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I loved attending here. The school actually cares about students' majors while focusing on the importance of cognitive growth. I attended 3 other colleges prior, none provided the interpersonal education and services that Boricua College did. This was the only school I was able to learn without feeling like I'm just another income to an establishment. I recommend this school to those who have a hard time focusing, the classes are small. I also recommend it to those with a busy schedule, the school and teachers are flexible and understanding. A lot of writing is necessary to pass the semesters but you'll for sure learn how to write a proper essay of any size.
Boricua college in the Manhattan campus has amazing people and facilitator are really nice especially ms. Luz Soliz she won’t give up on you I’m in the bachelor program doing human service and so far it like family there a few cons they should be more computer in the library and should move faster
Overall I can say I love my school. I love that it is small and easy to navigate. I love that we have a class called colloquium and an individual time with out facilitator. Allowing students to interact with people in the same field is incredible. You're able to speak upon your concerns and most times than not, they can give you advise because they have been through the same thing. However, I must admit there are a few things that Boricua College lacks. Such as: a gym and a counseling. These two things may seem minor but it isn't. People who live with low income depend on our schools for things we can not afford in our everyday lives. Our mental health is in jeopardy when we aren't offered the basic needs of an average student. I look forward and hope to see a change, if not for me for the future students of Boricua College.
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Im a transfer student from a CUNY school and i must admit, i love this school. Its small with with less than 20 students in each class. We all treat eachother like family and help one another. The best decision i made was transfering to this school to continue higher education.
Boricua has a unique history as the first private Latino-Hispanic college on the U.S. mainland, specifically designed to meet the educational needs of Puerto Ricans and other Spanish-speaking people. Located in New York City, with its first Campus in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, a second Campus located in the historic Audubon Terrace of Manhattan’s Upper West Side and a third Campus in the Melrose-South Bronx section of the Bronx, the College typically enrolls over 1,200 full-time students in programs leading to an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, and Master of Science degrees.
I loved my year at Boricua College...I had some issues with some professors but that happens at any college. The SAD part is after graduation. I submitted all documentation and passed all my exams. However, AFTER FOUR MONTHS I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE COLLEGE RECOMMENDATION to obtain my certification!!!!!
My experience so far has been average. I am making the best out of what Boricua College has to offer. The college's teaching style is second to none. The college is fairly young and has made some positive strides. It still has a long way to go. I am proud to have become a student at Boricua college.
Boricua college is a Great school. Small classes professors gets to know you and your strengths and weaknesses.
Boricua college is an amazing school for anyone. It is a small school where everyone knows your name. You wouldn’t just be a number in the building. The faculty really engage in conversation with their students, like family.
Smaller classroom therefore it is easier for a facilitator to help you with your work. Everyone there is pleasant and the professor make it their business to see you succeed. Also the building is very clean
Boricua college is an amazing college the staff as well as the professors make sure you feel comfortable. Seniors make freshmen’s feel welcomed at all time. The school is surrounded with positivity makes the students strive for greatness. The students are able to work all together as a team and make the school environment feel safe. Although it would be nice if the school would be bigger so that dorms can be available. For the students who are coming out of state who are interested in the school.
Its a good school overall but according to how you pace can be different.
You definitely connect with students and proffessors according to how you are.
All you have to do is work be positive persistent a d participate and believe it or not you will get that A+
It has been amazing so far.
Its various depending how you may work and it will be back up work.
There great and helpful for not only yourself but to also pay off any funds needed.
The courses here between the professor at this school is very helpful and has helped me pass and move forward.
The interaction here with students together and the work is great
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Majoring in Human Services has always been my dream career because I have always wanted to help individuals with necessary needs that need to be situated an accomplished.
Boricua college has became a great school environment for me. Here I learned to prepare myself for an intensive career goal. I learned to write modules in a specific way and how to understand a passage for not only what it is written but for the outside world. The faculty are always on top of the students to make sure they stay on task and lead in the right path. Faculty are always understanding to certain situation where students feel they are trapped or stuck in a specific subject.

The students are well respected and have a character of helping others, and this is an environment where I know I know I can relate to because I am the same type of way as well.
It is great to be allowed to move freely without the constraints of a traditional college. Here at Boricua they work with ones one reponsibilities to accomodate both one's personal responsibilities to their educational advancement and responsibilies. Success is the one thing promised here.
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