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The instructors at BPCC are awesome. They really want to help you and make sure you learn the material. Everything is in a compact area, so it's easy to get around. Just like any college, though, there just doesn't seam to be enough parking! Other than that, BPCC is great for 2 year programs and getting ready for a 4 year college.
I like Bossier Parish Community College. I get the help I need, everyone is knowledgeable and professional. I like my instructors and think this is a great school to come to if you are right out of high school or an adult re-entering the college world to start or complete your education.
I honestly didn't enjoy my experience with BPCC. The administration was tough to deal with, and I got talked to like I was stupid on more than one occasion when trying to get somethings figured out. Really wouldn't recommend.
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I love that the teachers are so nice and helps you with whatever you need. The campus is very nice and calming. They have great food and great events for you to attend.
I pretty much liked everything about Bossier Parish Community College far as any changes I feel like there shouldn't be any made
I like that BPCC is a local college and has kept up with the times as far as their degree and certificate programs are concerned. They have added lots of technology related programs. The professors are really interested in how their students learn and how well they catch on. I also like that the advisors are willing to answer any oddball question that I had.
I like Bossier Parish Community college because it is so simple around the campus and with the instructors. It is as if I am still in high school which keeps me more focused. I can get much more one on one time and instructions but also help from the teacher than what I would if I was attending a big university. I love the fact that there isn't too much going on for me to handle. I LOVE BPCC !
My experience with BPCC has been about 50/50. The root of any problems I've had at BPCC always pertained to the lack of organization in their financial aid department. Out of all the courses I've taken, my instructors were superb and very thorough in their teaching.
During my time at Bossier Parish Community College, I personally enjoyed the atmosphere, along with the faculty and staff. I honestly felt at home along with my peers, and also felt that we had created a bond that wouldn't be broken in an academic environment. The lectures we're easy to follow along with the homework being a breeze. Anyone who is considering this college would agree with me when I say I loved it.
My experience at bossier parish community college has been very exciting and pleasant. The classes are very fast-paced, but the teachers and professors make sure you understand the material. The campus is always nice and clean with lots of opportunities. The staff is all-around helpful and encouraging. I've really enjoyed my time at BPCC so far. Look forward to PTA clinicals.
I have been in contact back and forth with the professionals in the registrar office because I am currently in the military at fort hood Texas will further my education at bossier parish community college in the next few months. The staff have responded to my emails rather quickly and are helping me to feel more confident about my big change that gets closer every day. I have friends that have attended this college and have nothing negative to say. Being that I research heavily I was impressed with their website and their timely responses to my questions.
Bossier Parish Community College has wonderful staff and teachers ready to assist you at a moments notice. I love thier acedemic program.
I have never had a problem about availability for my classes. However, i have had previous personal events in which became a problem for me with school work and grades. But I am not in a better place in my life. I am more free of stress, and have plenty of time on my hands. I actually plan on attending school full-time.
I can't really speculate, when attending school, that all that i do. I go to school, classes, torturing, library,and home. What i can say, the students and teachers here are very involved with the campus environment.
Here at BPCC, the most classes I've taken in a semester is about 3. The teachers I have had are great and very open to helping students. All of our classes are a mix setting, from age on down to gender. We have manageable group setting at times and because the classes aren't too small or big, the teamwork is great.
Although I may can't speak for the majority, my standards are very high. I have been struggling in life since graduating high school, and this school has some of the best qualities compared to the others. I have reached a point in my life now that i am 23, that there has to be something better for me. Some my goal is to encourage MYSELF everyday that I can and will become a better person in life. I am the only child of 3 whom has every graduated high school and to attend college. So to keep my mother as well as myself proud, I will do what isn't expected of my and graduate college as well guaranteed.
To attend Communications--Computer Animation, one has to be different. Which being in this program at this specific school, they help and allow your creativity to grow larger. Teachers at BPCC have the capacity to help you grow more knowledge in your uniqueness to find out who the real person is behind your creativity.
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My outlook on Bossier Parish Community College is fair. This school is very reliable when it comes to help. I have had some of the best teachers here, better than the previous schools years attended at a regular school.
Job fairs are held at school several times during each semester.
I am studying General Studies for now but many other degrees are available.
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