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Boston College is amazing! It has a beautiful campus, D-1 athletics, a city nearby, and a bunch of awesome people. The classes available are super interesting and there is always something to do. The housing process is a little sketchy though.
I've had a great experience at BC. The campus is beautiful, they offer a wide variety of classes, and the nightlife is a good medium.
Currently as a junior, I think that the culture of this university does not particularly mesh well with me. The students at the school seem all quite similar (Type-A, super competitive, and somewhat superficial). There just seems to be an aura of politics within the campus that makes me uncomfortable. The facilities and the academics are great though!
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Boston College's best assets are its Jesuit beliefs (strong emphasis on service for others and using your education to make the world a better place), its rigorous classes, and its location. Student life is what you make of it - get involved and you will absolutely enjoy your time at BC. There are many opportunities to be involved in service, through clubs, classes, or short trips. There is no student center/student union like those found at other schools, unless they added that in the new building that just went up. (There is always construction happening on campus since they're constantly adding and renewing buildings. What do your tuition dollars go towards?...) But it is a truly beautiful campus.
Academically it is fairly rigorous and although not primarily career-oriented, you will certainly be prepared for life after graduation.
ATTENDING BOSTON COLLEGE WAS THE GREATEST DECISION OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I would not have changed my decision for the world.
This is my freshman year and I love it here. The faculty are great. I feel challenged but not overwhelmed with my course work. My academic advisor is always available and she was a great resource when considering my Sophomore scheduling. This campus is big, but not too big. It's beautifully maintained too. The freshmen dorms are altogether and separate from the upperclassmen. That helped with the transition from home to school knowing we were all the same in terms of college experiences. Overall, I know I made a great choice in coming here.
Boston College focuses on well rounded students. Dance, sports, clubs, and any passions are celebrated here. The core classes allow a college experience of a wide range of classes rather than major specific. Academics are highly valued.
BC is really about personal preference. There's not much diversity here, and it's kind of hard to relate with most people if you don't come from a rich background or not interested in parties. However, I will say the Christian community here is amazing, if you're into that. It's so easy to keep up with your faith, and I also like how philosophy and theology are required core classes here. I love the friends I have and I have fun, but as an Asian American I do feel like something is missing.
Boston College has been an amazing experience so far. The campus is full of so many wonderful people, and a community that truly is open. Everyone here loves the fact that they are here, and they love being an Eagle!
Boston College, not to be mistaken with Boston University, is a private Jesuit college. Its campus is very visually appealing, unique, and quiet; it is a rural looking campus in a less busy part of Boston. However, it is a very short distance from downtown Boston. It is not a selective school with around a 30% admit rate. The school is not very racially diverse with a 70% white population, but Boston College is working on increasing its diversity rates among students and faculty. Boston College has its own police, multiple exercise facilities, dining halls, dorms, and extra-curricular opportunities. I am definitely considering applying for this college, even though I am a non-Catholic, non-white student.
Boston College has challenging academic expectations but every student receives the full support of a world-class faculty. I have made lasting connections with many professors who have mentored me throughout my tenure at the institution. The student body is diverse and there are activities to satisfy anyones interest. There is a strong religious presence and St. Ignatius Church is a welcoming community. The Jesuit Order takes care of their own and the investment into joining the network of Jesuit schools will be rewarded with access to a sprawling network of individuals and connections.
I studied Biochemistry at BC with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Ultimately, I chose BC because in addition to the first-rate academics, the students seemed to really be involved in campus life and recognized that college is about both hitting the books and developing yourself as a person. BC is a Jesuit school, and thus they encourage students to "Go set the world aflame" - find what you're good at and what you love to do, and use your time at BC to develop these skills and passions into a future that will both make you happy and make an impact in the world. I really feel that I graduated BC with a quality education but also with a deeper understanding of myself and my place/role in the world. My time at BC was some of the greatest years of my life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Boston College is an incredible institution that takes a holistic approach to education by focusing on developing the well-rounded individual. You will be enlightened and challenged to look at yourself from a variety of angles while figuring out what you value throughout your four years. Students leave feeling accomplished and sure about the individual they have grown into.
Its a place where students learn how to serve others. The purpose driven life isn't one which is created by being born. At Boston College it begins by understanding that you are part of something bigger than yourself.
I love the academic atmosphere and the environment in which we can all learn here. The professors are phenomenal (more often than not) and the programs to which I subscribe are great. The only problem I can find with this entire university is the dining situation. The meal plan is often a struggle for children, and the food for the freshman dorms is really not that great.
Beautiful Campus with wonderful people. Everyone was so nice, warm, and excited to see you. Highly recommend visiting!!!
Boston College was the perfect fit for me. Originally, I had been extremely hesitant to start school. It was my third choice and I was worried about the student culture. However, I've made the best friends I've ever had, taken intellectually stimulating courses with top-notch professors, and found a perfect home-away-from-home. I'll miss BC!
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Although Boston College isn't the most diverse school and doesn't offer an engineering program, I've throughly enjoyed my time here. I'm constantly pushed to better myself and I'm always hearing different views and opinions. Hockey's amazing but our football team is trash.
White privilege is the definition of Boston College. The acedemics here are great and it's kind of near Boston, but those are the only positive things about this school. The workload is extremely demanding, and most people at BC suck. The vast majority of students are white, religious, preppy, well off, and live in a bubble. Every guy on campus has short hair, wears khakis, boat shoes, and collared shirts. The party scene sucks. A lot of people drink here, but that's about it. Only a handful of people smoke weed on a regular basis. If you even mention a hard drug, people will freak out. The administration is also very conservative, which causes lots of problems for students. We have an entire police force on our campus with nothing better to do than arrest drunk college kids. If you're looking to have a good time in college, or if you're interesting, this isn't the school for you.
I enjoyed my 4 years at Boston College. In terms of academics it was second to none. As as psychology and theology major, I found that my professors were involved in clinical practice and theological research, respectively, which enriched my educational experience. I was able to receive information that one couldn't get from someone who was not actively involved in that area of study. The work was rigorous, yet meaningful. There were clubs and opportunities for everyone and always events to attend both academic and social. The campus is beautiful and feels like home. The dorms can be a little tight. My biggest issue was the diversity. There were very few students of color and the voice of students of color was often silenced. Being a student of color on this campus can be difficult; however, we were able to establish a community, which strengthened my ethnic identity.
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