students must take a minimum of one year courses in both subjects in order to graduate. These areas of focus seek to shape the student's mind to think, to question, and to ponder. This is an ability that goes beyond educational material or curriculum requirements of a college. Many students end up adding a minor or major in one of these areas. My favorite classes and professors were from both departments even though I am a nursing major.
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