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Boston Architectural College Reviews

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The securities are the best.
It is has its faults but overall the experience continues.
Can't complain, would recommend if it is a choice.
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Its great and mostly what I wanted. Can't complain.
Students who do the work will def. Find work in their career
  • Jan 14 2016
  • Value
It seems to work good
Still finding things out about the school as I am a student here and so far it has been okay but like I said still learning.
We don't have athletics at our school
Within my first semester I can say I learned more than I thought possible(in comparison to that of Framingham State). They work so hard in making sure that students learn the key points to becoming an architect.
It's literally actually the worst. This school couldn't design a shoebox if they tried. Firing their president, closing buildings is just the beginning of this train wreck.
If you live near the school it will be quite expensive, but very convenient for places to eat and things to do. Most people live 15-45 min. away from school in the surrounding Boston area.
The BAC is located right on Newbury Street so Boston is your personal cafeteria. There are many options to choose from with a variety of price ranges. As long as you avoid Newbury Street and explore the side streets you will never break the bank to hard and will normally leave happy.
  • May 10 2015
  • Food
We have first Friday where every month there is a small party, but many people don't go as the food is just okay. The only other time the school throws a party is the end of the year Parti in the spring. It's a formal occasion where you dress up, eat good food, and can have drinks at the open bar. It's most likely the only time everyone truly comes together.
The guards at the school are normally quite nice. They always greet you when you come in and ask you about your day. In addition if you need anything or have a question about something they will quickly help you.
In the end I always end up getting my financial aid. However you have to call them multiple times and remind them to do their job. It's also quite common to not receive your financial aid until quite late into the semester. Many of my friends always have problems with receiving financial aid as the office doesn't make an easy process at all. The only thing to do is cc every head in the department and then continually call them in order to get what you need.
  • May 10 2015
  • Value
You could find any race at this college.
The process to get financial help is easy.
  • Aug 22 2014
  • Value
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The BAC has strict student rules.
I wouldn't know much about this. I am new to the school.
At the BAC everything is clean.
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