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Boston College offers an amazing environment for students of any race, religion, etc. From the outstanding academics to the vibrant student body, Boston College challenges students but also gives them opportunities to express themselves through various campus activities.
The experience is all about what you make of it. Freshman year, there are many students who are unsure of their decision, but by the second semester of freshman year or by sophomore year, everybody starts to love BC. There are some really great professors (Wolfman) who really care about their students and an excess of clubs to join. People here definitely love to party, but don't be fooled, most of us are still hard workers and bang out an essay or two every weekend.
Overall, I love it. There is a friend group for everyone. Also, if you look hard enough, there are endless resources for students to accomplish what they want.
Absolutely beautiful campus in a lovely location. Though Boston College is located outside the city limits of Boston, public transportation directly connects Boston College's campus to all the activities available in the stimulating city of Boston.
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Boston College has an exclusive environment that does not allow freshman to get involved. It has a beautiful campus and the professors are nice, but in order to make freshman feel connected to the school they need to make it easier for them to get involved. Academics are good but party scene sucks.
Boston College truly provides the means for any student to flourish in the real world and cares for each student. The campus is beautiful, and the school provides all the resources needed for the ultimate college experience. Great faculty!
Boston College a challenging and interesting curriculum. It has such a beautiful campus and offers many opportunities for student involvement (volunteer opportunities in particular – even ones that tie in with certain courses).
Boston College is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Every single student that attends BC is amazing and every day you can have meaningful and fun conversations with your friends and classmates. The facilities and services are incredible and everybody who works their is amazing. The professors are awesome and they are incredibly helpful and supportive.
I absolutely love the college. It has so much to offer, whether it be the academics or the sports or the clubs. There is no Greek life which is a plus but there are certainly parties that you can find.
My time at Boston College changed my life. Not only did the university provide me with a world class liberal arts education, it also formed me as a person. Social justice and civic responsibility were two recurrent themes in many of my classes, and the student body was very active in volunteer work and pursuing their passions. In short, Boston College is one of the most inspirational places I've ever been a part of!
Boston College is a great place to learn and grow. The student body has a variety of people with different interests, and professors take the time to get to know their students. Additionally, the campus is absolutely stunning and a joy to walk through to classes. The University does lack in diversity and often the administration doesn't deal with issues properly. If not for these, I would rate my four years at BC a 5-start experience.
Boston College is amazing! It has a beautiful campus, D-1 athletics, a city nearby, and a bunch of awesome people. The classes available are super interesting and there is always something to do. The housing process is a little sketchy though.
I've had a great experience at BC. The campus is beautiful, they offer a wide variety of classes, and the nightlife is a good medium.
Currently as a junior, I think that the culture of this university does not particularly mesh well with me. The students at the school seem all quite similar (Type-A, super competitive, and somewhat superficial). There just seems to be an aura of politics within the campus that makes me uncomfortable. The facilities and the academics are great though!
Boston College's best assets are its Jesuit beliefs (strong emphasis on service for others and using your education to make the world a better place), its rigorous classes, and its location. Student life is what you make of it - get involved and you will absolutely enjoy your time at BC. There are many opportunities to be involved in service, through clubs, classes, or short trips. There is no student center/student union like those found at other schools, unless they added that in the new building that just went up. (There is always construction happening on campus since they're constantly adding and renewing buildings. What do your tuition dollars go towards?...) But it is a truly beautiful campus.
Academically it is fairly rigorous and although not primarily career-oriented, you will certainly be prepared for life after graduation.
ATTENDING BOSTON COLLEGE WAS THE GREATEST DECISION OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I would not have changed my decision for the world.
This is my freshman year and I love it here. The faculty are great. I feel challenged but not overwhelmed with my course work. My academic advisor is always available and she was a great resource when considering my Sophomore scheduling. This campus is big, but not too big. It's beautifully maintained too. The freshmen dorms are altogether and separate from the upperclassmen. That helped with the transition from home to school knowing we were all the same in terms of college experiences. Overall, I know I made a great choice in coming here.
Boston College focuses on well rounded students. Dance, sports, clubs, and any passions are celebrated here. The core classes allow a college experience of a wide range of classes rather than major specific. Academics are highly valued.
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BC is really about personal preference. There's not much diversity here, and it's kind of hard to relate with most people if you don't come from a rich background or not interested in parties. However, I will say the Christian community here is amazing, if you're into that. It's so easy to keep up with your faith, and I also like how philosophy and theology are required core classes here. I love the friends I have and I have fun, but as an Asian American I do feel like something is missing.
Boston College has been an amazing experience so far. The campus is full of so many wonderful people, and a community that truly is open. Everyone here loves the fact that they are here, and they love being an Eagle!
Boston College, not to be mistaken with Boston University, is a private Jesuit college. Its campus is very visually appealing, unique, and quiet; it is a rural looking campus in a less busy part of Boston. However, it is a very short distance from downtown Boston. It is not a selective school with around a 30% admit rate. The school is not very racially diverse with a 70% white population, but Boston College is working on increasing its diversity rates among students and faculty. Boston College has its own police, multiple exercise facilities, dining halls, dorms, and extra-curricular opportunities. I am definitely considering applying for this college, even though I am a non-Catholic, non-white student.
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