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Boston Baptist gave me the tools and study habits I needed to minister to people effectively. You won't find a friendlier, more cost-effective, Biblically accurate college out there! The teachers and staff work to help each student achieve success, and the campus environment promotes unity and a family environment. My favorite part of going to school at BBC was how each year the school offers the students the opportunity to travel around the world, to learn on-site, and to better understand the world.
If you want a solid education in the Bible that doesn’t require you to check your brains at the door, BBC is an incredible education in the best college city in the world. Quality faculty and access to world-class libraries, resources and history made BBC an enjoyable college experience for me. To this day, some of my best friends I met while a student here. An affordable education with access to the best Boston has to offer makes BBC a great educational value.
Students have not had difficulty finding a job.
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Classes are small and the professors are awesome and caring.
Our security is the best.
the dorm life at BBC is awesome
No sports teams but we have a group who like to play.
This school is great and has great professors.
If anything happens or has happened, it's must be off campus because I haven't heard of sexual assault being done here at BBC. We have a great security team, and we're all a small and close family that we would know if something bad happened. This is without a doubt a safe school.
I do love it here. You can see the staff is working on a better student life, which is awesome. Spiritually, Academically - BBC is great!
When you're here you have the chance to intern at a church (there are a lot of different churches you can do this at). You can also easily get a job somewhere in the school and maybe work your way up as some past students have done, or as you build relationships with professors, the President, and other Pastors/Organizations who work alongside the school, you'll probably have an opportunity to get a job. But in reality, we're suppose to be following God's calling for your life - and BBC is a place where you can easily hear Him.
We are a small college, but our dorms seem normal. The girl's dorms are carpeted (except the lounge/kitchen area). We have a lot of two person rooms and two three person rooms.
We don't have an actual basketball team, etc. We don't really have enough time to do so - though we do play pickup games of basketball and volleyball. Our gym is relatively large, but our workout room is sad, but still has the basics.
Boston Baptist College is small - but there's still a liveliness here. Our small community works well together, and the relationships formed here last a lifetime and you see that through the people who come back to visit. Academically it is challenging, but the professors are willing to work alongside you. I think the best part about BBC is how spiritually centered and strong we are here. We are focused on Christ and communicating and sharing Christ, but we are also continually growing and trying to grow. Spiritual life is key at Boston Baptist and is really what helps you get through the two or four years you stay here. Boston Baptist College is a great Bible College - a great place to start learning about the ministry while also growing spiritually. So many great things about this place that I call home. This college isn't for everyone, but I urge you to check out our college further just to see what it's about!
My school is unique because there is only about 100 living on campus. We are all driven towards a greater purpose and work together as a family! We are not only unified as a student body, but as a community with the faculty. They take time to get to know each student and encourage them through their classes. I have found an abundance of love and support from all of my professors.
It has it's ups and downs. The lunches are usually better than the dinners.
It's great because of the community that I am in. Everyone here is fantastic - and there is no drama. The only downside is that because the college is so small, there is nothing really do to inside the dorms. Though, we do have a lounge with a nice television in it. You can only have fun, if you make fun.
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The many choices that are offered are very pertinent to everyday life and can be used while in college, not once you have left.
The sports and athletic life on campus is nearly non existent. We have a mens basketball team. The team isn't official, and we only played two games this year.
It is located on the boarder of Hyde park and Milton MA. Milton is a very nice safe neighborhood with many sports, events and recreation. Hyde park has a decent amount of shops, however it isn't nearly as safe as Milton. I would travel in pairs if walking down there.
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