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Visited for three days and loved it. Due to my three day experience, I decided to commit to BC. Education seems rigorous and diversity is ok from what I saw. Also, the objective behind how they educate students was quite compelling.
Boston College is so much better than I could have imagined. The course load is rigorous but the access to professors is amazing. Very caring faculty. The sports scene for someone who does not drink is still incredibly fun and exciting.
I like the academic programs and the interesting rigor of the courses. I would like to see more mental and emotional support from the administration, particularly for students of color, disabled students, immigrant students, and students identifying as LGBTQ+.
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Boston College is very privileged. As a student with disabilities, I have found my time here to be difficult. The school is not very accommodating and little funding is given to disability and mental health resources. If you struggle with any disability (including mental health) you are probably better off going somewhere else. States school actually tend to be quite good for them, depending on the state.
I love the alumni network that I know BC has; it makes the thought of applying for jobs seem a little less stressful. I think it also speaks to the really strong sense of community and family felt here on the BC campus and the how that feeling isn't lost when you graduate. One thing I would like to see improve is the University's responses to social issues on campus.
Boston College is a great university with outstanding resources; however, as a college freshman, the transition to college was not the easiest. My experience has only gotten better as time goes on, so I hope this upward trajectory continues.
Boston College is one of the most interesting institutions in the U.S. It's academics are seen as competitive to higher-level schools, with excellent faculty and professors included. School life is rather comfortable as well, with amenities for students in most places. But there are several issues; with a conservative stance for some administrators, there are clashes with the voice of the student body and the university. In addition, diversity has always been seen as an issue, with people of color facing adversities and lack of representation at times due to the rather unbalanced population.
Great education, pretty good location if you like a city setting. Administration not very willing to stand up for social justice though, despite being a Jesuit school, which tends to be a more liberal Catholic order. Student body on the preppier, seemingly-wealthier side, although you can find more diverse pockets if you join groups/clubs outside of academics.
I love my experience at Boston College. The faculty here are the best teachers I have ever encountered in my lifelong academic journey. I have never had a bad professor at Boston College. The student body is great here as so many students find it easy to get along and meet each other with the multitude of groups and campus organizations/clubs that are eager to include students. Plus, the food is great!
I have wonderful professors and have the opportunity to take a diverse range of classes. From Public Health in a Global Society to Modern Latin America and Medical Humanities. A beautiful campus, making it a wonderful atmosphere to learn.
Boston College is a good blend of academics and social life. Boston College is one of the only need blind schools in the country, allowing for students of all walks of life to attend the school.
BC education is top notch. Professors are awesome and the culture is fun, especially with D1 sports!
Really great buildings and professors. I found my visit to campus to be very welcoming and its absolutely beautiful! Everyone loves it who goes there.
It's a great school. It has a lots of resources. Everyone in here work hard, and party hard too. The school is beautiful, I am proud to say that it's the prettiest school in Boston. I like its school vibe so much.
Boston College offers an excellent academic experience. The location is perfect because it offers a campus experience with easy access to the city.
I would like to see an improvement with the academic advising office, it was incredibly difficult as a freshman to navigate course selection. Additionally, the housing selection process is messy and unnecessarily complicated.
I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting, but this school has a lot of privilege attached to it. I know that is true of most highly ranked universities, but the majority of the students here do not understand they live a complete different lifestyle than others.
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My overall experience at Boston College has been excellent. The majority of professors that I have had here are great and genuinely care for their students. While classes are tough and there is definitely academic competition, my academic experience has been challenging, but extremely helpful and rewarding. There are hundreds of clubs on campus and service is a huge part of the community.
Boston is a great and interesting place to learn and develop life skills that would enable you impact a lot in not only your society but the world at large.
Boston College is a great school with an even better campus and environment. The school is very connected to its religious history and it is evident that it still plays a big role in the school today. The campus is very clean and the buildings are beautiful. There are plenty of activities to do and you will never get bored on campus.
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