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This is my first year but second semester at BPCC and I love it. I have been very pleased with how they run things and their professionalism. They also make it easy forgot and they make sure you have a good time while your there.
I am an online student and the professors makes it easy for students that aren’t able to actually go to BPCC. If you need anything they are just a number away. Overall 10/10 they are good at what they do.
I entered Bossier Parish Community College - (BPCC), as a dual enrollment student in my junior year in high school. Actually being able to learn in their classrooms gave me a feel of how campus life is and a look on the real college experience. The teachers are amazing, classrooms a comfortable size, and they actually take their time to teach students in their selected courses. I highly recommend everyone to consider this college!
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Due to COVID, I did end up taking a semester online, but it wasn't all that bad. The professors made sure to communicate with us and sent class announcements every couple of days. They even gave us options to call them if we needed help on assignments. It was challenging to keep up some weeks because of the assignment load, but if you're a hard working student you should be great!
This semester has been difficult because many of the non-online classes have been converted to fit the online format. It work in some classes but is difficult in others due to how unpredictable the future is at the moment.
The teachers here are awesome and build relationships with their students. They go out of their way to assist their students with learning their craft.
Nice school, small enough to get personalized attention but large enough to learn the skills you need
I took online classes my first semester, they were more difficult but manageable. During the covid pandemic things transitioned to online classes including labs, under the circumstances things went smoothly.
I like the low cost for tuition I was able to get a good education for a low cost. I liked the class sizes and how you where able to have a personal relain with you professor when it came to school. One thing I would change is the student life. Just needs more student involvement with sports and different events around the school.
Most of my professors were great with my online classes they where willing to work with you and answer any questions you may have had. They where quick to respond and put in grades quickly
BPCC is a great school. Students and staff are all very helpful and friendly. The classes are challenging in a good way.
Taking classes online is very convenient and everything is laid out perfectly for you. Instructors are still easy to reach if you need assistance. I learn best in a quiet environment, so being able to do my work at home was the best option!
Online classes are okay , it honestly depends on which class you choose to do. I took geography online and it took up most of my time compared to my other classes.
My experience with going to BPCC was great! It is easy to find your way around the campus and you never had to worry about where to find help
they care about the your education. they work very good with you
they worked very good with you doing online classes. they will work sround your schedule also.
I like that staff this includes the Chancellor, Deans, Professors, Financial Aide personnel, custodian workers, and all the like are approachable! This past semester was a tough one but every week we received encouraging and informative messages updating us on the details of the situation and it’s impact on us. Professors actually teach and allow you to come during office hours to get tutoring from them personally! They welcome all questions even if it means breaking it down to an elementary level.
The one change I suggest is coffee in the vending areas for students, we need it!
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Adjustment! Well I got thrown into it in the middle of the semester as a result of COVID but my teachers remained reachable they even learned to use new technology to be able to communicate with us! They posted videos to show deeper explanation and expansion of topics. It was an adjustment but they definitely made the best of it!
I would say that my experience at this college was a fairly good one. The classroom sizes are smaller so that allows for more communication between not only the teachers but for the student on student interaction as well. I have met students and teachers who made school more entertaining and appealing to me.
Since I've started at BPCC, every class that I've had was very excellent. Other things that make it a great environment are the outstanding teachers , students and staff!
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