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Loved Boston College! I truly enjoyed my time here and met a lot of lifelong friends and colleagues. I really could not imagine going somewhere else. From the nightlife to the academics to the food and just social life, Boston College had everything I needed.
My daughter is a freshman at BC and loves it but for $70K+ per year I would expect dorms to hav AC and be nicer! She text me a photo of the thermostat in Sept. and it was 106 degrees in her room. Other than that, fantastic school!
Boston College’s Professors make it a wonderful institution. My experience with the chemistry and mathematics department has been especially rewarding. Professors are interesting, professional, and passionate. Aside from academics, the plethora of clubs and activities offered is wonderful. Athletics are also a fun way to spend time and the school spirit is immense. The school is truly a community and everyone seems to enjoy interacting and getting to know one another. I have met the most interesting and intelligent people at BC, and I am glad I chose to come here. Although the student population not as diverse as other schools, there is a niche for everyone regardless of their socioeconomic, religious, ethnic, or cultural identity.
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Boston College is an excellent mid-size college. It is not too big and not too small. The liberal arts education and core curriculum are top notch. The alumni network could use some improvement.
Boston College is a great school for students who are looking for a competitive university with a smaller school feeling. Students are open, from all over the world, and are go-getters.
bc is great if you're cis, white, straight, and like vineyard vines. i'm queer and feel very out of place here. the party scene is very poor for freshmen, and in general very monotonous and mostly just binge drinking. it's hard to make friends if you don't like the office or drake. don't come here if you don't want a continuation of high school pettiness and drama.
I have absolutely loved my time at BC so far. The community I have found has been so encouraging. The professors care about you and your success and that was huge for me as well. I would change the lack of diversity, I grew up in a diverse community in a Chicago suburb and moving to chestnut hill was a big shock.
Great academics and athletics as expected. The absence of greek life really isnt an issue as thee is always plenty going on in the mods, off campus, and at the bars. I love it here.
I love the campus and the daytime atmosphere. The academics and social surroundings are challenging ; however, they have enriched my mind in accepting social situations and absorbed knowledge that I could have only dreamed of.
Boston College has opened me up to many new opportunities. Living on campus is far different from living at home in ways that are positive and negative. I am excited to continue my educational BC as it is challenging but rewarding.
Some profs are better than others. Some can be very bland, while others are quite interesting. The prevet scene isn't very good. There isn't much support. You can take the T to Boston which is nice though sometimes it does feel a bit isolated as there isn't too much to do in a ten minute walking distance. I liked Newton campus but again, it is pretty isolated. The Stuart Dining hall is probably one of the best places for food though.
Boston College has an amazing campus and such a welcoming student body that makes it my top school to apply to and proves that going to college can be a pleasant experience. Should I go there I will be able to learn at a top school and be able to appreciate not only the school itself with the gorgeous architecture and the friendly students, but the accessible staff that has great open office hours and are always happy to answer any question a student has.
I love Boston College because of the dedication of the professors and faculty to the success of students. As a first generation, low-income college student, professors and other faculty members that openly and outwardly express their willingness to help students creates an environment that I feel heard and seen in. The classes are intellectually challenging and some are even socially challenging as group work, team work, collaboration, and community service may be involved. Unfortunately, Boston College has failed to create an atmosphere in which students that do not fit into the 'white' or 'middle class' categories are able to feel comfortable in.
Very good school, academics and people are very nice. Administration doesn't listen to students very much and it is expensive.
I am going to be a sophomore and I love it at BC. Great people and awesome academics. Would recommend at least a visit.
The student body is overwhelmingly white, Catholic, and middle class. As a person of color it can be a little weird being surrounded by white kids, but that doesn't mean there aren't people of color on campus--there definitely are, but it takes more effort to find them. Overall, the experience is very much whatyou make it to be; I personally didn't enjoy BC until my junior year.
As a recent grad, there were definitely a lot of things I wanted to see changed during my four years, but looking back I would definitely do it all again. I don’t think the issues I saw were unique to BC but rather complaints that pretty much all college students at any university would complain about such as managing a work-life balance and administrative policies that keep the university’s long term goals rather than a student’s short term goals in mind. I don’t think I could have asked for better academic quality, personal growth, or career placement. Although biased as a recent grad, I think BC did a great job in helping me to think more clearly while providing me the skills for my career.
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During the college application process, I was not expecting to attend Boston College. The university was always in my pool of options, but I had my eyes set on another school. After being rejected from that school, I decided to attend BC. After completing one year at BC, I can say it was everything and more that I hoped college would be. Boston College's beautiful campus, wonderful array of courses, outstanding professors, and motivated students create a supportive environment and provides a superb education.
I wholeheartedly love this school. There are opportunities everywhere and professors who are looking to help and connect with students. I do wish the administration would listen to the student body more and the financial aid office can be quite stingy.
The students are very driven and the teachers are dedicated to seeing you succeed. Although the school is a bit lacking in it's diversity in terms of students and some courses (specifically in those focused on diversity) there is never a shortage of clubs and activities to join to find more people like yourself. The campus is breath taking (both in the view and the million dollar staircase). It is in a great location--accessible to Boston but not in the middle of it where transportation becomes a major issue.
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