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Boston College has a community that I am yet to find anywhere else! People are kind all over campus and the community revolves so much around service to others. With the many clubs on campus, one can see that it is very easy to get involved with the school and the local community. I have never seen a school with so many people as involved as they are here at BC
Its a great university environment here. The thing I like to see changed is variety of food they offer. Students often complain about food being too expensive and or not enough options esp for vegetarians.
Boston College has an extensive number of resources, a beautiful campus, and enthusiastic professors that genuinely care about their courses and students. Everyone wants to see you succeed, and the school is constantly working towards bettering its academics, diversity, and environmental sustainability.
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This is very good college .Good academics, food and dedicated teachers. It is beautiful campus. Fellow students are very helpful. Good public transportation into Boston down town. Tuition is very expensive but it is all worth after graduation. Connection to good internships.
I loved the people, the classes, the professors, and the campus at Boston College. The location near Boston is a great plus as well.
This is a great school with a beautiful campus. The academics are challenging and engaging; the curriculum is well established. As a humanities student, I enjoy the classic liberal arts approach to learning. My professors have been wonderful people who are passionate about what they teach and advisors are helpful in suggestions about classes, majors/minors, etc.
I love Boston College and could not say enough great things about the university. I never wanted to go to school in Boston but last minute I changed my mind and decided to give BC a chance. Two years later, I cannot see myself anywhere else. I have met my best friends, been given so many educational and career related opportunities, and become the strong and independent student that I am today. I feel so prepared to go out into the real working world with all of the connections I've made and values I've learned.
Boston College has a beautiful campus and its dedication to education is just as impressive. Most of the students here are very hardworking and driven.
Its the absolute best. Everyone is awesome and all the people who go there just want to help you. The alumni network is absurd, with opportunities for legitimately all graduates. The social life is a lot of fun. BC has the perfect balance between athletics, academics and social life.
Very good classes, people, and resources. It doesn't have greek life, which forces students to find their place through friends, hobbies, and academics. I enjoyed my experience there, and would highly recommend this school.

The proximity to the city is great for internships and volunteer opportunities outside the school as well. I would say the only downside is that there is a lack of diversity on campus. There are a wealth of experiences and backgrounds, but you have to dig a little to ensure your exposure. Easy for people to keep to their circles if they don't push themselves.
Campus is beautiful, well maintained, and academic buildings are close together making it easy to get from class to class. Kids are friendly. Neighborhood surrounding campus is gorgeous and safe.
Great faculties/students.
Easy access to town,
Great library and school spirits.
Sports teams are awsome.
Nice diversity of students and facilities.
Dining food is excellent.
I like how dedicated the professors are to their students and how qualified each professor is. I wish that there were more classes to choose from and that the university core was not as extensive.
Very nice liberal arts based curriculum that prepares students to be leaders. Not as Catholic as it may seem; more historically than it is nowadays.
You can see that it is a Catholic institution by its beautiful architecture. However, while religion is an important part of this college's identity, so is religious freedom. They respect whatever belief that you have as long as it is not hurting other students.

If you are looking for a party school with Greek culture, Boston College is lacking. There are no sororities or fraternities. There are still parties and fun to be had, but a lot of students carry that "work hard play hard" mentality here.

The academics is rigorous and it makes you start thinking seriously about time management if you want it to mesh well with student jobs and extracurriculars. The compact size of the campus is beneficial in this way because you know exactly where everything is.

From experience, the Russian and Business department of the school are excellent in that the professor that I have had have a deep understanding of material and teach it well.
Boston College had a wonderful mental health counseling department! Both students and faculty are extremely supportive and genuinely want you to succeed.
My experience with Boston College is fairly good, except that administration clearly has trouble addressing controversial issues on campus.
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Boston College is pretty generous with financial aid. It's set in an affluent, safe suburb of Boston. Boston is a half hour train ride from here. BC has a lot of school spirit which makes any sports game really fun to go to, especially football and hockey. The student body isn't as stuck up as you'd think for being a private New England school, but it could be more diverse. The housing process could be improved, but overall it's worth it.
Great student body and professors that really seem to care about you (for the most part). Wonderful campus, food is pretty good and really nice to be near Boston (but not TOO near!) Great school spirit & athletics, lots of clubs and activities to participate in and quite a diverse course selection between the 4 schools. Career support is excellent and new athletic center opening soon is a big plus. Also new STEM/engineering center coming soon!
Boston College is a tremendous institution. Whether it be the high quality professors, food, campus, or athletics, BC is the place to be for driven, inquisitive students. Additionally, the surrounding area, Boston, is a fabulous college town, as there are endless things to do.
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