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Since I've started at BPCC, every class that I've had was very excellent. Other things that make it a great environment are the outstanding teachers , students and staff!
I am so glad I chose this school to start my journey in receiving my degrees. The professors were absolutely wonderful and were always concerned about my wellbeing. That really helped me get through my 2 years there.
I have been taking Dual-Enrollment Classes at BPCC since my Freshman year in High School. Every teacher I've had has been really nice and passionate about the classes they have been teaching. There was some rare moments you can only have at this school, for instance, in my American History II class, we're not allowed to have our cellphones on notifications, and my phone went off. The whole class went silent and the teacher goes "Alright pull out a pen and paper time for a test". After the test, he let us crumble it up and let it be a warning. It was a sigh of relief and a trigger for never having my phone on again.
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The school is very nice, beautiful campus. The students are very nice and helpful. Professors here are second to none they are very professional and want to see you succeed.
It’s a great school to get easy classes out of the way! The teachers are very helpful! Everyone wants you to participate and engage yourself into the college life !
BPCC is quite diverse. There are many non-traditional students attending. The instructors are always willing to help. Courses are offered online and face to face. Day and night classes. The campus is clean and safe. Tuition is affordable.
I am about to start college here, but I do know a good little bit about it. My sister attended here and she told me some things about the college. I have read reviews and more.
Bossier Parish Community College has been very easy for a first time freshman like me. I am a 57 year old mother and grandmother. Registration and Financial Aid was surprisingly easy the staff took the time and explain everything to me the Professors emailed you back quickly to explain things to you when you have questions about your homework and great customer service from the staff in the Financial Aid, Admission Office, and the Registration Office. thank you BPCC for the great staff you have.
This is a great school to go to if you want to be independent but still have time for yourself or other activities around the campus. The teacher is great! There are a lot of different activities around the campus and also athletic activities to do. The school has a variety of majors and minors so if you do not know what you want to do, then you have many to chose from. This school has a great nursing program with nursing teachers that know what they are talking about. This school is way better than a four-year university by far!! I think you would love it!!
The professors are straightforward, and everyone is friendly. The staff work very hard to keep the campus (mostly floors and lawn) clean. The campus is very easy to navigate. Subway is also a bonus. However, if you are an athlete, they house you in an apartment off campus.
I played baseball at BPCC. I enjoyed every aspect of Bossier Parish except that we did not have housing.
Bossier Parish has a very friendly environment. The paths you can choose from are endless they range from anything in nursing to being a chef. The overall campus has a very laid back feel. There are places to hang out and study and also places in the library so you can study in quiet. Most of your classes will also have tutoring centers for them. Overall BPCC is a very good starter college.
This is a wonderful college to attend, especially for students who are new to college. Tuition is much cheaper than local schools, and staff make the application process much more manageable.
The college works with all students to help them achieve whatever their goals may be. Whether you may wish to take classes on campus or online or both there is a schedule that will fit your needs. BPCC is accepting of all type of students, whether you are just out of high school or deciding to further your education later in life.
I like that it small school, so it doesn't have many distractions, however it needs more food places and doesn't not provide transpiration for anyone outside of bossier city, and parts of Shreveport .
Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) is a very organized school, academic-wise and campus-wise. I liked how easy it is to register for classes or get any help with doing so. As for the classes, they are great.
The professors were very helpful and understanding. I gave birth the week of final exams and they worked with me to make sure I had enough time to get everything done. I’ve only took online classes so far, and that was very good experience. The material was very clear.
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My experience with Bossier Parish Community College has been very good. Being able to live at home and still get a college education is what made me choose BPCC. The staff is great and cares about the students success.
BPCC is a great college! The professors are super cool and the admissions staff is very well organized. What I like about BPCC the most is that the campus is for everyone. Everyone gets along and enjoys for the most part, the actual campus experience. Even though it is a two year college, BPCC has a ton of great majors. I couldn’t make up my mind at first about my major because it was almost like I enjoy doing a lot of things but I summed it down to just Nursing and it was pretty great! I’m transferring to a university for my sophomore year but my first year experience with them was great and I would definitely recommend any and everyone whose looking for a cheap good going college to go to BPCC.
The instructors at BPCC are awesome. They really want to help you and make sure you learn the material. Everything is in a compact area, so it's easy to get around. Just like any college, though, there just doesn't seam to be enough parking! Other than that, BPCC is great for 2 year programs and getting ready for a 4 year college.
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